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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 9

9/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 9: Night Games

Wang Ji returned to the staircase, pressing the switch of the elevators. He checked the time on his watch while waiting for the elevators. It’s now 21:53, 2 hours 6 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

“There is a lot of time left so I can send Liu GuoBang to the hospital to get medical treatment by 23 o’clock. He’s absorbed a little virus, but it’s still possible that he could suddenly die like Bai Ge, the suspect. About this, it’s going to see the power of the medical technology now.”

Wang Ji thought.

The entire chain of the clues indicated that this virus not only caused the effect of controlling the nerves, but also destroyed human brains thoroughly in the end. As long as the scale of the spreading becomes larger, it’s no doubt that it would be a huge disaster in human society. Wang Ji didn’t consider nightmare knitters to be able to resist the modern weapons. What they are really fearful of is still the virus spreading through the air.

The door of the elevator opened, Wang Ji got in and chose to go to the 4th floor. The morgue wasn’t there, but the anatomy room was right there in area B. After the door closed, Wang Ji started to check the energy of the head of Kampus. Except for the 6 batteries which were already loaded, there were only 6 left in his pocket.

This meant he only got 2 shots left. There was still 2 first phases of the nightmare knitters, and he also needed to destroy the eggs of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

It was enough.

The door opened and the thick pink gas was seen shining in the darkness. Wang Ji quietly pressed his glasses and got out the elevator. In the waiting room of the elevators, there were no red targets. It was the hallway right over the back of the wall, where all officers with guns were guarding. Wang Ji silently walked to the hallway, seeing 6 officers with guns guarding the staircase. They all had their backs to him, watching down below. The barrels of the guns were shining under the moonlight.

Wang Ji bypassed their backs without making any noise, and then he walked toward the area B.


As the area B was closer and closer, Wang Ji heard the sound of nightmare knitters running. Their sting-like legs scratched on the ground and making a weird noise. Wang Ji stopped and heard that sound quietly. The sound was going farther and farther as it was harder got hear while another was getting closer fast.

“Square-like. The morgue where the body is at is rectangle-like. They’re patrolling around the morgue.”

Wang Ji lifted a curtain and looked inside through the window. There was a string of shining pearls running on the dark hallway. Except for the sound of spike-like legs and ground scratching, Wang Ji also slightly heard a sound like grinding teeth with saliva dripping onto the ground. A nightmare knitter was running towards him, while the other one was running towards him from another hallway. They were patrolling at the opposite corners to ensure their sights weren’t overlapped.

“Now I see it.”

After Wang Ji saw their moving paths clearly, he dashed into the door without any hesitation. He knew that no matter how slowly and quietly he did, he would still be found at one moment. Their sight was incredibly good, as any weak airflow could shock them. In addition to their fast running speed, swooping in wouldn’t help. The only way to eliminate them is to rush into the intersection of these two nightmare knitters.

Watching one of them getting farther and farther, he dashed into area B. Suddenly a harsh screaming shook the whole floor. Two nightmare knitters began to run with full speed, and Wang Ji opened up the mouth of the head of Kampus!


The burning cross shot again and the smell of sulfur flooded the entire hallway. Two nightmare knitters got on fire concurrently, and Wang Ji heard rapid footsteps toward the area B on the 4th floor, where he currently was. “They’re coming.” Wang Ji soon realized something, he began running. His knees hurt like hell, but he endured it and crossed the burnt bodies.


Wang Ji did not jump high enough and was tripped by the burnt bodies. He fell on the ground, but he still held the head of Kampus tight. When he fell, there was a gunshot from the hallway. The door towards area B was shot. He put down the head of Kampus, pulled out his pistol and aimed at the window opposite to the morgue.


A bullet crashed on the window and stuck inside without breaking it. Wang Ji had no time to care about the thickness of the glass, he quickly shot another bullet. The glass window shook, but it’s still not broken. Wang Ji’s hand hurt. He soon put down the pistol and walked towards the morgue under the pain with the head of Kampus in his hands.

He knew that he’s already on the brink, but he did not have the strong need for survival. He only had a persistent mind, he’s not afraid of death. He was walking rationally. Nothing could change his mind now.

Wang Ji zipped up the pocket with one hand, grabbing all the 6 batteries he was left with in his hand. He hobbled and reloaded the batteries fast. He counted the time in his mind, hearing the rapid footsteps and gunshots towards him. The windows on his left side were constantly shot by bullets.

Wang Ji remained calm, standing at the door of the morgue. He saw a box of gold objects wriggling disgustingly with the sight of eagles.

