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The Last Apostle – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Somewhere in a Forest

By the time that Du Yuqi had woken up, the sky had already darkened. One should stay in one spot when one is in the middle of a dense forest, especially as that fresh green forest seemed to be too peaceful. Looking all around, one could see and smell the fragrance of full bloomed flowers, the lush green grass, and what seemed like an endless sea of trees. The trees were big enough for one to say that 4-5 men could easily wrap their arms around it and form a perfect circle. Where would we, in our millennia, find such an ancient tree?

He then blacked out again near the side of the brook. There was a salty and fishy taste in his mouth, as the inside of his throat was burning dry. As he tried to stand up, he found that the sky seemed to be spinning. The dizziness struck him quite hard as he found it hard to remain standing.

Fortunately, Du Yuqi was a medical student, and could also be considered the top student of his class. He became aware that in these kinds of situations, it was not wise to hastily move around. So, he decided to sit back down; causing his sense of perception to become better. Afterward, as he slowly touched his nose, mouth, and ears, he found that there was a bloody scab. Which directly ran down from beneath his ear.

Du Yuqi took a few moments to take a little breather, as he slowly began to crawl toward the brook. The water was very clear, making it suitable to drink. After drinking some water, he began to wash his face. At last, he was finally able to refresh his mind. Afterward, he carefully inspected his body. He saw that there was a red scar that was near the pit of his stomach, but other than that, nothing unusual was found.

After he stood up and began to walk around, he saw some familiar looking items. It seemed that the black hole also sucked in the laboratory equipment along with him as it took him to this god-forsaken place.

It appears that a few items, along with a lab experiment table, fell down from above. After awhile, he began to chop down a few trees and tumbled down to lay on the side of the meadow. Lab desks were scattered all over the place. The weather was looking really bad – it looked like it was going to rain. Luckily, he found an umbrella in one of the desk’s drawers, which would help guard him against the rain.

As he saw what was before him, Du Yuqi shuddered a bit, as he became aware of a very important matter. As he began to look all around the huge area surrounding him, he began to shout out. Despite having yet to find any traces of his friend Zhao Yu, he had no choice but to angrily give up.

At that moment, he realized that he felt unexpectedly hungry. It was like he hadn’t eaten anything for 87 days. Du Yuqi had a faint premonition, that maybe, the ball of blood had something to do with all of this. Thus, he went to the table and began to search for food. There was a bunch of paperwork and lab write-ups, as well as some medication. After a while, he found a bag of Oreos. It probably belonged to a senior/junior female classmate who enjoyed nibbling on snacks.

As he began to eat, he started surveying the surrounding environment. He suddenly saw thick smoke rising to the west of him. He began to make a very simple speculation: ‘Since there is fire, it is only natural that there were other people here…’

At this time, Du Yuqi’s thoughts were very clear. Ever since he arrived, he had been trying to look for others, to ask what the hell was going on! Could it be… he had incurred the wrath of the Heavens by being a fallback guy… In the end, what did he do to receive Heaven’s wrath?

But it was useless to think too much about it… he had to find the others that were here. Thus, he began to walk toward the thick smoke.

As Du Yuqi began to trudge through the forest, his mind began to give birth to doubts; even to the smallest amount of chill. He was only 4-5 miles out, but he saw dozens of plants and insects he had never seen before. Was he still on Earth?

The strange thing was: he felt that he had seen this before from television, books, and other sources. As if his mind was suddenly filled with information on what he just saw!!!

For example, that fresh looking piece of newly grown purple leaves that was unexpectedly glimmering. Du Yuqi was sure that he had never seen it before, but within his mind, a piece of information appeared:

Ramie Flower Leaves [1]: Can be used as medicine. Has a bitter taste. Can calm one’s nerves.

At the same time, as he began to look around, Du Yuqi instinctively took a piece of Ramie Leaf and ate it. The taste of it was really bitter, but it gave one a very fresh and minty breath. The bitterness soon began to slowly spread throughout his mouth. He realized that he was pretty brave to have done what he did just now…

He then ate an Oreo cookie as he went forward to look for things to fill his empty stomach. Luckily this forest seemed to not have many frequent visitors, as it was filled with plenty of fruit and vegetation. Plus, Du Yuqi seemed to have never been to the outdoors. Nevertheless, with just a glance, he was able to somewhat predict and identify what type of fruits and vegetation were there… though, he moved at quite a slow rate.

“This is a blueberry, it’s sweet and sour. Ah, and these yellowish green looking berries must be bilberries.”

“These things are also called strawberries? Ah, I rely on the market to sell those chocolate strawberries, they’re irresistible! Now that I know about these strawberries, wild boars, and pheasants, the tastes of the outdoors is quite good.”

“Mountain Grapes? These little purple fruits clearly look like an apple. Whereas grapes… well, regardless, I’ll know after I eat it. It tastes cool and refreshing, it also makes one tone, when speaking, feel refreshed. It’s kind of like chewing gum… To hell with this! How do I even know these things?”

He didn’t know why but after he asked this question, his mind was filled with a strange clear sparkling blood red color. He then suddenly began to vaguely remember what happened before he became unconscious. The blood on the bloody ball seemed to have… integrated into his body…

After knowing this, Du Yuqi couldn’t help but tremble. Shivering, he once again began to inspect his whole body more closely. He saw that the red imprint was still there, but besides from that, he had no other wounds. Aside from that, he presently felt an abundant amount of energy… more so, he seems to have become agiler. As if he was born with this vigor.

At that moment, the sky seemed to have become gloomier. Du Yuqi couldn’t help but pick up his walking speed, as he continued to advance toward the thick smoke. When he was roughly 100 meters out from where the smoke was, his field of vision was opened up to a broad hillside. There were trees that were thinly spread across the hillside. The rest of the area was filled with green shrubs. It was similar to the meadows one would see up in the Alpine mountains or even on grazing lands. If there was snow on those hilltops, it would be exactly like the Alps.


[1] A type of herb

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