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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 87

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 87: Super Subway Station

At 20:12 of Beijing time on September 25th, 2017.


“It’s alright.”

Liu Guobang stood up from the seat.

“Sit down and talk.”

Wang Si smiled and gestured to the Leader Liu to sit down first. Her eyes fell on the ashtray filled with cigarette butts on the coffee table. She just smiled and said profoundly. “If you get better, then you should also reflect the situation with the country. Should someone come to ask what happened to you that night?”

“Not yet.”

Liu Guobang solemnly said. “I said that my memory is a bit fuzzy, and I may need to rest for two more days.”


Wang Si nodded indifferently without any indication.

“President Wang.”

Liu Guobang, who sat down, suddenly stood up again as if he wanted to talk. But he stopped again, after thinking for a moment, he said. “I used to be a guard for General Wang, and I followed him from the army. If something is important, of course, I will talk to you first…”

“Just say it, Leader Liu. You are also an elder. I still remember that you took me out to play when I was a child.” Wang Si said with a smile.

“Okay, okay.”

Liu Guobang nodded, his eyes drifting in the ward, with a trace of doubtful expression. He said. “Wang Ji may be…” “He may have been kidnapped by the Hunter, right?” Wang Si smiled indifferently. Liu Guobang was stunned.

“He is kidnapped by the Hunter as a hostage, isn’t he?” Wang Si continued to ask, but her smiling face did not show any feelings.

“Yes, he is.”

Liu Guobang nodded. He didn’t understand why Wang Si said this. But since she said this, it meant that it’s correct. “I am also very sorry about this.” Leader Liu added.

Wang Si shook her head, and there was a hint of helplessness in her eyes. “If someone asks, you tell the truth and the situation. My brother is now a hostage, and I just confirmed it.” Wang Si was somewhat sad when saying this. Liu Guobang looked at her but did not express any opinions.

“President Wang, I hope that I can return to work right now.”

Liu Guobang suddenly said. “I read the news at noon today. I know that there is another big situation there. I hope to return to my job and continue to work.”

“Yes, but I suggest you take Hsiao Nan to Beijing.” Wang Si sighed. “I don’t know how to tell you something. But you should always know. Just when the disaster happened this morning, Hsiao Nan was on a mission, and she played a key role in guiding refuge, which made great achievements. But she did not have time to take care of her family. Leader Liu, your wife, she…”

“I am not surprised.”

Liu Guobang calmly said. “Now the rumors outside are like wind and rain, I can guess the situation there. I hope that I can return to my job immediately.”

“I will arrange it for you.”

Wang Si got up. “If there’s nothing else, just rest. I know that you feel uncomfortable, so it is still good for you to be alone.”

“Thank you.”

Liu Guobang’s tone seemed a little indifferent. After Wang Si was sent away, Leader Liu was re-sitting on the seat by the window, looking at the bright moonlight and the dark forest outside. In the silent ward, the sound of the bones appeared. Leader Liu clenched his fists on his lap, and they’re a bit trembling.

Defense zone, Mrs. Isa’s Mansion.

Because the city was destroyed into scorched earth and ruins, Wang Ji had no choice but to move for the second time. This time he had no choice but to decide to move to Mrs. Isa’s Mansion with Cossettin. In the afternoon, he took advantage of the sense of echoes to retrieve Isaac’s Toy Box. After they searched for the daily necessities in the ruins, they officially moved to the mansion. Here, related modifications were made.

At 19 o’clock in the evening, the energy lights arranged by Cossettin were all activated. After the two men cleaned the entire mansion, they threw out all the unused thing. Wang Ji didn’t mind if they were cultural relics, because it was already his site, and he was in charge of everything.

After wiping the toy box, Wang Ji took off all the other items except the traditional branding, releasing the newly upgraded AllSpark nano bug outside to patrol. He then sat at the desk where the warlord used to sit, turned on the computer and connected the Internet set up by Cossettin, and briefly read the current news.

The newly upgraded AllSpark nano bug had greatly enhanced its ability to devour metals and had the ability to absorb radiation into energy; even nuclear missiles could be swallowed in less than a second, and because of the AllSpark, the nano bug also officially had the ability to proliferate and mutate.

During the day, because they devoured the metals in the city, there were only 3 AllSpark nano bugs left. With them, Wang Ji didn’t have to worry about being bombarded by nuclear missiles in his sleep.

The night wind outside the balcony blew the curtains, and the AllSpark nano bugs that landed on the railings exuded a faint red light. Above the manor, several armed helicopter dragons controlled by Cossettin were patrolling at low altitudes. After turning off his laptop, Wang Ji, wearing pajamas, pulled the chair and got up, put on the ninja mask, picked up the watering can, and watered the flowers on the balcony. Blew by the cool breeze, he could clearly feel the echoing of patrols around North Sea Town.

