Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa- 28

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 28

“Stop acting like you’re a good person!”(Lute)

Everyone stops as they are returning to their routines and look towards the person who called out in such a hateful voice.

“Doing whatever you pleased for the last 5 years, abusing everyone, and taking my status away from me by using your power as a duke’s son. Now you act like a nice guy. What a stupid farce! Walk a righteous path? You can never do that! You who failed to become the [Hero of the Spear]!”(Lute)

Lute Stapp is screaming at me so intensely. He is the person I took the position of student representative from during the entrance ceremony.

I did try to look for him after the entrance ceremony to formally apologize to him, but I could not find him. I tried asking many people who knew where he was, but they refused to tell me. Thus, all routes to any discussion were cut off until now.

“I can only say I am sorry about the matter regarding the entrance ceremony. We cannot turn back time and redo the entrance ceremony. Thus, all I can say is sorry. I will keep apologizing until it pleases you, Lute. I do agree with your statements as well. I cannot become the [Hero of the Spear], and I may never have the qualifications to walk a righteous path. Despite all this, I do have the right to try to gain those qualifications.”(Doyle)

“No matter what kind of attitude you show me, I will never buy it! I will never accept that a guy like you is in the same group as His Highness!”(Lute)

Here comes the matter he wants to pursue the most.

How straightforward of him.

I think this of Lute as I see him point his finger at me.

I thought that maybe one or two people would come to complain to me during group selection, but I never thought that Lute would come. To be honest, group selection is an official decision made by the school, and the team with Gray has to have the strongest people to protect him. Thus, no matter what anyone says, I will just keep calm and be dignified as I say that I am going to protect Gray.

However, I must consider a different course of action when the opponent is Lute. There is no questioning my strength as I have fought with Jin and proved myself. Unfortunately, this opponent is someone I have wronged many times in the past. Thus, I have to make it up to him.

What to do . . . ?

I know the conclusion I want, but how to reach that conclusion will be the tough part. I remember to when Gray reached out to me after the groups were posted. I do not want to betray Gray’s expectations anymore.

———-A few days after the Selection Matches——

It was the day before Luce brought the [construction paper] to me.
Gray called out to me that day.

“——Master Doyle? “(Amanda)

“What is it, Amanda?”(Doyle)

“Umm . . . The First Prince is outside the classroom calling for you.”(Amanda)

“Thank you very much, I will go there right now.”(Doyle)

I told my classmate that I was going immediately.
I stood up and started walking. I wondered why he came himself . . . If he sent someone, I would have gone to him without a question.
Ever since we were young, Gray has been light on his feet. The assassins that try to attack him always miss and then get a mace in the face.

Even though everyone close to him knows this story, if you tell this to someone outside his circle, they all go.

“There is no way the gentle and kind prince can do something like.”

Well, I guess he has been successful in hiding both his anger and footwork so he can surprise assassins.

He never gets angry at other people but immediately loses it when he is with me. I was quite dissatisfied with that before, but soon after, I realized it was a form of trust. He could show his true self to me and Claire but not in front of others.

“I am sorry to have kept you waiting, Your Highness.”(Doyle)

As I remembered the distant past, I kneeled in front of Gray. I can’t call him Gray with so many people around as it will make people think badly of me. I also use my skill [Elegance of Nobility].

“Raise your face, Doyle”(Gray)


I looked up and saw Gray’s face full of confidence.
Nowhere could I find a hint of the face he showed me at the end of the match.

This was my first time meeting him after he hit me on the head. I heard from Jin that he was concerned about me.
That was not the Gray I knew. He would never worry about such a weak blow since he knows I have faced worse.

“I knew you would be fine as usual with your rock hard head.”(Gray)

“I have received enough hits during training from father and grandfather.”(Doyle)

“Yes, I know . . . Jin kept saying to come and apologize.”(Gray)

“Your Highness!”(Jin)

Jin, who was behind Gray, was amazed at Gray for not immediately apologizing. Jin quickly called his name and stopped him from continuing. I then understood. Jin asked Gray to come and apologize to me. That is what I thought. Gray would never worry about me getting hit by his mace, even though that was the first time he has ever been able to hit me. That kind of weak attack would not be enough to make me fall, and if Gray wanted to try to do it again, I would simply oblige him and then dodge. Jin is glancing between me and Gray for some reason.

“Do you need an apology, Doyle?”(Gray)

“No, apologies are not necessary for that kind of attack.”(Doyle)

“I knew you would say that . . . See Jin, he does not need an apology.”(Gray)

“This is about honor, Your Highness!”(Jin)

“He said it himself. You get too worried.”(Gray)


They started to bicker in a playful way. Gray was in a good mood for some reason.
It is easy to tell when Gray is in a good mood. He will start to tease you and make witty banter.

“Doyle, you sure you do not need me to apologize?”(Gray)

Gray who was asking me this was laughing and smiling right now, yep he is in a very good mood.

“No apologies are necessary, but I must ask. You seem to be in a very good mood today. Did something happen?”(Doyle)


When I asked Gray honestly about the reason for his good mood, he and Jin were surprised. Gray turned red from embarrassment from been seen through. Jin seemed to be surprised to have found out that Gray was in a good mood. I have seen him in a good mood many times, but the times I have seen him embarrassed is something I can count on my two hands.

