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The Last Apostle – Chapter 2

Here is the beginning of mini-mass release. I will be slowly TLing this till someone picks it up. 1 chp/ wk. If anyone is interested pls contact us via email or discord. ENJOY!

Chapter 2 – Encountering a Spare Tire [1]

All this trouble started because of what happened three days prior.


Du Yuqi, like any other normal schoolboy, has thirsted for an on-campus life of innocent romance – though having an impure one would be better. Especially if it was with the Department of Chemical Engineering’s Xie Wenwen, who no guy could ever forget after seeing her once.

Only, those kinds of relationships have yet to make a breakthrough. You would have to be on call to buy gifts/presents when asked, then you’d have to move houses and decorate it while putting her before everything, even your computer. Let’s not even mention holding hands or kissing her as a reward, for if you were to bring this up, your beautiful goddess would just give you a cold look – unhesitantly rejecting your advance. (TL note: Lol so you buy her everything but can’t even hold her hands…..WTF ahaha what a snob)

Uhhh – simply put – the reality of a spare tire is that of just being a friend. (TL note: More like a sugar daddy w/o the benefits…)

Zhaoqui Yu, a close friend of Du Yuqi, just told him to give up. There were plenty more fish in the sea, why take the narrow street. However, even as time goes by, people remain foolish. Du Yuqi felt that although the road he was on was full of twists and turns, there would be a bright future in store for him. He believed that one day, as long as he clenched his teeth and persevered, his goddess would come to him. (TL: If you guys haven’t picked it up, he is in love with Xie Wenwen)

Three days ago, on the eve of the Qixi Festival [2], Xie Wenwen didn’t know what she did to offend her department’s head professor, but she was punished to clean up the Chemistry laboratory for the rest of the afternoon. However, she had an important place to be at. Her rich boyfriend had invited her to attend a gala with him. To get ready to accompany him to the gala… or stay to clean up the enormous laboratory. To do so would mean that she would go deep into the night, which would be when the gala had already started; what to do?

At that time, to do such a thing would be dumb. She needed a fallback guy, but who would want to…

Naturally, the goddess had someone in mind, and she just happened to also have that someone’s number. Of course, that person was none other than Du Yuqi. Honor did not allow him to give up, and it was great to be able to serve his goddess. So he went ahead to clean the Chemistry laboratory, as he planned to lure his best friend, Zhao Yu, with food, to come help him.

To the two, the laboratory wasn’t something strange, as they were both medical students and had similar labs. Thus, they began to work, and slowly they both became engrossed in what they were doing. *Sweep sweep* As they were trying to sweep up the huge pile of trash, and after goodness knows how long, they unexpectedly found a Durex [3] from a corner of the laboratory. To let a single dog watch the two study for quite a while [4], which is something that is most looked down upon. But, even so, it is hard to not admire the awesomely brave man who actually did such a thing here.

The two felt tired after cleaning, so they sat down next to each other and took a smoke for a while – then something strange happened. Du Yuqi felt that something was fishy and amiss. At first, he thought that his vision was messed up because he was tired, but it was totally fine just moments ago. On top of the professor’s podium, there was a strange looking space that appeared. Then, it started to emit waves as a strange ripple phenomenon occurred!

The two were immediately stunned as an altar slowly appeared; in the middle of it was a beastly claw. And in the middle of its palm was an astonishing small lump of translucent crystal that seemed to form a Chinese character. Although it was small in size, it possessed a texture similar to that of gelatin as it radiated a golden yellow color. Looking at it, one would see that it rippled in luster as if it was a living thing.

The small crystal was absolutely not of this Earth, as it arrived in such a way. It was a golden gelatin-like diamond that had the radiance of the setting sun.

“This… this is so beautiful!“

“Beautiful… despite having appeared here like this.”

The cigarettes of the two were held loosely at the corner of their mouths, as the small golden crystal left them stunned for awhile.

Humans have always been naturally greedy of anything that had the color of pure gold. Otherwise, why would they be so attracted to something that could not be eaten, worn, or made into weapons/armor. Although thousands of years of history of humanity has passed and things have progressed this much, no matter what your race or gender is, as long as it’s valuable, people will always desire it; because of their greed for money.

In this case, the two went blank for a while as silence prevailed. They merely followed their instincts as their hands extended, wanting to touch the unusual golden crystal that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

But, as they merely touched the crystal, Du Yuqi received a message in his mind:

“You have touched the offering of the daughter of Ming Sizhi; Summoner Ming Xi’s summons.”

“This is your first summons…”

After that message, they were badly hurt as they were suddenly dropped down!

The two immediately discovered a big hand that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was as if it passed through the boundary of time and space, as it suddenly grabbed the golden crystal, picking up.

The size of the big hand was at least the size of a large gate from what you see in those Wuxia movies. One could even see that there were green stripes on the black hand’s skin, as they formed some odd patterns. Each pattern was different from the other and seemed to hold a mysteriously strange power, while the fingernails seemed to sparkle and shine like glass. They were very sharp, like the claws of a fierce tiger, or even a leopard’s. But no matter what type of claw it was, it was brimming with a very dangerous force!

One if it’s hand only contained four fingers. Of the four, there was a space between the thumb and middle finger. And besides the huge swollen joint, it was very hard to differentiate between the two hands.

Meanwhile, located above the black hand was a huge open wound. It looked to have been badly cut, as one could see jagged edges and whirling red flesh. It looked very painful. The blood from the wound seemed to be flowing everywhere, but it seemed like a mercury of some sort held it together. It was like it was trying to close the wound up – evidently, this was not human blood. It seemed more like a red ball of magma!

All of a sudden, the big hand moved. In a split second, it started moving around the Chemistry Laboratory like a huge black hole. As it sent out a loud and awful rumbling sound. Then, a sudden strong attraction force pulled in tables and chairs that then surrounded the two!

At the moment, Du Yuqi felt like the Earth was spinning around him. Nevertheless, his hands naturally still reached forward, trying to touch the golden crystal. Immediately, a refreshing feeling rushed into Du Yuqi’s body, spreading throughout his bones. It felt extremely comfortable as he wanted to start moaning.

At that time, from the inner corner of his eye, he could see a strange path of light. It was like the passage of a kaleidoscope. It seemed to twist, giving off very strange rays of light. There was so much light that one’s sight would be strangely distorted and elongated, as everything would appear to be moving around them at a high rotational speed.

The big hand just grabbed at the empty air, as it then quickly pulled back. The void slowly began to disappear, as the only thing left was a small lump of the blood-red magma floating in the vacant space. The ball of magma had a very strange shape – its surface was like sparkling ice crystals. Du Yuqi was able to see from the corner of his eyes that the magma ball was still bubbling and boiling!

Immediately, the ball of blood began to take shape and unexpectedly began flying at Du Yuqi. At that moment, Du Yuqi rapidly turned in the air. He could do nothing as the ball if blood began to fly at him. It then began to stick and blend into his flesh!

Suddenly, an indescribable burning sensation was sent rushing into Du Yuqi’s body. That kind of explosive feeling didn’t even give him time to points fingers, as it immediately made Du Yuqi lose conscious!!!!


[1] Slang for fallback guy/ girl

[2] Also known as the Double Seven Festival that occurs on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month; Chinese Valentine’s Day.

[3] It’s that thing people wear for protection during intercourse…. yes, it’s a condom.

[4] Simply put, as an unmarried man, y’all did something bad and you left evidence behind, shame on you……ahaha

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