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The Last Apostle – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Danger

Here you could vaguely see that the smoke was fuming from a building that looked quite astonishing. As he continued walking and was about 5-6 kilometers away, the building seemed to have exploded, causing serious damage. Yet, there was no sign of a fire from the explosion, only smoke like before.

Even from afar, you could somewhat make out their unique style that was quite simple. It was a rough, yet practical style. In addition to its modern metal structure… which was also quite simple, similar to a space station from outer space. All in all, this building mainly focused on practicality.

After Du Yuqi took a few more steps forward, he found that there was a stone boulder blocking his path. On the stone, there seemed to be something that resembled a man; a weak hand seemed to be outstretched, while the other seemed to be protecting his chest – as the stone seemed to have covered the rest of his body. Du Yuqi was delighted, as he quickly began to advance forward. He was impatient as he was trying to find out what was going on.

However, as Du Yuqi began to walk past the stone boulder, the man’s shoulder unexpectedly, as if having been broken off, slowly fell on top of the meadow. It was like the body had no bones for support!

At that moment, Du Yuqi was finally able to see the man’s face. His eyes were wide open, but there wasn’t the slightest bit of life from them. On his chest was a dreadfully large cut, it was like he was badly mutilated. Blood was dripping endlessly, the wound seemed to have been clearly torn apart. You could see his stomach just from looking into the open wound on his chest; there was so much blood beneath his body, that it began to condense into a huge lump!

The moment Du Yuqi saw the horrifying scene, his mind went blank. He had an expressionless face on for a few seconds, as an electric-like feeling shot through and woke him up from the daze. A violent feeling began to surge up as he began to madly run and shout. After awhile, he began to calm down as he knelt down. He violently gasped for air as he starting vomiting.

After awhile, Du Yuqi began to regain some rationality. Trembling, he went to the side to get some Ramie leaves to stuff into his mouth. It was hard to chew, as the leaves were already ripe. It tasted horrible, it had an extremely bitter taste. However, at the moment, how could Du Yuqi not take it?

The Ramie leaves’ extreme bitterness and excitement factors began to quickly take effect. Du Yuqi began to rapidly become clear-headed; he had greatly calmed down. He quickly realized that he not only had to be wary of the forests’ beautiful surroundings but also very horrible death threats!

Most people, in the face of pressure, will display different negative emotions – dejection, decadence, sadness… the greater the pressure, the heavier the negative emotion gets. However, there are certain people, who in the face of pressure, act in a more special way. The greater the pressure, the greater the power. Enabling them to display a strength that would be several times more astonishing than their original prowess.

Du Yuqi is one of those people. He, at this time, in the face of life and death, had learned something profound. Instead of being astonished, he became more mature and level-headed…

“Deep breaths… it is important to be calm… must not get panicky. At present, I’m in the middle of an unknown forest, and inside it, there’s something life threatening and menacing. What I lack is information about what is going on.”

“That corpse’s blood from below is already beginning to condense into a huge lump. The internal medicine book states it clearly: In normal temperature, for small blot clots to form, it takes about 6-12 minutes. The corpse below has already begun to congeal such a huge blood clot, that would have taken at least an hour.”

“In other words, the killer of this man should have left an hour ago. Thank goodness… this vicinity is relatively safe for now. Though provided that the murderer is still nearby, and I panic or try to run away, it would only show that I was near the dead man.”

“Therefore, the main priority is not to escape. Rather, it is to gather intelligence. I have to return to the dead body. And besides, I don’t have anything to use. Perhaps I may find something useful on the corpse. Else, I’ll have to continue to wear these flip-flops…”

After some calculations, Du Yuqi returned to the corpse. Luckily, he was a medical student, so he knew the anatomy of the human body. Thus, he spent some time to adapt to the alarming sight, as he speedily began to get used to it. He then began to inspect the corpse.

“The deceased is a male, height at about 180 centimeters…”

In order to strengthen his courage, Du Yuqi began to recall what he learned:

“The body is wearing awfully durable clothes; the style seems to look like standard clothes for those working in the countryside. Perhaps an oil field worker, that has muscular hands and calluses from engaging in a lot of physical work. According to the degree of wear and tear on his teeth, he seems to be about 40-years-old. His hand seems to be holding a key.

“Hmm, only one fatal injury, and it’s unexpectedly not a knife injury. I can see that the wound is more than 10 centimeters in diameter. From his chest to the middle of his abdomen. It’s very clear that the wound was torn apart, resulting in the massive bleed out.”

Examining to there, Du Yuqi suddenly thought:

“There is nothing abnormal! Yes! With this kind of a serious injury, he would die in roughly 30 seconds. Thus, under these circumstances, this man not being able to move, and as I did not discover any traces of fighting, it clearly shows that he was injured by someone strong and fled to this place. Unable to endure the injury, he died…

“Though, this person’s physique exceeded that of an ordinary man. The ability to have lasted this long showed that he carried first-aid drugs. It should be a highly concentrated adrenaline drug. If it is, I need to find it, as it might save my life at a critical time!”

Du Yuqi began to search nearby, finding some vegetation above the dripping blood. Without a doubt, this should be what the running man left behind. He was cautious as he began to follow the bloodstained road. What he saw roughly 200 meters away from him left him stunned.

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