Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 22 POV Claire Von Majesta

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here is the second POV of Claire’s, I will be posting rest of the weeks chapters today

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 22 POV Claire Von Majesta 2

My entire body relaxes quite a bit and shows a very undignified look when I hear Doyle’s words of love. My father looks troubled at the sight of me like this, but he breaths out another sigh of relief and tells me,

“Things are looking up for you, are they not Claire?” (King)


I reply to my father in a confident voice and turn back to Mr. Hendra to say thank you for delivering this gift.

“Mr. Hendra, I thank you for delivering this gift.”(Claire)

“No, please, it was not I but Master Doyle who should receive those words. Princess, one last thing, we would like to give you an ornament.”(Velco)


“As I mentioned earlier, princess, Master Doyle personally taught my son how to make that particular rose. He then handed us the rights to experiment with the product in whatever manner we desire. That is why, when my family heard about the roses, we came up with many different ideas for the [construction paper] besides using it as packaging or letter sets.”(Velco)

Mr. Hendra brings out a flower decoration similar to the rose I have in my hands. If I was to say what was different, it is that the one in his hands is a bit shiny.

“This is made from the [construction paper], but we have added water resistance and further durability to it. Thus it can be attached to the hair and the hand, and it is harder to break due to a special processing method we have introduced during its production. Since we are enhancing the paper ourselves, the expense to do this is minimal. The paper also allows us to make more complicated designs than if we were to use metal. We also plan a product line of necklaces, rings, etc. Thus it is possible to make any sort of decorative item with this paper! That is why we would like to give you an ornament made from this paper; it will also match that center flower. ”(Velco)

“An ornament to match the flower?”(Claire)

“Of course, princess. This is all in repayment to Master Doyle’s achievement. Please let us do this for you who is Master Doyle’s fiancée.”(Velco)

“ . . . Then I will entrust you to do this.”(Claire)

“Please leave it to us! We will deliver the best quality ornament to you!”(Velco)

I decide to listen to the request of Mr. Hendra, as the idea of having an ornament that would match the rose Doyle made is very attractive.

“Please do not worry about giving thanks. In fact, we should be thanking you with Master Doyle giving us this product for such a small exchange. The [construction paper] and paper rose will revolutionize the paper industry. My company could not just sit still and not give proper repayment! I must say, Master Doyle is such a brilliant boy. The Oath at the entrance ceremony, this innovation, and to give it to people basically free of charge! I should say, as expected of one who will inherit the title of the Duke of Aghinis. I am truly envious of the princess, to have Master Doyle as your fiancée. You have wonderful eyes for men!”(Velco)

I feel so happy at the praise Mr. Hendra gives Doyle, I reply with my best smile to give my gratitude.

“Yes, Doyle is the most wonderful person in this world! He is my destiny!”(Claire)

The rest of the presentation is just continuing stories of Doyle and the bouquet Doyle had given me. My mother and the other ladies also order many paper rose products. They are cheap and will fit with any dress, as they come in a variety of colors. I believe each person placed at least 10 orders today. I also request other products besides the one Mr. Hendra is going to give me because of his kind heart.

Today is a very happy day.


Doyle’s behavior during the last five years gave him a very bad reputation. I felt vexed at those people, but at the same time, I was most disappointed with myself who could not offer any sort of help to him during this time.

To not be able to help my love when he is going through a hard time . . . I am a failure as a fiancée.
However, Doyle did not need me. He was able to overcome his sorrow and difficulties by himself. I was happy at that fact . . . but I was also quite frustrated somewhere in my heart.

Another worry has arisen as of late.
Recently, Doyle’s reputation has been increasing since the time at the entrance ceremony. I should be happy as his fiancée at the success he has had at changing everyone’s attitudes towards him to see him in a better light.

However, all I could feel in my heart was frustration and jealousy at Doyle’s success.

Elegant and kind.
Calm and gentle.
Serious in class and will teach you anything you don’t understand.
Polite to everyone.
He obtained the right to negotiate with a senior that would not even give the time of day to a high noble.
Jin got beaten down in an instant.
Handsome and wonderful.

These are the various rumors I have heard . . . Okay, the last one is my opinion. All these rumors are favorable towards him.

