Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 31

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I understand that this Arc is quite boring, but rejoice there is only 3 more chapters left of it than we get to the training camp arc which in they fight demons & stuff. Please bear with it, and I am also saying this to myself as I quite dislike this arc as well.

On later note, Samurai Jack is awesome, Aku was so funny in the last episode.

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 31

Although I still cannot find a solution to my problem, I do feel much better after dunking my head into the water. As I lift my head back out, I feel the water start to drip from my hair onto my clothes. I try to take a towel out from my subspace storage to clean my hair.

“Here you go, Master Doyle.” (Jin)

“Oh, thank you.” (Doyle)

However, a towel is presented to me before I have the opportunity to take one out of the subspace. I receive the towel out of reflex, and thank the person. I look to see who gave me the towel and see that it is Jin.

I am surprised that I was not able to sense his presence. I understand that he is an excellent fighter, but for him to escape my detection is amazing. The only one who can do that around me is Ballad due to his skills in covert operations and information gathering. Thus, I feel frustrated at the fact that Jin can sneak past my senses.

While feeling frustrated at not noticing Jin, I wipe my hair and glance around the field. However, I do not see anyone other than Jin here. I feel the tension leave my body and realize that I was half-expecting him . . . It makes me feel like I ate something bitter.

I am too optimistic. There is no way he would come.

I finish wiping my hair and return my attention to Jin. He has been waiting for me to finish wiping my hair and stretches out his hand to receive the towel.


“How are you feeling, Master Doyle?”(Jin)

Jin asks me how I am feeling as I return the towel to him. I do not answer because my answer would be that I am feeling awful. I do not feel that I should confide my problems to Jin. Rather, how does he always ask the questions or touch the topics that are the hardest to talk about? It is as if he can see right through me.

Jin does not know why I picked the fight with Lute. I am sure he was watching me when I fell from the horse because of the Oxer. I think the previous question is more of an icebreaker question that most nobles use when they interact with each other before going on to the main subject.

However, when I take into account that the one asking the question is Jin, I start to wonder if he even knows about these customs and habits. I also do not want to answer that I am not doing well, so I will just stay silent and move on to the next topic.

I look at Jin again and see the horse he has brought with him. The coat of the horse is a nice gray/dark color, and I see that he has a saddle on it to show that he has tamed it. It looks like a good horse and suits someone like Jin. The color of his horse is the color I wanted my ninja horse to be before I got my fine horse.

. . . I feel like God is playing a prank on me using Jin.

I am glad I have Blanc now, and I do not have any future plans of going back to look for a ninja horse. However, seeing Jin obtain a horse like that makes me think that God is playing a prank on me by using him.

“How are you doing? Is there something you require?”(Doyle)

I try to make my voice as natural as possible to hide my depressed mood.

“. . . Did I come at a bad time? I heard that you were over here, so I came to check out the situation.”(Jin)

“No, I am taking a break right now, so it is fine.”(Doyle)

“May I have some of your time then?”(Jin)

“Sure, I do not mind.”(Doyle)

“Thank you!”(Jin)

I think he must have noticed that I am depressed at the moment and asks me if he is bothering me. I tell him no and try my best to hide my mood from him again. When I say no, I think I saw the ears and tail illusion again. I wonder if I get the skill [Feelings of a Dog], will I be able to understand his feelings more clearly? As I am thinking this, I point at the fence just a short distance from the water well and suggest that we sit down.

“How about we sit down there?”(Doyle)


After we both hook the reins of our horses on the fence, we sit down with our backs against the fence. He sits next to me, and I wonder what he is going to ask me. There is no point in asking why I did something like that. Even though I know I said I am doing it for Gray, the foremost reason is that I just hate Lute.
I ask him why he came so far to find me.

“So, what is the reason for your visit, Jin?”(Doyle)

“Please, you do not need to talk so formally with me, Master Doyle! I wanted to ask you about something, thus I have came to visit you!”(Jin)

“Okay. Also, it is fine for you to just call me Doy-”(Doyle)

“No, I could not do such a thing. You are the future Duke of Aghinis!”(Jin)

I tell Jin that it is fine for him to call me Doyle, but he refuses me before I can even finish the sentence. I am not going to continue this topic with him since I know he will not budge.

I think he needs to learn the etiquette of the noble circle. I should ask Sebastian to teach him. He should know that it is rude to refuse a person who gives you the same courtesy you gave them. I really want to say this, but I will endure it and return us back to the main topic. It is hard to follow Jin, and his train of thought.

“. . . Please address me the way you want. So what is the thing you want to ask me?”(Doyle)

Jin repositions himself and faces me in a stiff sitting position. He has a serious expression on. This is very new for him, and I am getting a sense of fatigue that is different from when Ballad enters his praising mode.

