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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Declaration of Peace

At 13 o’clock on September 25th, 2017.

The bunker time was over.

Dust, ruins, smoke.

The signboard of the KFC store was still sizzling, which was the detail of the city that Wang Si saw most recently. The dense woods isolated the military area and the city. She put her hands in the pocket of the white coat and stood on the top of the tall building, looking at the reconnaissance plane silently flying in the sky.

The walkie-talkie rang.

“I am the Hunter. Please tell someone who can be responsible to go to Mrs. Isa’s Mansion in North Sea Town before sunset, I have something very important to communicate with the government. Don’t bring any weapon. The fewer people come, the better. The news is only for a credible person. Meeting with the Hunter requires caution and sincerity because he can disarm the country within six hours.”

The notification ended.

A brand new, somewhat strange voice was finished. Wang Si did not immediately agree, she just looked at the almost ruined city, thinking for a moment and coming down from the top. There’s a dead sentry soldier not far from her, the blood under the body has solidified, and her white coat was not so clean, there’s some blood stained on it.

City area.

People returned to the ruins, and the smoke gradually disappeared. However, there was still some fire burning on the scorched earth. There was a deep pit in the center of the city. The surrounding land has turned into silver-white metal, shining in the sunlight. Liu Hsiao Nan, who returned from Qingshan to Xingyang Ancient Road, still took the child who lost contact with his family. The citizens who walked with her were all decadent. Suddenly, a fragile middle-aged woman cried. Then, this feeling spread rapidly like an infection. Not long after, crying resounded in the whole city.

“The signal is back again.”

Two citizens whispered.

“Well, the country has specialized in wireless signal towers here, and now we can contact the outside world.”


Liu Hsiao Nan went up and said hello to them. The two citizens turning around and looking over. Liu Hsiao Nan said with sorrow. “Excuse me. May I borrow your mobile phone to call my family? My mobile phone is broken when the protective film appeared.”


The citizen took out the phone firmly.

“Thank you very much.”

Liu Hsiao Nan took the phone and started dialing a familiar number. The call responded for a long time and did not receive any response. Her face became a little weird. The citizen who lends her mobile phone noticed that her look changed. “Can’t you dial it? Maybe the signal just recovered, and it can’t be used right away.”

Liu Hsiao Nan smiled apologetically and said. “My mother doesn’t listen very well. Maybe she just forgot to take the phone and didn’t hear it. Wait a moment, I will try again.”

Liu Hsiao Nan re-attempted to dial, and the hands holding the phone began to tremble. She pressed the phone on her ear and still did not get a response.

“It’s fine. Don’t do that.”

The citizen advised her. He could realize what happened to the policewoman’s family.

“Thank you, my mom may go out to buy food. We said that we would have lunch together at noon. I was busy these two days and didn’t go home to see her. She may have forgotten to bring her mobile phone. I always reminded her to bring the mobile phone.” Liu Hsiao Nan smiled palely and returned the phone to her. At this time, the child behind her pulled her sleeve, looked up at her, and called her ‘sister’.

“Oh, I heard it.”

Liu Hsiao Nan turned around, picked up the child, and talked to the citizen. “I need to go home and have a look. Can you help me look after this child for a while? Immediately, our national search and rescue team will arrive, there’s no…”

“Go, I can look after him.”

The citizen smiled and reached out to hug the child.

“Thank you very much.”

Liu Hsiao Nan bowed gratefully, then immediately turned and ran across the street, disappearing in the corner. At the moment she disappeared, she wiped her eyes with her hands. “Sister.” Looking at the back of Liu Hsiao Nan, the child shouted. The citizen holding him smiled and said. “It’s not a big deal, she goes back to find her family, and I will take you to find your family later.”

“Uncle, don’t you find your family?”

“Me? I don’t need to do that anymore.”

At 13:20 pm, the first rescue team arrived in the city and the rescue operation started.

At 14 o’clock in the afternoon; a large number of national rescue teams from the provincial capital entered the city to carry out rescue operations. All the troops dispatched from the emergency headquarters of the Southwest Military Region arrived, began the urban rescue evacuation operation, and formed a whole line in the area where the protective film was lowered. The blockade prohibited all personal forms of aid teams and journalists from entering except the country and approved United Nations rescue team.

At 14:30 in the afternoon, a team of Hong Kong reporters climbed into the area, they were arrested and detained by military police patrolling the mountain. Through information from the satellites, countries began to disclose this major disaster in southwestern China. For the first time, human vision has been placed on this land orderly to discover the horrific disaster that happened not long ago.

At the same time, the Western media once again realized the inconsistency and expressed their condolences to the victims. They also disclosed that the Chinese government used nuclear missiles in this disaster to kill humanity and trample on life. Their goals were the same and they aimed at the Chinese government. In short, this country, this nation, was under unimaginable pressure at this moment, surpassing any existing regime in the world.

