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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu - POV Princess Lily - Zenith Novels

Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – POV Princess Lily

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Here is the third POV of today 3/5

This one is about the princess of Gritonia, even she hates Trashmoki lol

Due to yesterday’s server crash, I have to hold back on the Tsuki marathon, Tsuki is too powerful. But the last two POV’s I will post consecutively as I feel that way it will be better to read. Thus please do not expect the last two POV until sunday or when Reigokai makes a post.

Thank you to Professor Shiki for editing this chapter

Please inform me If I made a mistake, Thank you and enjoy reading.


Tsuki ga michibiku Isekai Douchuu – POV Princess of Gritonia: Lily – chapter 151-157

“Are the repairs finished?” (Lily)

Having teleportation restored was the reason why the Empire’s princess was so angry.
This type of reaction was quite unreasonable even though she was a princess,  but given the current situation it was understandable to everyone.
This was the city Robin, it was one of the frontier cities of the empire.
This city was a key city to the empire even though it was very far from the capital.
However, she was able to instantly teleport from Rotsgard, which was exactly the same distance Robin was from the empire.
If she was able to teleport in such a way again then she would have made to the capital already.
This was one of the reasons for the anger in her voice.
Another reason was because of the situation currently happening in the empire.
The demons launched a surprise attack.
The demons, who were supposed to be holed up in Fort Stella, have launched a simultaneous surprise attack on both the Kingdom of Limia and the Empire of Gritonia while the leaders of both parties were at the Rotsgard school festival.
Princess Lily who received such a report was both shocked and worried.
She did not know if it was a coincidence or not, but thanks to the Kuzunoha Company being in Rotsgard, she was able to teleport to Robin in an instant.
This was obviously good luck that she had received, to be able escape from the situation happening in Rotsgard and come to Robin, but this luck did not extend to the attack that was going on in the capital right now.
She had to return to the capital quickly.
This was the only thought she had in her mind.
The princess of Gritonia was returning to the capital even though all the other nobles and people related to the royal family have evacuated from the city.
The reason she had to return was simple.
The capital had several things that she could not let go of right now.
The hero of the empire, Tomoki Iwahashi.
A partner for Lily in her war against the demons.
There were also a number of research studies that were being conducted in order to enhance his power.
This tool of her could not be broken right now. It also could not be taken away by the demons.
Thus Princess Lily must return to the capital.
She has already thought of the words and voices that would protest this, but she must secure the city by herself.
The Princess knows that the hero was fighting on the frontlines to protect the capital and would not try to escape.

“(I have to use Tomoki to eliminate the demons….. but I cannot let him die though, that is why even 1 second is precious)”(Lily)

Lily paced around the room, burning with impatience.
Suddenly a figure appeared in her head, it was the representative of the Kuzunoha Company.
Even though that person looked unreliable at first, that group itself had an immense power that posed a clear threat to them if it were to become an enemy.
That was the view of Princess Lily for the group called the Kuzunoha Company.
The leader was a man named Raidou, he was a person that looked plain at first glance.
But he and his follower took out most of the mutants in the attack that happened in Rotsgard and was clearly both a top-class magician and had top-class equipment that would not lose to any nation.
Rotsgard was fine now, with those people handling it, but now the situation turned for the worse.
The Kuzunoha Company did not show any anxiety or impatience.
Even though the entire city was in panic, their employees did not show any signs fear or despair and moved like this was a picnic.
Furthermore, in this disastrous situation, they gave both the Kingdom and Empire their extremely advanced technique of teleportation for aid.
The power of the students Raidou had taught were all incredible.
They had surprised Lily many times .
The simple level raising system Tomoki had created for the soldiers in the empire was working very well.
They were increasing their level at a high rate and were able to become a large war potential. They were even willing to die for Tomoki, if need be, too.
But the students Raidou had taught were far above those soldiers.
Even though it was for educational purposes, students gaining that much power was excellent for the hyumans side.
She felt both happy and worried.
The many achievements and abilities of Raidou….. she could not see the end even now.
The existence that was known as the Kuzunoha Company left a deep impression on her.

“(If he was our hero instead of Tomoki….I wonder what would have happened?)”(Lily)

A possibility.
A word that she rarely ever spoke of.
Nevertheless, Lily imagined such a scenario.
She did not know why though.
Lily quickly shook her head and drove out such weird ideas.
She could say this for sure though, the Abnormalities that were Raidou and the Kuzunoha Company were something that she would encounter in the future a lot.

“Princess, the path is ready!”

“Good! I will hurry to the capital. Have you gotten hold of the current situation?”(Lily)

“No Ma’am. Demon attacks of magic have disrupted our communications so no clear information has been able to come through!”

