Amaku Yasashii Sekai De Ikiru Ni Wa – 23

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 23

It has been a few weeks since the day I was called “Don Doyle” and received the shock of the entire academy. I do not understand why they need to call me like I am their superior, but since Leo had accepted the designation of Big Bro, I gave up on trying to convince them to call me something else.

“…..Leo, how did they come up with “Don Doyle”?”(Doyle)

“I told them to stop calling you “Boss Bro” and said I am not just working for you but also the entire Aghinis Family, so we need to drop the gang-like atmosphere. They somehow took “drop the gang-like atmosphere” and “working for a big duke family” to mean we are joining a formal gang. So they went with “Don Doyle” since you will be the head of the family when we officially start working for you.”(Leo)

“But I am still technically not even sure if I will be allowed to inherit the title Duke.”(Doyle)

“…… They don’t mean anything bad and are saying it because they respect you, so for my sake, just leave it be, ok?”(Leo)

I looked at Leo’s eyes that were, for some reason, looking into the distance, and I asked why he was doing that. He said he had tried for about an entire 6 months to make them stop calling him “Big Bro”, but they never stopped…. so he just gave up….. He had it hard too.

The people who hung around Leo consisted of both commoners and nobles. Leo said that they are all very skilled and can handle emergency situations on their own. I knew this for a fact, as I had seen it for myself over the few weeks I had known Leo, and invited them to join as well.  They all have unique personalities, and since Leo would oversee them, I had no problems with them joining. I also understood that they respected Leo because of his superior skills as a doctor even though some of them were of higher status than him.

Somehow, recently I think more weir-no, I mean, unique individuals are appearing before me. I return my attention back to the teacher who is explaining the activity we will do today. We are currently gathered in front of the horse ranch of the academies. The teacher is explaining how to ride a horse and take care of a horse properly.

“To sum up, a horse is smart! And you guys are dumb! But if you idiots trust your horse as you would the captain of a ship, then your horse will respond back. The first time you ride a horse, you have to follow the horse, not make it follow you. After that, you should be able to comfortably ride your horse, you worthless idiots.  Well, I am pretty sure most of the nobles already know all the things I am saying since they grew up with a horse in bed. So any of those who are subordinates of those nobles, go with your master if you’re sure you know how to ride. Those who don’t know, stay here if you do not want to get hurt. Remember to register the horse you pick and make sure to go see the guy over there. Well now, for those who know how to ride and fight on a horse, you can go practice on your own. Those who just need to learn how to fight on a horse, go see the seniors over there. Those who know dip-ditty-doo, come with me and I will teach you!”(Teacher)

It feels like the voice and appearance of the petite teacher with gray hair who is talking like military sergeant are mismatched…. this voice seems nostalgic to the freshmen for some reason. The freshmen went to the places they were instructed. The people who already knew everything got some friends and ran to get their horses, the people who looked a bit insecure about some things went to the seniors for some pointers, and the people who were riding a horse for the first time went with the teacher.

The horsemanship lesson is something that is held for one week straight, and on the final day, there is a simple test for it. The staff that is working here with the students are second-year seniors, the teacher herself, and horse caretaker staff.

“Well then, Master Doyle, shall we go choose a horse?”(Ballad)

“Yeah, what will you guys do? Luce, Solcier, Jeff.”(Doyle)

“If it is alright with you, I would like to join you, seeing you on a horse will make it shine as bright as the sun.”(Luce)

“I also want to go with you. I can ride a horse well enough.”(Solcier)

“I can also ride.”(Jeff)

I ask what the three would do after responding to Ballad, and it seems they want to come with me. Both Ballad and I can ride horses fine, and since they are all part of houses that have been dealing with nobles for generations, they also had to learn how to ride at a young age. If you do business with nobles, 9 out of 10 will ask you to join them for a horse riding session.

“Let’s go then.”(Doyle)


We five walk to the horse farm that is in the academy. The ranch was built adjacent to the academy and has such a wide field that it is hard to see the fence from one end to the other. There are also many different types of horses raised at the ranch.

The freshmen choose a horse from here at the end of the week and will continue to use only that horse from now on for the next 3 years. That is why the teacher said to register the horse you choose here. You are free to change horses for this entire week, but after that, you absolutely must stick with the one you choose.
However, the academy reserves the docile horses for the people who have no riding experience, and the seniors and teachers help them pick one out for the next 3 years. Picking a good horse is essential to getting a good mark in the training camps.

I do think that the nobles have an advantage over the commoners in this aspect, but this is only because of the culture of nobles. For nobles, horsemanship is the same thing as ballroom dancing. No matter what rank of noble you are, if you cannot ride a horse before adulthood, you will be shunned from the high circle. In other words, horsemanship is one of the must-have abilities for a noble; thus, this is also a test the school does to figure out if someone is faking their status.

“…..May I ask a question?”(Solcier)

“What is it?”(Doyle)

Solcier asks me a question while we look for a horse. This is actually a very rare incident. Jeff does not talk much but he still does sometimes talks to me. Solcier, on the other hand, actually rarely asks me anything.
I can see the other 3 people coming closer to see what Solcier wants to ask.

“The teacher said to register your horse, but how do you tame horses?”(Solcier)

“Oh, the process?”(Doyle)

Solcier is worried about how to tame a horse. Well, I guess it is something you have to know to do this.

