Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 25

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai De Ikiru Ni Wa – 25

The pure white horse is a bit bigger than the rest of the horses and has a marvelous body. The coat is very well maintained and shines. A pure white body without a single speck of dirt. I could recognize this horse from a mile away, and I believe if someone put it in an auction, a new record for the highest bid would be set.

“Master, I have finally found you! I saw you a mile away, and I knew that only you would be suitable to ride me! I also knew that only I was suitable to be your trusty stead! Thus, if you may, please come on aboard to ride!”(Pure White Horse)

Before I can say anything, the pure white horse starts to speak and lower himself to show that I should get on top of him.

“Please, come on! I am faster and stronger than all of these horses!” (Pure White Horse)

To be honest, I am a little perturbed by this horse. Not because of my ninja horse plan but because I am just meeting it for the first time, and it is coming on so strongly.

However, his actions have a totally different impression to people who do not have the skill to understand what he is saying.

“Oooh! Master Doyle, this one likes you!”(Solcier)

“It is quite amazing to be chosen by a horse this beautiful!”(Jeff)

“The shine and look of this horse are most befitting of you Master Doyle!”(Luce)

“Only such a beautiful and proud horse would let itself be ridden by Master Doyle. Master Doyle’s brilliance and charismatic nature have lead fate to bring this marvelous stead to his side! If I recall correctly, Master Doyle has always been liked by animals. I think of one incident where he-“(Ballad)

“Master Doyle, this horse is even kneeling down to bring it down to your height! This horse has already been tamed by you! This horse is honorable and loyal, Master Doyle.”(Jeff)

“A pure white horse ridden by a prince who sweeps away the princess on it . . . such a classic story.”(Solcier)

“This horse will definitely not hold Master Doyle back and will help him bring out his true strength.”(Luce)

Everyone is touched by the actions of the horse, and it is true, this scene looks just like something from a fairytale. In reality, this tale is just another falsified affair. This is definitely not an honorable horse like Jeff said. This is definitely not the fairytale horse Solcier spoke of as well. Luce probably said the most accurate statement as this horse does look very strong. It looks strong and full of passion . . . Too much passion. Also . . .

I have never said I would take this horse!

Is what I shouted in my mind, but with this atmosphere and everyone’s misconceptions of the situation, I could never say something like that.
Even the surrounding horses that were coming towards me have all just gone off elsewhere saying things like,

“What? That guy is the master of Gin.”

“I was aiming for him too.”


And now only this horse is left in front of me.

“Come on! Master, please get on my back!”(Gin)

While the pure white horse snorts and pants to show its impatience, I give up the hope of rejecting this horse. So long ninja horse. I have no choice but to pick this passionate and cocky horse.

From the looks of it, this horse is the leader of all the other horses. You could easily tell that from how everyone made a path for him towards me and then gave up trying to get me to pick them. I can understand why he is the leader. He is bigger than all of them and from the words he has said, he won’t let anyone other than myself ride on his back. He is a prideful horse.

“Master Doyle.”(Luce)

“Yes, Luce.”(Doyle)

“Master Ballad is still in his trance, thus please let me help you put on the saddle.”(Luce)

“No, I will be fine.”(Doyle)

Luce asks if I need help to put on the saddle, but I reject his offer as I have practiced this part. To begin with, it is not that I don’t have the ability to put the saddle on the horse. Rather if I do put on the saddle, I will forever be stuck with this horse.

I am absolutely sure that this horse’s personality is always like this so unlike Ballad who goes back to normal after some time, there will be no cooling off with him.

I realize this with a certain confidence, but since I cannot get any other stead, I go to the stable and rent a saddle. I attach the reins on the horse and look at his eyes. They are shining with expectation. I gently stroke his nose to dust off any left from the saddle, and he goes,

“Thank you Master, you have helped this horse greatly. Only a master worthy of me will be able to notice that I had an itch on my nose. Truly the most brilliant master in existence.”(Gin)

Yep, he is the exact same type of person as Ballad. Only, his switch is always on, and Ballad has certain moments to his.

“I am getting on you.”(Doyle)

“Yes! With pleasure.”(Gin)

While getting on top of the saddle, I shake the reins to indicate to the horse that I am on top and stable. He stands up slowly and lightly. He has impressive leg strength like I thought. I do not feel any vibration or discomfort when he had stands up. I guess all that confidence he has shown is not a farce. I keep my posture and slowly move a few steps to see if anything is wrong with the saddle.

