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The Throne Under the Starry Sky – Chapter 12

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Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: Ryan

Chapter 12: Rose Knight (2)

“I heard… eh, maybe… nothing.” Jonah hesitated. Finally, he decided to stop asking such impolite questions.

“People always misunderstand us, but we don’t mind.” Elliott says with a friendly smile. He stroked the unicorn’s snow-white mane.

“We are a race wandering in the whole world, and the beautiful love of humans are the only thing worth us protecting. We don’t extort or rob anything, and we like sunlight. Each Rose Knight has only three silver roses; for protecting three sincere loves, and we can do anything to guard the love – even if that means we have to let our sword bloody.” The knight said and used his crimson cape to burnish his coat.

“Why do you call yourself ‘We’?” Jonah asked curiously.

“I,” Elliott pointed to his heart.

“I,” He pointed to the unicorn below him. The unicorn turned back and used its sharp horn to softly tickle the knight’s palms.

“I,” Elliott pointed to his back. Jonah noticed that the knight’s lower part was covered under the silver armor. A semi-transparent white small ball drilled out from the crack between the armor and cape. It blinked its sparkling eyes and looked at Jonah.

“We,” The knight drew a circle and said, “The trinity.”

“A spirit?” Jonah stared big eyes. He tried to touch the small spirit, but the unicorn snorted gently at Jonah’s face.

“Yes. I don’t have legs. The unicorn doesn’t have hands. The spirit doesn’t have body. I communicate with the unicorn by the spirit’s Soul Words. We are one. Since we were born and put on the altar, and chosen to fill the things we need from each other, we would no longer separate.”

“We are Elliott. Castlefield is our Family Name, and is also the name of our fiefdom. Long, long ago, before our Rose Knights were exiled, the entire Red Plain was included in the land of Castlefield Family. In a sense, we are the real king of Saint Boen.”

The knight said peacefully, then he smiled and continued, “But now, we care only about pure love. Mr Astrologer, I don’t know the reason why you are here, but we are waiting the blossom of our second silver rose. I hope you can witness the unparalleled beauty with us when the rose comes to bloom.”

Jonah was a bit bewildered. He didn’t know what to say.

The elegant knight mounted the unicorn and said with a smile, “Our room leader is back.”

The room leader made Jonah surprised again.

He was a husky fellow, and was stronger than anyone Jonah has ever seen. He was as tall as Elliott – who was rode on the unicorn – and his arms were brawny, they looked like granite pillars.

The big guy wore a shabby grey shirt and linen pants, and his shoes were muddy. He wore a small round hat on his shaven head and a silver collar on his neck – “The Geographic Environment of the Western Continent” mentioned that silver collar was a traditional dress of the mountain people of the Bazelaire Empire – and the silver collar was too big. It was enough to be Jonah’s belt.

“Hello. I’m Jonah, an Astrologer’s apprentice.” Jonah said humbly.

“Hello, honorable Astrologer. Are you our new tenant? I’m so happy to hear that!” The big guy squatted down and looked at the second button of Jonah’s coat. His face was as red as blood, and he rubbed his hands nervously.

Suddenly, he recognized something. He took off his small round hat, rubbed it in his hands and spoke loudly, “Sorry! I’m too rude. I’m Toba, a farmer, come from Mushroom Village. It’s in the eastern mountain area of the Bazelaire Empire. Because I’m a sinner, the noble forbids me to use my family name, so I just have my given name.”

“I’m just an apprentice… Toba.” Jonah said in distress and rubbed his brow.

“You are too generous! It’s too much for me. The mean of Toba is feather. My mom – I hope she has a good sleep in the arms of the God Shira – wished me could be a fine young man, but I grew bigger and bigger and killed people. I has became a bad man. If she was alive, she would cry herself blind.” Toba said agonisingly, but he adjusted his mood quickly and smiled, “I had never seen any honorable Astrologer. It’s my great honor that I could fight side by side with you last night. When I have a son or daughter, I hope that I can use your name as their family name, in memory of our precious memories from generation to generation.”

“Our room leader is a really gentle man.” The Rose Knight said and smiled.

“I’m just an apprentice…” Jonah murmured and closed his eyes. He tried to balance the impression between the big, strong room leader and a humble farmer. It was not easier than adjust the star line.

“Wait, you said that we fought side by side last night?” He suddenly opened his eyes.

Toba patted his head and said excitedly, “Yes. Last night, you stood on the roof of old daddy’s house and summoned the power of stars. It was quite spectacular! Our other partners were performed a task, so they didn’t see it. But I saw it last night! When old daddy told me that you would live with us, I jumped with delighted! After midnight, the moon went down, some bad guys attempted a surprise attack to you. However, I felt my muscles were full of power under the light of your staff, and I punched them away immediately!”

Jonah stared at the staff in his hands. It was a gift from Tutor Keshawa, and was just studded with a low quality ruby crystal and engraved a simple Light Star Circle.

