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The Last Apostle – Chapter 1

Cherry here as a new TL, please enjoy a sneak bit of the work I picked up.

p.s. Do read the synopsis or else you might be like WTF am I reading. It makes sense as you go along though, and there are many new terminologies that you might not have read before.

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Chapter 1- He is Summoned


The summer heat was scorching, as you hear the clear cries of the cicadas upon the trees. Although the air conditioner was on, and the cold air was circulating inside, but that didn’t do much as the students were all inevitably lazy and tired.

Some had their hand placed up their chin, as they kept yawning and blinking, trying hard not to succumb to their sleepiness. While some completely laid themselves on the table, gave up and began to snore. But, Du Yuqi however, was a bit different from the bunch.

He was a junior at the Western National University’s School of Medicine, he gave a kind of impression that was very sluggish and dispirited. There were very distinct red scars around his neck, and it seemed to be like there were also traces of his hair being burnt. His forehead was wrapped with a white medicinal bandage, as one could clearly smell the medicinal liquid and even see a bit of it around the edges of the bandage. It appears that he was in a severe car accident not too long ago.

Though, at that moment, his facial expression gave off a sense of longing. Looking somewhat like a lover longing for his other half. In fact, it seemed as if he was a young teenage girl, who always had that look when she saw a hot guy. He seemed to be quite listless from the lecture. In fact, his eyes were blankly staring at something on his desk that was no further than 30 centimeters away from him.

In fact, even if another student were to sit next to him and bother him, he’d just yawn it off. As if his body was in another place, nothing could even move his person whatsoever.

However, as far as Du Yuqi was concerned, there was a small and strange little object on his desk. It gave off a very strange feeling, as it was cloaked with a mysterious air around it. It was quite similar to what one would hear in the Legend of the Altar [1]!

The altar had a very peculiar shape, it was roughly the size of a washbasin. In the middle of the basin’s empty space, was something like that of an animal’s claw. You could even see the distinct muscles and bones that were bulging on the claw as the whole thing was blood red. The surrounding environment now and then seems to give off unusual electro-optic effects, as it appeared to be like an ever continuing cycle of life and death.

The claw only had 3 toes, but it was jet-black and was pretty long. As its surface was filled with deep green scales. After looking at the thing, he noticed that there was a primitive and savage feeling rising up in his heart. And in the middle of the claw that was facing upward to the sky, there was an unusual symbol that seemed to resemble a certain character. It was like a mark, and it made the one who looked at it feel a sense of serenity and reverence.

The altar and the red scars seemed to have produced a very strange resonance to each other. One can probably guess by now that this thing can only be seen and touched by Du Yuqi. As for those around him, they were completely unaware of what was going on.

Suddenly, the altar’s claw slowly formed a fist, one could see it clenching tightly. There was then a bit of light that could be seen from the gap of the clenched fist, as the light seemed to radiate brightly. As something finally began to form, it was a black object. Then, a piece of information appeared deep within Du Yuqi’s mind:

“Tower member Ta Fei Ye has sacrificed 5 pieces of hard-baked brown bread to wish for an ally to help her fight in battle temporarily, Contract Type: Slave.”

“Do you wish to respond to the summons?”

When that message popped up for Du Yuqi, the claw on the altar had once again returned to its former state. On its palm were 5 pieces of hard-baked brown bread. Instead of looking like bread, they resembled something much closer to that of a brick. Just looking at it took away one’s appetite, to eat it would be like wanting to smash one’s teeth.

After a minute or so, the loaves of bread slowly disappeared and evaporated like it was never there, as another piece of information appeared:

“The Herder Clan has responded to Tower member Ta Fei Ye’s summons, and the two have successfully established a contract.”

Separated for about 10 seconds, the claw altar once again clenched its claw together. As it then opened up, revealing a worn out old badge on its palms.

“Loop magic summons: Li Lan offers a magician’s seal, to ask for a summons, Contract Type: Equals.”

“Do you wish to respond to the summons?”

Du Yuqi rolled his eyes. Looking at the seal, though it was old and worn out, it carried quite a history and was an antique. It was at least worth more than those five loaves of bread. (TL note: More like bricks lol)

However, since there had been no response within 120 seconds, the seal disappeared.

“The offering of this summons was also not of interest; summons has failed. The summoner apprentice magician’s magical power values will be reduced…”

The following item appeared on the altar:

“GBL’s religious chaplain Pan offers a Minotaur’s horn.”

“Outside the torrential storm, the tiger meat over the fireplace is like ice tiger meat stew, this always happens when there is no firewood. We hope for someone with the fire element to come help heat up the fireplace for an hour, thank you very much.”

“Summoner Pan requests that the Fire Elementalist is skilled in cooking and can endure loneliness.”

“The Ya Deyan clan of the fire element has responded to the summons.” (TL note: Yeah…Asian flame clan…nice 🙂 ahaha)


At that time, the claw once again clenched together to then reveal a small red agate crystal and unique looking stick.

“Nature Elder: Black Moss sacrifices a small red crystal and an oriental bamboo stick ( high electric crystal energy edition), to summon a young warrior. The warrior must be at second order in strength or above and is adept in: Continuous throws and the ice bullet technique. Contract Type: Slave.”

“If there are more than 10 qualified applicants, a selection of the top 5 will be handed to Summoner Black Moss to choose from.”


Looking at that red crystal, seemed to have brought about painful memories for Du Yuqi. He slid his hand and fingers into his hair, as his forehead was laid firmly on the table. He was trembling from head to toe, as he groaned:

“For goodness sake, when will this be over!? How can I live like this?!”


[1] There’s a lot of weird stuff about this so if you guys want please google it, nothing too specific comes out though since the author just wanted to use something.


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