“How is the hero! Report to me immediately about the hero’s situation!”(Lily)

“Yes, I understand!”

Lily was currently transferring from relay city to relay city. All of the cities were fixed to do this and were warping her to the capital as fast as possible.
That is why the soldier in Robin had said the route had been fixed.


As she was walking to the next circle of teleportation, Lily stopped and looked out the window.
She had seen a light in the corner of her eye, which was unusual at this time.
After a while, she felt an incredible heat and vibration pass through her body.

“…..What is the situation now?”(Lily)

A unpleasant premonition crept up on her.
She felt that Tomoki had used one of the secret weapons she had ordered him not to use without her permission.
The words she spoke were not directed towards anyone, thus everyone was slightly concerned.

“Yes Ma’am! Reporting, we have confirmed a large explosion in the direction of the light….. We have no other information.”


The princess knew the meaning of the light. Instead of saying that kind of report was useless, she had already understood what had happened.
She quickly got on to the next teleport circle and her followers quickly chased her there as well.

“(Tomoki! I told you not to use the Nuke without my permission! That is still too dangerous and too important of a weapon to reveal! You have exposed one of our greatest secrets to the world in this state of events!)”(Lily)

She had returned to the capital.
The princess had finally come back home.
Only to find a mountain of the worst-case scenario reports coming like it wanted to crush her.
Her nightmare had begun.


“Ginebia, Mora, Yukinastsu…”

Lily looked at the 3 women that were dying.
Lily, who had just come back, was first told of the situation regarding these 3 women.
They were the women who protected the Hero from serious injury.
There was no mistake in this report.
The words “serious injuries” were lukewarm compared to what those 3 people suffered.
Rather than saying that the three of them did well in not dying, she would rather say that the Hero did well in surviving by using them.

“Princess we will treat them to the our best of our abilities. We believe that they can make a full recovery even now, but I will say some scars will…..”(Doctor)

“I will not forgive anything other than a full recovery There will be no scars or injuries. They are all important lovers of the Hero, so please do your best before saying such foolish things”(Lily)

Lily dismissed the opinion of the royal doctors.

“Of course Princess, we will do our best, but even then we cannot restore them to perfect condition. I know I said I believe they can make full recovery, but I mean in time, not instantly…..”(Doctor)

“….Are you seriously spouting such nonsense in front of me? Doing you best? Use the tear of Luca that is in stock for me and the hero.”(Lily)

As the doctor was giving her opinion as pro in this field, the princess said something impossible to cut her off.

“But Princess that is the secret medicine used only on the royal family and the hero in case of emergencies, even if they are close to the hero…”(Doctor)

“Heal them. No excuses. Use my part of the tears of Luca. I will not allow anyone of them to die. If anyone of them is not in perfect health, then everyone here, including all their families, will be sentenced to death .”(Lily)


“Now, quickly get to the treatment because your life depends on it.”(Lily)



Lily said that last part in a low voice.
The woman, who was the leader of the medical unit, started preparations to use the finest magical drug they possessed.
The team started the procedure in an incredible rush.

“(You three will be saved, you will return to the Hero’s side, and protect him again. As you have protected him, I have the duty of protecting you three. I want you three to continue to protect him to increase your hatred towards the demons and die in place of hero again.”(Lily)

The unprecedented use of the secret medicine, the princess was not concerned with that right now.
The medicine was just another tool to the princess .
She had judged that their three lives were more valuable to her right now.
But by flipping this coin, you could also able to say if she saw no value in saving their lives at this moment, than she would not have cared a single bit.
However, few people think like this, thus many of the people in the room were moved by this action and wanted to serve the princess even more.
Lily knew this type of misunderstanding would happen, but did not try to correct it.
Because even this type of thinking is beneficial to her. This would allow people to be used more easily.

“Princess, the hero’s whereabouts are still unknown…. I am sorry.”

“The light from before.”(Lily)

“What?” (Knight)

While the medical unit was treating the women, a knight walked up to lily and reported about the hero.
But this answer, Lily already knew it.
She stopped the words of the knight and told him where the hero was.

“Was there a strong burst of light a while ago?”(Lily)

“Yes, Princess.”  (Knight)

“There should be a crater there now. In the center should be the Hero, Tomoki-sama.”(Lily)

“Yes, Princess.”  (Knight)

“Hurry up and go fetch him . Send a rescue team and bring Tomoki-sama here quickly. I am expecting great things from you, Earl.”(Lily) [Earl as in his name, not the title.]

