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The Throne Under the Starry Sky – Chapter 14

Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: Kylian & Ryan

Editor Notes: For those of you who haven’t heard of cracking terms (yes, it’s called cracking not hacking if you are being legal, though not in this case) a brute force attack means to use a computer to run down a dictionary. A dictionary in this sense means a huge list or ‘book’ or codes, and anything, from just one to “iubewfibew0ufbfu” can be recorded down. The computer refers this ‘dictionary’ and inputs the passwords one at a time, following the entire dictionary up until it discovers the correct password. It is not a favoured method of cracking, as it is extremely time consuming. The process can be sped up by a supercomputer (like in this chapter) but often not viable and not used.

Chapter 14: A Meeting (2)

The Nordic wanted to say something, but Gu Tie interrupted him and said, “Thank you, Ramile. I have discussed this with Israfel. Unfortunately, our views are the same as Shamshel this time. The computational efficiency is too low. It’s like using a brute force attack [1] to decipher the quantum cryptography, and the only thing that we can look forward to is a prayer to the God of Fortune. We may get the fourth number tomorrow, but it will be more likely to get the answer after one year, ten years, thousands of years or millions of years. We can’t wait until that day.”

“… If we use more than 10% computing power of the ‘Genesis’?” The Nordic felt a bit down, but he still asked.

“The possibility of success will have a great rise, but it is still likely to be tomorrow, or after a year, ten years, thousands years, or millions years.” Xiao Liping said, “Besides, we will never get so much authority. You’re not the president of European Science Committee, and I am also not the president of Chinese Academy of Sciences. We are not even members of the GTC! Ramiel, let’s face it. Sometimes, science is powerless.”

“What should I do then? Ask for help from the shaman? I don’t really like the smell of his house, but I love his magic potion.” Matarael smiled foolishly, then he picked up the cup and had a sip.

“Stupid Black African.” Shamshel muttered.

“The occult is also helpless.” Gu Tie waved his hands.

“There is a concept in China known as [Chenwei]. Two thousand years ago, the medicine men began to try to predict the future. The emperors called it “Inner Study”. Of course, as we Chinese always do, most of the predictions are associated with politics. For example, predictions were usually about how soon the emperor’s future generations would be beheaded by revolutionists, and history has proved that the predictions often have amazing accuracy.”

“It has been two thousand years, and Chenwei has always been an important part of Chinese culture. It often appears in history books.”

“A few years ago, when Israfel and I wrote the calculator program, we referred a lot of Chenwei books, such as ‘Pushing-back Diagrams’, ‘The Poems of Monk Huang Bo’, ‘The Inscription of Jinling Tower’, ‘Divine in front of a Horse’, ‘Century Prophecy’, and ‘Poems of Plum Blossom’. We searched the time points by using semantic technology, then predicted the time of the next prediction – of course, most of them are Western predictions, which you are more familiar with. Such as ‘The Bible Code’ by Isaac Newton, Mayan calendar, Egyptian calendar, astrology, and ‘The Centuries’ by Nostradamus.”

We’ve been considering every part of the calculation. If we failed, it also meant the failure of mathematical theory, theoretical physics and the occult. If that happened, what could we do? We could do nothing.”

“’The centuries’,” Ramiel said and nodded, “I once did long-term research on it, and it is also one of the reasons I joined. ”

“Migrés, migrés de Geneue trestous.
Saturne d’or en fer se changera,
Le contre FAYPOZ exterminera tous,
Auant l’aduent le ciel signes fera.”

(Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,
Saturn will be converted from gold to Tie,
“Raypoz” will exterminate all who oppose him,
Before the coming the sky will show signs.)

Ramiel softly recited a small section of the book, then he said, “It’s in volume nine. Chapter forty-four. I think the description is going to happen in the next ten years. If it has happened, it should be an unbeknown major accident; if it has not yet happened, I think this is the day our program is looking for.”
“I’m gonna miss the Shaman’s magic potion.” Matarael muttered.

“May you and your magic potion rot in hell.” Shamshiel said.

“Do Indians also believe in hell? ” Matarael grinned, then took a big gulp of wine.

“I believe your head will hang on the totem pole,” Shamshel corrected, “And it’s before that day comes.”

