Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 27

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I am sorry I was busy with some family matters, here is the first chapter of the week.

Well, we see Leopardo’s love interest

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 27

“Okay then, first we start at a walking pace! . . . After that, make a quick turn and speed up! . . . Okay, good, just keep on going like that.”(Senior)


We first start with some light running exercises according to the senior’s instructions. Then the four of us quickly speed up and enter a formation while maintaining that speed. Then we ride in a zigzag pattern three times at both normal and quick speeds. We have to do this on the senior’s signal even though we already know what is coming. Doing it any earlier would cause them to deduct points during the lesson.


“Last is a raid.”(Senior)


The last exercise is a rush at full speed.


“I have been waiting for this!”(Blanc)


Blanc quickly out runs all the other horses. This is not just flattery, but the truth. Even though we all started at the same time, Blanc’s current lead on the others is massive. Neither Ballad’s horse or Luce’s horse can keep up.

“Aghinis’s pure white is really fast. The gray horses of Robe and Luce Cruz are both very good horses. Pulse and Fulium are both excellent as well. Did you all complete the process of registering them?”(Senior)

“Yes, I have named mine Blanc”(Doyle)

“Mine is Amaro. “(Ballad)

The person who I tell the name of my horse to is Chris. His full name is Chris Van Kart, a second-year senior and wields the two swords on his waist. He uses both to fight.  

“Those are very nice names. All five of you are compatible with your horses, and they listen perfectly to your commands.”(Chris)

“Yes, I am very fond of Blanc.”(Doyle)

“I am very fond of Amaro.”(Ballad)

I wonder if it was because both of us said that we are fond of them as they both start to shake their heads in glee.

As Professor Hengst stated yesterday, Blanc is a very good horse. He can predict the command I am going to give and performs it the second I give it. He does not shake much and is very precise in carrying out my instructions. His feet are also fast, and if I don’t use the skill, I do not have to hear him speak. He now just sounds like any other horse. He does sometimes show a displeased or high and mighty attitude, but I can resolve that with just a flick or a stroke to return him to normal. I did not like him when we first met, but now I am grateful for meeting Blanc. I am not even the slightest bit upset that my ninja horse plan was ruined.

“I said this to Luce and the others yesterday, but I think that it was a very good idea to get your horses registered so quickly.”(Chris)

“I think so too.”(Doyle)

I nod my head at Chris.

“Doyle-! Chris-!” (Jeff)

“Shall we go?”(Ballad)


While I am talking about Blanc with Chris, Jeff calls us to him. I smile wryly at Jeff because his call was loud. Chris is already there before us and is now with Luce and the others. Ballad and I take it slowly. On the way, I spot the ranch of beginners’ horses and see that many of them were surprised by Jeff’s loud voice. It seems that Jeff’s loud voice stimulated their sensitive hearing and caused them to panic. The teachers get them back under control, and it looks like no one is injured. I have to tell Jeff to not raise his voice this week so that other people do not get hurt.

I see several seniors approach Jeff as I am leisurely returning, and a particular blond senior approaches him.

“Master Doyle, those people are . . .”(Ballad)

“Yes, Leo and the others.”(Doyle)

“Ah! Jeff just got hit!”(Ballad)

I cannot hear the conversation, but Leo seems to have given Jeff what his companions call ‘The Bro Fist’ and is saying something. Jeff apologizes to Leo while holding his head down, and the seniors that are at Luce’s side face off against Leo.

“Master Doyle.”(Ballad)

“I know, let’s go Blanc.”(Doyle)

“Come on Amaro.”(Ballad)

We hurry back to the others.

“I was just telling that idiot to be careful the next time he screams something!”(Leo)

“Even so, there is no reason to punch him! Jeff did not mean to do it, thus if you properly explain he still would have understood!”(Eleanor)

“Miss Eleanor, I am fine, it is alright.”(Jeff)

“It is not alright! You were hit by this brute for no reason! You have the right to protest!”(Eleanor)

“As usual, you are such a stiff. Just calm down! He said he is alright with this so what does it matter to you!”(Leo)

“No! It does involve us! We are planning on forming a team with these people and I will protect them as a team member! So-“(Eleanor)

“What is the matter?”(Doyle)

When Leo’s group and Eleanor Von Messer’s group are about head off, I arrive riding  Blanc and speak while using my skill [Elegance of Nobility]. The skill seems to have an amplified effect while I ride on Blanc and makes both of them stop talking.

Chris, Luce, the seniors accompanying Leo, and another dual-wielding senior joining Luce’s team named Issac Schmidt breathe a sigh of relief.

While having all of their gazes on me, I gently lower myself from Blanc and hand the reins to Ballad. I walk up to the two of them. I do not know if it is due to my skill or my bloodlust, but both of them are on their knees and are not speaking.

“So, what is the problem?”(Doyle)

“No, Master Doyle, all of them over there are beginners. I come to warn him as him yelling like that will cause some kids to suffer injuries. I am in charge of treating injuries during this session so I thought to diligently warn him.”(Leo)

“From what I heard while coming here, your voice was loud as well Leo. What do you say to that?”(Doyle)

“Oh, that is because this woman came!”(Leo)

“What! It is because you hit the boy that I came, there are better ways to warn him other than hitting him!”(Eleanor)

“Both of you, be quiet.”(Doyle)


I thought of asking them for the basis of the fight, but they start to fight again as I ask them. I force them to be quiet again and silently watch them for now. I look around to my surroundings and hear one of the seniors say,

“Those two are at it again.”   

