Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 21 POV Claire Von Majesta

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 21 POV Claire Von Majesta 1

The roses are made of pink and white with a hint of red on the outside. I look at the bouquet of roses that will never wither.  Among the pink, red, and white roses… There is one that stands out from the rest. My favorite one, a paper rose formed by a spiral gradation pattern with center of singular color. The color scheme was red followed by pink, and lastly a white center.

This rose was beautiful. I love it. It is so cute.

Moreover, the thought that Doyle had invented this paper. Made the same amount of flower as my age with his own hands…..
I am so happy.

“Haaa~” as I breath a sigh of relief, I put the roses in a vase I have in my room and remember what happened during the day.

When I was at the entrance ceremony, I was not able to meet him, and I thought he may have hated me. But seeing this now, I felt relieved.

Even though my brother had said he would tell Doyle to write a letter, I could not become hopeful. Doyle never listened to what my brother said and always played with my brother’s emotions. But now he sends me this nice surprise, along with that message. Just remembering the daytime feels like it was a dream.



“Here is our new product, [construction paper]!”(Velco)

“Wow, how nice.”
“It has a beautiful color.”

The surrounding nobles praise the product just for the sake of saying and do not really mean anything by it.

In my eyes, I find the [construction paper] to be quite beautiful, from afar you cannot really tell it is paper.

“Well, is this not a very beautiful product. I had always thought paper was white. But this type of paper is actually not quite bad.”(King)

“It is as his majesty says. I also think it is very nice; I would love to know if you have a pink set; it would be wonderful for writing a love letter.”(Queen)

“I am honored by your praise.”(Velco)

I pick up the paper my father and mother were complementing and think about what to make of it. The nobles seem to continue just praising the paper without actually touching the product, just for show, but when my mother mentioned the words “love letter,” I became excited.

With such nice paper, if only Doyle would write me a love letter………

Imagining a sweet dream, I remembered that my brother had said he would make Doyle write me a letter. It still has not come. I know my brother said Doyle cherishes me…..

I come back to the real world from my daydreaming, trying to get that awful thought out.
This is the royal palace, and there are many nobles right here beside my father and mother. Do not make such a dark face in public.
I am the third princess of this country; I must show my dignity.

I bring back my smile and look to the front again.

“Breaking down the concept that paper should be white and giving it color, how original! As expected of world-renowned Hendra Company.”(King)

“I agree, it has such beautiful color, even just keeping it in your room will add flavor to it.”(Queen)

“Thank you for your words, but this innovation was made by someone other than us. In fact, its original use is not even for being a letter set or a wrapping paper.”(Velco)


When he says that it was not his company that had made this product, he looks in my direction for some reason.

“Could the creator be the princess?”


“He looked directly at the princess when he said that….”


“No way, there is no way Princess Claire could have made this.”

The surrounding people start gossiping and some become irritated by their own imagination.
This is a just a misunderstanding. I had nothing to do with the creation of this product.

However, even my father doubted this fact and looks at me with eyes asking,“Did you create this?” I shake my head very hard to indicate my answer.

It was not me!

My father breaths a sigh of relief, and uses his hand to stop all meaningless gossip. He then inquires the Hendra Company representative.

“Well then, Velco, who is the person that came up with this so called [construction paper]?”(King)

“Master Doyle Von Aghinis, sire.”(Velco)

“Doyle did?!… Ah! I am very sorry for my outburst.”(Alan)

“Do not worry, Alan.”(King)

“Yes, your majesty.”(Alan)

In response to what he said, I am very surprised.
The surrounding people also all make shocked expressions too.
However, Doyle’s father is the one who is the most surprised by this and makes a slight outburst. My father understood his surprise, and thus did not mind it at all. Everyone is now holding in their questions and waiting for my father to give a response.

……… Doyle made this…….

The feelings in my chest start to spread to my face and turn it red.
For Doyle to be able think of something so wonderful…..

Doyle Von Aghinis is the childhood friend of my brother and me. He is the one who is to be my brother’s aide in the future. He is also my beloved and precious fiancé.
He is the most beautiful, coolest, smartest, strongest, kindest person in this world. He is my fated person. From the first moment I laid my eyes on Doyle, I felt as though I had heard the whisper of the goddess of love….. from that moment I was convinced.

He is my destiny.
He is the reason I was born.

Later, when I learned that he was to be my fiancé, my whole world instantly filled with happiness.
The day Doyle would stand by my brother, and I would stand by Doyle’s side would be the happiest moment of my life.

Sadly, that had turned into the distant past. Currently, the one beside my brother is Jin, and I have not been able to see Doyle for the last 5 years. But soon, all those sad days will be over, and I will regain my dream and destiny.

Doyle and Jin will be beside my brother when he takes the throne, and I will be beside Doyle. It is different than the future I had previously thought of when I was a child, but nevertheless, it will still end up with the same amount of happiness as before.

I hate that I am 1 year younger than them.
Right now, my brother is hanging out with Doyle while talking about the things they have done over the years. I am so jealous of you, Gray.


“Well, I have something here for the princess from Master Doyle. May I please give it to her right now?”(Velco)


While I was thinking about being jealous of Gray who might be beside Doyle at this very moment, I was spoken to by the representative from Hendra.
Doyle sent me something!
As I am about ask him what it is, he gives me a box…

A gift from Doyle for me?