“Yes Princess. We will, for sure, save the Hero.”  (Earl)

Lily gave support to the man and called out his name, to indicate that she knew him and she would tell his deeds to the Hero.
Earl, who understood such things from the princess, left much more quickly than when he arrived.

“(It should not take much effort in rescuing Tomoki-sama since he has used the Nuke. I do not believe that they will have any sort of trouble in rescuing him….. but I am worried since thought transmission is still not connecting to him. The enemy was that much of a threat that he had to use a Nuke, so the enemy should have died as well.)”(Lily)

Tomoki had to use a Nuke on the enemy, his trump card, so the enemy must have been incredibly strong.
He had let Ginebia, who had suffered a serious injury, escape and used the Nuke outside the capital’s territory.
If the enemy was still alive after that, then they would have invaded the city is what the princess had judged.
She knew how powerful a Nuke truly was.
She also knew the price of that power.

“(It is alright right now since Tomoki cannot be killed at night. He seems to be hiding, but that is pointless, really. Being a hero is plainly how much you received the goddess’s blessings.)”(Lily)

The princess mouth started to form a smile.

(In any case, to deal with the Hero of Limia, Hibiki, it will be quite a troublesome matter. If Tomoki’s eyes work, then I believe there should be no problems, but as it was with the Kuzunoha Company’s Tomoe, he is still weak in terms of that power.)”(Lily)

The princess was thinking of how to proceed after finishing the war with the demons. Her next step was a war with the other hyumans.
No, Tomoki would start this war.
The most troublesome obstacle would be the other hero in the kingdom of Limia, Otonashi Hibiki.
How to dispose of this woman still eluded Lily.

“Princess. A new report has come in. A suspicious explosion, near the southern section of the city, has occurred. There is a possibility that the demons have already invaded this far. Please retreat.”

“What? An explosion…..tell me more.”(Lily)

“It was in an area where the demons have yet to reach. It seems that one of the mansions has suddenly exploded. The people of that area have already been evacuated, thus we have no casualties. Princess please hurry and retreat”


“Princess, please hurry!”

“….No, there is no need to retreat. Investigate the owner of that mansion and all surrounding people. Also investigate the nobles and royal family members who left right before the attack and all the people who evacuated early.”(Lily)


“Tomoki-sama will soon arrive here, thus I cannot leave this place. Please do what I asked, as soon as possible.”(Lily)

“But, Princess the demons are still attacking. They may quickly attack the capital as well!”

“No, that will not happen if the reports and my predictions are correct.”(Lily)


“The demons will soon retreat…. No, they have already started to retreat.”(Lily)

Lily, in a serious expression, answered the man who escorted her to the imperial capital. Her expression showed confidence in her predictions.

“Yes, conducted those investigations in secret and try to be as fast as possible.”(Lily)

“Yes, Princess.”

She ordered the man again. This time the man did not object and quickly left the room.
Having turned away from him leaving and looking back at the three women. Lily bit her lip in frustration.

“(Yes, the demon’s true target is the kingdom…….. You sure have underestimated my empire by a lot. I will find all those who are linked with you people and make sure to not leave a single relative left.)”(Lily)

A deep and cold hatred had taken root in her heart.
The existence of such an intruder was just her conjecture from all the available information.
She believed the real goal of the demons was the Kingdom.
Her hatred wanted to let Tomoki loose to kill all the demons immediately, but this could not happen.
The essential hero and party of the hers were missing and injured. The rebuilding of the capital also must happen too.
A red streak of blood flowed down from her lips and the princess continued to receive reports.




Voices wishing to report their findings, one after another reached Lily.
The princess wiped the blood from her lips and looked back at the servants that came.
She continued to give instructions to them as if nothing was wrong with her.
Her heart was completely dyed in darkness.
A report that indicated the retreat of the demon forces came in and the entire castle shouted in relief.
Lily, this entire time, had smiled once.
The unconscious Hero, Tomoki arrived at the castle.
Right before putting on the act of reunion, Lily looked at the down Tomoki coldly.

“(What a miserable sight, you are useless even at such an important time. This will be the last time you will be useless though. My empire being used as a decoy is unacceptable, though I do hope the demons succeed in killing the hero of the kingdom. The ideal situation would be that the hero takes down the demons two generals with her.)”(Lily)

The madness of the Princess of Gritonia was increasing, as she further went down this path of hatred, her strength would also increase.


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Oh man, I hope a Tomoki POV pops up of when Mikoto teaches Tomoki the meaning of “Power” with his body and mind. Felt so good to read that chapter man~

haru kun

i agree with you man, that gonna be good if we can hear directly from trashmoki about The meaning of “POWER”


hAA YES that chapter is going to be good to read. But seriously I wish the princess was with Makoto and would have been saved from ‘falling’ ohh well. :v


Seriously, you wish someone like this crazy princess on Makoto? She probably had some plans like this in mind before the summonings, but she wouldn’t have attempted to realize all of them like this with either Hibiki or Makoto.

