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The Throne Under the Starry Sky – Chapter 4

Chapter 4… We are slowly trying to maintain regular releases…  I have been told the story opens up and gets interesting around Chapter 20… So stick around at least till then…

Please dont give negative reviews at the beginning without at least reading a few chapters…  

Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: Akhil & Vick

Chapter 4: The Night is Coming (2)

The sunlight moved across the desk, till it disappeared at the corner. The Astrologer’s apprentice opened his eyes and sat upright. He lifted his fingers and touched his cheeks.

“Wow, this looks like a real world!” he said excited, then scared by his own voice. He looked around and laughed.

He pushed aside the chair, awkwardly, and stood up. He put out his left feet tentatively and stepped on the wooden floor. Then he put out his right feet. He walked a few steps with a awkward posture, then he turned down the corners of his mouth and said, “Too short. Am I just 1.65 metres tall? My legs are too short.”

He walked for several rounds and expressed his despise towards the messy room. He didn’t find a mirror, so he walked right up to the celestial globe, and looked at his distort reflection on the brass globe. “A good coat, pretty cool. Oh, I’m a cute boy! Tsk-tsk, I have long flaxen curls. Very well. Kind of short, but it doesn’t matter. I’m in my formative years!”

He suddenly thought about something, then he lifted his coat nervously and looked inside. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Yes, I’m a boy. Doesn’t matter, I just started growing.”

By now The sun sank down and It dimmed the room. He walked to the window and glanced at the boring view for a while, then he searched for the light equipment.

“No oil lamp. No candles. Is the set of this game a bit awkward? Or all the people in this world can see things in night?” He narrowed his eyes and looked around, then he gave a bah.

At this time, the night illumination system started running. The Star Circle of Lighting which was engraved on a big ruby crystal was ignited by Tutor Keshawa on the top of the tower. The soft yellow light lit up at the top of the tower, the workroom, the dining room, Jonah’s room and the servant’s room – reflected in endless mirrors which were in the internal passage of the Astrology Tower.

“Woah, amazing!” The Astrologer’s apprentice clapped his hands.

He suddenly found something and murmured, “Wait, I know it… Oh, i understand! I can read this NPC’s memory – if I thought it in a right way. Okay, let me see… My name is D.Jonah.Jr –what a weird name. I’m sixteen-year-old, and both of my parents are farmers. My identity… Is an Astrologer’s apprentice? Interesting. My Tutor is Keshawa, and he is a level 7 Astrologer – and he is also a garrulous geezer. My place… the world made up of four continents, and my place is in a sovereign state, Saint Boen, which is in the center of Western continent. Okay, a normal setting. Saint Boen was invaded by Empire Zave. There was a bloodbath in its capital yesterday and I got several inexplicable papers before the fall of the Royal Library… what does it mean?”

He drew out the papers of the nameless book from the inside pocket in his coat.

“Mysterious prophecies? Is this a game quest? I think it should be the main quest since it’s so earnest. But the game description said that this wasn’t a RPG game, and it is more like the Sims. Okay, let me consider it later.”

He stuffed the papers in his pocket, rubbed his nose and said, “It should be the time for dinner now, and that cranky geezer will check my homework before the dinner – I will check it. Well I basically wrote nothing – seems like I have to go to sleep with an empty stomach again – if I’m still that honest and inward apprentice. This can be a challenge for me.”

At this time, Keshawa’s roaring sound appeared out of the room, “Boy, if you don’t move your little ass into the dinner room in one minute, you can just go to bed now!”

“Okay, okay, the people here still speak Chinese? It’s convenient. Oh no, they aren’t. It should be the result of the electroneurographic signal of the speech center in the left hemisphere modulating by the semantics interface. Of course this is how it works.” The Astrologer’s apprentice murmured and pushed the door open, then he walked down along the spiral stair.

Just after one step, the incongruity of the new body made him ,almost fall down the stair. He staggered and put his hands against the wall. He cursed his short legs and moved his feet slowly.

