Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni wa – 19

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni wa – 19

Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni wa – 19

As per instruction by Leopardo, we enter the room.

There are six other people in the room besides Leopardo. I recognize some of them as the people who were with Leopardo during the match. I bow to show my respect to them and obediently sit down at their table.

“So, what is that you want from me that you had to do something so elaborate?”(Leopardo)

Leopardo, who took a rose from the bouquet and was spinning it on his fingers like a pen, asks me straight on what my intention was. Although Leopardo is a commoner at this school, he is also someone who can look at the noble at equal standing because of his abilities. I can feel his confidence radiating off him.
Since he is being straight with me, it is common courtesy to be straight with him.

“I would like you to be the Aghinis family’s, no, rather, my exclusive doctor.”(Doyle)

“What does that entail?”(Leopardo)

“Please be in the same group as me in the camps that are held in the academy. If you receive instructions from another noble, please pass it through me. After your graduation, please train and work at the place that I will arrange. Lastly, when I graduate one year after you, please become my direct subordinate. I believe these are all my demands.”(Doyle)

Leopardo shows an evil smile while listening to the conditions I present.  

“Your house is a duke’s household; thus, I know you will have no problems with money. Even so, it is not enough for me to decide on you.”(Leopardo)

“Why you!”(Ballad)


“But, Master Doyle!”(Ballad)

“Don’t worry, I will handle this.”(Doyle)


“Please, save face for me, okay.”(Doyle)

“…………I understand, Master Doyle.”(Ballad)

I stop Ballad who had stood up due to Leopardo’s speech. Even though he is still discontent about me stopping him, he returns to his seat.
I will give thanks to Ballad later for getting angry for me. I turn to Leopardo and see him smiling pleasantly at our interaction.

“I have given you an offer you won’t refuse though, it is right there isn’t?”(Doyle)

“Hmm, this is certainly beautiful and quite unique, but it is not relevant to me as a doctor.”(Leopardo)

“I was not talking about that.”(Doyle)


Leopardo, who let go of his calm expression from my denial of the gift, is now interested. I will now show him the “best gift” I had prepared for him.

“Please look closely at the crimson paper rose. Do you not see it is different from the other flowers?”(Doyle)


“Look closely at the petals.”(Doyle)

“………. This has something written here…. What is thi-…….!”(Leopardo)

Leopardo, who has finally noticed what is written there, is now grabbing all the crimson roses and reading what they have written on them. He seems to be like a hungry animal that has finally found the big meal he has been waiting for.
I do not know why he puts down the papers after a little while; I guess he wants to slowly read over them. He turns to me.

“Aghinis! Where on earth did you!”(Leopardo)

“Would you like to know?”(Doyle)

“Of course! There is not a single person in the Department of Medicine who does not want to have this!”(Leopardo)

“Well then, will you join me? I cannot tell you everything otherwise.”(Doyle)

“But…… This is-!”(Leopardo)

The people behind Leopardo seem to be quite anxious at what is making him be so excited.




I reply to Leopardo with a natural voice. Leopardo hits his palm on the table to grab my full attention.

“If I choose you, will you tell me where you found this out?”(Leopardo)

I smile at Leopardo and say with a serious look.

“Well, I will tell you only this for now: the place I will have you train and work at one year after your graduation is where that came from. You will also be able to become her successor. ”(Doyle)

“What! Are you really saying that?”(Leopardo)

“That is up to you to believe.”(Doyle )

As I tell that to Leopardo, he relaxes himself in the chair completely. I think he has finally calmed down, but the next thing he does is burst out in laughter.


The other seniors are crying out.

“Oh my god, he broke Big Bro!”(Seniors)

Even so, Leopardo continues to laugh maniacally. Even Ballad, who had been angry just a little while ago, is now showing a troubled face at Leopardo.


The reason Leopardo broke down is simple.

It is because I wrote [Palma’s Secret Recipe] on the crimson paper rose. Leopardo noticed this, and that is the reason he has broken down. If Leopardo was not able to notice what I had written there and just passed it off, then I would have left the room immediately. That is how significant that piece of paper was to this deal.