“. . . I do not mean to offend you, and I am fine with you refusing to answer this question, but if you can answer, then please do answer this question, Master Doyle.”(Jin)

“If it is nothing complicated, I will try to answer it to the best of my abilities.”(Doyle)

I reply to Jin who speaks in a serious tone.

“Why do you so unyieldingly refuse help from His Highness?”(Jin)

This is quite the unexpected question.
I am honestly impressed by Jin’s question. I thought he would ask why I accepted the match, or why did I betray Gray’s expectations. I thought this last time during the Selection Matches, but I do have to say that he is very observant despite being unable to read the mood.

“. . . What makes you think that, Jin?”(Doyle)

I answer his question with another question. I will listen to people if they have a question for me, but Doyle Von Aghinis is not that nice of a person to always obediently answer everything he is asked. Also, I am really interested in Jin who asked such a question and how he arrived at such a conclusion.

“. . . To ask what made me think this is quite troublesome as I do not have a clear answer . . . but I suppose I felt it or it was intuition.”(Jin)

“Felt it?”(Doyle)

“Yes . . . when the groups were announced, Master Doyle was very easily able to see through His Highness’s mood, and two days ago, even though you knew your actions would make him angry, you still went through with it. I also feel that His Highness has a grasp on your feelings, but not to the level of how you understand him. His Highness that day wanted to help you out during the argument with Lute, and he rushed there at amazing speed. I was not surprised by this because during the group announcement, I felt that you two have a very deep bond that I cannot reach at this moment.”(Jin)

I am surprised at this response.
I knew that Gray had rushed to the scene that day and put himself in between me and Lute. He also defended my position in the group as well. I am truly surprised that Jin gave such response. It is both vague in the way it does not answer my question directly and informative as I can understand the essence of his answer from this response.

“So on that day, I felt that you had pushed him away from you. You had rejected his help and wanted to complete this by yourself . . . All His Highness wants to do is to help you. His Highness wants to make up for lost time and help you right now, but Master Doyle strongly refuses to accept his help. Why do you do this? I have no doubt His Highness will be happier if you accept his help. You can understand the feelings of His Highness more than anyone else. That is the reason I have come to ask that question.”(Jin)

I think at this moment that even if I am not beside Gray in the future, he will be properly taken care of by Jin. With this person by your side, I believe you will become an incredible king in the future, Gray. I remember a conversation I had with my father when I was little about the most important trait for the person who stands beside the king. I still remember how he asked me the question.

“. . . Jin, what do you think is the most important trait to have as the person who stands beside the King?”(Doyle)


“I will give you a hint. It is not strength, intelligence, observation skills, supreme loyalty, or honesty. After giving you these hints, what do you think is the most important trait for person who is beside the king?”(Doyle)

“The most important trait for the person who stands beside the King?”(Jin)

“By the way, my father asked me this question when I was young. I also answered this question correctly when I was asked by him.”(Doyle)

“Well then, I must give it my all to answer it!”(Jin)

That is a lie, I did not get the answer correct and kept thinking about it for an entire week. I gave up after a week and had my father tell me the answer. My father taught me that this is also an important lesson to learn if you want to become a [hero].
I remember that I was exactly like Jin during that time, thinking with my brows furrowed. My father waited until I had given up to give me the answer. Thus, I will also wait until Jin gives up to give him the answer.

“Ahhhhh! I give up Master Doyle, I do not know!”(Jin)

Jin has been thinking for quite some time.

“I could not think of the answer Master Doyle. Please tell me what is the correct answer!”(Jin)

He is a straightforward guy, but I think his straightforwardness is what makes him stand above all others. Though he does need to learn to hide his expressions and moods.

“The most important trait for a person who stands beside the king to have is . . .”(Doyle)


“To never rely on the King.”(Doyle)


When he hears my answer, Jin facial expression becomes this . I burst out into laughter because of his face.

I remember my father also burst into laughter that day after I heard the answer. I guess I must have made that face as well.





(1) Show jumping starts off with the rider walking and strolling along the course. This is done to gauge the speed and distance required for each jump and understand how many steps are needed. Doyle has already done that part and is now starting his jumps over the obstacles. The rider must jump over the obstacles in the order they themselves have specified beforehand to the judge.

(2) More show jumping terms. Levels are the height of fences, 0 is the shortest and 9 is the tallest. Oxers also have levels. An Oxer is two fences that are placed closely together |  | like this but with the second one being taller than the first. This is an ascending oxer.

(3) A course can have up to 13 jumps. A single level can consist of up to three jumps. Here level 7 is a double combination jump meaning it has two jumps in a row. A combination jump is classified by how many strides you can take in between. The rules of show jumping officially say that when there are only two strides between jumps, that is a combination jump. A square Oxer is when both fences are the same height, and since it is combined with level 8 and 9 which are the tallest jumps, this is very hard to pull off.   

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