There seems to be no problem, and then I look back to the three. Jeff looks touched as he watches me on the horse.

“Oh! You look so cool Master Doyle!”(Jeff)

“Truly, just like out of a fairytale. Princess Claire will be happy if he comes to pick her up like that.”(Solcier)

“The shine of the white horse further boasts Master Doyle’s sparkle and makes it even more beautiful.”(Luce)

“ . . . Really”(Doyle)

I do agree with Solcier and Jeff. I guess I must look cool since my looks were passed down to me from the most beautiful and handsome man in the land.

It is only natural that I look cool with my father being a hero and my mother being a saint. I was born cool if I may say so. No, I am not being to self-consciousness . . . It is seriously the truth. I have my father’s trained body and face that can glare back at fear with my beautiful smile and purple eyes.
I guess I do look like the prince on a white horse who would ride off into the sunset with the princess right now.

If only the horse was not like that. I quietly pray to the gods for them to never to give my friends the skill that would allow them to learn how horses feel. If they knew what this thing is saying, I feel he would shatter their hopes and dreams. It is one of my responsibilities as a noble to keep their hopes and dreams alive and make them proud.

“The dignified figure of Master Doyle on his horse. This Ballad’s mind cannot take any more excitement! Not only has this brilliant horse come to you so easily but to look so magnificent on it . . . Master Doyle’s hidden talent is truly astonishing! Ballad must-“(Ballad)

It is taking much longer this time for Ballad to flip his switch back. I wonder why it is that whenever he gets like this, my mind enters a state of deep concentration.

Also, I have given up on trying to convince Ballad to change his practice of overpraising me. I am convinced that I cannot tame Ballad. I have lost this battle from the start. I wonder if there ever will be a person who can actually tame Ballad, and if there is, please appear soon.

Now I have three choices in regards to activities.

The first is to have fun with the horse and continue doing this for a week.

The second is to practice a little bit, then go to the seniors and get some pointers and other practice lessons.

The third is to just register my horse and go back to the dorms.

To be honest, I want to choose the third option, but this one is the one I cannot pick as I am supposedly going through rehab. Although the teachers would not get angry or be disappointed, it may cause the other seniors and freshmen to lessen their opinion of me. Thus, the best option is to go to the seniors for some pointers.

This week also has another reason for including seniors, and that is the training camp selection. The freshmen groups have already been decided and put together, but for the seniors, the freshmen must ask them to participate in their group. In other words, we choose which seniors we want in the group. Of course, the academy does assign seniors to groups that do not get any seniors to join them as the academy wants to do the most it can to lessen the possibility of death.

Also, this has benefits for seniors and freshmen who are commoners. By building a strong relationship with the nobles, your future occupation could be secured. The seniors and teachers are separated to let us communicate with the seniors and build a stronger relationship.

That is why the second choice is the best choice for now. Even though Ballad and I are fine regarding seniors . . . .Luce’s group is doubtful. I have to consider many criteria when picking seniors for them, but my main criteria is that they will protect Luce and the rest in dire times.

These three people are considered my subordinates in the eyes of other people. Thus, even if my evaluation is low right now, many people still want connections with the Aghinis household. Even if we leave out my connection with them, their families are still very attractive existences that people would like to establish connections with. However, if we consider the opposite, anyone who is in their group or any senior affiliated with their group will face punishment from their households if something were to happen to them.

Currently, they are in a tough spot. I will be helping them get a proper senior, even if that senior is not that strong. I will find a senior that will at least help them escape dangerous situations.

As last resort, I will ask Leo to join their group. However, the best senior to join them would be someone like a sword-wielder or a spear user. They are not in need of someone from the Department of Medicine. Their abilities are not compatible with someone like Leo. Luce is good at intelligence and spying but not at fighting. Solcier is a user of magic tools which take time to activate. Jeff specializes in melee combat as a hammer user. Thus, the best option for them is a senior who can perform from mid-range and switch between the front and backline.

Right now, there are no other nobles in that area with the seniors. The prideful nobles will not go to the seniors without taming a horse yet.
Of course, there are many nobles that can easily pull those seniors to their side. They all know that everything has a price and can be bought with their money and connections.