She still would’ve attempted her plans similarly, but she would’ve had to brainwash / hide everything from the two of them, because… well, tomoki is the dumbest of the 3.


Yup. Actually far more dumber than Makoto who is called an idiot by some.
Well maybe? After reading the alternate makoto its kinda hard to explaine. LoL


Makoto is complicated because he is simple. His simplicity have become the anxiety, confusion, and fear to the heart of the people of that world


Yup so simple that he doesn think to deeply about it that if you aee an enemy….Die!


why can I only think of old spice 1st before getting to think about the beat down!?

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the meaning of power?


Are you seriously asking that? In the main story Tomoki gets curb stomped so hard and fast and thoroughly (Basically torture) because he became hostile to Makoto by demanding Tomoe and threatening him at sword point. So Makoto kindly… Obliterated him over the course of the next 5 minutes of healing and breaking him from what I remember then healing him completely and walking out and saying something like “I hope you can understand my answer from this.” T’was glorious.


so, “the meaning of power” is “Basically torture” on the weaker?


Tomoki tried to brainwash, threaten then attack Makoto while he was dumbstruck at how stupid he was, so he responded in kind. This is the same dude that decides to wipe out enemies entire nations at a time, you realise, right?

Oh yeah, he wanted “Tomoe” like she was an object, and Tomoe is one his actual family members and love interests… So yeah… Don’t do that. It’s his line you don’t want to cross.


love interests?comment image


Oh come on, we all know that Mio and Tomoe are 100% harem members… We’re waiting on the 3rd, since I refuse to even acknowledge Hibiki possibly being one, she’s hostile after all.


emma was first, tomoe second, mio 3 and shiki was already established as his 4th harem member


Technically, the goddess is the first…….*run away*


plot twist


I not talking about tomoki here, but what you call “the meaning of power”.


Meh, the meaning or power as I said it is how Tomoki is drunk on false power he never earned was only given while Makoto is basically a polar opposite. He was gifted power… That he has no idea how to use really since it went like 10% into physical body 90% into Asora. The rest he gained on his own mainly to protect himself and his family(Kingdom also).


Makoto too was gifted a big power from tsukuyomi, at least as strong as the goddess blessing , or even stronger considering he put tsukuyomi to sleep, and his first fight was against a superior dragon.

admit that sakai is f*****g OP

“The rest he gained on his own mainly to protect himself and his family(Kingdom also)”
tomoki switch:
The rest he gained on his own mainly to protect himself and his harem(Kingdom also)

Tomoki is training to grow his own power too.

admit that makoto doubling his power by just focusing is very OP and bullshit.

what meaning of power you describe is “can do what you want only if you own your power yourself”, but that doesn’t seem to apply here


Meh, I have no real points to defend on since you keep trying to make my figure of speech into actual factual context, which is hard to do when I had nothing to really say about it in the first place.

Sakai is Makoto’s own ability that his gifting from Tsukuyomi awakened, but didn’t empower or affect at all (As seen with how it grows when he grows) since it was stated the vast majority of that gift went into creating and sustaining Asora while the rest just boosted his physical power.

The fact that Makoto doubles his power is going off the concept that he is effectively killing himself and his soul by doing that and reincarnating instantly in the same body so it’s a positive feedback loop. It’s probably related to his inborn trait of absolute accuracy (Or whatever it’s called).

Tomoki is quite literally blinded with greed, false power (And real, depending on what it is) and women. Let’s just admit that Tomoki is a brainwashing mass rapist who is literally a father of countless children by now. He’s mentally unstable and mentally a child also so he’s manipulated by Lily far too easily, and he has freaking Immortality (I’d so love to see what Sofia did to him abusing that fact).

The meaning of power is how you use it in the end. And Tomoki uses it in very corrupt ways compared to Makoto, but Makoto is very naive himself. He knows this and is trying to learn, but honestly, he only needs enough power to kill the Bug then he doesn’t need to be so worried since he’s a paranoid and overprotective King/Emperor really. He’s Apathetic and Sociopathic by far, and seriously doesn’t give a single f**k about anyone but his people and family.

Hell, when Makoto accidentally slaughters a demon troop at the start, he just goes “Opps, oh well.” and stops caring instantly. And when he decided to just say “I want my Kingdom back.” and annihilates the entire demon army because they’re in the way. He overreacts quite heavily, like how when one Highland Orc was killed, he ripped open a hole in Asora and tracked down the killer and tortured her to death.

