Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 24

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai De Ikiru Ni Wa – 24

“—-Mas- . . . Master . . . Master Doyle!”(Ballad)

“Oh, what is Ballad?”(Doyle)

“No, nothing. It is just you went quiet so suddenly . . . what is wrong?”(Ballad)

“Oh, nothing . . . Ballad, what about that horse? I think that is a good horse for you.”(Doyle)

[The Feelings of Animals 1 of 7 series]. Apparently just using one of these ominous sounding skills prevents you from getting all the others . . . This has not happened to me before. While I am still in thought, the worried Ballad calls out to me. I still use this skill to find a compatible horse for Ballad to divert his attention. The horse has a gray mane and a little while ago was saying,

“I wonder if that gray-haired person will come over here?”(Horse moon)

It seems they define us by the color of our hair since Ballad has gray hair. By the way, my hair color is pale blond, Luce’s is brown, Solcier’s is light purple, and Jeff’s is a sort of darker brown leaning towards black.  

I try to ignore the way the horses are describing us and show Ballad the horse I am talking about by pointing it out with my finger. I do not know if their eyes met or just because Ballad is facing its way now, but as I point in that direction, it seems to be really happy and starts to run at full speed over to Ballad.

“Yes, he is looking at me! I wonder if he will stroke my mane?”(Gray Horse)

“It seems it wants you to stroke its mane? I wonder if it likes you. If you like that horse Ballad, you should try to tame it. I think it is quite suitable for you.”(Doyle)

“ I will gladly tame this horse if this is the horse you want me to pick!”(Ballad)

After speaking to Ballad and advising him on how to treat the horse, Ballad accepts my advice and begins stroking the horse.

“Yay!”(Gray Horse)

I am glad that they both seem happy.

I wonder if Ballad actually likes this horse?
Is he just happy because I picked the horse?
I do hope they get along.

are the things I think about in my mind but do not say out loud. I will not say these things carelessly because I do not know if these sentences will trigger Ballad’s switch. I am still not sure what triggers his switch and what gets him out of it.

Ok, now the rest.

“Luce, you should go with that one.”(Doyle)

“Is it the gray horse over there?”(Luce)

“Yes. Then Solcier, I think that horse over there wants to get to know you better, so please go to that side.”(Doyle)

“What? Really?”(Solcier)

“ . . . Yes, I am sure. It is fine. If anything happens, I promise to help.”(Doyle)

“ . . . Okay.”(Solcier)

“Master Doyle, what about me?”(Jeff)

“Jeff . . . hmm . . . I think that one in the back will suit you.”(Doyle)

“Oh, you mean the deer colored one? I will be going then!”(Jeff)

“Oh . . . be careful”(Doyle)

I also help the other three find proper horses using the skill.
By the way, Luce goes to a horse with a blue and white mane, Solcier has a horse with a chestnut colored mane, and Jeff has a horse with a pure white mane.

“That brown haired person looks really cool! If you want to ride me, I will gladly give you the honor!”(Blue and White Horse)

“That person has the same color hair as that flower that always smells really nice . . . I wonder if he is nice . . . I hope he picks me.”(Chestnut Horse)

“Oh my god, it is a person with black tea colored hair . . . Come be the wind with me!”(Pure White Maned Horse)

That is what each horse says.

I try to introduce horses that have similar personalities to the three. All three of them seem to like their horses as I see them stroke their horses and get saddles to ride them. Well, I think this is good for now. I now walk with Ballad and his horse to try and look for my horse.

I would like to find a horse similar to me. Foolish, mature and assertive . . .

I try thinking about how we are supposed to spend three years using the one horse we are supposed to find during this one week. Fortunately, it seems most of the horses are nice, and I hear only favorable voices . . . Searching should not be too hard.

The blue mane is cool. I also like that one that has a pattern. Hmm . . . I do not know how I feel about that one who is looking into the distance. Suddenly I feel something wrong.

I turn around and see that the other three have returned and are walking side by side their horses.

I realize where this feeling comes from as I notice that every single horse has gone quiet. They have completely stopped talking and are looking in the same direction. I wonder why they are doing that and ask Ballad.


“Yes, Master Doyle. Do you require something?”(Ballad)

“The horses have become quiet, do you know why?”(Doyle)

“Please wait just a minute . . . I have returned. It seems that one horse is out of control and is running towards us.

“Is it one already picked by someone?”(Doyle)

“No, it seems that there are no riders currently or previously on it, and it is a free horse. It is a pure white horse.”(Ballad)

“Pure white?”(Doyle)

“It seems to be looking for something? It has been running around for a while. Around maybe a minute or so ago.”(Ballad)

“Is it near?”(Doyle)

“Please wait just a moment.”(Ballad)

I have Ballad use his superb information gathering skill to understand the situation that has made all the horses so concerned. The cause seems to their companion . . . A pure white horse going out of control is very unusual. I thought someone had messed up and made it angry, but it seems to be looking for something. I wonder what on earth it is looking for?

If I try to think of one thing right now . . . it would be his partner?

“Master Doyle, Master Ballad. If it is a pure white horse you are looking for, it is coming into view right now.”(Luce)

When I ask Ballad to gather more information, Luce speaks just before Ballad has the chance to run off. I look towards the direction Luce points and see the horse running this way. All the horses near it clear a path. I try to use the skill to find out what the horse is looking for.

“Oh Master . . . Little Master . . . Where are you . . . I must find you . . . Your Shining White is right here for you to ride!”(Pure White Horse)

That horse speaks with such volume that I feel my ears are going to bleed.

I also feel a strangely familiar feeling . . . It kind of resembles Ballad, and my body starts to shake from that thought.  

I am getting the shivers now . . . Why is this giving me such a scare!

I cannot help but feel that he is looking for me, that self-assertive and mature chunk of a horse. I do not want a pure white horse. I want a horse that would blend into its surroundings like a ninja.
Not a pure white horse that screams praise like Ballad. It is violently heading this way, but it still has not found what it is looking for . . . so maybe I should hope and pray.

I beg you god-

“Oh, there you are Master Blond Hair. You are the most suitable to ride me! Please come forth onto my back.”(Pure white Horse)

But my prayers fall to the ground.
It is already heading to me at full speed.
With the pure white’s brilliant speed, it comes in front me so fast that it worries Ballad who tries to push me aside for a second . .  . But eventually he calms down as he sees the pure white come to a full stop.

A fine majestic pure white horse is in front of me and is looking at me with its bright eyes.

I guess my ninja horse will forever be only a dream.


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