I can not hold back my excitement. I hurriedly ask my parents if I can open it.
This is the first time in 5 years Doyle has sent me a gift besides on my birthday.
With excitement and anxiety in my heart, I reach for the box.

“Master Doyle made this gift with his very own hands.”(Velco)

Hearing that from him, I reach out for the lid.
I carefully open the lid to not break whatever is inside the box.
The gift is wrapped in a white paper; my hands tremble from my excitement.
My cheeks become red as a tomato when I see the gift.

“What a beautiful rose.”(Claire)

He had given me a bouquet of roses.

“How do you feel holding the roses?”(Velco)

“…… It is very beautiful. It is also very light.”(Claire)

“That rose is made of [construction paper].”(Velco)

“With [construction paper]?”(Claire)

A very light and beautiful bouquet was in the box. The colors pink, white, and red are the colors of most of the roses. In the center there is one rose that stands out from the rest: it is a rose with red on the outside, which slowly turns to pink, and then to white in the center.

“Doyle made this for me?”(Claire)

“Yes. Master Doyle specially made this bouquet while thinking of the princess. Surely you can see that the amount of roses matches the princess’s age, right?”(Velco)

1, 2,3….. 12,13,14
It is true. The roses match my age.

“Originally, this [construction paper] was something Master Doyle had asked my son, Luce, to produce by using our connections to the various paper craftsmen. When the product was finished, my entire company had thought of making paper bags and distributing this as colorful letter paper to sell. After that, my son went to Master Doyle to deliver the finished product to him. However, Master Doyle had other plans for this product. He used this paper to make roses instead. He also said he would allow my company to have full control over the product and the method of making paper roses with a small exchange. The exchange was that I had to deliver this bouquet and a message to Princess Claire.”(Velco)

The more he speaks, the more I become excited. Doyle is much more infamous than famous because of his past actions; thus, many people are in thought over how to consider this situation.
But to me, the message Mr. Hendra has is much more important.
Please tell me what is the message is quickly!

“A message from Doyle!?”(Claire)

“Yes, princess, but Master Doyle has said to only give you the message if the king allows it; this is so he does not break his oath from during the ceremony.”(Velco)


I shout very loud in the room in response to what Mr. Hendra has said; it is not proper conduct of a princess…… But right now I do not care.
I look very intently at my father because of Mr. Hendra words. My father, who can feel my anticipation, breathes a sigh and says the words I want.

“…I will allow it.”(King)

“Mr. Hendra!”(Claire)


After receiving permission from my father, I turn to Mr. Hendra and ask him. Right now, I look too foolish, so I straighten myself up a bit.
I wait for the message.

You will be the only one in my heart as long as these flowers remain in bloom, so please wait— Is all!”(Velco)

The entire room had turned silent.

“Is that the entire message?”(King)

“Yes sire—— But allow me to give my personal interpretation of this message. I quite admire Master Doyle for being able to say such a romantic line!”(Velco)

“Romantic, is it?”(Queen)

My father looks dissatisfied with the message being too short, while my mother asks Mr. Hendra what he thinks the message means. They both have cold gazes from hearing such a short message.
But Mr. Hendra does not back down and nods strongly as he says romantic.

“Yes, it is very romantic! Please forgive me for what I will say next, princess, but per my son, there has been a rumor that you told your brother to pass on a message to Master Doyle. You said, ‘I will wait forever.’”(Velco)

“…..Yes, I did ask my brother to say that.”(Claire)

Why is it a rumor that the entire school knows? Brother, what are you doing! I hold back all these kinds of questions in my heart and wait for what Mr. Hendra’s interpretation of Doyle’s Message.

My face is really hot right now!

“When I heard Master Doyle’s message, I instantly thought back to this rumor. This message is a reply to your words, princess.”(Velco)


“Those flowers are very beautiful, but they are also made of paper; thus, they will never stop blooming.”(Velco)


“That rose will forever be in bloom, princess.”(Velco)

I felt relieved by Mr. Hendra’s words, and at the same time, my entire body became insanely hotter than before.

“In other words princess, Master Doyle is saying this ‘Please wait for me. I will come for you. You will always be the only one for me as long as I live; you are the only one I hold in my heart forever.’ Master Doyle right now is professing his eternal love for you while making a vow that no other will ever take his heart. You are the only one.”(Velco)

“Oh, my…. How embarrassing.”(High lady 1)

“Such a romantic phrase….. haa, I wish my partner would have said that to me.”(High lady 2)

“Wow, even I am turning red just from hearing it.”(High lady 3)

Voices of admiration from the ladies in the surroundings are arising from Mr. Hendra’s words.
Both my father and mother seem to be convinced by Mr. Hendra’s words too, voicing their acknowledgment.

“I see.”(King)

“Well, now, it is quite romantic indeed!”(queen)

I continue to stare at the flower bouquet I received from Doyle.

I am certainly the center of focus right now, but I cannot help but bring the bouquet closer to my chest, being careful not to break it.

It is quite embarrassing; however, even more than that, I am happy.

Until now, Doyle had not given me a clear answer; he had just never refused my love or myself. But right now, this is the answer I have been waiting for; I will forever hold this in my heart.

When you do come for me, I would like you to say these lines to me directly.

These are the thoughts that go through my head, but right now I will endure with just this flower you made with your love, Doyle.

Until then, I will cherish this rose.
Forever. I will wait for you forever, Doyle!


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