We’ve only been shown Tomoki’s bad side, but his good side is just pitiable at this point. We’ve seen every side of Makoto so far, and how he’s changed. Makoto changes for the better and Tomoki for the worst.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Except for Makoto apparently, since he doesn’t even notice it according to Hibiki.

Damn, long ranty comment.


I just wanted to kill time with another useless internet fight

-I see no difference in respect of a god’s blessing and an ability by birth

-still bullshit power-up

-what if greed is “the meaning of power”?

-again, is torturing someone “the meaning of power”?

-“he ripped open a hole in Asora and tracked down the killer and tortured her to death.”
correction: he opened a portal,found her and slice her throat


I remember it being that Asora became unstable because of the meltdown and he literally ripped a hole through where the meltdown happened because it was so unstable he couldn’t form a portal properly. Maybe I just remembered it wrong.

I ain’t continuing this anymore since it’s pointless.

Christian Ttica Gonzales

In the side history , tsukuyomi said he gave only raw power to makoto,wich its just suposed to empower the power of a human , not an ability, the fact that turned into sakai was a special trait of makoto.
Sorry 4 my english learned from years of MMO’s


probably just my opinion but indeed sakai its to op but has nothing to do with makoto main power since i am sure his power limit its caused for being a 2x traveler between worlds and before was mentioned about grounts. and combined his insane big start with the 2x training of his archery thats what makes makoto insane. though still piss me off that a lot of chapters already an makoto thinks he still under 1 hero at least since he noticed already can trash tomoki anytime..

really piss me off how he still see hibiki as a superior being. also for love interest hibiki its in last of my list. there are not many characters that could be new partners for makoto with his new power level.. si its either a god or a spirit with help

but i am sure even with help 100% of living things in that world are already out


naw hibiki it’s target to protect so i don’t think he still see her like a superior being now we have to wait and see makoto answer to hibiki and if she put on the same category of trashmoki

Iwatani Naofumi (Kuroi Ame)

if i have to share my opinion, i think that Makoto’s OP power is not bullshit since when he was a baby, the gravity or some shit on earth almost killed him and his family since it was such a heavy load. aside from that, he had to go severe training on different kinds of martial arts until he found out he was good in Archery. the meditation technique he learned is explained like he has 100hp then when he focuses, it turns to 1 hp before going back to 100hp. that is why his servants are very worried when he focuses that they said it’s not good for their heart.
the fact he became too OP was not just because of some God-given power but also his effort on Earth unlike Tomoki which was just an otaku and a bullied child that was given power just because he is the Goddess’ type.

From Thesun

Makoto power is obivously not BS why would it be, it has been explained to death right now. we understand it, we know that he is not a cheat because of something. His power is from the level system of Root, Roos has said to level up you must fight against something much stronger than you and win to gain experience,. this system has carried into the bodies of the adventurer parents and carried to their children, his body has been fighting against gravity for 15 yrs, nothing is stronger than gravity on earth. he started to get stronger when he finally learned archery a method of fighting. so how can it be BS

Iwatani Naofumi (Kuroi Ame)

yeah, it obviously can’t be called a bullshit power since he withstood and endured the earth’s gravity and lack of blessings which was shown how it would be in his parent’s backstory if a hyuman enters earth. he also tried other martial arts to search for the one most adequate for him and that would be archery. his style of archery is also an ancient archery suited for real-time fighting and his focus was honed to perfect shooting a bow. Sakai also has nothing to do with Makoto’s main power since it’s kind of an enchantment for an area or something like an invisible flexible barrier. can also be used to extend to make it like an eavesdropping tool which he barely uses now.


what I call bullshit is
4- profit (double magic power)

Sakamaki Izayoi

If you have power then you can probably do whatever you want… But beware, as there will always be something or someone stronger than you.

I believe that is what makoto taught him, I mean he was actually trying to mess with a dragon in disguise no? Is there anything else that shouts drunk in power as much as that?


thanks a lot




Neat system for finding typos!

Amano Yuuji

ahh I so wish that Lily is next to Mio’s plans.


i think more so than the heroes the one makoto owes is lily. As it was his parent’s fault that the goddesses went to sleep and all this happened . But that stupid person will never realize it .


that’s a very sound argument


You forgot the very core problem is Bug, If she didnt have start discrimination this mess wouldn’t have happen nor incident with makoto’s parent.