So, had the demon stood on the roof of old daddy’s house and provided lighting for the town last night? If he was not wrong, “old daddy” was the master of the town, the lighting was a part of the contract, and the contract constituted the leasing relationship of the “hostel”. Jonah counted in his heart.

“Yeah, you are strong, and we had a good chat last night.” Jonah said equivocally.

“No, I didn’t have a chance to talk with you last night. You returned to the room when the morning star appeared.”

“…Oh, of course.”

“Elliott told me that the emperor Jeiezavestan had torn up the ‘Amnesty Laws’. Is this true?” Toba suddenly asked.

Jonah felt danger instinctively. He grasped his staff tightly and tried to figure out the mind of this Bazelaire’s farmer.

He was still too young. Expect for the own strength of the members of the five associations, “Amnesty Laws” was the maximum weight that they could travel in the world. Obviously, the people of the Cherry Ferry were still not know the behavior of the Zave Empire. The unintentional words he told Elliott had stripped off his armor and exposed his feebly kernel.

He answered calmly, which was a little beyond his years, “Yes. I heard that many weaker priests and mathematicians have been killed. My tutor, Keshawa, who is also a level 7 Astrologer, sent me to get in touch with with the Astrology Association, but there was a small problem in my Steam Aircraft, so I have to stay a period of time in the Cherry Ferry.”

Jonah accented the words “weaker”, “a level 7 Astrologer”, “the Astrology Association” and “Steam Aircraft” on purpose, and tried to build a strong image in Toba’s heart.

However, Toba didn’t pay any attention on it. He reached out his big hands, shook Jonah’s arms, and spoke loudly, “You must be tired and feeling alarmed for the journey, but don’t worry. Though the Cherry Ferry is a chaotic zone, it’s still more safer than the outside. We have old daddy protecting us, so you can have a good sleep from now on! You are exalted but too young, and it’s too unfair to suffer as us for you. The next is my duty to protect you!” Toba said with tears in his eyes.

Jonah was surprised.

Elliott explained, “In the south of Saint Boen, the Bazelaire Empire was the next aim attacked by the earth-dragoons of the Zave Empire. Now, the armies of the Zave Empire were everywhere in the continent, and they built the statues of the God of War and Forging everywhere. I heard that the liaison offices of five associations have all moved to the north – and in the north, the Ebenezer Republic is the only independent gov’t that is still fighting against the invaders of the Zave Empire – of course, except for some remote ethnic minorities. If the Zave Empire wants to attack the Cherry Ferry, they need to fight with the people of Colombo first, then they also have to face our undefeated legend – old daddy. I think it won’t be a easy task, even if the tyrant and his Stormriders come in person.”

“Don’t be nervous, Mr Jonah,” Elliott added, “Our room leader is a nice guy.”

Obviously, the Rose Knight found his alert. Jonah felt a little embarrassed.

Jonah hard drew out his hands form the arms of Toba and patted on the big guy’s back – as he expected, the feeling of Toba’s back was like granite – and said, “Thank you, Toba. I will stay here for a period of time. It’s my pleasure to get along with you.”

Toba heard and shivered. He knelt on one knee immediately and asked reverently, “The Honorable Astrologer, are you going to admit me as your squire knight? It will be my family’s honor!”

Jonah asked confused, “What’s a squire knight?”

Elliott explained, “‘The Laws of the Continent’ records that the members of the five associations enjoy the same rights with the hereditary peers. They can recruitment squire knights and fellow soldiers, as long as the number is not more than their level. If you are a level 3 Astrologer’s apprentice…”

“I’m level 4.” said Jonah. He thought about his apprentice emblem. It was carried in the deerskin handbag, which had also disappeared with the handbag.

“Okay, the Astrologer’s apprentices from level 3 to lever 5 can have a squire knight and fifteen fellow soldiers. You can also get a certain amount of subsidy if you submit a request to the association.”

“Several years ago, the twelve rulers had a debate about this law. Some feared that this would let the five associations build powerful armed forces, but we all know, the leaders of the five associations, except for the Pope of the Episcopal Church, are all the members of the twelve rulers. They have overwhelming advantages.”

“To be specific, Jonah. If you held a sword and patted it three times on our room leader’s shoulder, then our room leader will have sworn fealty to you. If so, our Mr Toba, who is so addicted to knight novels, will become your loyal squire knight. We don’t know if it’s a good thing, but it’s up to you.” The Rose Knight said and smiled.

Jonah looked at Toba and scratched the back of his head in distress. “Can we discuss this after I finish my dinner?”

Before Toba could say something, Jonah heard a girl’s voice, “That’s right. Uncle, you’d better eat first before you have a cow.[1]” Jonah looked over his shoulder. Several people appeared at the door.

The other tenants of Room 52 returned.

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