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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu : Extra 6

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I am sorry for the late chapter, I underestimated the amount of research i have to do into Shinto lore, the next extra should be out today or tomorrow.

Here is Makoto’s teacher of archery

Thank you to Manly Andy for Editing. He is new to editing thus please forgive us if we left any mistakes.

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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Extra 6

Around that time, Modern day 4

“Hey, Natsu, where did you hide Makoto!”(Genichi)

A man who appeared to be at least 40 with a robust body was visiting a dojo.

The man’s physique matched his loud voice, it reached the ears of the person sitting with a cup of sake in her hand at the very back of the room. As she furrowed her brows, you could clearly understand that this guest who was screaming at her door was someone she did not prefer. Exasperated, she shook her head and let out a sigh.

“That idiot….it has only been 3 days since he last came, doesn’t he have his own disciples to look after….”(Natsu)

Without making a single sound, she stood up and walked towards the entrance. She came upon the entrance where the voice was coming from and opened the door. There was the figure of a man who was in his late 30’s or early 40’s. He had a mature face and gave off a dignified aura. But to say he was a man in his early 40’s would be a mistake…..he looked like he had enough energy and physical strength to take on a platoon by himself.

“Stop coming here and saying the same thing every time, Genichi.”(Natsu)

She did not hide her annoyance at the man.

The woman called Natsu could turn away visitors, no matter who they were. She always gave off a certain aura of intimidation. She was said to be the same age or a few years younger than the man in front of her now, but her skin was still very smooth and pure white. She was someone in her mid-30’s to early 40’s but if a passerby saw her they would think she was in her mid-20’s.

“Where is Makoto! Where did you hide him!?”(Genichi)

“I do not know! I do not care! Go home!”(Natsu)

“Stop hiding him! Tell me! I will not go home! I have only taught Makoto the beginning of Iai*, I have many things left to teach him and I only started teaching him because you recommended him.”(Genichi)

Tlnote: the art of sword draw

“I do not know where he is, I stopped teaching things a while ago, I only let him use the dojo for practice now! I have no reason to hide Makoto!”(Natsu)

The verbal battle between the two stopped and only their soft breathing could be heard.

Natsuko was the one who taught Makoto how to use a bow. Munakata Natsuko was the head of the Munakata Dojo. She learned archery from her teacher when she was young and could not put her skills to use. She led a life as a mercenary before she became an archery teacher. She jumped from battlefield to battlefield rampaging with a gun.

Bows and arrows were quite useless in the modern world battlefield and Natsu herself felt better wielding a gun than a bow. The aim with a scope and the use of the sight on the gun were more useful to her compared to the technique of using her eyes that she learned when she was young.

Natsu left the battlefield after some time had passed and returned to Japan. She erased the smell of gunpowder that lingered on her body and opened a dojo. She never said why she left the battlefield but that experience gave her a mind that was able to be calm in any situation.

But currently the man in front of her was pushing that mind, thus her boiling point dropped quite considerably.

Well, the relationship between them was not close but not far either thus they could be called associates.

“……Do you really not know where he is!?”(Genichi)

“Yeah, I really don’t know……well, I am sure he is alive. But leaving that aside, why are you so obsessed with him, you have other good disciples. Leave Makoto alone.”(Natsu)

It is as Natsu pointed out.

The man in front of her was Genichi Ishido, one of the few sword masters in the modern age. He has many excellent disciples and usually does not care about spares.

“I do, I have given them training they could do while not at the dojo and introduction letters for tournaments and other dojos.”(Genichi)

“Why did you do that?”(Natsu)

“Well, it was because I wanted to focus on training Makoto.”(Genichi)

“…..Why……That student of mine has no talent in swords at all, I really don’t know why you would spend time training him.”(Natsu)

“Yeah, he doesn’t have a single ounce of talent in swords in a very refreshing way. I think it has been 6 months and I have finally gotten him to the point where he can cut down a straw doll.”(Genichi)

As she heard him clearly admit that Makoto has no talent for the sword, she could not understand why he was so obsessed with Makoto. He could shoot an arrow very well and liked doing it. He was almost creepy at this point regarding arrows. Natsu believed that Makoto loved archery and evaluated his archery highly.