Bug is not the problem anymore . who doesn’t discriminate . Everyone isn’t equal , it’s decided from birth , we can be as idealistic as we want to be but it won’t change .Any one would have been pissed if they were in bug’s position . She raised a really good environment for her children . but even so some of them wanted to leave it so badly , she granted it but by the time she recovered the environment she created was on the verge of collapse and then came makoto who didn’t even resemble one of her own , so bug being bug treated him like that. And the thing about makoto’s parents was their own fault specifically the father’s foolishness and the mother’s bitchiness(major) (no questions asked) .


i dont discriminate.
it is true that everyone is not equal but that does not mean you cant give all the same chances.
the thing about makotos parents are there own fault? if not for the bug and her religion discriminating against the demons then much of that problem would not happen and is the father and mother foolish for being in love and willing to leave there world for it heck even the goddess admits the demon was an oversight of hers
bug is the root of the problem and removing the problem at the roots is normally the smart choose ofc makoto most likely can do that now or at least very soon


discrimination is of many forms . It’s a simple case of likes and dislikes.It’s different for people on different levels. Are you telling me you don’t dislike a single thing lol.
Am i gazing on some perfect persona you created. I’m not telling that it’s right. But i will repeat, we can be as idealistic as we want to be but it won’t change the cruel reality of every world .discrimination against the demons has nothing to do with it . It was a simple case of adultery committed by the wife.


i think we are using and understanding discrimination differently to be honest
my differentiation would be to dislike someone based of a single or more thing about them(be it there looks, belifes, race and so on) that will group them with other people.

i judge the person or thing for the person or thing as an individual object or person not part of any group of things or people.
simply put i judge each person as a whole without looking at what groups they belong to.

and yes there are people i dont like and stuff i dont like true but for me to dislike a person you have to do something that makes me dislike you and that goes for everybody those it is not discrimination.

it was adultery committed by the wife that started it yes but given the husband forgave her and they still loved each other, the problem in the scenario is the rules placed by the bug and the other people in the nation and if you read the pov where it comes forth you should note what the bug says about it and her opion of the things and that is discrimination and the bugs attitude to the demons is discriminating to as she is working against them because they are demons nothing else at least we know of now


Did hyuman start discriminate on their own ? Bug is the person who gave reason to hyuman discriminate and you saying bug is not problem.
So you saying if you raise someone with love and care so they belong to you ? they wont have to have their will ? No one would be pissed if their children start their own path. Bug is childish spoiled ojou sama.
Makoto’s mother did cheat on her lover not saying that’s not her fault but the way you are saying its like she go around and sleep here and there. At that age makoto’s parents were inexperience what do you expect from young people. Makoto’s father not did any wrong nor any right either. In his stand everything was set and he was taking their relationship slowly.
You said lily got problem because Bug goes sleep and that because of makoto’s parents. I’m not denying that. But then demon was the cause of makoto parents. If that demon would have seduce Cass with his personal feeling then it would have been unrelated to bug but he did for his demon race. And who’s responsible for demon’s situation it is Bug.
I’m talking about core problem, this mess started because of Bug and Bug is cause of Butterfly Effect you cant blame that much who have caught in butterfly effect blame the one who start all of this.


Humans just need something to discriminate against. It’s the same for our world and I’m sure for many of the worlds you have read about . Did all those worlds have a goddesses that told them to discriminate.
I do think a parent(father) will get depressed if their child(daughter) who he raised with such luxury,cared for and someone who is really fragile says that he/she wants to leave his shadow to live a harsh life which they might not even survive.But the parent will get angry if due to their leave the other children suffer.
I’m not blaming the father a single bit, he truly loved her.I really can’t blame the mother if you put it that way . you wont tell a child it was their fault for being kidnapped for a candy after all . Even though the child had many candies in store and was told repeatedly to not follow strangers right.
It was never mentioned he did it for the demon race iirc .But even if he did lily hates them any way . I don’t even know where this topic is going anywhere dude . Forgive me if i offended you.
Also lol if you do add the butterfly effect and whatnot i don’t know if the core will even remain traceable.

Ronald Jean-Pierre

It all sounds great if you live in a perfect world and the hero and villains are in a game or a book. I don’t blame the parents and I don’t blame the goddess I blame the author for his views on discrimination. Having the demons wipe out the Hyumans is not going to fix the problem. Having Makoto fight the goddess will be a bad ass fight but will not the situation. Makoto has his own world and he doesn’t pay much attention to it and let the Orcs torture and kill those that don’t pay him enough respect. I love the story but the authors premise is flawed. The demons would stop fighting if Makoto asked them and move to his nearly vacant planet.


Very True.


It´s worse than that. She gave her blessing to the hyumans and her “antiblessing” to other races so in any conflict hyumans have a 4x power-up. That is a very big deal.