“That’s enough”, Gu Tie patted his palms and rose up. “Don’t bicker like a pair of Chihuahuas. We gather together, because we believe in the same kind of future: the last judgement. We have only six people – I hope Sachiel can return to earth safely – because five years ago, we had abandoned all the despairing, radicals and cowards. Those who remain are the true knowledge seekers.”

“We fear and are longing for the arrival of the day. We fear and wonder what will change after the day. We try to find the truth. We learn to enjoy the waiting. We observe the truth, and we observe the world.

We have the most outstanding American anthropologist, the most successful European scientific researcher, the youngest African president, the most promising Asian politician, the most courageous astronaut, and me; but today, this is just a meeting of a housewife, a weak-minded atheist, an alcoholic and drug dealer, a cynical and incompetent politician, and me.

“Don’t forget, though we cannot figure out the last few numbers, but obviously, we have mastered most of the future.”

“Yes, and this is also the main reason that why we built the ‘Betrayal’.” Xiao Liping added.

“In the eyes of other people, we ‘Betrayal’ is a secret organization. We are a group of mystery men who have anti-GTC tendency – but nobody knows that we have mastered so much power, and nobody knows that we are searching the truth to change the world.”

The young politician, Xiao Liping, pushed up his glasses, said in a low but hot voice, “We have never stood at the commanding point of all humans like today. We have the truth, and we predict the future. However, other people, all the other human beings, just eight billion ants – work all day, but don’t know to look up. When the final judgment comes, the whole world will tremble under our feet, and we will roar out the first shouting towards the roaring volcano and devastating floods. This is our mission, our glory, and is also the only reason we will rebirth in the new history.”

Morbid fever burned in Xiao Liping’s eyes.

Gu Tie patted him on the shoulder, then he made the next appointment time with several other participating members.

An hour later, Xiao Liping looked at the Gu Tie. Gu Tie nodded and announced the end of the meeting.

Five people closed in to each other. They reached out their right hands, folded them together and whispered, “The catastrophe has happened. We are among the ruins. We start to build up new little habitats, to have new little hopes. It is hard work, and there is no level road to the future. However, we will overcome all obstacles. We’ve got to live. No matter how many skies have fallen.”

” – We will achieve immortality.”

With the disappearance of the huge numbers, the 3D projections of Matarael, Shamshel and Ramiel also disappeared. The lighting lit up.

Gu Tie sat on the ground and murmured, “The last section. I always feel it makes us a bit like heretics.”

“A cohesive organization needs ceremonial sense.” Xiao Liping explained.

“Hey, Liping. In fact, even if I try my best to imagine, I also can not imagine what will happen at that time.”

“The end of the world?” Xiao Liping said, “From the final analysis, this date and our organization are just a series of results after we found the strange countdown numbers five years ago. Maybe it’s just an ordinary day, and when it comes, nothing will happen. The sun rises; the flowers open; then the day passes.”

“We wrote the program to detect the quantum network the first time China joined the GTC – though we found that it was foolish behavior later on, but that number was real. The quantum network is made up of ordered quantum series, and it’s impossible that it has any random string. I always thought that the reason we found the numbers was because some unknown power wanted us to do something.” Gu Tie sat down and looked at the white ceiling.

When Xiao Liping was lost in thought, he had changed the color of the ceiling several times. Finally, he set the ceiling to a starry sky. It is amplified by the picture of Perseus Nebula M87. The purple and orange stars twisted together, and they looked like a beautiful pattern of roses.

“I cannot wait for the coming of that day, but I also feel a little regret. I believe you have the same feelings as me.” Finally, Xiao Liping said, “Maybe it will be a total destruction from the material level, and earth will burst on that day, as if it is a bubble.”

“And then?”

“After fifteen thousand years, the light signal of the destruction of earth spreads to Nebula M87.”

“And then?”

“Some aliens receive the light signal, then they sit down, take popcorn and coke, begin to watch this play.”

“You’re really old fashioned. Maybe the aliens of M87 have already not received any electromagnetic waves.”

“Will we evolve into that kind of life form after that day? ”

“Who knows. However, I hope so.”

They smiled at each other.

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