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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa - 38 - Zenith Novels

Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – 38

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I have some bad news, this month just got even more packed for me, work is having problems and exams are also a pain. I cannot fulfill my promise of 2 chapter per week this month and have to dwindle down to 1 per week. You may give donations, but I will not be able to post them until may. I am really sorry.

Thank you for Axelia for editing.

Axelia is soon going to start her own novel and will post it on Aurarealm our brother site,(cant really say sister given what is posted one there). please do check it out when it is released. I will be posting a link on the chapters as well.

Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni wa – 38

We easily defeat the warbits. Although they are fast and have the ability to jump quite high, they are weak. Thus, a very easy demon to hunt. We are lucky to have encounter this many warbits at the beginning. I take care of five, Gray takes care of three, and Jin takes care of two. Jin’s low kill count is a result of the bad matchup between spears and the jumping ability of the warbits.

We start to skin them and collect the materials. The pelt of a warbit is very popular with noble women, as it is soft and fluffy. It is a material that always fetches a high price. The meat will serve as dinner for us today. Leo and his group are great cooks.

It is always good to have meat after some hearty exercise.

For the camp, we received three days worth of water and rations, as well as some low level medicinal herbs for any injuries. Self-sufficiency is key for this training camp and preserving the food will lead to success. The academy confiscates all food and any other materials that may help you out in terms of water and food. They do allow seasonings to be brought to flavor the food you gather though.

The training camp actually ends on the afternoon of the third day. We have to meet up in the village at that time, so we actually have two days to gather the materials to sell. Sometimes students who are particularly big eaters retire early and leave the camp. There are also people who encounter dangerous demons by chance, have to be rescued, and then sent back. I am not a big eater and am sure that I can survive the three days alone. However, I can hunt for food, so why would I need to starve myself? If you can endure and add the meat to the collection of materials, you can have a much higher score. Despite this, a unanimous decision is made to use the warbit meat as food. This is mostly due to the fact that we are confident that our team will be fine in terms of collecting materials.

While I watch the warbits being turned into materials and lumps of meat, I breathe a sigh of relief. I am already exhausted from the matter regarding Lute and Gray. Having an empty stomach will add even more to that exhaustion.

“Oh, Don Doyle! You are really strong.”(Rodric)

“The ice attribute is really useful for preserving the meat and materials we have gathered.”(Sarane)

“. . . Thank you”(Doyle)

“We will have this finished in a jiffy, Don Doyle!”(Rodric)

While I watch them skinning the warbits, the two seniors speak to me about the ice attribute. Although I hesitate, I somehow continue the conversation.

They praise for me having the ice attribute. I know they do not mean any harm when they say “Don Doyle”, but Gray looks like he has found something funny while Jin looks like he found something interesting. I do not like either expression.

While speaking to the two seniors, I secretly leak out a sigh again. The seniors Rodric and Sarane Terapear are fraternal twins. Rodric is a boy and Sarane is a girl. They have the same face, the same hint of green black hair, and the same green eyes. They enjoy wearing the same clothes and having the same hairstyles to trick their friends and seeing their reactions*. They do this since they know that in a few years, they will be completely different when they both grow up.  Even though they joke around a lot, they have superb skill in the medicinal department. The older brother Rodric is knowledgeable in treatment medicine, and his little sister Sarane is good at developing and creating new medicines.

Tlnote: This is reference to the twins in Ouran Highschool Host Club, Hikaru and Kaoru. They like to play these types of pranks as well.  

Leo said this when I asked about them.

“Those two are proof that geniuses and idiots walk a paper thin line.”(Leo)

I am sure that even though he says that, he will make them his future right hand and left hand subordinates. They were together during the horsemanship lessons as well. They are on good terms.

They are seniors with a peculiar hobby, but their skill at collecting materials is better than all of us except Leo. Leo gives them instructions when they do not know how to skin an animal or are unfamiliar with something. They seemed to be fine when we were introduced to each other formally, but right now, Gray keeps his distance and watches them with a distant expression. I feel as though the distance between us has widened. I wonder if it is because of the decision regarding whether to interact with the seniors or his problem with me. I believe the seniors are creating more conflict in his mind than I am, maybe?

I look at the Warbits and think about the positions and roles of the group. Ballad is in charge of the  detection of demons. Me, Jin, and Gray are in charge of fighting them. Then the seniors collect the materials. We are now waiting for the seniors to collect the materials. We did try and help them as well to speed up the work, but we could not skin the demons and beasts properly and ended up wasting some of the materials. We decided to leave it to the seniors, and they also told us to stop since we were just making more work for them.

“Big Bro, I cannot get this out.”(Rodric)

“Oh, yeah, just take whatever you can from that one, and leave the rest.”(Leo)


When I look at the warbit the seniors are talking about, I see it was the one hit by Gray. The warbit is almost completely buried into the ground.