Ronald Jean-Pierre

The hyumans don’t have a power up they are weaker than the demons and are loosing the war. That is the reason that they need the hero’s. The blessing is a lei as she conspired with Root to do population control on them. The author is all over the place on how he wants to show the conflict in the story.


the blessing is what is making them loss power tho as hyumans are basically a downgraded human there power should not come from muscles but from brain power and the funny thing is when you get desperate(and war does make you that) you will try things that are outrages just to survive but with the 4x powerup you dont get that desperate.

look at how the other races battle and what we know of it now one of the things they do is remove the blessing the other is using there head and planning instead of marching a huge army, seen from miles away, in front of a huge wall just to get it killed by planing and strategy

overthrowing the bug and then remove the religion(that is pretty easy with a god like walking weapon and his army of OP people) based around her would fix much of the discrimination problem in that world, the only problem i have right now is the mothers statement about the bug being a huge tsundere so we might misunderstand something or lack something very important but that does not change she needs to get a hit or 7 by makoto


Makoto doesn’t owe Lily jack shit.


he indeed doesn’t but in his thinking he owes the heroes a bit so going by that line of thought he does .


He doesn’t feel like he is indept to them, he feels gulty because he considers him been rejected by the goddes the reason that they are separated from their previous life and Japan. What he doesn’t know is that they both trew away their lives in Japan to come to the other world to be Heroes.


Isn’t that a bit to much “sins of the father”‘-esque line of reasoning my family/parents did x so I’m obligated to do “y.


i never mentioned even something close. all you need to do is enjoy the resources your family/parents have gathered and don’t give a fu*k about the world. who cares about negative aspects we have one life to enjoy after all .


“the one makoto owes is lily. As it was his parent’s fault that the goddesses went to sleep and all this happened “


i was being sarcastic there.


Personally, I don’t think any hyuman/human owes another beings at this point of time

The discrimination in that world is ongoing even before Makoto’s parents met each other.
They were almost torn apart by the demons race, scorn by their surroundings (his mum, mainly) and publicly humiliated in their own country.

Well, it is true that it is his mum’s fault for getting seduced by the demon.

But, if you take into account that the whole plan was to create chaos in Kaleneon, which was gone after the goddess went to sleep, Makoto’s parents were only the victim of the demon’s plan
The goddess did went to sleep because of his parents (the whole transfer thingy)

But, if the demon had not planned on destroying Kaleneon, will the goddess even need to accept the request of his parents?
lets look at lily’s anger towards the world…

lily’s angry => goddess didn’t response to her mum’s prayer who died
=> goddess is aslp => makoto’s parent => demon plan => discrimination from hyuman
=> goddess’s blessing on hyuman only

the whole idea of “who owes who” is akin to “egg and chick” theory
why do you have egg=>chick=>egg=>chick …
this is pointless…

So, we should look at the direct cause of lily’s anger… which is the goddess didn’t answer the prayer because she is asleep.
So, the fault is on the goddess.
Even if you trace back to the end, it is still goddess’s fault:
Because, the hyuman were “trained” to be too dependent on the goddess…


Going by your resouning the one who own Lily would be Makoto parents not Makoto, but the reason they had to leave that world to earth, that caused the Goddes to sleep were indeed the demons, with the hole cheating incident. Even so the Goddes hasn’t been so good at her Job so some fault does fall on her.

Russian Otaku

Be careful posting for the power of tsuki is mighty!!

The Fabulous

I needed 3 hrs to just read this the power of tsuki is so strong




ah so many witches in this story, Lily, Hibiki, Waterfall, the goddess, Rona, who I’m missing.

Mano Anch


The Fabulous

Sophia’s dead so she doesn’t need to be in this list anymore


………comment image or is she????

randi listianto

Lol, i wonder hows everyone reaction, knowing makoto dont give a care if the world it self in ruined.

And who will win in a battle, tomoki or hibiki


at the moment id say tomoki, he is hinted at having more firepower and suprises, as well as if it night you cant kill him, hibiki atm has speed and whatever her trick that managed to punch though makotos magic armor, she will get tired quickly and then tomoki can end her


that was the power she received from unknown entity, the one she power’s up the more people believe in her

The Fabulous

and by the fact that Makoto believes in her, it kinda backfired at makoto but still makoto wasn’t serious about defense

library rocker

Lily creeps me.

Thanks so much for all your hard work!! I prayed to my gods for the health of your server.

Sansern Phasukthaworn

I’d love to see Lily’s darkness dye Makoto and they both work together to beat up bug goddess.
I want to see they ruin this world and leave to Azora to enjoy their retirement there.


