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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Assistance

The 2nd hour of the bunker time, at 12:23 p.m. on September 25th, 2017.

There are only 10 minutes left before the weapon ghost upgrade to war fortress.

Nan’an District.

In the old shelter built in the Soviet era, a group of senior officers stepped in the dirty water to move forward. It’s been an hour since the initial outbreak of the seeds of disaster. Except for them, who has been withdrawn from the military region safely, almost everyone has been killed and wounded in the pursuit of seeds of disaster.

After running for nearly twenty minutes consecutive, their hearts were almost blown up, and they barely got rid of the seeds of disaster. They tried to contact the emergency shelters in the military region and found that they did not respond. They were probably killed by the resurrected firearm. After some agreement, they decide to protect the chief of staff from the underground to the south of the city, and make a decision after seeing the situation.

After a long journey, the group finally saw the exit.

“The chief of staff, we received the signal!”

The walkie-talkie in the hands of a young officer suddenly came out with a crisp female voice.

“Then we get rid of the signal interference from the monsters. What have you heard?”

Li Nian, the chief of staff with white sideburns, strode up and was extremely powerful. He took the walkie-talkie and listened carefully to the contents. The officers immediately quieted down and listened to the instructions of the female voice.

“It’s still the news of the Nan’an District. Commander Chu, please note that I have informed the Hunter to go to the broken bridge for support. He should be there soon. Please calm the crowds and stabilize the order.”

“Wang Si?”

Li Nian’s waist was stiff, and he immediately stared into the officers next to him with his vigorous eyes. The latter silently lowered his head and felt the anger of the chief of staff.

“The command, what we need here is not any support. If the Hunter can subdue the mechanical army, he has already completed it. We need to cross the broken bridge to escort the crowds out of the city. Now the urban situation is very chaotic, all of our tanks and armed helicopters were infected, and they’re destroying the city. They’re going to catch us soon. Only by repairing the broken bridge can we evacuate from this dangerous area as soon as possible to wait for support. Over.”

An anxious reply from the team captain came from the intercom.

“What did I tell you before I left? You must leave someone to stay in the command and the control room. Why is the commander now a person in the expedition group presiding over the situation?”

The chief of the staff’s hand which held the walkie-talkie shivered, and his tone also revealed anger.

“Are the commander group members all dead? You told me how to die in the emergency isolation behind the 1-meter-thick steel plate. The armor-piercing bomb? The tank bombing? The scientific research team are alive; they are dead inside?”

No one dared to answer.

“Go up immediately. We now know too little about the situation, and immediately contact the headquarters to see the refuging situation in the city. In addition, I need to know what the mechanical army is going on and if the resurrected firearms are really extended to the tanks, and our armed helicopters.”

The chief of staff issued the instructions, but even he himself found that his tone was actually a bit weak. To be honest, he simply didn’t know what to do now. None of the group moved on after hearing his order.

For a moment, the silent chief of staff asked. “How long will the nuclear bomb come?”

“It should have been launched. It’s estimated in 20 minutes.”

An officer replied indifferently, and his face was not afraid. He added. “Now if we return to the core defense zone, we should be able to survive.”

“You can go back.”

The Chief of Staff calmly said. “I will stay; I am already old. I don’t know how to face the country and the people. You are still young; you have to continue to defend this country in the future. Remember the shame. The Preacher is definitely not an individual, but an organization, our country has been placed on the frontline of the world. And in the future strategy, we must pay attention.”

After the Chief of Staff finished speaking, he leaned on the wall and closed his eyes, recalling his life. The other officers beside him remained silent and no one left.

In fact, when the police station here exploded, the infected person in a special case was noticed by the state. The matter about the Preacher has already noticed by the central government. The state’s attention here was extraordinary Although it’s still confidential, the country has taken precautions against the global message of the Preacher.

Otherwise, when the first protective film appeared, the military region cannot have such a fast operation to surround it. The real intention of the country was to prepare to fight hard here. It’s hard to imagine how much pressure the central government has endured. The chief of staff, Li Nian, has heard more than once that the question of whether to move out of the local citizens, which has already led to several meetings and endless quarrels.

Li Nian, the chief of staff, went here with a firm and even mortal determination to face a long war. Only a few high-ranking officers knew that this place has been locked by missiles. Once the country has detected an irreparable disaster through satellites, it would not hesitate to press the button.

“I’m ready to sacrifice for the country, death is not a big deal.”

Li Nian, who closed his eyes, suddenly said.