“Then why are you here, if you are just doing it as a hobby then you should not be in that much of hurry.”(Natsu)

“Hobby, maybe it was that but I also feel it was kind of different. I know one thing though, I do not want to stop on a disciple who I have spent so much time training.

He talked while rubbing his chin with his hands.

“Initially I was just interested in the boy you raised to become the genius archery man. But now, I am just interested in his straightforward nature.”(Genichi)

“Straightforward……..Best way to describe Makoto.”(Natsu)

Still, she could not understand why he was obsessed with teaching Makoto.

“I taught him very basic things in these past 6 months. Stuff you can do even at home; how to swing a sword and how to train your grip strength. I also gave him a weighted wooden sword to practice with.”(Genichi)

“……Wow, really was nothing but basic…….Even then, could he not even cut a little bit of the straw doll?”(Natsu)

Even if it was her disciple, she still felt kind of disappointed in him.

“Of course, when I let him first try it, he cut his own hands on the blade.”(Genichi)


“Even so, he was still doing the training I assigned him and has not declined anything. He always has these shining eyes and I could keep teaching him stuff without any interruption or complaints. I told him to do some basic muscle training and other things to get a better body.”(Genichi)

Genichi was a bear not a swordsman;he takes care of the small bears like Makoto.

“…..I thought it was amusing, even if he had no talent in swords. He was somehow proceeding with pure hard work and diligence. I want to see what he will become in the end with all his hard work.”(Genichi)

Natsu again let out a small sigh. She was pitying Makoto, Genichi will never let go of Makoto until he has learnt everything that Genichi will teach him.

“When Makoto comes back I will tell him to escape from you.”(Natsu)

“Hey, hey, hey, I thought I said a very nice story right now! To be honest, I thought you felt the same way regarding that boy.”(Genichi)

“I have already left the scene, I have also given Makoto to another person so right now I am just the big sister at this dojo.”(Natsu)

“Bull! That was such a crude statement…What a lie…Natsu, you are almost 40-“(Genichi)

“What age am I, Genichi?”(Natsu)

“…..Big sister, I meant nothing by that. Ok, let’s stop, seriously where is Makoto? Have you talked with his parents?”(Genichi)

At the sudden cold atmosphere, Genichi immediately retracted his statement and tried to change the subject. He felt he was going to see his great-grandfather soon at that cold atmosphere.

“Well….yes I have gone to meet them about Makoto….but I think the reason was complicated so they didn’t tell me anything concrete.”(Natsu)

Natsu’s words were straightforward, which was rare for her.

“But aren’t they good people. I heard that when he came to you for training they gave you their full trust and was glad that you were training him.”(Genichi)

“Oh, I think that was because Makoto somehow made them have a good impression of me. I went to meet them before I started his actual training. They also requested of me to do some special training for him.”(Natsu)

“……What was it?”(Genichi)

“Oh, it was for me to teach me how to shoot an arrow on horseback. But since I did not have a horse I told them I could do modern bow on horseback.”(Natsu)

Modern bow on horseback. Genich felt really uneasy when he heard those words.

“Also about how to fight in close quarters. That would require me to teach him how to use a Uchine.”(Natsu)

TLnote: Uchine is an arrow but has a much smaller shaft. This weapon was used by archers in Edo Japan, it resembles a small spear. The only difference was that it has a rope attached to the bow and you can throw and fight in CQC-close quarter combat with it.

Uchine. It was a weapon used in close proximity by archers. It has a unique shape with a spear head attached to the tip. The handle was similar to a short sword and can be used in such a form. There was also a rope which allowed this weapon to used with a bow and retrieved in mid-range combat.

Furthermore, the usage of Uchine was very versatile, as it can be used in a similar way as a sickle and chain would be. The weapon was dangerous for a beginner and should be handled with care.