What a dark wish you have right there, Sir.


i dont think makoto is going to ruin the world but he is most likely going to trow its govening god out


true but i think many of the Hymans are joining her on her way out to

Dan Chua

Wow! For Lily’s prediction in the last story is almost sure, though the one who did the killing is Makoto and two generals that arw killed are Lancer and Sofia


those are not general’s, and they weren’t even on the demons side’s for real (as in they were there for the advantages and if Lily could give then information about Root i am sure they would side with her)


I somehow likes the Princess more than Hibiki. Tho both are fellow schemers…..

Chris Scha

You like the princess who actually encourages Tomoki brainwash, rape and murder more than you like the genius with a hero complex.
Don’t get me wrong i really dislike Hibiki, but Lily is pure human trash and the sooner she dies a horrible death together with Tomoki the better.


thanks for the chapter

“A deep and cold hatred had taken root in her heart.”
Is this a fla- ..wait, no, wrong ‘root’, forget it.



it seems to me like Lily is interested in Makoto?
Although the interest is directed to his ability for now, is it possible that it is converted to affection in the future?

Well, the reason of my speculation is due to the dream that Makoto had during his trip to the desert.
In the dream, his counterpart (MakotoThree) and Princess Lily seems to had strong affection towards each other.
It doesn’t seem like “exploit Makoto” kind of love. If it is, Makoto won’t had grieve over the loss of her so much to the extent that he wanted to destroy the world on her behalf…

So, WHAT IF Lily fall for Makoto at this timeline…
Will she change?
Or will she relinquish her hatred towards the world and goddess?


I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened with the current Makoto.. I wasn’t even surprised at Makoto falling in-love with her at another timeline.. It seem this two are sort of compatible for some reason.. just my opinion though..


I am hoping to see IT…

Although I am not a big fan of harem,
I want to see Makoto marrying these people:

1. Lily (Princess of Gritonia)
2. Chiya (Priestess of Loreal)
[These 2 plays an important role in the heroes’ parties, it will be interesting if they switch loyalty]
3. Hasegawa (still in modern world, the KOUHAI)
4. Yukina (don’t remember the name… still in modern world, the club president)
[They are really in love of Makoto because of his personality]
5. Mio
6. Tomoe
[Please don’t forget these two]…


you forgot
7- Shiki
8- Root


No love for the first girl? Ema needs love too…..


since we’re at it, we can add tsukuyomi too


what about Athena she also has some interest in him


Maybe if he becomes stronger than Athena. I hope so too.


Thank u always for ur great work…

— “Shit!”(Lily) —
Only for this one, GJ Tomoki…


Thanks for the chapter. Every time I read tomoki I see it as trashmoki, it ia hard for me to just read it as normal tomoki. His name pisses me off. =)


Well if I though before that the antagonist of the story was the Goddess, now I am completely sure that the real antagonist is Princess Lily, that girl is lost in her hatred. She has no path of redemption.


she still has one as our MC has the same main goal as her with betting the crap out of bug and if bug is lucky that is it together with a vacation of her job the other option is a little darker and involves a rusty spoon and scooping of flesh(tortured to death)

so she might get redeemed by Makoto and no matter how you look at it the bug is the main evil in that world

the other problem is that Makoto gives jack bip about the world so if he notice her plan he takes the people he likes still in bugs world and move them over and let her world die


well so far Makoto has indeed stated multiple times that he wants to give a lesson to the goddes, but so far he hasn’t been show to be ready to sacrifice the same things that Lily is willing to throw away. He at least has the limiter of Asora and his followers, Lily so far would sell her own soul to the devil if that would be whats needed to achieve her goal.


given the power of Makoto, his raise there off and the fact he is kinda ineffective to take action i think there will go some time before he goes wopping bug a**

but the fact Makoto has the potential, the insane power influxe he has constantly and the fact he is the strongest none god being on the planet i would guess Lily would do a lot and if she learns of his hate for the bug i dont see a reason for her not develop feelings for him at some point(starting as comrades on the same quest)


In my opinion Lily is already to broken to be able to love someone else, I don’t think that she will be capable of that she is to consumed by her hate and wish for revange. If they join forces maybe she will guet to consider him at best a coworker but nothing personal.


`(〃・∀・) Thanks!!
 / 〇〇〃Nepu!!!

Wendel Wolf

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Whooooooa…… Hmmmmm…… I see. ooooooooo…K. Moving on.


Thanks for the chapter!

Jimmy Liu

Really feels like the author wants to ship Lily with Raidou


Oh Lily, Tomoki didn’t tell you about the effects of nuke explosions? Or since it was just a nuke-like explosion made from magic, there was no radiation poisoning

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