“But I am sorry for the people here. I feel sorry for the country more. I have received too little information about the war. The biological infections that were worried during the meetings have not appeared. I can’t believe it until the gunshots appeared. Actually, I lost in these decisions. Wang, such a hard man, was actually killed by his own gun in the lounge…”

Li Nian stopped.

He knew that it was them who personally sent the infection source to the Preacher. He knew that they had an inseparable relationship with the disaster. They underestimated their enemies, thinking that the Preacher was only spreading biological infections. Errors require to be paid, and in the face of this price, do you need to collect information? No, all the information will be cleaned immediately. But the shame never gets cleaned, he feels ashamed from the bottom of his heart.

In the meanwhile.

On the side of the broken bridge, Commander Chu looked at the smoke-filled city. More and more deformed armed helicopters and tanks approached the Nan’an District. His nervousness was beyond description, and the crowds escorted were also obviously unstable and turbulent. Even some people tried to climb down the cliffs on the broken bridge.

“Let’s wait, the commander there said the Hunter will arrive soon!”

Commander Chu desperately maintained order.

Tens of thousands of people were stuck near the broken bridge. They were all cursing and crying, and echoed with the gunfire from the ruins. Dozens of surviving patrols could barely maintain basic orders. As for the curses against the troops, they were really powerless.

At the moment, the sky under the protective film was half-light, half-dark. The dark tide was fading, and the supernatural phenomenon was shown in front of everyone. In this case, each of them was carrying great psychological pressure to stabilize the emotions of the crowds. People who took refuge were like explosive barrels that could explode at any time. Once there’s citizen with a psychological breakdown making a violent move, the whole situation would become completely uncontrollable.


A thunderstorm rang through the sky, and the storm crow passed over the crowds.

“It’s here.”

Wang Ji passed through the crowds and flew to the war-torn city. The claws with dark magic flames rushed down and grabbed the propeller of an armed helicopter dragon, pulling it hard down the sky. He dived down and grabbed it back. The muzzle of the armed helicopter dragon was turned, and its counterattack was immediately launched against Wang Ji!

“Get out!”
Wang Ji loosened his claws and threw the armed helicopter dragon out. The barrel of dragon continued to pour bullets and banged into a crumbling building. The following artillery goblins and the armed helicopter dragons immediately rushed over, and start shooting the storm crow in the sky violently!

“It’s done, he’s alone, how can he deal with so many monsters?”

The crowds near the broken bridge were thus caught in a slight confusion and turmoil. People watched the storm crow flying toward the sky because he couldn’t beat the firepower of the mechanical army, and this pessimistic atmosphere was even stronger.

“Fast, don’t waste time.”

Wang Ji sent a message to the engineer who has not yet arrived with the gravitational lens.

I’m coming.


On the other side of the broken bridge, the jetpack swayed to the ground, and Cossettin threw the jetpack on the ground. He immediately opened the toolbox, took out a piece of wood and folded it, and put a big wooden box near the broken bridge. Taking a deep breath, Cossettin looked at the crowded people on the other side of the broken bridge. He closed the toolbox, lifted it up, and opened the wooden box to drill it in.

The helmet also rubbed against the edge of the wooden box when he got in. Although he was in a hurry, he finished the work step by step.

Then the bridge was repaired!

The broken bridge was repaired in an instant, and no one even found out how it was repaired in an instant. Everything seemed to like a magic.

“The bridge is repaired!”

“Fast! Cross the bridge fast! Leave the city!”

Panicking citizens began to rush to the bridge.

“Wait! Maybe it’s…”

When Commander Chu was about to stop it, he saw that someone near the bridge had already run to the center of the bridge. He froze on the spot and immediately changed his mind. “Pay attention to order! Don’t trample on each other!” His voice was loud, but there’s no practical use at all at the moment. Fortunately, the width of the bridge was sufficient, otherwise, the hope of fleeing would soon become the desperation of trampling on each other.

On the other side of the bridge, Cossettin opened the box and got out. He looked back at the crowds that rushed behind him. He hurriedly picked up the jetpack to prepare. Seeing that the crowds were about to engulf him, the jetpack began to work, and Cossettin hurriedly picked up the toolbox.


Take off!

“That was close.”

Flying into the sky, Cossettin wiped his cold sweat, looked up, and saw the sky above the tall buildings. The storm crow was fighting with a group of armed helicopter dragons. He quickly pressed the button of the jetpack and continued to go up. After escaping from the bullets, he rose to an altitude of 800 meters, and Cossettin began to slowly adjust forward to find the exact position.

The spy satellite has locked.

Tree party machine.

“Well, then…”

Cossettin, who was sweating on his forehead, suddenly pressed the close button of the jetpack and instantly fell off the sky.



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