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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu (POV) – Demon Army - Zenith Novels

Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu (POV) – Demon Army

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu (POV) – Demon Army

Reference between Chapters 70-78,


Fort Stella-Demon army.

The war for the demons, the forefront of the war with the hyumans was at Fort Stella.
This base is the start of the map for humans and the end of map for the demons.


Fort Stella was made by the Hyumans and with the help of the spirits, the fort has a geographical advantage and the major power of Limia and Gritonia want to reclaim it.


This fort is the place that has become the stage for many fierce battles.

“According to our information as you can see, any battle with hyumans right now will have a chance……thus I will conclude my report.” (Demon A)

There were two people in charge of this Fort.


Well, technically there is only one person in charge but the other person’s words are equal to that of the commander.


She is latter one, one of our demon generals.

“Rona-sama, the detail of the arrangement and routes of the armies of Limia and Gritonia are both here.” (Demon A)

An officer hands the documents and various materials to her quickly.

“The support from Aion was less than we expected and Lorel seems to becoming less involved as the decision to choose a Maiden comes closer.” (Demon A)

The officer that was telling the information had ended. There was no pause or hesitation in his words, there were no analogies in the report.

“Thank you, now I would like to ask you to give the same report to Io.” (Rona)

Rona-sama gave the officer further instruction after he had finished the report.


Io-sama and Rona-sama. These are the two who are in charge. Io-sama is the commander of the army while Rona-sama is the strategist the keeps us from being below the hyumans.


Although Io-sama is the person who leads the army and is always with the soldier, Rona-sama is always either going somewhere or collecting information from various sources in her network.


These two are the absolute authority in this fort, no one can disobey them.


The power of these four people are all different but they have all pledged loyalty to his majesty the demon lord.


I am actually in Io-sama squad but I do not mind helping Rona-sama with her work.
There are some people who are frightened with espionage work because of their high risk and field activity.

Even right now Rona-sama is preparing measures against the hyuman’s attack that will be happening soon.


Io-sama was making a difficult face yesterday along with a face of fright, I think Rona-sama plans may have been a bit gruesome or so.


I truly feel pity for the hyumans that have to face her plans.

“Well, I wonder how strong the Hero is?” (Rona)

It is about time that the hyumans to begin another attack. According to our info, they want to attack the Fort at night.


The Hyumans do not like to attack at night a lot, but recently the Empire has been learning and has been attacking a lot more in the night.


I understand that this Fort is quite advantageous in both position and supplies but the hyumans have been too monotonous in their attacks.


Seeing that the Hyumans have now started to change their tactics, I believe that acquiring a Hero has somewhat evolved their thinking. I have also heard that the Heroes are actually quite strong and very few people are able to deal with them. Anyone who has fought the heroes have either lost their lives or are unable to battle.


There have been few people who were able to escape unscathed. Thus…I believe that the upcoming battle is quite different than the battles before as we have information that has lead us to believe that both Heroes will be showing up. I also believe that this is the reason that the Fort has been so tense lately.


But……I also have absolute confidence in our victory.

Why, because we have two of the Demon generals currently in our Fort.


I am starting to wonder if any plan Rona-sama has made been wrong. I do not know any warrior that has toppled Io-sama in battle, and I do not know any as ruthless and cunning as Rona-sama.


I have completed my training for the preparations for the night war. My placement in the battle is security in the Fort.


I may not even get a chance to swing my sword if everything goes well. My heart started singing praises for our generals and was excited.


I have been taught that no position in battle is useless and in war this becomes 10 times more important.

I will not hesitate. I will complete the job that is given to me.

“You, it is time to go out, so it is fine to leave here. If you are soldier that is part of Io’s army then do not be stiff but also do not get too relaxed.” (Rona)

“Yes ma’am, I will do my job with all my power.” (Demon A)

“Good…..one last thing, what are you most worried about in this war? Please be honest.” (Rona)

“Yes ma’am, I am worried about how our information may have been wrong and the hyumans will act in an unexpected way because of the two Heroes.” (Demon A)

“Good, that is answer I would expect from someone who is helping me.” (Rona)

Oh were you reading my expression to decipher my answer. She was satisfied with my answer as I saw a slight grin on her face.

