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The Throne Under the Starry Sky – Chapter 8

Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: Ryan & Joshua

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Chapter 8: A Letter from The North (2)

Xiao Liping was silent for a while, then he said: “This confirmed my thoughts – ‘EARTH’ is more complex than any other game engine. It shouldn’t be just a business practice. I will use my interpersonal resources to check it out. I think we should personally get a feel in the game this afternoon.”

“I think, first, it probably has a link with the mysterious event that happened twenty years ago, which caused the disappearance of a large number of scientists. This was a ‘top secret-classified’ event in China and I didn’t have enough power to find out the truth by myself. We gave up tracing it several years ago, because we thought that it was too dangerous. However, since they are connecting it and ‘EARTH’, I will continue to trace it; the second is, I’m afraid some people might have found our secret: that countdown number.”

Gu Tie stared at him and asked, “You mean…”

Xiao Liping nodded and said, “I don’t think our organization, ‘The Betrayer’, will be exposed, but I’m afraid that some people, or some organizations, have gotten to the same conclusion. If so, we will lose all of our advantages.”

“It won’t happen. It was just a coincidence that we found the countdown number within the quantum networks. It’s impossible that some people are as lucky as us. Just put it aside. Why do you think they developed ‘EARTH’?”

“They wanted to save humans and treated the ‘EARTH’ as a home for human souls after the Last Judgement?” Xiao Liping guessed.


“If they knew the coming day of the Last Judgement, and if the Last Judgement is a physical strike and only happens within the range of the solar system, then it’s possible that they launched a spaceship and put ‘GENESIS’ on it before the last day. There is enough space in the ‘GENESIS’ to upload the entire ‘EARTH’ and humans’ souls onto it. No matter how difficult it is, this is significantly easier than interstellar migration.” Xiao Liping said and narrowed his eyes.

Gu Tie rubbed his temple and was silent for a while, then he said, “You always think of the dark side of the things, but I don’t think so. First, it was impossible that GTC found the countdown number by using any other methods; second is, how can the finder persuade the leaders of GTC to believe his words and help him to create this game? Many people have dreamt of becoming the saviour, but saving the world by using such a dumb, roundabout, and inexplicable way? You should know, not everyone is as weird as you.” He said teasingly.

“The thing I know is,” said Xiao Liping, “if ‘EARTH’ is going to be a permanent home for humans, then it must have an epicurean world background. It must be filled with beautiful scenery, splendid civilizations, abundant consumables, and endless entertainment. In short, it would be a rest home fit for everyone. In turn, if it is a inclement world where there are struggles to live everyday and a lack of resources, it would be a different matter.”

“Tsk-tsk,” said Gu Tie, disdainful. “Even if a person wanted to feed a hamster, he would install a toy wheel for it. Fighting with others is an interesting thing, don’t you think so?”

“I don’t want to argue about this with you. Anyway, I’m busy; just send the syringe to me. If I have time, I will go into the game together with you this afternoon.” Xiao Liping said hastily. He wanted to hurry and close the communication window already.

“Liping, you are not getting it.” Gu Tie said and stared at him, “‘EARTH’ is a real world, and we can’t choose our roles and the place we arrive; what we are given is what we get. The system will give you a body and replace the original NPC. If your ‘Avatar’ dies in the game, you will never be allowed into the game again.”

“It would be a very difficult thing to meet each other in such a fantasy world. By the way, how are we going to recognize each other in the game? Maybe you are a peasant woman working for a noble in the Western continent and I’m a barbarian fishing in the Eastern continent. How can we meet each other?”

Xiao Liping ignored Gu Tie’s words and waved to him, then closed the communication.

“Oh right, I’m an Astrologer’s apprentice. My life is much better than a fisherman’s.” Gu Tie murmured to himself, and thought that it is a good idea to have a short nap again.

Just then, Gu Tie heard a knock at the door, “Is Mr Gu Tie at home? Here is a letter for you!”

“I’m here. Wait a minute!” Gu Tie shouted and put on his shoes. He passed through the clean yard and opened the door. He took a registered letter from the hands of the postman.

The sender address was from a post-office box in Leninsky Raion, Vladivostok, Russia. Gu Tie was a bit confused. Suddenly, a small stain on the back of the letter caught his attention.

“If I’m not wrong ….” He patted his head, put the letter in front of a camera of the computer and snapped his fingers. The computer zoomed in on the stain immediately. Gu Tie opened a genetic recognition database application. A picture of a god which had three eyes and four hands was projected in the air.

“As I expected,” Gu Tie said and threw the letter aside. He lay down on the bed. “That idiot made some trouble again. He always invites me to clean up messy situations for him.” Gu Tie frowned, but a smile gradually appeared on his face, “However, I enjoy solving problems.”

He sent out two letters. The first letter was sent to a woman; he told her how to manage the funds for the next month; the second letter was sent to Xiao Liping. Gu Tie told him in the letter that he would go on a long journey, and the meeting time would be changed to tomorrow.

Then, Gu Tie turned off the computer. He pulled out an old computer from a large cabinet, disassembled the Simulation Module – which was rarely used by him – and put its components on the ground.

During this time, his housekeeper Zhao Bo returned. He hung his birdcage on the pomegranate tree in the yard and asked with his regional accent, “Master, what are you doing? I think you should clean the room by yourself later.”

Gu Tie looked up, smiled and said, “You won’t understand. Anyway, I’m trying to make a great thing! If it works….”

“Not bad. Did you practise your shadow boxing?” Zhao Bo was completely disinterested.

“No, I don’t have time. Wait, wait, look. If I connect the electrodes, I will be able to find the input and output mode of the injected chip!”

“Not bad. Do you think eating steamed dumplings for lunch is a good idea?” Zhao Bo made a pot of tea for himself.

“It’s up to you, do as you please.” Gu Tie laid on the ground and placed the electrodes on his body one by one.

“Not bad.” Zhao Bo said and gave a loud yawn.
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