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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 86

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 86: Kidnap

At 5:40 p.m. on September 25th, 2017.

Military region.

The sun was gone, but the haze that shrouded people’s minds never shattered. Wang Si and Li Nian successively got on the car, they were going Mrs. Isa’s Mansion in North Sea Town for an appointment. The secret meeting was only known by the army. The commander personally sent the two to the car and reminded them. “You don’t have to go, you can wait for the news of the military commission. This situation may be far more complicated than we think.”

“I am a sinful person who is ashamed to face the country and the people before doing a deed of merit, but if the country wants me to offer advice, I will say that the information of the Preacher is fake.”

The car drove out of the military area and headed to North Sea Town. The entire road was cleaned, the troops were stationed in the posts, and no one was allowed to monitor the place where the car was going.

North Sea Town.

The sun sank into the mountains, and the lingering fire left a red curtain in in the sky. In addition to Mrs. Isa’s Mansion, almost all the surrounding buildings were flattened. The wind comforted the land that was suffering from the disaster. Wang Ji quietly sat on the roof of the mansion, the cloak fluttered and he looked into the distance. Not far from the distance of kilometers, the armed forces of the troops have surrounded the ruins of North Sea Town, and the posts were strict.

On the second floor balcony of the mansion, the young East German engineer, Cossettin, comfortably leaned on the lounge chair, connected the network with his laptop in this world, and began to understand the world where his superior Hunter was.

“It’s still not yet in the 21st century in your world, but your equipment is quite advanced.”

Wang Ji, sitting above, asked suddenly, with his hands crossed, looking down at Cossettin surfing the Internet on the balcony. The latter was confident; “Of course, we must keep up with the times! My world is more complicated than you think, and there are many connected worlds. Although the time is 1961, the standard of living is definitely not worse than yours. But I am surprised that China now is so strong.”

“Doesn’t China exist in your world?”

Wang Ji looked at the fire curtain and asked.

“There are areas in the civilized world, but it’s more complicated there. The civilized world connects many universes. Single country leads a single world, which only divides the regions. In my case, my world belongs to the Soviet Union, and the other worlds are different. But apart from technology, the rest is more or less the same. In fact, are almost the same, they’re managed by Liuyun Mining.”

Wang Ji laughed silently. “If we connect the two defense zones in the next preaching war, I will go to see your world.”

“Then we talk about business? Do you think they will come?” Cossettin looked up at the roof and added. “Especially after the Preacher sent such distracting information.”

Wang Ji was silent, then replied. “If you want to know more information, you can’t just listen to one word. The situation is not like that at the beginning of the preaching war. Our country is a big country. When it comes to the problem here, the cold will of the great powers will crush all feelings and suspicions.” “Well, like the Soviet Union.”

Cossettin nodded and looked back on the computer screen, suddenly showing a surprised look. “What is this dirty thing on this video, damn, is this the legendary mosaic?”


The darkness enveloped the earth, and the moonlight appeared out of nowhere.

The duty unit that blocked the North Sea Town cleared the way. A military vehicle passed through the ruins and came to the front of Mrs. Isa’s Mansion. The door was still locked, but in front of the door, there’s a strange and clear fire curtain floating in the air, revealing the white the moonlight. When the military vehicle stopped, Wang Si and Li Nian did not get off immediately. The two looked at the incredible fire curtain and did not act rashly.

“I’m the Hunter.”

A sound came out from the fire curtain.

“Li Nian.”

The chief of staff, Li Nian, got off the car quickly, closed the door and went forward. He stopped at about two meters from the fire curtain and was dressed in uniform. Facing the supernatural power in front of him, he seemed calm.

“I am the person in charge of providing information on evacuation during the daytime command.”

Wang Si rolled down the window and spoke in the car without coming down.

“In the afternoon, you should have received news from the Preacher.”

“I don’t explain much about this. The current situation can only be left to your own judgment. In addition, do not interrupt me when I speak, let alone use the national consciousness, civic responsibility and other words to swindle me, the Hunter is not constrained to your rules. I will briefly explain our cooperation, the background of the disaster here, and the sincerity that both sides need to pay.”

After introducing himself, Wang Ji calmly said the prefatory remarks. “First of all, I’ll introduce the Preacher. He is not a single individual but a team. The forces spread across multiple universes. Their job is to spread the seeds of disaster. The so-called seed of disaster is a kind of creature that invades the civilized world. The form of communication and the form of life are also different. As for the motivation and purpose of the Preacher, I can’t confirm it now.”