“Please do not worry, we will try our very best to keep the safety of the non-combatants and to keep the enemy lines at bay. “ (Rona)

“Yes ma’am, please do worry the morale of the Fort is high and enough thanks to Io-sama.” (Demon A)

Rona-sama left after hearing my last word. True vigilance as a spy is not required by Io-sama, but, he does think it is necessary.


Everyone who has been trained by him or trained with him understands this and thinks of it as a mission.


There were never trying to get on the good side of Rona……maybe just a little.

I joined up with the team in charge of moving and organizing personnel after the security duty was finished, in anticipation for the attack.


I heard several sounds in the distance.


Has it began?


A large of amount information and exchange is being conducting, but most of it is what Rona-sama had predicted from the meeting earlier and is close to an exact copy of that.


I tried my best to hold my voice but I could not stop myself from making a smile.


Hyumans, Heroes, remember this.


This is the mage of the battlefield. And the person who is coming towards you right now is the Sword of his majesty.


This was the activation of Rona-sama strategy, this will bring the collapse and withdrawal of the hyuman army.


The war is progressing within the range of the plan. However, there is no way to abstain from injuries and deaths in war.


I am thinking this while facing the hostile gaze from a woman warrior who is currently being treated right now.


She is one of the injured soldiers that we were able to bring back.


Those who were dead or close to death were left outside and only the one who could be treated we brought inside.


Of course we have already closed the gates to the fortress so anyone outside must go through the unique route we have made.


There are no cases of it being noticed by the hyumans. They would have tried to send their soldiers if they had. Despite that…..

“We will kill Rona for you Tomoki-sama!!” (Demon girls)

“I will forever devote myself to Tomoki-sama”(Demon Girls)

The group of woman tries to attack Rona-sama but fails completely. Rona-sama quickly knocks them out and takes away their weapons.

“Hmm, Tomoki, the charm power of his reaches this far and even to us huh?” (Rona)

They say more words and Rona-sama knocks them out. According to the information we have obtain, the Hero of the empire has the ability to attract or charm females.


These seem to affect every single race, whether it be demi-hyumans or demons. It is quite the fun ability I have to say.


But it is terrible ability for our side. Mix a charmed soldier with the ones who are injured  and done, you have a spy.


The plan is normal and at the same time quite effective. But it does not work that well here.


Rona-sama already has way to detect and determine who has been charmed. This one should be just fine.

“Will it be ok?” (Demon A)

“The attack on the front gate was quite intense, so we did not notice this one. But the hero of the empire is sure annoying.”( Demon B)

“….I will wake her up later” (Demon A)

“Hey, you stop this at once! This world can only be led by one person.” (Demon girl)

“You are talking about his majesty right?” (Demon A)

“No! His imperial hero Tomoki, his majesty must follow Tomoki-sama as well.” (Demon Girl)

“Bitch, what the hell…” (Demon A)

As a demon and as a soldier, these word must never be said. I felt a heat of anger awaken inside me.

“You Fool!!!” (Rona)

Blue flames covered the demon girl. It took only a moment.


The demon girl did not even scream. She had lost shape and disappeared within the blink of an eye. There were no ashes left.


I look towards the voice of the person who said that.
It was the same woman who I exchanged words with beforehand.

“Rona-sama.” (Demon A)

If she is here then that means the battle has reached a stable point where she does not need to attend to every move.


Yet, the mood here is extremely bad. I would not have thought that the strategy that was going so well would have such a bad ending.

“You….you seem to have kept up the protection well.” (Rona)

“No ma’am, there was delay in the recovering of the injured…I am sorry for that. Thanks to you ma’am I am safe and will return to my duty” (Demon A)

“Ok good….what about her, is she also like that?” (Rona)

“Yes ma’am, I am afraid so, she keeps yelling Tomoki-sama and is losing sanity quickly. I had knocked her out thus there is no danger, and was going to continue her treatment.” (Demon A)

It was the person I said would be fine.
I do not want see her killed as well.

