Amaku Yasashii Sekai De Ikiru Ni Wa – 18

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai De Ikiru Ni Wa – 18

Three days have passed since I received that scolding from Ballad and Luce. I am now carrying the 100 paper roses that Ballad and company made to the Department of Medicine.

The color scheme of the bouquet is blue, black, blood red, and purple. This bouquet seems to be made entirely of colors that would be indicative of something poisonous or harmful in some way.  All the other bright colors I had initially added were thrown out and replaced with these.

What on earth is this supposed to represent?

I have other questions and complaints, but since I am not giving this to a woman, the issue does not matter anymore. Rather, this color scheme works much better when thinking of my original purpose. I had also replaced some of the paper flowers with special ones I made for the purpose of delivering the real gift, but thankfully it seems that none of them noticed the change.

As I walk down the hallway, I try to imagine what kind of reaction Leopardo will make when he receives this. The bouquet of flowers makes a lot of noise as I walk, since the individual flowers brush up against each other. A single paper rose does not make any noise, but 100 paper roses make a lot of noise and end up being a rather large bundle as well.

Of course, carrying something so big in my hands is attracting a lot of attention from the other students in the academy. I can feel their relaxed but surprised gazes on me right now. It seems that they are still cautious in regards to calling out to me.

Many of the students are watching me from a distance. Ballad follows me and does not say a word, as if this is something completely normal.
There are times Ballad goes out of control with his actions, but I am always thankful to him for being by my side. I am really thankful to him and Luce for telling me to give a bouquet to Claire. If it was not for them, I would still be thinking of what to write in my letter to her. I am truly grateful to them for this.

Truly, they are people I am unworthy to have as subordinates right now.

Thinking back three days ago, I truly understand how incredible these four are.


On the day I was advised by Ballad and Luce to make the bouquet for Claire, I tried my very best to match the colors of the paper roses to fit the image of her in my memory.
I first prepared the paper of the colors I wanted to use. Then I combined them together to create a special paper rose to be placed in the center of the bouquet. The outer petals of this particular rose were bright red, and as the petals moved towards the center, they became pink. The very center of the rose was made using white paper. I then made the other 13 flowers of red, pink, and white colored paper to surround that one special flower.


When Jeff saw my bouquet, he said, “Master Doyle’s love and thoughts for the princess are astoundingly clear from seeing that bouquet.”(Jeff)

If people look at Jeff, they will think he is just living with the flow and not putting any thought into his actions. However, you realize that statement is not true at times like these, and he truly understands what people are thinking.

Jeff did not stop there though.

“This bouquet arrangement is something I could never think of in my whole life. The color scheme shows what your thoughts and impressions of the princess are, and the color gradation gives us the clearest description of who the princess truly is in your eyes. The image you have of the princess is so beautiful, Master Doyle. From this bouquet, anyone can understand how much you must love Princess Claire!”(Jeff)

This caused me so much embarrassment. Ballad and Luce went on further, saying things from my pas- . . . No I will stop here.

To speak of youthful adolescence is wrong.

I found quite the unexpected side of my men because of the paper roses. They are all romantics. However, I do think that the time I spent with them doing this was meaningful for me, Ballad, and my feelings for Claire.

Oh right, the bouquet I made will be given to Claire by Luce’s father when he goes to the royal palace.
I do not know if she will realize the meaning behind the color scheme or the meaning behind message, “You will be the only one in my heart as long as these flowers remain in bloom” but that is fine for the time being. Someday, I will tell her with my own mouth when she is in my arms.

The reason I gave the bouquet to Luce’s father to deliver to Claire was that his father has to go to the Royal Palace to get the new invention of [colored paper] approved by the king. After his father does that, he will find Claire and give the bouquet to her. I thought of sending it to her as a gift, but I was afraid that some people would just dispose of the roses since not everyone fully believes that I have changed. Thus, I avoided sending it by regular mail.

That is why I trusted Luce’s father to do this job. The Hendra company is a trusted company of the royal family. The kingdom has placed many orders with this company for generations, and they are now quite intimate with each other. Luce has given me his assurance that his father will deliver the bouquet to Claire. He said that the ironclad rule of being a merchant is to keep the promises that you have made.

I transferred all rights of the paper rose to Luce as well. I wondered if it was better to do a corsage, but I do not know how to make a corsage, so I left it alone. I do not know how much this paper rose thing will spread, but I do know that the Hendra company will let the entire world know of it.
Ahh . . . I am scared of the social gatherings that will happen in the future.

(Tlnote: Corsages are a spray of flowers pinned onto the dress of a woman.)

(EDnote: I’d call them mini bouquets that you can wear as an accessory.)

While thinking about the future of paper roses and Claire, I am greeted with the scent of medicinal herbs.
I seem to have arrived at the Department of Medicine. It took me much longer than I expected because of my thoughts about Claire and the detours I had to take to avoid narrow hallways. Looking inside the classroom, neither Leopardo nor any other students are present, as class is over.


“Yes, Leopardo is currently exchanging information with department people in the room three doors down after you turn right in this hallway.”(Ballad)

“Thank you.”(Doyle)

Since it would take too much time to search around for him, I had asked Ballad beforehand to obtain his class schedule. It seems he has done much more as well. I am truly grateful to Ballad. I thank him and start to move per the information he has given me.

Unlike the magic department or the battle department, the Department of Medicine at this time does not have anyone in the hallways. It has been awhile since their last class adjourned, so I guess many of them have returned to their laboratories.