The dining room was at the lower part of the Astrology Tower. When he opened the door of the dining room, Tutor Keshawa had finished eating potato salad and was getting ready to drink the thick vegetable soup. He cocked his eyes on his student and spoke with hummed sounds, “Here is no dinner for you. Go back to your room.”

“My dear tutor, I’m glad to see that you are in such good spirit. If good mood can be food, I’m already very full that I can’t even eat a stick of celery!” The Astrologer’s apprentice said with a smile.

The old astrologer opened his eyes and peered his apprentice, “Are you done with your homework?”

“Of course, and I have several questions that I want to ask you. The theory in the book was just too boring, compared to it, I prefer to ask a learned level 7 Astrologer face-to-face. For example, you. Could I ask you a question before you enjoy your main dish?” The apprentice said respectfully, and then he pulled the chair beside his tutor and sat down. He striked a pose of listening carefully.

Keshawa put down his scoop and used a napkin to wipe his red nose. He stared at his student up and down, crossed his fingers and said deprecatingly, “What’s your question?”

“I often think,” said his apprentice a little timidly, “that why our Astrologers were more close to the truth than the Episcopal Church, Mathematical Association and Mage’s Guild? – I mean, obviously, Astrology is a subject which needs rational thinking and scientific experiment. However, if compared with the religions, Astrology is more easy to touch the inside power of the world. What’s the reason?” When he was speaking, the servant brought in the salad and soup. The apprentice looked at his tutor, and then he put the napkin on the desk and ordered the servant to put the silver dish in front of him.

“Boy, you are different today, and you asked a good question!” Keshawa was very excited. He pushed away the dish and started talking, “Beginning with the first Astrologer, Gilbenion, every Astrologer has the same goal. You should know, one hundred and thirty-five years ago…”

The student looked at his tutor respectfully, and then he used his right hand to put the food into his mouth, and waved his left hand to order the servant to serve the next food.

He came to a conclusion in his heart: his sense of vision, auditory sense, sense of touch sense, sense of taste, sense of smell, gravity, the feedback of the body signal – everything was perfect. Done well, GTC. No matter how many damn things they have made, but this time, they indeed developed an amazing thing.

“Basically, that’s it. Do you understand?”

Keshawa finally stopped his talking – after an hour and a quarter of an hour – and the apprentice too has already drunk the last cup of hot tea at the same time.

“I got most of them, my teacher. This is a wonderful experience, and it’s also a great asset for me. If you don’t mind, I want to return my room and take notes – before I forget your invaluable advice.” The apprentice ducked his head humbly.

“Go.” Keshawa waved his hand satisfactorily, then he turned back and asked the servant that why he still didn’t bring the main dish for him. The apprentice bowed and left the dining room.

It was really amazing. The Astrologer’s Apprentice walked up the stairs slowly and thought. His tutor, Keshawa, wasn’t like a combination of a 3D model and some procedures. In every respect, that red nose old man had an independent character. This world was perfect – if it wasn’t the incongruity of being in a new body, he would say that this was a real world.

Beep-beep-beep, a far away sound ringed in his ears. It was a beep sound – which was an impossible existence in a world of sword and magic.

Oh, of course, and the “Exit” button.

The apprentice returned to his room and sat down on his bed. He looked around, stretched out his hand and touched the ragged linen sheet. He smelled the air – which was mixed with the smell of metal and the smell of rosin – and then he said, “Amazing!”

The next second, this soul left the body. The apprentice’s eyes were just puzzled for a moment and then he was immediately back to his senses. Jonah collapsed down to the ground weakly and his sweat broke out all over his body and trickled down his back. He could hear the severe beating of his heart.

Demon. A demon.

This was the longest two hours in his life.

He woke up from the dream, and then he found that he had lost the control of his own body. He was like a spirit who was imprisoned in a steam puppet. He watched as his legs were walking, his hand opened the door, and his mouth spoke out some words he would never say in his life.

“October sixth, Gamaliel descended from the sky with all the gentiles he chose. Ayala couldn’t see or hear him, but as he lived in a bones palace so he didn’t feel any panic. ‘stay away from the mirror’. Gamaliel gave his advice.”

The prediction fulfilled – in his own body.

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