Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 26

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 26

“Well then, we will be waiting over there!”(Doyle)


“You guys better find a good senior.”(Doyle)


Luce saluted and then left with both Jeff and Solcier. The 3 people went over to the seniors who are equipped with spears and swords.

“Can Luce find a good senior?”(Ballad)

“It’s not a matter of whether Luce will find a good senior, but how long it will take him to come back here. Luce is a master of negotiations. He will mix the negotiation topic so subtly in the conversation that, unless you are a good merchant like him, you will miss it completely and agree. Jeff and Solcier will be cared for by the seniors too.”(Doyle)

“That is true. Luce’s skill in negotiations is unparalleled.”(Ballad)


It seems Ballad is in a regular state right now and is able to praise someone other than me. Well, it is actually disappointing that this image is being ruined by the horse trying to eat his hair. In my case, the horse is trying to rub his head against my hair, so I can’t speak about image either.

“Please let me rub your head!”(Blanc)

I suddenly hear Blanc’s voice. By the way, Blanc is the name of the pure white horse. We first all registered our horses in the book. All the teachers were surprised at how fast we obtained our horses. We did not want to waste any more time, so we ignored the stunned teachers and quickly registered our horses. We had to name the horses as well, when we registered them, so I named mine Blanc. We quickly then darted towards the senior’s section and let Luce do his thing for recruiting a senior to his group.

Meanwhile, Ballad and I are taking a break while waiting for the three to return.

By the way, Ballad’s horse is named Amaro. Luce named his Cruz. Jeff went with Pulse. Solcier named it Fulium.  

“Well now, it seems that both Gin and Moon have taken a liking to the Aghinis duo?”(Pike)

While we are talking, the teacher comes to us happily. His name is Pike Von Hengst, he is a professor at this academy, and the person who gave that explanation in the beginning.
He is in charge of the horse ranch and stable and is the teacher for horsemanship.

“Mr. Hengst, good day to you.”(Doyle)

“Please, stop being formal with me. I am just from a lowly baron house. We are nothing compared to the future Duke of Aghinis.”(Pike)

“Please, you must jest. Outside, I may be a successor, but right now I am just a lowly student. Thus, I must give respect to you, who is a teacher.”(Doyle)

I bow and Ballad follows behind me. The teacher seems surprised at my bow and then laughs.

“You really have changed. I seem to have misjudged you— yup, you are a fine kid.”(Pike)

He says that while smiling at me. It seems he also is happy with my change in attitude. He is a good teacher, who is quite different from the rest. He helps us most of the time, and always seems to defend the students and give them the benefit of the doubt.

“Regarding those times, I am very sorry for troubling the teachers.”(Doyle)

“No, it is the duty of a teacher to help and guide the students. It is we, who have neglected this duty, that are at fault. Believe me when I say that it is not only my opinion when I say that you have changed…. though there are still some stupid teachers that keep yapping on and on.”(Pike)

After he had says that, he laughs cheerfully. He then stops smiling and speaks to me.

“It is only natural that students cause problems and behave badly, but it is a teacher’s responsibility to help them and guide them in learning that what they are doing is bad. When a student is lost and does not know which path he should take, it is the duty of a teacher to help guide him or her onto the best path. That is why you do not need to apologize to us; it was our fault that we neglected you and feigned ignorance when you were suffering. That is why you do not need to lower your head.”(Pike)

When he says that last part, I feel something get stuck in my throat.

Every single time someone says something like this, I feel that the world is too kind and sweet to me. Ever since I entered the academy, I have gotten letters from Mother, Father, Sebastian, and Meryl. They were filled with warmth and kindness; every single word was something about them worrying about me. I had no idea what to say back to them.

Even after the battle with Jin, I got a letter from my grandfather.
He had said one simple line,

“It was a great match. Next time we meet, we will fight together with our weapons. I will definitely receive your sword.”(Zeno)

The letter ended with “from Zeno”, and what he had put for the recipient area was my focus: it read “to my dear grandchild”. It has been 5 years since he has last called me that.

I have been a stupid fool who kept getting on everyone’s nerves, but all the adults have forgiven me and treat me gently. The teacher in front of me and all the other adults in my life are like this.
Not just the adults. Claire, Ballad, Gray, Jin, Luce, Jeff, Solcier, and Leo also treat me kindly….. even his comrades call me “Don Doyle” and treat me kindly.
They are all waiting for me to return to their side and walk beside them.

How am I supposed to respond to this kindness, to this much love?

These are the things I have to think about, but I do not need to do it all at once, I can do them little by little.