“. . . Was I that easy to understand?”(Gray)

“Well, I have been with you for a very long time. You have this habit of teasing people when you are in a good mood.”(Doyle)

“He does?”(Jin)

“He does.”(Doyle)

He was surprised but not angry at me for having guessed his mood. His habits were still the same, but seeing him laugh like this after me saying this was also a first. I wonder if it was because we were in a corridor with people because he usually gets angry at me when I correctly point out his mood. If it was not the people, then the matter must have been something that made him so happy that he forgot to get angry.

I wondered what happened. Was it something good with Claire? I patiently waited for Gray’s words.

“The groups for training camps was posted. You, me, Jin, and Ballad are all in the same group!”(Gray)

‘Is that not great!’, was the tone he was talking with. After that, he asked me about seniors.

“I came to ask you about the matter regarding seniors.”(Gray)

This person was!

I did not know how I was supposed to reply to Gray who came to tell me this matter in person. He was that happy about being in the same group . . . I thought this previously when he said “I will be waiting”, but this person is just too kind.

Jin looked happy as well. He also said that he was looking forward to working together.

I could not bring out my voice to respond.

“So, do you have any ideas regarding seniors for the camp? If not, I can go find some.”(Gray)

I took several deep breaths to calm myself.
I was next to Gray at the moment, but that could easily change.
To keep that position, I would have to do well in the training camps or face being replaced.
I could not rejoice early.

I masked my emotions.
I must defend my position in this group to make sure not to let him down again.

“. . . Your Highness.”(Doyle)

“What is it?”(Gray)

“If we are talking about seniors, please leave it to me. I have found a particular senior that I would like to invite.”(Doyle)

“Leopardo Despector?”(Gray)

“You know of him?”(Doyle)

“I have heard rumors of him in the royal palace. The nobles that were interested in him claimed that he was the second coming of Palma Rumdi.”(Gray)

“I was planning on recruiting him as my subordinate soon. The timing right now makes it perfect. I will introduce you to him later after I recruit him.”(Doyle)

“Hmm . . . You and I are melee-ranged, Jin is mid-ranged, and Ballad is for information gathering. We have no doctor so having him come with us will make our team perfect. All three of us can use magic at a high enough level to supplement the need for a magician. Thus, there will be no problem if we do not have a magician . . . Jin, your thoughts? (Gray)

“I think it is a good idea as well.  We should be fine with Master Doyle and Your Highness at the front, but we may be in need of an expert doctor if things do go south. Also, that senior is a very good doctor. Thus, I am all for it as well.”(Jin)

“Very well, we will have Leopardo in our group. Are you going to be ok, as in asking him alone?”(Gray)

“Yes, I have an offer he cannot refuse.”(Doyle)

“Alright, then I will leave it to you. If you need help come to me for sure, ok?”(Gray)

“Please leave it to me, I will for sure recruit Leopard.”(Doyle)

“Okay, I trust you!”(Gray)


Gray had such a happy look on his face when he had said that.

I will not give up that position now, even if I do owe Lute. I cannot go to Gray and say that I will withdraw from his team. I have been by his side for a very long time and have seen him in a good mood many times. However, that was the first time I have ever seen him so happy.

He disregarded his status and came to call me out just because he wanted to tell me himself that we were in the same group.

I want to stand by him.
Even if people see me in a bad light again, I will not give up this position ever again.

I know I have said that I owe Lute. I do plan on repaying that debt, but it will be in a different form. I will not rain on Gray’s sunny mood. More importantly, I still have to go and pick up Claire.
I will respond to the expectations of the two people who I need to keep by my side.

“Doyle Von Aghinis! Fight me! If you lose, you must withdraw from His Highness’s team! If you wi-“(Lute)

“I refuse.”(Doyle)


“I refuse. No matter what you say, I refuse.”(Doyle)

Shock is all I can see on Lute’s face. I feel sorry for Lute, but I will refuse this match. I will refuse anyone who comes to me for this reason. Unless Gray himself tells me to fight in this duel, I will not do it.

“Are you running away! Coward!”(Lute)

“You can say whatever you want. I will still refuse your duel.”(Doyle)

I do not want to betray my friend anymore. I do not mind being called a coward or any other name, but to betray his expectations again is something I will not do again. If I can find a method that pleases both Gray and Lute, I will do it. Until I find such a method, I will always pick my friend’s hopes.

. . . I am still not at a point where I am able to surpass my father and grandfather

Even if I cannot protect the world right now, I want to at least protect what I can reach with my hands.

“Why do you run away!?”(Lute)

“I am not running away. It is for a different reason . . . To begin with, this selection was made using the selection matches held by the academy. I fought with Jin fair and square. I won with my own strength, and as a result, they have chosen me to be with His Highness.”(Doyle)

“I would have been picked if I was representative at the Oath ceremony!”(Lute)

“Do you really believe that? The Oath ceremony and Selection Matches are two different things. It is true that you would have been recognized by royalty if you had been representative at the ceremony, but the royal family does not pick the groups. The academy chose the people who could best protect His Highness, and based on that criterium, I was picked. That is why I refuse your match. I will not give up this position ever again. If you want me to apologize for the ceremony, I will say it until you are satisfied. If you want to hit me, please go ahead until you are satisfied. If you want me to grovel down at your feet, I will do such a thing, but I will not withdraw from my group.”(Doyle)

I walk up to him and proceed to sit down on the ground in a position that makes it clear I am ready to grovel at his feet anytime.

“I will never give up that position by my own will. If the academy makes the change, I will accept it and abide by it. Never will I say it from my own mouth. I want to be beside His Highness. I will protect that back with all my might. Thus, I am sorry Lute, but I will not accept your duel.”(Doyle)


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