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The Throne Under the Starry Sky – Chapter 16

Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: WetChicks/Fade…

Chapter 16: God’s Father (2)

Gu Tie waited for a moment, when he knew his foster father didn’t want to answer the phone, he hung up.

He was busy striking up a conversation with a blonde beauty of Belarus before, so he didn’t answer his foster father’s call. However, he guessed the 787 Boeing aircraft of Russian Airlines has extended its active duty, otherwise he couldn’t explain why it went up and down in turbulence as if it was a rice thresher. The Belarus beauty vomited – this made Gu Tie lose all of his interest.

Just then, the telephone rang again. Gu Tie pulled out his big and bulky mobile phone.


“It’s me. Where are you?” Xiao Liping asked gruffly.

“Perhaps St Petersburg.” Gu Tie said uncertainly. He looked at the clouds outside the window.

“What are you doing there? You said nothing and just left stealthily. What’s wrong with you?” Xiao Liping angrily asked.

“I’m going to Ukraine. I’m just passing by St Petersburg. The speed of this airplane is too slow. I think it will take me 13 hours.”

“Why do you want to go to that remote place? To hunt geese?!” Xiao Liping asked sarcastically.

“Eh… it’s not very safe here, let’s chat online.”

Gu Tie hung up and closed his eyes. He activated the terminal chip of “EARTH”, which was injected in his medulla oblongata.

Originally, it was designed for entering the game whenever and wherever, but Gu Tie successfully dug out more of its potential. After he hacked the terminal chip, he could use the chip as a terminal of “Genesis”.

Gu Tie had once thought to embedding several conductors in his skeleton and putting a satellite antenna on his head. If so, he could even link into the network of “Genesis” in areas with no wireless signals, but he finally gave up because of Xiao Liping’s strong contempt.

Though he himself thought it was very cool.

The golden entry screen of “EARTH” opened in his ocean of consciousness.

Gu Tie thought that “ocean of consciousness” are good words to describe the virtual screen technology, though people usually use it in the Xianxia novels.

Nowadays, the market share of “Genesis” terminals was 65%. The terminals were a kind of online equipment which were linked with “Genesis”. As terminals, they only have weak computing power and the main computing is completed by “Genesis”.

On the surface, it seemed that they were no different than traditional computers. However, in fact, all information is buried in the deep underground bunker of Salzburg.

Some people say that this is the most terrible monopoly; some people say that it is a time bomb concerning human information security. Then IPU (Independent Computing Alliance) appeared. This organization ignited the fire of anti-GTC in the whole world, and in several countries which were controlled by anti-GTC people, the governments have even announced that the terminals of “Genesis” is forbidden in their countries – for example, Gu Tie’s destination, Ukraine.

Gu Tie landed in the network. The entry screen of “EARTH” dimmed. A vast black plain appeared in front of Gu Tie’s eyes – it was a piece of pure land Gu Tie created in “Genesis”, by using the backdoor program. He is the master of 1,500 ppm computing power in here, which is an inconceivable amount of power in the net world.

He stooped down and picked up a stone, then knocked the stone in the air – the space shattered as if it was a mirror. Gu Tie stepped into another world – a secret world Xiao Liping created for meeting with him.

The background of this world was Miami. Xiao Liping was lying on a beach chair. He wore huge sunglasses and is enjoying the sea breeze.

Gu Tie frowned. “Your visibility is very low – look at yourself! I can only barely recognize your face, and your arms are just two squares! What terminal did you use to link to the internet?”

Xiao Liping curled his lip and said, “The terminal in my office. It’s a little old because I have been using it for five years. Lets just put that aside and let me ask, what the hell are you doing? You won’t even tell me?”

“I’m going to do something interesting.” Gu Tie picked up a Margarita, then smiled to the beautiful waitress, “Your bosom is very beautiful, are you interested in talking with me in the online group ‘Sky Dance’?”

“It’s illegal to seduce the NPC, Mr Pervert.” The waitress smiled.

“Damn it!” Gu Tie discouraged, walked away. He sat down beside Xiao Liping and said, “The person who created this online group must have rocks in his head.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. The man who built this group is in front of you and has heard your words!” Xiao Liping squares his fist and hits Gu Tie on the head. “Just tell me where you are. Matarael, Ramiel and Sachiel have entered the game, but we still need a lot of time to explore the world of ‘EARTH’, to meet each other as soon as possible.” Xiao Liping stared at him.

“We are all nobodies in ‘EARTH’. It is too difficult to meet each other in it. Besides, there’s a terrible problem. I don’t know if you ever think about it.”

“What’s the problem?”

“In ‘EARTH’, the NPCs we control have their own original personalities. For the world, they are possessed by the devils. If we act in specific ways in public, we will be regarded as heretics and be hit extremely hard by the aborigines. From the 16th to 17th century, there were hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘witches’ hanged or burned in Europe – it should be a warning to us. Can you imagine, us stripped and impaled on a stake together? I don’t think it will be a beautiful view.” Gu Tie said and curled his lip.

Xiao Liping thought and said, “That is to say, every player has to follow the rules of role-playing in ‘EARTH’. Communication among players should be an underground movement.”

“A secret religion.” Gu Tie corrected.

Xiao Liping wanted to say something, but Gu Tie took up his glass and drained it with a jovial gulp. He stood up and said, “The plane is landing. I have to leave. I’m going to Ukraine to help a friend steal something interesting.”

“Wait.” Xiao Liping asked coldly, “Don’t tell me that the name of your friend is Barr.”

“Did you hear the rumor from IPU? Barr is crazy, but he is also a conman, and I’m sure that he doesn’t even have a railgun.”

“Gu Tie.” Xiao Liping said sternly, “If the thing you want to do is as what I expect, I command you don’t do anything stupid and turn back immediately, or I will do everything I can to catch you.”

“Israfel, you’re a nice guy if you don’t talk like a bureaucrat. Don’t let the bureaucracy ruin your beautiful face.” Gu Tie raised his eyebrow and said, “That Indian and his organization want to steal some very amazing stuff, so he needs my help. Don’t worry, they cannot build a nuclear bomb. They just want to build a dirty bomb to disperse the crowd.”

“Your destination is Chernobyl!” Xiao Liping said solemnly.

“Barr has made the plan. Don’t worry, everything will be okay. Hey, don’t screw up your face, ok? Anger makes people age faster. That’s it. Goodbye and see you later.”

“Wait, I command you to contact me every day, and…”

Before he finished talking, Gu Tie quit the discussion group.

Bang! He throws the ashtray and it smashes a big hole in the 24 inch display. His secretary pushed open the door in panic and shouted, “Minister Xiao, are you alright?” Xiao Liping glared at him and said snappily, “I’m fine. Get out!” The Secretary immediately nodded and backed out.

“IPU? Chernobyl? Bull shit, bull shit!” Xiao Liping scolded angrily. He obliged himself to take a deep breath, then walked to the window and stared out at the ginkgo tree in the courtyard.

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