“How to catch a horse, huh?’(Doyle)


“I’m sorry, but I don’t know either”(Doyle)


A voice of surprise comes up from all of them when I declare that I do not know. I am surprised at them for even thinking that I know. Rather, I want to ask them this question: How many people do they know who are 15 and have tamed a wild horse?

I have never ridden anything other than the horses my family has in the stable.

And for sure I know this is not just me.
The other nobles too do not know, at least I know for a fact that Gray does not know. When I was listening to the teacher’s lecture I was surprised that no nobles raised their hands to ask. Well, nobles are originally prideful creatures so there is no way they would ask in front of all those commoners.

Now that I have declared such a thing in such a large voice, everyone is looking at me.
They are probably waiting for someone to say this, weren’t they!

The teacher said the nobles could do this by themselves, and the seniors said to just ask the nobles if you needed anything before coming to them. They must be out of their minds. During the lecture, I heard the few commoners whisper, “Wow, the nobles are so amazing to already be able to do this” – like hell!
Gray obviously could not raise his hand because of his status, but even the straightforward Jin kept his mouth shut and was sweating in the back because of those whispers.

Also, I am the type to act cool. I do not want to show any weakness in front of my subordinates as much as possible. I have lessened in this aspect, but I am still quite up there. I thought that when I remembered my previous life, this part of me would have gone away, but no, still there. I am stubborn to a fault.

It was because of this personality that I had suffered for 5 years…… I have gotten better and admitted to them just now that I did not know how to tame a wild horse…. so, improvement.

Ok, let’s stop making excus-… my self-praising for now.

I got side-tracked…. I can make excuses later; the more pressing issue is how to tame a horse.

After I declare that I do not know how to tame a horse, both Jeff and Solcier look uneasy, but Ballad and Luce just look surprised. I understand Jeff and Solcier’s reactions; they thought I knew how to tame a horse already.  They thought, since I was going to inherit the title Duke I should know about taming horses…. I want to engage in a long conversation with them, asking what they view me as. But since they believe in me and they are my subordinates, it is my obligation to take care of their worries.

I do not know the specifics of how to tame a horse, but from the looks of it, I can do it with brute force; with my ability, I could tame one without a single scratch.

Hmm….. I guess that is not necessary.

I take a look around and can say that with confidence.    

For some reason, all the horses are looking at us; in fact, all the horses seems to be gathering around us.
Every horse is about 2-4 meters from us and stops his or her feet to observe. I do not know what interests them to make them gather.
From my memory of my previous life, horses are clever and decide their owners by themselves.
Leo is also saying it is ok to approach them with his eyes, and they seem to have brought even more horses. I also heard from him that the horses here have received some kind of special training.

I do not know the full details of their training, but I think it was that as long as you are wearing the uniform and not doing anything rough with them, they will let you ride them.
I also heard that you must treat them as your partner, and they will naturally come and follow you.
Otherwise, why would the teacher explain it like “you have to trust the horse” or “follow the horse and don’t make it follow you” or “the horse will let you ride it comfortably”.
Maybe this practice is not as hard as I thought it is. Leaving everything to the horse huh…… I guess it should be fine as long as I do not injure the horse or handle it too roughly.

I am sure the academy does not want serious injuries so early in the year, so they probably trained them already.

“Hmm…. perhaps they are already trained.”(Doyle)


“Yes, so if you find a horse you like, keep staring at it, and it will most likely come to you.”(Doyle)

“But I do not know which horse here is good.”(Solcier)

“Just feel it with your heart. Trust your heart and believe in it to find the horse most suitable for you. I am pretty sure that right now at this stage, there is no difference.”(Doyle)

“At this stage?”(Jeff)

As I am talking with the worried Solcier, Jeff, who seems to be interested, joins the conversation.

“I am sure it is hard to understand which one is a truly good horse, but I do not think these horses are any different from the one I have seen in my stable…. so I am guessing that the main objective of this is to build a solid relationship with your horse.”(Doyle)

“These horses are as good as the ones in the household of a duke!?”(Solcier)

“Yes, all of these horses are of  good quality, right, Luce?”(Doyle)

“Yes, they are first class horses. I would like to ask the school if they have any left over, so I can bring them over to my company.”(Luce)

“Are you serious?”(Jeff)

“Although they are not pure breeds, they are nonetheless all first-class items. I think we are fortunate to ride such good horses.”(Luce)

“Can we really tame a horse?”(Solcier)

“It will be fine.”(Doyle)

The two become stunned at the conversation Luce and I are having. I look towards the horses that seem to have gathered around us. They have stopped their walking and are being cautious.
There are many different types of horses here: dark hair, blue hair, brown hair etc. All have gathered here. The horses themselves look friendly, and their eyes are all shining. I feel like I can hear their voices saying,

“Ride me? Ride, get on me?”(Horse)

———Skill acquired [Feelings of the horse]———–


Apparently, I guessed their feelings right and got the skill, but I seem to have only guessed their main feeling and not the entire thing. It seems they are also hungry.

This skill is useful, but reading a little more on the skill shows me a specific sentence.

[The Feelings of Animal 1 of 7 series]

Does that mean it is one per animal or can I only get seven of these…… reading this part gives me a complicated feeling.  





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    ———Skill acquired [Feelings of the horse]———–

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