Natsu was an expert in this art, she has used it many times with a knife and string on the battlefield.

“So you agreed to his parent’s request. Ah…..Makoto was so pitiful, truly pitiful. I can understand how you might teach him the Uchine but how did you teach him the bow on horseback in the modern age.”(Genichi)

“I used my jeep instead of a horse. Of course, I was driving, Makoto was too young to get a license.”(Natsu)

“A Jeep!!!”(Genichi)

“Yeah, I put him in the passenger seat and opened the roof of the car so he could stand up.”(Natsu)

“Stand up!?”(Genichi)

“We did a few tries outside. We practice when we made left and right turns. I would full throttle the accel and then Makoto would stand up to shoot.”(Natsu)


“Whats wrong Genichi?”(Natsu)

“…….I learned today that I should put Makoto through a much tougher training regimen.”(Genichi)

Genichi realized how sweet he has been concerning Makoto’s training and that he was too soft on Makoto. He decided in his head that he will make Makoto menu much tougher in the future.

“Oh, that is good. Makoto surprisingly does have a strong mind. He will go through a lot of stuff without giving up. He will say that it is impossible for him a lot but ignore that. Rather during those times, he gets more energy and goes inside his own mind to bring out greater strength. Look for those times and always make him get to that point.”(Natsu)

Makoto was truly pitiful. Your teacher has already figured out your limit.

“So, what was the explanation his parents gave?”(Genichi)

Will they hide his circumstances from someone who put him through all of this or will they tell her about Makoto’s true situation to her…… was going through Genichi’s mind.

“……Don’t laugh at this, ok?”(Natsu)




“They said he went to another world, they do not know when he will be coming home!”(Natsu)

“What was ‘another world’, was it something the kids invented?”(Genichi)

Genichi asks with a serious expression.

“They said he went to a different planet…like he was not on Earth anymore! Stop making me say this, do you have any idea how embarrassing this is!”(Natsu)

Natsu was red from the embarrassment of Makoto’s parent explanation.

“What planet….is there even such a place in this solar system for human life?”(Genichi)

“Don’t ask me, I was told this by Makoto’s father who had a very serious look. When the mother came out and told me the same thing while crying I could not ask any further. Well, all I know was that he was not dead and he will come back if he is still alive.”(Natsu)


“If you want to ask them directly, I will give you their address. You are an acquaintance of mine so it should be no problem. Also, I think you would have went to them sooner or later since you are also his master.”(Natsu)

“Ok, then come along with me.”(Genichi)

Natsu stood in silence at this guy’s inability to read between the lines. Natsu was writing the address so she doesn’t have to accompany him. Why could he not get it….this stupid bear.

“Genichi, why would I come along?”(Natsu)

Natsu gave pained expression when she asked that.

“You are also worried about Makoto right? And with you there I won’t have to worry about getting lost.”(Genichi)

Genichi not getting lost was actually his main reason for asking her to come along.

“Oh yeah, I forgot that you’re an idiot. I should be impressed that you were able to remember the way to this dojo in the first place.”(Natsu)

Genichi’s lack of direction was world-class. Their first meeting was because Genichi had gotten lost and she had to help him get back.

“Well this will be interesting. I wonder what type of people Makoto’s family members are, I am looking forward to meeting them!”(Genichi)

“…Well, I will tell you one thing, they look nothing like Makoto.”(Natsu)

“Really, well this will be fun!”(Genichi)

Genichi’s voice echoed throughout the neighborhood.

Although she furrowed her brows at Genichi, she was thankful for his aggressive method of taking her along.

Even though she knows this was just a roundabout way of asking her to accompany him to Makoto’s house, she felt that she could not just leave it alone for Makoto’s sake. He was her precious disciple so there was no way she could not have been worried.

“(I wonder if we should bring a souvenir? Genichi has no sense for gifts so I would have to get it?)”(Natsu)

Natsu stood up and called Makoto’s parents. She told them she and one other person would come to visit tonight. She then got in her jeep and went shopping for a gift.




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