What, they do this all the time?

I look at the other seniors and notice that their facial expression did not show surprise or worry, just tired looks. I give up on trying to get them to reconcile if they are always like this. I have found the root of the problem first. I wonder if they are close or something?

I think I should split this up before a gallery starts to accumulate. I should just make both parties apologize and then investigate the reason why these two always butt heads. Eleanor will be on Luce’s group for training camps and other outside activities. Leo is my subordinate like Luce so I will make them get along at some point. I do not want this to happen every time.

I will take the appropriate measures later, but for now, I have to resolve the current situation. My eyes meet with Jeff’s and I tell him to come over with by swinging my head. He seems to dislike being called, but sadly, Luce and Solcier both push him out of the group and make him walk towards me.
I am not going to do anything to you.

“First of all, Jeff, you must apologize to them. I think you know your actions were wrong, right?”(Doyle)

“. . . Yes.”(Jeff)

“It is like Leo had said. Even if you do apologize later, if someone is already injured then it will be too late.”(Doyle)


After calling and reminding Jeff, I walk towards Leo with Jeff to apologize. I like Jeff. He knows that he is in the wrong and listens to the advice of his peers to take the proper actions  


“. . . What?”(Leo)

“I am very sorry that my subordinate had done something like this. There could have been accidents, but thankfully there were not. He did not mean anything bad by it and is deeply reflecting. Thus, please forgive us this time.”(Doyle)

I lower my head, I heard something of a shocked breath somewhere.

“Well . . .”(Leo)

“Jeff, come on, apologize with me.”(Doyle)

“Yes, I am sorry for my reckless actions. I promise to be more careful in the future.”(Jeff)

When Jeff apologizes and lowers his head, I also lower my head. The leader is responsible for his subordinate’s failures. If someone who is employed by me does something wrong, then I will take responsibility as their leader.

“I got it, I understand, I was in the wrong for hitting you as well! Before hitting you I should have said it verbally! I am sorry as well! Please raise your head!——-Damn it! I let my master and someone younger than me bow down to me. I am a failure as an adult.”(Leo)

Leo tells me and Jeff to raise our heads after we apologize. He has a look of regret on his face. Well, he is the older brother in our group so something like this violates all his morals. Leo also apologizes and reflects as well.  I think this side is okay. Now, I turn to Eleanor this time.

As I walk to her with Jeff, she gives us a wry smile. I think she is somewhat uneasy seeing us come towards her like this. I try to again imitate my mother’s smile to calm her down and ease her.


“What it is?”(Eleanor) Tlnote: axelia it is supposed to be like this  axl:lol k

“Thank you for standing up for Jeff. Luce was right in having you accompany him during the training camps. I am lucky that such a caring person will be looking after my subordinates. I will have peace of mind thanks to your support.”(Doyle)

“Thank you for helping me!”(Jeff)

Saying that we both lower our heads to Eleanor. Apologizing to her like we did to Leo would not be right. We apologized to Leo because we had wronged in the first place, but to her who came and defended Jeff from a scary person like Leo even though she is a high noble, is something I am glad for. Even if the two are always butting heads, Jeff is someone she had met for the first time today. Her going out of her way to defend him is an act from her heart. Thus, I must thank her for taking care of my subordinate.

Also, I have an ulterior motive. It is to solidify her group and Luce’s group forming a team. She had said before that she would form a team with Luce’s group, but that could have been just in the spur of the moment. By saying this in front of her group and Leo’s group, I can make this a final statement.

“Please raise your heads! Master Doyle, Jeff! Even if you haven’t done this Master Doyle, I would have protected them all the same. They are my cute little juniors!”(Eleanor)

“But I just met you for the first time yesterday? And today we did not even speak once. Also, I am outside of the nobles’ circle.”(Jeff)

“This is not something to do with time. Jeff and the others are my cute juniors who will be on the same team as me, right! Then it is my duty as your senior to protect you. I vow to protect you guys and return you safely to Master Doyle on the name Eleanor Von Messer!”(Eleanor)

Eleanor puts her arm over her heart and vows. She is very gallant right now. I believe now Luce and the others will be safe. Besides, she vowed on her noble name. I know how heavy a name can be.

“I am sorry, I should not have escalated our argument like that.”(Leo)

“. . . I also apologize. I knew I was defending Jeff, but I feel I also should not have escalated the argument like that.”(Eleanor)

Leo and Eleanor both apologize to each other, and it seems their war has ended for the time being.

I look around and see a gallery has accumulated a bit. A few are riding their horses too. Mr. Hengst is also watching me and gives me a thumbs up with a smile on his face. Please, I am not good with that kind of warm expression.

Luce and Solcier bow their heads in thanks to Chris and Issac for the help they will provide them during the training camps in the future.

Ballad . . . is being Ballad.

He is looking at me with his hand on his heart and looks like he is about to do the pledge of allegiance to some flag. I would be fine if it was just him, but Blanc and Amaro are also doing it. Blanc I can understand, but Amaro too? Please do not fall into Ballad mode. I think I know how to take you out of it as well, but I do not want to try.

“Stop acting like such a good person, you fool.”

As we and the rest of the gallery are about to go back to our own routines, someone says something.



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