“I am afraid Charmed cannot be healed.” (Rona)

“What ma’am!?” (Demon A)

“There is nothing that can be done. I will take over here please continue with the recovery of the injured and treatment.” (Rona)

“Yes!” (Demon A)

“If you believe that they still can be treated then restrained them and put them in prison. Io is coming back soon, good work.” (Rona)

“….Ummm.” (Demon A)

I know this is wrong but I have to ask. The expression on Rona-sama face is not good but also not bad. Io-sama is safe thus it is fine but I believe that something went wrong.

“What?” (Rona)

“What happen in the battle?” (Demon A)

“….Do you have the right to know or even ask?” (Rona)

“I am very sorry ma’am” (Demon A)

“….It is fine, the battle was a strange result, but I have at least gained something in this battle, knowing that there is soldier like you here is greatly fruitful.” (Rona)

“Yes?” (Demon A)

“The battle was completely unexpected, we have achieved the minimum victory in that we have kept here but the battalion of Io lost, Empire hero and the kingdom Hero fled. The two dragon slayers have also lost and lost an amazing amount troops as well. I really wonder what they met?” (Rona)

“That kind of…?” (Demon A)

Such a thing happened, why?

“Hmm….then my question, what is your name?” (Rona)

“I am a member of the Fort Stella forces, Alec Deed.” (Alec)

“Hmm, very well Alec Deed, you can go now. Let us meet again sometime.” (Rona)

“Yes ma’am, I shall excuse myself.” (Alec)

For some reason I was asked for my name and there was no punishment for my over standing.


The battle I heard from Rona-sama was scary. Still we have won over this fortress and won this battle.


We have protected this fortress.


As I was thinking this my footsteps got lighter The tension from before the battle was gone and the rising sun filled my heart.


We saw today that even with the Heroes of the hyumans as long as we have Rona-sama and Io-sama on our side we will never lose.


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Rahmahdi Adi

So this site will host side story and regokai the main story?


isn’t it obvious?

Joshua Miguel Roque

I’m going to assume your being sarcastic with your question. Sincen its bloody obvious and regokai said he wot be translating side stories meaning povs of other chara.

Rahmahdi Adi

Ah no i am not sarcastic i honestly do not know that i just know recently new chapter of tsuki hostd by reigokai

Joshua Miguel Roque

Ohh its in the main page. It already has different pov you should check it out. Its interesting.



links to wrong page for this chapter

thanks for the chapter 🙂

Light Novels World

Yeah, We noticed..
Already notified for fixing 🙂


Thanks for the translation!

Did this Alec dude show up anywhere else? I


in the main chapter? no.
but we still don’t know about the pov chapter like this.

Joshua Miguel Roque

I’m mostly disgusted about Tomoki’s head and powers. Head since he is stupid thinking he could beat makoto. Cham well you know what the reason is. Unless i’m the one who has it LoL.


So like usual, the Devil is in the details, background in this case.


and in just one paragraph.


Oh, Alec, poor poor Alec, you only need a Walking nuke like Makoto to completely loss, but so far your camp is acting well in not provoking him. Well we see now how bad Tomoki charm can guet.

library rocker

Thank you very much for this!!! for a while I went in a link circle trying to find it, but then I WON THROUGH BY INSANE PERSISTENCE! Compulsion for the win?

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i am very sorry about that I was sleepy and accidently clicked the wrong button

library rocker

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what I thought I Hibiki’s charisma is narural?

Eat, shit, and die

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André Liu

Hibiki’s natural charisma is just a natural talent, she is someone that makes a good leader, and yes as a leader you need to be a little manipulative at times (Dantalian in a different novel makes Hibiki look like a baby). Trashmoki doesn’t even need to be said…


Yes Hibiki has natural charisma but she was also given the charisma ability, just like how Trashmoki was given the charm ability.