That is why I must first return to the path I had once sought.
To hold my head up high against anyone.
So no one can say bad things about anyone who is with me.
To stand next to my beloved one and have her feel proud.
I will do all these things little by little.

So, for the teacher to say I do not need to lower my head is not true.

“Having you say that is more than enough, Mr. Hengst. I was the one who had taken the wrong path. The teachers should feel no responsibility.”(Doyle)

“……….. Aghinis”(Pike)

“I am proud to be a student of this academy and proud to be a student of yours. That is why, please tell the other teachers that what I have done was not their fault.”(Doyle)

I salute and smile at him. Mr. Hengst laughs and then looks towards the ground.

“Honestly, you guys are just growing up and leaving us behind so fast. I am so amazed at how you guys have matured………. Man, it feels like I am aging so fast when I see you guys.”(Pike)

A little water drops on the ground while he looks down, but I choose not to speak of this, since it would be of bad manners.


Suddenly, Blanc starts to fidget and rub his head against me hard. He started to eat my hair!


I dodge his bite, but he still does not give up and starts to lick my hair and rub his head against my own. I know you like me a lot, but this much affection is too much. I am getting worried about my hair.

“Is Blanc the name of Gin? Aghinis.”(Pike)

“Yes, that is right.”(Doyle)

“Oh, I see, you got a good name there, Blanc. Come on, stop, your master is being troubled.”(Pike)

Mr. Hengst flicks Blanc’s nose to make him stop. Even though he looks reluctant, Blanc stops and leaves my hair.
While I try to fix my hair, Ballad hands me a towel to wipe my hair of Blanc’s spit and clean it. When I confirm all the spit is gone from my hair, I look to Mr.Hengst and see that Blanc is dissatisfied with how he was made to stop. Truly the master of the horse stable.

“How skillful of trainer you are, Mr. Hengst. I respect you for being able to do this.”(Doyle)

The teacher scratches his cheeks as if he is embarrassed.

“Well, even if you say that, I am more impressed by you Aghinis. I never thought this guy would let anyone ride him, so when I heard that someone was able to register him in the books, I was quite surprised.”(Pike)


“Blanc is a really good horse. He is the cream of the crop here. I thought none of the freshmen would be able to tame him, and then I hear that someone has got him and registered him. I was surprised and worried for that person, but when I saw it was you, I figured you would be fine even if he was rough. Then I saw him being all affectionate with you…. Truly, I am impressed.”(Pike)

I am surprised at the fact that this horse is the best horse among all of these horses. I can see Ballad already entering his switch mode, going “Master Doyle is truly the cream of the crop.” Stop it, I don’t have the energy to bring you back.

“Blanc….. you were the best horse?”(Doyle)

“Oh, I thought you, an Aghinis should be able to tell whether a horse is good or bad?”(Pike)

“Yes, but I knew all the horses in this ranch were good, but for Blanc to be the best is a surprise.”(Doyle)

“Thanks for noticing, but all the staff this agrees that Blanc is the best horse here in this stable right now. His glossy white skin looks like silver, his leg muscles are superb, and he has great endurance. That is why his pride is so high and doesn’t let anyone ride him…. well, except you.”(Pike)

I activate the skill to hear Blanc thoughts.

“That is right! Master, besides me, there is no suitable horse for you! My legs are the fastest. I can run and jump for a long time! Even bad footing is no problem for me! Cliffs are nothing to me as well. Only I am fit for a master brilliant as you, such a shining mas-“(Blanc)

I stop the skill and patted his nose to make him calm down. Blanc starts to stop and sit down when I do that. Well, at least I know the switch for him, unlike Ballad.

“Oh, he really likes you. Treat him well Aghinis.”(Pike)

“Of course.”(Doyle)

I nod to Mr. Hengst while saying to myself that I should not activate the horse skill too much.

After that, we split from Mr. Hengst and spend the rest of the day either sitting around or polishing the coats of our horses.

When it is time to return to our rooms, Luce comes back and tells us,

“We have met some great people today! We have a promise with them to take lessons to learn horsemanship, so please join us, Master Doyle and Master Ballad!”(Luce)

I am relieved that they could find people. I accept the invitation, as I want to see with my own eyes the people who will be taking care of my subordinates. It is not that I do not trust Luce, but I would like to get to know those seniors as well.

While we are walking, Jeff invites us to dinner. We all eat dinner together, and I feel I have become much closer to my subordinates, especially Solcier.

Well, that is the end of my first day at horsemanship class. I got a self-assertive and bragging horse and got closer to my subordinates. It was a good day.



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