It is a very delightful thing, but my heart is in turmoil over this. Lately, I have been hearing women talk about him again.

I have no right or power to bind Doyle’s heart, as I was not able to do anything for him during his most difficult time. However, I absolutely loathe the idea of someone other than me being beside Doyle. Even if I cannot help him, even if she is the most perfect woman in the world, I will never hand over the position of being beside him to anyone else.

The only ones who should be beside him are me and my brother!
If he is going to be stolen by some other woman, then I will-!

I wonder what is the name of this emotion, this sort of passion?

I do not know what the name is yet. I feel this is too dark to call love, and it is much greater the just mere jealousy.

EDnote: Is yandere the word you’re looking for, princess?

I hope my wish to be by his side comes true, and I hope that he may never have to see these emotions of mine for the rest of my life. I will keep it secret in my heart.
I truly am a very sinful person, aren’t I Doyle?

At least I have some hope right now.
I also heard that you promised my brother you would return to him.
These eternally blooming flowers are the first words of your love.
This is proof that Doyle wants to be beside me and my brother. Thus I will not bring out this emotion. I will wait.
He told that he would come for me and pick me up.
It will not be easy, but my nanny, Milia, has told me that a good woman can believe and wait.

Thus, to become a woman suitable for you, I, Claire, will endure this trial of love!



While recalling what happened during the day and becoming determined once more to continue waiting for Doyle, I hear a knock on the door.
I give a reply and let my nurse’s sister, Cerejeira, come into my room.

Cerejeira has long, straight, and smooth black hair. She is also the daughter of my nanny, Milia. We are close as sisters, as we have been together since childhood. Cerejeira, seeing me look at the flowers all evening, shows a very tired expression.

“Princess, the bath is ready . . . are you looking at the rose again?”(Cerejeira)

“Of course I am! Doyle made this especially for me. Do you see how the gradation from the outside is slowly thinning into white? How beautiful!”(Claire)

“Well, do you think you will be able to obtain a hair ornament of similar design? Besides, Master Doyle defeated Master Jin in a battle the other day. I have only seen Master Doyle at the entrance ceremony. Thus, my image of him is only from that, but it is nice to see that he is able to understand a woman’s mind a little.”(Cerejeira)

“ . . . Cerejeira . . . That is disrespectful to Doyle, Doyle is-“(Claire)

“Yes, yes. Coolest, strongest, kindest, and most wonderful prince in this world, right?”(Cerejeira)

“Yes! He is the most wonderful person in this world! He now also does something like this! He did not only give me a gift but also a beautiful message! I am the happiest person in the world right now to have a fiancée like him.”(Claire)

“I heard you refused another proposal from another country’s prince without even sparing any time to hear his words.”(Cerejeira)

“Of course! I do not need to pay any mind to anyone other than Doyle. I will love only him and only him in this world forever.”(Claire)

To me who said this so bodly, Cerejeira laughs with a slight opened eye. She is also making a lonely expression too.

“Really, Princess Claire must love Master Doyle very much . . . I am quite envious.”(Cerejeira)

“Oh? But I thought you already had a person you like. He is also the same age-“(Claire)

“Princess! Please, the bath will get cold, please hurry!”(Cerejeira)

As she this said with a lonely expression, I use the person she met last year to make a jab at her. Every time I do this, she turns red from her face to her ears.

I believe it was last fall.

I had accidently come across her taking the hand of a person while making a face that was clearly the face of someone in love. It is still fresh in my memory. That was the first time I had seen her make such a face.
Whenever I try get more information or mention it, she quickly changes subjects.
I know the person, and I know there are big obstacles that will not allow them to be together. However, I believe that person is her destined person, and that they will overcome that challenge.

I believe this because of one reason. The Goddess of Love does not tear apart lovers of destiny.

Of course, it is the same for me and Doyle.
Why else would the Goddess of Love have whispered to me on that day that Doyle was the person I was destined to be with. I will not allow anyone else to have him either. It is my destiny to be beside him. I will fight anyone who dares to say otherwise!

That is why, Doyle.

I will wait for you.

I will keep waiting for as long as these flowers are in bloom

That is why I ask you to please come soon and pick me up, okay?


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