That is why right now is a good opportunity for us to secure a good senior while only the commoners are asking them questions. Of course, even commoners can appeal to seniors and some may even recruit them to their group. To some people, a hard-working person is very appealing. That is why we must hurry to the seniors’ section and quickly join the horsemanship lessons. I want to find good people who will take care of my beloved subordinates.

“Come back, Ballad Come back to reality!”(Doyle)

“-! Yes, Master Doyle. What is it?”(Ballad)

“Rush back and quickly register the horses. After that, we will go to the seniors’ section and receive some pointers!”(Doyle)

“Why . . . I just tamed a horse and I want to play a bit . . . The teacher said it was free time too.”(Jeff)

“We need to go to the seniors right now. This is really important for you guys.”(Doyle)

“For us?”(Solcier)

I somehow brought Ballad back to reality and immediately told him we need to go to the seniors’ section. Jeff seems to be dissatisfied with this and even Solcier asks why.

“Master Doyle, we are all able to ride horses properly. Why must we go to the seniors’ section? Will you please tell us the reason? I have no doubt that you would not say this without a good reason, but I would like to know why to make proper arrangements.”(Luce)

Wow, this is very unusual. Luce does not know why and is asking with a sad face. I thought he would be the first person to agree with this suggestion as a merchant who can smell opportunity.

I wonder if he’s so worried about how to tame a horse that he has completely forgotten.

 “I tamed a good horse already, now it is time to catch a good senior. Only a really quick person can catch a good senior.”(Doyle)

“ . . . Oh, oh! No way . . . you mean . . . As expected of Master Doyle!”(Luce)

“Right now is a good time. There are no nobles over there so the seniors should be really easy to catch.”(Doyle)

Luce seems to understand my words as he has a really shocked expression that becomes relief and gratitude towards me for reminding him about this. As expected of Luce, he truly is a man to understand subtle hints and seize the best opportunities.

“Hey, explain to us, Luce.”(Jeff)

“Please explain, Luce.”(Solcier)

Jeff and Solcier still both look uneasy at Luce’s shocked expression and ask him to explain. I do not know if the horses understand what their masters have said, but they also make an uneasy expression like their masters.

“In other words, he is talking about the future. The training camp. Right now, when the nobles are busy trying their best to tame a good horse, is the best opportunity to recruit a senior for the training camp. By going to the horsemanship lessons, we can build a strong relation with a senior and have them join our group in the training camp. Master Doyle has noticed this opportunity and wants us to use this time wisely, isn’t that right Master Doyle?”(Luce)

“Yes, exactly. Right now there are no obstacles, so recruit as many seniors as you can for your group. I have Leo’s group on my side.”(Doyle)

Luce and I laugh slightly at our brilliant plan. Jeff and Solcier have the same shocked expression. . . . Ballad is back to having his switch flipped on, but I do not mind anymore. He already did the job I asked him to do, so him leaving reality right now is fine.

“Master Doyle . . . ”(Jeff/Solcier)

Seeing these two say my name with deeply impressed faces makes me a little embarrassed. I know Luce has a skill that lets him see me in some light, so his metaphors are not metaphors. However, these two having this expression makes me strengthen my resolve. I must work hard for their sake as well.

“ . . . Come on, let’s go . . . We have to find a senior that is not moved by profit, but someone you can trust your life with.”(Doyle)


The three people start laughing, and we all start to walk towards the seniors’ section. I hear them talking about something, but I can’t hear them clearly . . . I wonder if I should use the wind to eavesdrop, but I stop myself.

Ballad’s voice will also be amplified in my ear if I do that, and I do not want that.

“Did you see right there? As I have shown you, Master Doyle is kind to his subordinates, is very quick to think and come up with a plan and has vast wisdom, including-!”(Ballad)

Ballad is telling his horse how wonderful I am. The horse has a very puzzled expression on his face and continues to have this expression.

Sorry Ballad’s Horse
He is a nice guy, but he is also a weirdo.

I chose this horse for Ballad because he seemed to be interested, but maybe now it would have been better for me to not decide so half-heartedly. The way Ballad speaks to him seems like he is brainwashing him.

I am sorry, please forgive Ballad.
Ballad, please do not look at me like that. Receiving unconditional respect gives me a guiltily feeling.

“Is that blonde person my master’s master? My master seems to be telling me he is amazing, so he must be really amazing!”(Ballad’s Horse)

Please god, do not allow them to hear the voices of the horses. I beg you to never let the other three obtain this skill.   


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