The lower body is completely in the ground, while the head is the only thing sticking out. It is certainly dead because the skull is caved in. I do not think there is any salvageable material there, but I think Leo he said something like that because he saw something there he could take. However, Gray sure has gotten stronger. I wonder if he used that much power when he hit me. If it is true, then I do not need to worry. I do swallow some spit when the possibility of him having not used his full power for that hit crosses my mind.  

I look over at Gray again and see that he is wiping the dirt off his mace. The few rays of sunlight that break through the tree leaves cause it to shine.

If he does forgive me and that was not his full power at the selection matches, I will try my very best to either dodge his attacks or not make him angry . . . I have very little confidence in the latter. I tell myself this and try to keep it in my heart. I have to start training more to get stronger as well.

I sit down while watching the seniors deal with the buried warbit. I look over at Jin who seems restless and is frequently glancing between me and Gray. Jin, I do not know if Gray is angry or if he wants something from me. I cannot even discern the reason why he changes the subject each time I try to apologize.

“Master Doyle, I have returned.”(Ballad)

“Oh, welcome back.”(Doyle)

While thinking about those problems, Ballad comes back from scouting ahead and checking out the surroundings.

“There seems to be no more demons in the current vicinity.”(Ballad)

“Well done, have you found a good place to take a rest?”(Doyle)

“Yes, actually our current location is the perfect place to take a rest.”(Ballad)

This place . . it is a good area that is clear and has water nearby. It also save us time, so I think taking a lunch break right now would be a good idea.

“Are we taking a break right now?”(Sarane)

“Yes, we will take that break after you guys finish that last one.”(Leo)


Leo responds to the twins when they overhear my conversation with Ballad. Even though he says it in a rough way, he is still properly looking out for them. I wait until the seniors are done with the last warbit to tell Gray and Jin about taking a break. However, what Rodric says after he raises his head and turns to Gray is something neither me or Leo could have expected.

“Consigliere Gray, Underboss Jin*! We are taking a lunch break!”(Rodric)

Tlnote: Consigliere is someone a mafia family always consults before taking action. The underboss is someone who is in second in command.


“Consigliere Gray, what is that?”(Sarane)

“It’s cool right? Since he is going to be related to Don Doyle in the future, I went with advisor to the family, Consigliere Gray. I have been thinking about this all morning and finally came up with a good one!”(Rodric)

“Consigliere Gray . . . Consigliere Gray . . . Yeah! It’s cool!”(Sarane)

“I know right?”(Rodric)

“Like hell it’s cool, you stupid twins!”(Leo)

Leo gives Rodric a bro fist to his head, and lightly gives Sarane flick on the forehead. One rubs his head while the other rubs her forehead.

“Big bro, that hurts!”(Sarane)

“Of course it hurts! Why did you have to come with such weird names? Apologize to His Highness!”(Leo)

“Why! Those names are cool! I thought long and hard about what to come up with that relates to Don Doyle while also keeping him in the family.”(Rodric)

“Yeah, we are calling him someone who even the don has to consult with. It’s a form of respect”(Sarane)

“Why are you guys so insistent on this mafia family stuff! Why can’t they be just normal Doyle-sama or His Highness!”(Leo)

“Because that’s boring.”(Sarane)

“That is normal!”(Leo)

The two reject calling Gray, His Highness, and receive a stronger bro fist and flick to the forehead. I wonder why they stick to the mafia family name thing so much? I wondered why Rodric had such a serious look since the morning, but to think it was for this reason. I can it take as a joke, and technically they are correct. However, to say that to the future king is wrong.

I try to retort as well, but before I can, Leo gives them a bro fist and flick again. It is softer this time. I try to glance over at Jin and Gray to see what their reactions are, but I feel kind of scared to do that.

I have this complex feeling that Gray will be boiling with anger. I have to fix this since they are going to be my subordinates in the future. I look over at Jin and he seems really happy at the name. I guess he likes the word boss being there.

I look over at the all important Gray and notice he is still smiling, but his mace is in his hands and is facing me. I can tell even right now what kind of mood he is in. He is calm but angry, and he keeps it in because they are my subordinates and do not mean any harm. I think the idea of being family with me kind of goes against everything he has fought for during the last 10 years.

I look back at the warbit and am slightly glad that he is in this awkward state now. If he was in his normal state of mind, he would have come straight for me with that mace.

While looking at Gray, I see he has that [gentle and calm prince] expression on. I wonder if he has stopped treating me as his friend and has started treating me like a stranger. I know I did let him down when I used my position as a bet, but I did not think I let him down so much to the point he would start treating me like a stranger.

A few months ago when he said he would be waiting. Even though we were only a few steps apart,  I feel as if the distance between us has gotten much wider, and I might have missed my opportunity. I stop thinking about these things, and go over to Leo and the other seniors to stop their squabbling.

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