Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 29

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 29

As I sit and wait for Lute’s reply, I think about what my next move will be if he does not back off. I can suddenly hear a horse rapidly approaching. I also hear many people exclaiming in surprised voices about the person coming. I would look at that person, but if I turn my attention from him, my standing will decrease. I keep looking at Lute and waiting for his reply. As the horse stops, I hear a very familiar voice.


“Your Highness, please wait!”(Jin)

“Doyle, stand up! Enough of what is going on right now!”(Gray)

“Yes, Your Highness!”(Doyle)

I respond softly to Gray’s voice. I cannot ignore this voice no matter what. I stand up and look towards Gray and Jin on their horses. Gray has a jet black horse and Jin has a brown-dark haired horse. They must have rushed here because the horses are breathing quite heavily.

“Your Highness.”(Lute)

“What is going on here!”(Gray)

“No, this-“(Lute)

“I declined Lute’s challenge to a duel because he wanted me to bet my position in Your Highness’s group.”(Doyle)

I interrupt the words Lute is about to say and speak the truth of what is happening here to Gray. Lute glares at me for being honest to Gray. He really does not understand anything, does he?

You idiot. You cannot make excuses here when we have such a big audience watching us.

It won’t even take five seconds to find out what happened here from another person. Gray only needs to ask someone else here to find out what happened. If he finds out later that we lied, then he will be more upset than he is right now. The correct course of action here is to just speak the truth to him.

“. . . The selection of the groups is done by the Academy. If you have any problems or complaints, make them to the academy and not Doyle.”(Gray)

The cold tone from before has lessened, and Gray is now talking in slightly calmer manner. I see Jin breathe a sigh of relief from seeing Gray calm. Jin, here is advice from a person who has regularly made him angry at the drop of a hat. Always tell him the truth if there is a real problem. It will keep him calm and discourage any punishment. While I know this, I still made him angry back then for fun.

“Your Highness, if I was the representative at the entrance ceremony, I may have been in the same group as you!”(Lute)

“That is not possible.”(Gray)

“Why is that? I was the top student in the previous years. It is more than just possible!”(Lute)

“Previous years do not matter when it come to the selection of groups.”(Pife)

Lute keeps trying to appeal to Gray . . . You sure have courage, don’t you? Well, I know that there is no way that Lute will even touch Gray like when he was about to hit me. Thus, I am not worried. Rather, I think Lute should stop or Gray’s opinion of him will get worse.

Now I have to think of a method to break up this situation. As I am thinking this, Mr. Hengst arrives in between Gray and Lute.

“It is true that the overall top person is the one who is chosen to be the representative at the entrance ceremony, but the groups are based purely on the Selection Matches that were held earlier. His Highness’s group must have the strongest people in the first year. Therefore, Aghinis who had beaten Speiz was chosen to be a part of His Highness’s group. Shouldn’t your displeasure be directed at Speiz instead of Aghinis who won?”(Pife)

“But Master Jin is His Highness’s aide. I thought it was implied that master and servant would be in the same group?”(Lute)

“Yes, that is true, but in half of those cases, they were split due to insufficient ability and low chances of survival.”(Pife)

“Then why is Ballad in the same group as His Highness? His battle ability is non-existent!”(Lute)

“Robe has better information gathering skills than most of the kingdom spies. His aptitude for this will greatly help them. Also, we must consider all the other students as well. His Highness, Aghinis, and Spiez are 3 strongest in the first year. Having someone like Robe will balance them with the other groups. Also, Spiez has only recently become His Highness’s aide because he was the top in-terms of strength in the previous year, right? This would mean that he is better than you. Thus, Aghinis who beat him without a single injury is more than qualified to be in the same group as His Highness. This is the consensus of all the teachers. Even the teachers who are still opposed to Aghinis being part of the nobles’ circle agreed with this proposal.”(Pife)

The way Mr. Hengst is speaking signals to Lute that he should give up. Lute becomes silent. As I am still beside him, I can hear the next thing he whispers.

“Damnit, then my plan of using His Highness to obtained a higher rank will . . .”(Lute)


As I am still right beside him, I can hear the line he whispers. I wonder if I really heard his words correctly, but upon taking another look at his face, I can see that I did not hear wrong.

What did he say?
He wants to use Gray to obtain a higher rank?
I thought you were just against me?


His words cause me stop thinking, and my mind goes went blank as I try to suppress my anger.

“Yes! I am always ready for battle. Thus if Lute really wants to fight, I will give him a match!”(Jin)

Hearing Mr. Hengst words, Jin starts to get more hyped for a fight with Lute. I want to say that Jin has nothing to do with this, but I do not even have the mind to care. I feel intense anger coming from within my body, and I try to suppress to the best of my abilities.

I do not care what you think of me. I do not care if you think I should not be beside Gray, but the reason you want to do this is because you want to be a noble! Do not screw with me.
He may have been the top overall in the previous years, but his battle ability is on par with the level of the average student here. This weakling wants to protect Gray?

I try to stop my hand from trembling from anger.

You want to use my friend as a pathway to career advancement at the risk of his life!

“Jin, stop fooling around and stop talking! Doyle, stop fooling around and start talking!”(Gray)

Gray tries to restrain Jin who looks like he wants to quickly get on his horse and get his spear to do battle. Lute seems to remember I am right beside him from Gray’s words. I stare him in the eye.

“Wh-what is it?”(Lute)


Lute takes one step backwards with a fearful expression after seeing my face. I think I am directing  a lot of bloodlust towards him right now, and my eyes must be really frightening right now as well. I ask a question in a whisper so only he can hear it.