Hibiki doesn’t rely on her charisma ability that much, while Trashmoki relies on his charm ability too much.


I feel it’s more likeTomoki’s ability must be activated intentionally An active Ability.
While Hibiki’s Ability is Passive Ability.


thank you for the translation


Why you event disgusted Hibiki charisma ? That’s not even power in first place, if you talking about her new power although it’s true came from people who adores and admire her as hero the charisma it’s self not a power, that quality of leaders so to say natural talent


Chapter 30: Gossip about the hero of Limia

The Goddess enhanced her physical strength and gave her strong magic power, on top of that she gave her the charisma to attract other people and conferred her a sacred treasure.



you need to mind the word ATTRACT if it should be understood literally then it just enhances her natural leading ability and makes people more prone to notice her and her actions it is nothing like trashmakis charm that control the mind of people to see him as a god or close to if they dont have the magic power to overpower it(like all the MC’s main followers has a few times over)


I’m well aware that she was already a charismatic person, but that doesn’t change the fact that the charisma ability was given to her just like Trashmoki was given the ability to charm.

That charisma is even more dangerous than Trashmoki’s charm, if she were to over abuse it in the same way as Trashmoki then she would be able to make an army of fanatics fully willing(with their own wills) to do everything with in their power & even die for what they believe in(Hibiki).

It’s the reason why the demons went out of their way to try to kill Hibiki instead of Trashmoki.


I find the difference in danger in the fact the once her ability makes fanatics(if they are not already) needs time and needs a lot of ground work so is not useful in a battle to turn the enemy where trashmoki just needs to step into the battlefield and take over all the females in the area his charm works at making it a lot more annoying and dangerous to deal with(turn a female ask her to fight you for show and in that time instruct her to spy and never tell anyone anything about him. done perfect spy and assassin if she is able to get close to the leader) so unless you are someone like our MC that can litterly tell if the charm power is there or not you are at a loss.

but it is true she got increased charisma but that power does nothing that any man with intelligence and some charisma already cant do(wann a see some good examples? look at WW2 and the person starting it or any of the cults that has been or are in our world)


I agree, i feel it’s more like Tomoki’s ability must be activated intentionally an active ability,while Hibiki’s ability is a passive Ability she doesn’t need to be conscious of it, tomoki’s ability is selective while Hibiki’s ability is indiscriminate.

Iwatani Naofumi (Kuroi Ame)

i’m seriously utterly disgusted by Trashmoki’s power and personality. like wtf? what about those who were married or those with lovers? and he made the capital his own freaking love hotel? i wish he loses his power and become banged by multiple men, women to be disgusted by him and curse the Godde- Bug for creating a hero out of him, he be brutally tortured, erase his blood from the world, feed his soul to Cerberus along with the Bug. sorry, i’m just envio- *cough* disgusted truly.

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dicky satria

excuse me, i notice there quite amount of error maybe ?
is it really solider and not soldier ? since i found about 2-3 of them been typed as solider

Wendel Wolf

“Yes ma’am, please do worry the morale of the Fort is high and enough thanks to Io-sama.”
– Yes ma’am, please do -not worry

“There were never trying to get on the good side of Rona……maybe just a little.”
– They were never

Thx for the chapter


Though those powers seem similar but they do have some important differences.
Hibiki’s Charisma only enhances her own charisma and makes others accept her ideas and follow her more easily. Its a passive ability and its more subtle. She can gather followers more easily with it.
Tomoki’s Charm on another hand is an active skill that forcefully brainwashes its target and enslaves them to him.

Its akin to Hibiki putting up a makeup and wearing nice clothes to impress you and Tomoki drugging you and raping you.


Thank u always for ur great work…

This one is very unique PoV and also really give unique info too…
@[email protected]


Unsurprisingly still finding myself disgusted with Tomoki’s Charm power (and to a lesser extent, Hibiki’s Charisma power, considering they both f**k with peoples’ minds).


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