Wang Ji continued. “As for the Hunters, we belong to an organization called the Warband, responsible for the construction of the defense zones in the civilized worlds, and resisting the destruction of the seeds of disaster. As you can see, this city is the defense zone I am responsible for. Because of a cosmic channel binding, when the Preacher and the seeds of disaster come to this civilized world, they are only be limited here. That is, my defense zone. This is the reason why the disaster occurred one after another. Once the zone is fallen and I die, the protective film isolating the zone from the outside world will disappear and the seeds of disaster will begin to infect the whole world.”

“Please continue.”

Li Nian raised his hand and gestured to Wang Ji to continue.

“The problem I am facing now is the intervention of your troops in my defense zone. After you entered my defense zone, you brought in an excessive amount of weapons, which led to the source of infection of the weapon ghosts. I am able to successfully defend the defense zone during this preaching war due to the help of two allies from two other worlds. But if the crisis like today happens again, I am not sure that it can be solved. After this disaster, you should move the population here away. Here I need to tell you a very important message, that is, the population of a defense zone is at least 100,000. Once it is lower than this number, the zone will be disqualified to use the cosmic channel binding, and the Preacher can choose the city to attack as he pleases.”

Li Nian crooned and said. “Then he may also attack important cities in other countries.”

“Yes.” Wang Ji replied. “Once my defense zone is disqualified, he is free to choose the city. Maybe it is Washington, maybe London. But if the Preacher prefers a city with more people, he will choose Beijing or Shanghai.” Li Nian frowned and turned back to look at Wang Si. He turned his head and looked at the fire curtain in front of him. “Please continue.”

“I can choose to evacuate this zone.” Wang Ji said indifferently. “This time I have got a subordinate Hunter. I can evacuate the defense zone here and settle in his world. His world has an advantage over in Preacher wars. If I go there to preside over the zone, it can alleviate a lot of burdens. The purpose of talking to you today is to confirm whether you want the zone to exist. If so, you must ensure that the population of the zone is above 100,000. If not, I will evacuate.”

“We can’t listen to your side at this point.”

Li Nian said firmly.

“But I need to confirm immediately if we can cooperate.” Wang Ji said. “The Preacher didn’t mention his attacking time, which means he may come at any time. The judgment is handed over to you. I only ask for a reply before by 8 a.m. the next morning. I will go to the world of my subordinate Hunter tomorrow. If you are willing to cooperate, then I can bring your staff together. After all, these two worlds will have a deep cooperation in the future. As a sincerity, I will hand over the spoils obtained in the preaching war and the right to use the War Fortress to you. If you refuse, I will not come back after I leave.”

“I’ll try my best.”

Li Nian took a deep breath and he was keenly aware that the contact he had to make had been done. Now there was nothing to talk about. “We will contact you by 8 o’clock the next morning, if your walkie-talkie is still there.” Li Nian said and he stepped back behind the car, then opened the door and sat in.

“When did my brother Wang Ji come back?”

In the meantime, Wang Ji, who sat in the car, talked.

Wang Ji was slightly surprised. He thought that this contact was over. After all, the information he should say has already been said. The next step was the time for the national elites to discuss and make decisions, but he did not expect that Wang Si suddenly came up with such a sentence in the car.

“You kidnapped him, how can it be the basis of cooperation?”

Wang Si continued to ask.


Wang Ji said. “He lives in a city in another civilized world. He is very good, it is really the basis of cooperation. He will come back after the situation is stable. Is there anything else to ask?”


Wang Si talked to the guy in the front seat.

The military vehicle was launched and left Mrs. Isa’s Mansion.

In the car, Li Nian frowned and asked. “The Hunter kidnapped Wang Ji? When? How don’t I know what?” “I didn’t know it until this morning.” Wang Si calmly answered.

“That’s a problem.” Li Nian looked out the window and said. “When he last saw him, he was still a child. This situation is a bit complicated. The Hunter seems to know something, otherwise…”

“Uncle Li, I am going back to Beijing tonight.”

Wang Si suddenly said, the tone was firm.

“Well, I will arrange it for you right away.”

That night, Beijing.

Wang Si, fatigued with the journey, rushed back to her institute.

The lights have not yet turned off, and the on-duty researchers stood up immediately after seeing Wang Si. “President…”

“How is the experimental body No. 3?”

Wang Si put on her overalls and interrupted.

“He already woke up and can move.”

“Take me to see him right away.”


Liu Guobang sat quietly by the window, watching the woods and moonlight outside. The door suddenly opened, the light was on, and Wang Si came in. “How is your rehabilitation coming along, Leader Liu?” Sitting calmly at the bed, she asked with a smile.



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