It’s the last place to harvest.

Wang Ji held his breath, and walked 2 steps forward. He silently raised the head of Kampus, looking at his right side. Looking the fire coming out, he held tight to the devil horns of the head and watched the end of the hallway on his right side, waiting for the arrival of the officers.

Finally, a red body came out from the long hallway. At this moment, Wang Ji reacted quickly. He opened up the mouth of the head of Kampus, the cross-like sulfur fire coming from hell came out of it. It spun in his hand. It seemed like a fire just for creatures. No inorganic matters got on fire, but those disgusting eggs exploded!


The sound of explosion came out from the morgue in area B on the 4th floor, while the entire floor shook along the screaming and the gunshots. The glass windows shot by the bullets eventually crashed as Wang Ji fell onto it. Wang Ji’s body was thrown out due to the shock wave, with his assassin’s camouflage glasses shining under the moon. Then Wang Ji regained the freedom of his body and fell off the 4th floor, landing on the haystack.

In the haystack, his hand reached out with his watch shining. The numbers shook awhile and turned into these sentences:

Capital A, congratulations for the completion of the experiment mode. Please find a place to rest, the organization will contact you later.

Experiment A

Along the explosion, Liu Guobang opened his eyes suddenly. Afterwards, he saw Wang Ji hobbling towards him along the corner of the yard. He looked a bit tired and dirty, but still holding the top of a devil head just like holding a burning cross-like sword. Liu Guobang asked with his eyes barely opened. “Is it over?”

“Maybe, or it’s just the beginning.”

Wang Ji answered. He called for a taxi with his phone. Then he raised Liu Guobang up, and then they limped out to the yard to wait for the taxi along the road. There were light on the windows of the houses nearby. Some locals came to see what had happened one by one. Wang Ji suddenly felt a weird breeze. As he turned back, he saw some pink gas coming out from the windows of the police station. It’s just like getting sucked out by some unknown airflow toward the dark sky.

Many locals saw this happening.

Later, a taxi stopped in front of their faces. Wang Ji sat in the front seat after pushing Leader Liu into the back seat.

“To the city’s hospital.”

Wang Ji said. He put his police license under the window, in case the taxi driver felt scared of their situation.

“You cops are so tired!”

The driver talked to them and turned on the radio after starting the engine. A voice sounded like an official expert came out from the radio. “I don’t think those guys have that kind of the ability to spread their intimidating messages on the Internet. They won’t have the technical ability and the economic standards even though they control a country. According to the messages from the Preacher, they also received these messages. It’s hard for our power to monitor them. The intimidation of organization is very related to religions.”

“We found something like ‘people on earth’ in the messages and you just said that. Then, do you think it’s possible that there’s a civilization from the universe operating an attack on us?”. The host asked seriously with a deep voice.

“The National Security Committee has been investigating into this until now. We can’t prove the source of the messages. What we are sure of is that they are spreading in a rude way. I got no evidence to prove the identity of the Preacher. It’s also very ridiculous to jump to a conclusion that considers it from outer space. I hope that citizens and audience can keep calm, and don’t trust some rumours also don’t spread those rumours, either. It’s only less than 2 hours left before midnight. We haven’t discovered anything likely to threaten our lives. The so-called seed of disaster may just be a prank with a whole new way to spread.”

The expert sounded like he was confident.

“Don’t you think of your attitude as an inability of human?” “No! You got to think reasonably first. Which kind of the seedings do you consider to be capable of destroying a civilization?”

The driver looked at Wang Ji through the rearview mirror and said. ”There are so many things with high technology nowadays. I received that message when I was in a tunnel. You see, I didn’t even have any signal then.”

“Everyone received that.”

Wang Ji replied.

“You mean that’s real?”

“Of course it’s fake.”

Wang Ji surprisingly sounded like the expert. Suddenly there was a message sent to the driver’s phone, while Wang Ji also felt the vibration of his phone. In addition, Leader Liu who was sleeping also received it. They were quite surprised, looking at each other and checking out the message.



It’s 22:27, approximately one and a half hours left before the time told by the Preacher. Cell phones and telephones all over the city began to ring. Computers in the Internet cafes received a weird screen window. It’s spreading all over the world, people were receiving the same message at the same moment. The letter translated into multiple languages were shown to them.

Forgive me for underestimating your world. I never thought that there was their existence in your world. You survived successfully, but it’s not the end. A ripe Preacher wouldn’t give up harvesting because of the pests. He’ll cultivate in person to eliminate every pest.

I’ll visit you in 242 hours.

Happy working, people on earth.

The Preacher.

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