I am quite thankful for the hallway void of people. I know Leopardo will forgive me for making this joke after he sees my real gift, but it is still better to not have any witnesses around.

While walking down the empty hallway, I arrive in front of the door Ballad mentioned. I knock three times and wait.

“Hello, who is it?”(Senior 1)

After my knocking, a senior calls from inside.

“I am sorry for disturbing you, I am Doyle Von Aghinis. I am looking for Leopardo Despector. Is he here?”(Doyle)

I hear a lot of rattling.

“Oh, can you open the door for me!”(Leopardo)

“Impossible big bro, please go see him yourself!”(Senior 1)

“What, it is just a cute little kid that is in rehab.”(Leopardo)

“Even before that, he is a child of Aghinis!”(Senior 1)

“Who cares if he is a child of Aghinis, what can they do!”(Leopardo)

“Please big bro, go see him!”(Senior 1)

I hear this exchange from outside the door.

“Fine, I will go see him.”(Leopardo)

I get down on one knee, put on my most romantic smile, and put my other hand to my chest while preparing to extend the bouquet to him and look up.

The door opens.

“Sorry to keep you waiting?”(Leopardo)

“Leopardo, Doyle Von Aghinis has come as promised. I have brought the biggest bouquet (really just a paper bouquet though) to see you. I can only have you (as my medical expert). I will not accept anyone else (because from your skills, you are the best). I was attracted to you (your skills) from the first moment I saw you. Would you please accept my invitation (join me as my subordinate) ?”(Doyle)  

(Tlnote: The brackets are his true meaning and he is not saying them out loud, while the non-brackets are the things he is saying out loud.)

As soon as Leopardo opens the door, I begin my prank and extend the bouquet of roses. Leopardo, who looks completely disgusted by my words, quietly closes the door after listening to me.

Yes, it worked! Leopardo acted exactly the way I wanted. The next step is to make a sad face and constantly knock on the door.

“Please open the door Leopardo! Why do you refuse my invitation (to become my subordinate)? I specially made this bouquet to give (prank) you, but you are just going to throw me (and all the  effort I put into this prank) away!”(Doyle)

Haha, I did it!

Ever since the day I planned to recruit him to my side, I had been thinking of the lines to say. My plan now is to wait for Leopardo’s feelings of disgust to settle and for him to come back. This is not my fault. He is the one who responded to my sarcastic flirting and returned it with “words of passionate love” and “bring a big gift”.  I have no doubt that Leopardo, who is the big bro to so many second years, will forgive me and then have big laugh.

However, I am also prepared for the other scenario where he just stays in the room and pretends to not have seen me. I have my entire night open for this reason. I will see who has more endurance.


The door slowly opens again.

I was prepared for a contest of endurance, but it seems it is not necessary. The door opens and Leopardo comes out again.

“That is some prank you pulled there, Aghinis.”(Leopardo)

“Please do not praise me so much. It was you who had said to bring “a big gift”, to speak “words of passionate love”, and to “make sure to kneel when saying them”, right?”(Doyle)

“ . . . Yes, I did say that.”(Leopardo)

“Please, accept the gift I have prepared.”(Doyle)

To Leopardo who is rubbing his forehead like he has just gotten a major headache, I extend the bouquet of roses. Leopardo who looks disgusted at it for moment quickly changes his expression when he realizes what the bouquet is made of.

“ . . . This is? It is not flowers . . . is it paper?”(Leopardo)

“As expected of you, yes, this is paper. These are made from [construction paper], a new product that the Hendra company will be bringing out very soon. This is the first of many to be soon produced. Not even the royal family has this yet.”(Doyle)

The face of Leopardo, who is looking at the bouquet, becomes surprised at my words. The wrinkles in his eyebrows have lessened, and he starts to speak.   

“Isn’t this a bad idea? You can’t give this to me while you are in rehab.”(Leopardo)

Leopardo warns me in a slightly harsh voice. He is a good person who always cautions and worries about me in a way that reminds me of Gray.

Oh . . . this is . . .
So this is why I felt so fond of him huh?

My sudden realization makes me chuckle. It is hard to find a doctor who is good as Leopardo, but it is not impossible. Even when I was trying to make the bouquet of roses or requesting Luce to make the [construction paper], I did think I was going a bit overboard.
However, I considered it a price worth paying to recruit him when Ballad had come back with information describing Leopardo as excellent as I thought him to be. Also, finding another doctor like him will take time.

But now I can tell.
When I first saw this person after the practice match, I may have seen that he is a bit like Gray.

“Please do not worry. It was I who ordered the production of this construction paper from the Hendra company, and these roses were personally made by me and my friends. I provided them the rights to the product in exchange for letting me do this and other such things like this. So, please receive this without worry.”(Doyle)

Leopardo still looks a bit doubtful.

“Should I have Luce Hendra testify for me?”(Doyle)

After saying that, he sighs and receives the bouquet I am offering.

“No, it is fine . . . I thought I believed that you had rehabilitated, but it seems I am still a bit suspicious. Sorry.”(Leopardo)

“Please do not worry, I think of people being suspicious of me as one of my atonements.”(Doyle)

“Ok . . . come on in, we can’t talk outside. Also, bring in your follower. My people are anxious from the joke you just made.”(Leopardo)

“ Thank you, and it was not a joke. I was trying my best to respond to your expectations and demands as much as possible.”(Doyle)

“ . . . Is that so?”(Leopardo)

As he lets me and Ballad inside, he closes the door with a big sigh as if he were thinking “what troublesome people”. I think at this moment, that [big bro] fits Leopardo well.



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