At 4 p.m.

The chief of staff, Li Nian, and the high-ranking officers who fled together all returned to the military area. They watched the rescue soldiers carry the bodies of the dead soldiers into the cars. All of them remained silent. After entering the hall, a group of officers responsible for rescues looked at them. They all got up and applauded in silence.

“I am not a hero. The heroes are lying in the cars that transport the bodies.”

This was the first sentence that Li Nian said, which interrupted the applause.

“Cuff me up.”

This was his second sentence.

“Bring Li out to rest, pull him down, I don’t want to listen to his crap.”

The commander standing in the central waved and asked the guard outside to pull Li Nian out. After pulling away the other surviving officers in the staff’s hall, the commander said. “The use of the nuclear bomb is the last resort, and we had the power to make the decision, not you in the protective film. It’s not a big deal that Li took you out. Retaining strategic resources is a must. Stay here, you will be like the heroes outside. This time people who violated the discipline will definitely be sent to the military court. But not you.”

The commander paused a bit and continued. “Li has never suffered a loss in his life, and he has been panicking. There is not much time for him to revenge, which we can understand. You are different, and you have a heavy responsibility. If you can’t take it, go back to Chengdu headquarters. I will let you go back. Stay with me if you can take it. I am now ready to put my life here. If you have no problem, tell me all the useful information now!”

At 5 p.m.

The commander who had not eaten since the morning temporarily withdrew from the meeting. The wartime meeting was held in the area where the protective film was once lowered. Originally, he should not come here, but listen directly to the situation in Chengdu. After all, the situation here was complicated. The danger was still the same. But as the Central Committee said, although so many people died, Beijing had to take the risk to send someone here, so he should be here.

As he just came out of the hall, Wang Si, who waiting, stood up immediately.


The commander turned and saw Wang Si, shaking his hand and said. “I have thought about the situation you said. I am going with you this afternoon. As a commander in the western war area, it should be sincere enough to meet him.”


Wang Si explained. “I heard that Uncle Li is back. I think I will go with him today. You need to stay here to preside over the situation, and in this case, I think I can let Uncle Li cheer up soon.”

“Alright, you go to persuade him this time. When I see his decadent look, my chest hurts.” When the commander said, he hammered his chest. He suddenly thought of something, and asked Wang Si. “Did you find Wang Ji?”


Wang Si shook her head with a forced smile.

“I hope he is not here. The older generation has looked after him, and he should not blame others when he’s not motivated. He doesn’t want to be a soldier, he doesn’t want to bleed; He doesn’t want to learn, but want to be a parasite. His grandfather serves the people for a lifetime, and he shouldn’t be spoiled until he is dead. It is an integrity. It is the bones of iron.”

The commander sighed, shook his head, and left. Wang Si saw the commander leave, smiled, and turned to ask the guards where the staff of Chief Li Nian’s lounge was. Following the guard to the place where Li Nian rested, Wang Si pushed the door in, then closed the door and sat in front of Li Nian.

“You are doing very well. No wonder you’re the daughter of Brother Wang. You have all his inheritance.”

Uncle Li sat in front of the window and took the lead in praise of Wang Si.

Wang Si smiled and remained silence.

“But I am sorry for him! I shouldn’t let you come here.” Li Nian turned his head and looked out the window, his eyes were stunned. “And I also lie to you, I didn’t tell you that Chengdu actually had another plan. Once there is an uncontrollable situation, the nuclear missile well in Xinjiang will flatten here. I thought I could solve the troubles here. Almost, I will…”

“If the nuclear bomb didn’t come, then I was disappointed.” Wang Si touched her hair, her smile was bleak, and she was not like someone who has been through nuclear threat. She continued. “Uncle Li, the Hunter contacted the command via the wireless walkie-talkie and told me that after sunset, he would contact us at the Mrs. Isa’s Mansion in North Sea Town. I think this should be…”

Ding, ding.

Suddenly, Wang Si’s cell phone started to ring in her pocket. “Look, they contact you at this time, it should be important.”

Li Nian reminded her.

Ding, ding.

At 5:13 p.m. on September 25th, 2017, at 5 a.m. on September 24th, US time, a message spreading around the world reappeared in the sight of everyone:

I express deep sorrow for the disasters that have occurred in your civilization. I have not managed my subordinate, causing him to preach indiscriminately, which led to harm to your civilization. I did not expect that after I stopped the aggression in time, the Hunter of your civilization actually became the only dictator in order to master the whole world, and used his power to ruin his own kind.

I consumed huge resources to stop his plan to conquer the civilized world, but he was too strong, and I must come to deal with him personally. This is very dangerous, but I regard this as a sincere apology until I die. When he attacks your civilization next time, I will come to your civilized world. I hope we have a basis for mutual trust.

Eliminate the Hunter, and I give peace back to your civilization.

The Preacher


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