In this country, there once was a woman who had received the designation from the Goddess as her beloved saint even though she could not use recovery magic. Her name was Palma Rumedi.
She was a person who developed many high-ranking medicines in the past, and spread the use of magical drugs throughout the world. She was the leading person in the promotion and spread of medicine itself throughout the world.

It has been a few hundred years since her death; none of the medicine she made is left. Furthermore, none of the recipes she used for her medicine are left either: they were lost due to the repeated wars between the countries.

Why was such a thing not properly kept as a national treasure….. it is because of human greed. Many of her disciples wanted to be the only one to succeed their late master, and thus made many countries and territories fight for them, which resulted in the destruction of recipes from both sides after many repeated wars. But there is believed to be one successor Palma had placed her full faith in, to whom she gave her entire recipe book…. This story is without basis, but I know the truth.

The successor’s family had passed down this book to whoever it found worthy, and right now, the current successor of the book is my other mother figure, Meryl. Meryl Rumedi is her full name; she is the descendant of the late Palma Remedy. I do not know why she is currently working as the right-hand woman to my mother, but I believe I heard it is because my mother had saved her in the past.

[Palma’s Secret Recipe] has another name to it, [Palma’s Opposite Recipe]. The opposite of medicine is, of course, poison. These two are inseparable, and as Meryl is the successor to the techniques of Palma, she can make both medicine and poison. Like how my body does not react to the waking up medicine, her body is resistant to most types of poison out there in the world.

As I watch Leopardo laugh, I remember the words Meryl told when I was young. She had first mentioned that I had no aptitude with recovery magic, which many people back then already knew since I was proficient with a spear at the time.    


“Master Doyle……… Master Doyle, please listen to me, it concerns your future. Master Doyle, I have heard you have no aptitude for recovery magic; thus I believe, in the future, you must look for a skilled doctor.”(Meryl)

“I guess so, huh?”(Doyle)

“That is correct.”(Meryl)


“Thus, if Master Doyle can ever find a doctor that you are willing to hire, please show them this recipe. If, when they see this recipe and understand its meaning, I will personally train that individual for Master Doyle’s sake.”(Meryl)

“Meryl will do it?”(Doyle)

“Yes, I give my promise to you, Master Doyle.”(Meryl)

“Ok, I got it Meryl….. Is this recipe that amazing?”(Doyle)

“This is a very important item to me; thus, please keep it a secret between us. Only me and Master Doyle know of this secret; not even your mother knows this secret of mine.”(Meryl)

“I have to keep it a secret from mother?”(Doyle)

“Yes, please, it is very important…. Only let the person you judge to be suitable see it.”(Meryl)

“Hmm…….Ok, I got it Meryl…… If you are saying it so much, then I promise not to say it anyone.”(Doyle)

“Thank you Master Doyle.”(Meryl)

“By the way, what is this recipe?”(Doyle)

“Oh…. hehehehe… This is recipe is called Palma’s Secret Recipe.”(Meryl)


“Thus it is not known to anyone other than you and me.”(Meryl)

“Ok, thank you Meryl. You are the best.”(Doyle)

It was an old-fashioned promise any adult makes with a child.
About 8 years later, I secretly tried to examine the recipe she had given me. I was amazed that she would let a toddler hold such an important piece information, but I also wondered about burning this so it would not be misused. I did not burn it, as you can see, but it was because of Meryl’s words that I did not do that.

When I asked why she had given such an important recipe to me, she had said, “Because I know Master Doyle will not break our promise….. and as of now, I still believe that you have not broken our promise. That I am still working at this house is the biggest proof of you keeping our promise.”(Meryl)

The words she said were so embarrassing for me at that time. I felt that her absolute trust and the ease with which she had said those words were admirable.

Although I have no connection by blood with Meryl, I love Meryl as my other mother. For me, the woman named Meryl Rumedi is the second most respected woman in my life, the first being my own mother.