“I have 7 opportunities to get city resources now.” Wang Ji suddenly spoke to Cossettin, who was crazy about playing the game and clicking the mouse. “What resources should I redeem according to your experience?”

“The first is the super subway station. This is a must. Then the others will follow your will. In theory, if it will not overlap with the knowledge and technology of my civilized world, it will have the greatest benefit. After selecting the super subway station, the track will automatically be connected with my defense zone and Atlantic City in New Jersey.”

Without turning his head, Cossettin said and kept focusing on the screen. He’s addicted to the games, and the Internet addicted youth in the Warband was born in this way. Contacting with the new world in less than a day, Cossettin resolutely chose to commit himself to the games, the promising pastime entertainment.

“Search city resource options.”

Wang Ji whispered.

On the gravitational lens, a page of urban resources was quickly launched. Two huge branch tree appeared in front of Wang Ji. They were the natural route and the scientific and technological route, and they were equipped with satellite maps of his defense zones, and full horizontal and vertical comparisons.

“Search the Super Subway Station.” Wang Ji chose the next step and transferred the information of the Super Subway Station. The relevant information was also displayed quickly:

Scene Name: Super Subway Station

Scene type: Multifunction Scene

Scene introduction: In the preaching wars, the technology will specifically create a scene for the protection of urban population and support defense zones in all civilized world. This scene can automatically scan the composition of the life of the zone’s civilized life, and shelter the intelligent life in the station. At the same time, its orbit is also established in the super film transmission channel. When the defense zones in the two civilized worlds have the defense line treaty, the subway track will be automatically opened to allow the life in the two civilized world defense zones to communicate with each other.

Scene effect: This scene can automatically detect the intelligent life in the station automatically; the scene provides basic resources such as water, electricity, warmth, food, alarm, etc., and supports the monetary system of all civilized worlds; single station supports up to 10,000 people to evacuate; The scene can be connected to the superior and subordinate Hunters’ defense zones to maintain the connection between the zones when the super film channel is closed and the defense line is separated.

Note: A single super subway station will consume 1 city resource support opportunity.

“As long as it is a single station, there is only one entrance to the super subway station in my defense city. In addition to being able to provide refuge to 10,000 people, its only role is to connect other defense zones. Well, I want two super subway stations, which can provide at least one more opportunity to escape.”

Wang Ji couldn’t help thinking like this.

The super subway station may be able to isolate the seeds of disaster, but it may not be able to isolate the Preacher from discovering and invading it. The existence of the alarm was about warning the invasion. He now had a total of seven urban resources supports, and it’s impossible to build all the super subway stations. After all, in addition to the super subway station, Wang Ji had other city resources to choose from. There’s also a magic route in addition to the technology route. Here he saw many wonderful scene resources such as the Magic Library, Ninja Village, Ghost Castle, Moon Well, Templar Council, etc., and with the number of city resource supports, he could choose something else: traps.

Yes, Hunters rely on experience and wisdom to hunt, as well as weapons and tools in their hands. How can a Hunter who can’t lay a trap considered as a Hunter?

“First, I need two super subway stations, and then we’ll think about the rest.” Wang Ji made a decision.

“Select a super subway station with a quantity of 2.”

Selected, please wait.

The selection was successful.

12 hours later, the Super Subway Stations will be built underground in your zone and replace the original subway stations in the zone;

The two-station track is being generated;

Orbit with the Atlantic City Zone is being generated;

Is it connected to the track of hell (so your allies are free to reach your city via the super subway station, you can also choose to go to hell)?

From experiment A

“Except for the Atlantic City Defense Zone, there is no connection to any other area.” Wang Ji refused.

The super subway station could realize the super film travel for any ordinary live to visit other civilized worlds. It was sufficient to select the subordinate Hunter’s defense zone. Hell was still not the choice for the time being. He didn’t mind himself, but he’s afraid that the government would push too far and send people to hell to investigate, which would be beyond description.

The night winds were cold. Wang Ji looked at the time, and he’s ready to rest. The last time he slept was in the police station in Jackson Town, in the Psychiatrist’s defense zone. The time difference of the super film travel has made him unable to adjust the biological clock now. The Preacher he had to face now had good wisdom. Except for that, Wang Ji did not know any of enemy’s information, he needed to hurry and learn the knowledge he had mastered.

“Rest early and start cracking the central fire.”

After reminding his subordinate Hunter who was addicted to the Internet earlier, Wang Ji returned to his room to rest. As soon as he closed his eyes, he came to the vast wasteland and continued to chase the undead. Shortly after he rested, Cossettin also stretched out, pulled up the curtains, checked the situation of the AllSpark nano bugs and went to rest.

In the corridor, he was stunned when he’s sleepy. In the room where Wang Ji rested, the gap in the door continued to overflow with the golden beams.

“What is that?”

Feeling weird, Cossettin went over.



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