“Do you want to be a noble?”(Doyle)


I am convinced that I did not mishear him earlier.

To advance his career, he wants to endanger my best friend!

I do not care what you do with your life Lute. Lots of people who have graduated from this academy has become a baron or marquis. Some in the past have obtained even higher ranks as well. It all depends on how hard you work in this academy, how you spend your time, and what people you have connections with. This guy could easily become a noble through becoming a bureaucrat or something else if he uses his brain, but no, he wants to use my friend’s life as a stepping stone.

He wants to endanger Gray by being in the same group as him, even though he is a weakling. The anger which has been building inside me has cooled my head down for some reason. I am quite scared at how calm I am. I thought it was something just in books, but I guess when you reach the pinnacle of your anger, it starts to cool you down. I have learned a valuable lesson today.


I think he feels my behavior strange and calls my name to check if I am alright. I am sorry Gray, but I am going to do something that may hurt you again.

I cannot let this slide.

“—I will do it.”(Doyle)


“I will accept your match.”(Doyle)


“I am telling you that I accept your duel!”(Doyle)


Gray screams something at me, but I ignore that and continue talking to Lute.

“What kind of match do you want?’(Doyle)

“So, you accept huh, hahaha?’(Lute)

“What is the match?”(Doyle)

“Doyle, stop!”(Gray)

“Noon, 3 days from now, we will compete in match race show jumping*!”(Lute)

Tlnote: Show Jumping is a sport where the horse jump over obstacles, they have many different types of obstacles and match race is where two people compete in this event.  

“I understand . . . You saved yourself.”(Doyle)

“Doyle, no, st-!”(Gray)

“I have my own conditions”(Doyle)

“. . . Conditions?”(Lute)

I cut off Gray and tell Lute that I also have one condition.

“If I win, do not ever go near His Highness.”(Doyle)


“There will be no match if you cannot accept this decision .”(Doyle)

If he does not accept this condition, then of course I also have no reason to accept this match.
Lute looks at me and starts to think for a moment. If his dream is to become a noble, not being able to come near Gray will make that dream disappear forever. He cannot refuse me either after making this much noise. I also cannot back out either.

“I understand! I will accept your condition! Do not run away Doyle!”(Lute)

“That is what I should be saying to you.”(Doyle)

“What do you think you are doing, Doyle!”(Gray)

“Three days from now.”(Lute)

As soon as he hears my acknowledgment, Lute disappears into the crowd.

“Wait! Lute Stapp!”(Gray)

Gray tried to stop him, but it did not work. Lute could not be seen anymore. Gray turns and looks at me.

There is a silence among us.
Jin, Mr. Hengst, Ballad and Luce also all look at me and Gray.

“. . . Why did you accept the duel?’(Gray)

Gray broke the silence, his voice was low and was full of sadness.

“I am sorry.”(Doyle)

“Tell him you refuse the match!”(Gray)

“I cannot, I am sorry”(Doyle)

“Go do it now!”(Gray)

“I am sorry.”(Doyle)

“I am ordering you to go and refuse the match!”(Gray)

I can only say I am sorry to him and nothing more. He even orders me to refuse in a voice that sounds very close to crying. His expression is filled with both sorrow and frustration.

“I am truly sorry, Gray”(Doyle)


I bite my lips when I see Gray who looks like he wants to cry but can’t. I am sorry Gray, but I cannot forgive Lute. I will not stop this match even if you ordered me to do so.

I have such a fickle mind. Just a few moments ago, I was going to refuse Lute no matter what for Gray’s happiness. Now I am refusing Gray and making him sad.

“I am sorry, Gray, but I must do this.”(Doyle)

I lower my head to him, and a silence spreads out again. The mood is very heavy, and no one utters a single word.

Gray breaks the silence.

“You can do whatever you want! I do not care anymore!”(Gray)

“Your Highness!”(Jin)

“Come on, Jin, we are leaving!”(Gray)

“Your Highness, but-“(Jin)

“We are leaving! The fool can stay!”(Gray)

“Yes, Your Highness.”(Jin)

After saying those first words, Gray walks towards his horse and calls Jin to leave. Jin seems to be hesitant about going, but he gives up after a while and gets on top of his horse to leave as well.

I keep my head down until I can not hear his horse anymore.

I raise my face and dust the dirt off my pants. I then approach Mr. Hengst.

“Mr. Hengst”(Doyle)

“. . . Do you need something, Aghinis?”(Pife)

“Can you lend a free space and tools to practice jumping?”(Doyle)

“. . . Sure.”(Pife)


“Yes, Master Doyle.”(Balllad)

I get the tools to practice jumping for the match and call Ballad. As he knows what I want, he hands me the reins to Blanc and says,

“I will help you set up the course.”(Ballad)

I got on top of Blanc and he seems to be worried about me. I stroke his mane to indicate that I am fine. I then stroll over to Luce who is also uneasy.

“Luce, you guys keep practicing with Eleanor and build up some skill.”(Doyle)


“I entrust my subordinates to you, Eleanor. Please take good care of them.”(Doyle)

“. . . I will, I promise Master Doyle.”(Eleanor)

“I will prepare some medicine in advance for you. Send Ballad over in a little while to come and pick it up, ok?”(Leo)

“Thank you.”(Doyle)

I ask Eleanor to take care of Luce and the others. Leo seems to have noticed my intentions and says that he will prepare medicine for me in advance while making a difficult face. Leo is such a clever subordinate.

After seeing that I have finished talking, Mr. Hengst tells me to follow him after getting one his horse. I wave to Luce and the others, tell them to be careful while practicing, and start to follow Mr. Hengst.  


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