Leopardo is the one I have judged to be suitable to be to be my exclusive doctor. Leopardo has stopped laughing and finally gives me his answer.

“Hahah oh ya, I have decided. I will work for you… No, please let me work for you!”(Leopardo)

“Should you be not wondering if I am lying?”(Doyle)

“Nope, if you could lie about such a subject, then I would still work for you! If anything, I don’t believe that you would be able to obtain something like this if you were lying!”(Leopardo)

“Well then, contract established?”(Doyle)

“Yes, please… If anything, I would like to ask you to hire me!”(Leopardo)

“I see, then I look forward to working with you, Leopardo.”(Doyle)

“I, as well. Please call me Leo, Duke Aghinis!”(Leopardo)

“Doyle is just fine, Leo.”(Doyle)

“Ok, Boss Doyle! I will work my bones off for you!”(Leopardo)

“I welcome you to the Aghinis Household.”(Doyle)

Tlnote: Since Doyle is gonna be saying Leo instead of Leopardo, I will change to using Leo as well.

“Thank you for having me, Boss Doyle!”(Leo)

“What! Huh…… Big Bro!!”(Seniors 1,2,3,4,5,6)

The other seniors around Leo were all astonished by Leo joining me as my subordinate. Leo is now focused on the remaining paper roses.

“By the way, Boss Doyle…. Am I allowed to take apart the flowers?”(Leo)

“Yes, of course. The thread is the thing that is holding them together, so you can easily dismantle it if you cut it.”(Doyle)

“I’m relieved to hear that. If I had to read the recipe like this, it would be very hard to compose together.”(Leo)

“I understand, please remember to keep this a secret.”(Doyle)

“Of course. Please, who other than Boss Doyle would I tell something like this too?”(Leo)

“Very good.”(Doyle)

Leo, who is not looking away from the crimson rose, is very amusing.

“Well then, Leo….. I will be returning to the dormitory. I will give you a formal contract on a later date.”(Doyle)

“Ok….. Wait, I will go with you. I have to escort my Boss back too, as one of your servants…. I too want to return to my room as well.”(Leo)

“Is that so…. Then please lead the way, Leo.”(Doyle)

“Yep, I got nothing more important to do here either……. Hey! I am gonna send my new boss back to his dorm and then return to my room. Make sure to clean up and lock the room!”(Leo)

“Eh?”(Senior 1,2,3,4,5,6)

“Even if you tilt your little heads and say ‘eh’ in a cute way, I won’t budge. Return the key too.”(Leo)

“Ok, Big Bro, see you later.”(Senior 1,2,3,4,5,6)

I bow to the seniors and leave with Leo.
Just before Leo closes the door I heard a bit of their conversation.

“Hey, since he is Big Bro’s boss now, what do we call him….. Boss Bro?”(Senior 1)

“No, that is rude to the person who is going to inherit the title Duke of Aghinis…… How about Duke Bro?”(Senior 2)

I hear them discussing what to call me and feel I do not want to be called any of those names. I should tell Leo to make sure they do not call me anything besides Doyle.

“Leo, please tell the other seniors to call me Doyle as well.”(Doyle)

“Oh….. Ok, I will make sure they don’t call you anything weird…. They don’t mean anything bad, so forgive them ok.”(Leo)

“I understand that. It is fine……. Shall we go Ballad…. Do you want to go somewhere else or have any other errands?”(Doyle)

“No! Ballad will accompany Master Doyle!”(Ballad)

“….OK, thank you for earlier Ballad.”(Doyle)

I give my thanks to Ballad and stop the conversation there as I feel if I continue any further, he will soon enter his switch….. It will be a long day in the dorms.

“Well then, let’s go Boss.”(Leo)



A few weeks later, I meet Leo in the hallway by chance, so I try to call out to him. His subordinates notice me before Leo does and call out to me.

“We give our greeting to Don Doyle.” (Senior 1,2,3,4,5,6)

I pretend not to know Leo or the other seniors and quickly walk away from that place. It is not my fault they are like that; I don’t even know them.


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