Amaku Yasashii Sekai De Ikiru Ni Wa – Illustrations Volume 1

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My friend Aki has scanned the pictures and have also cleaned it up a bit with a bit of editing

Here are Volume 1 illustrations

ALso Please thank Immortal Dreamer for helping me get on picture



Characters in order from left to right

Gray Von Majesta, Claire Von Majesta, Jin Von Spiez, Leopardo Despector,

Meryl Rumedi, Ballad Robe, Serena Von Aghinis, Alan Von Aghinis, Doyle Von Aghinis, Zeno Von Aghinis,




Doyle’s Declaration to Jin in Chapter 10

Doyle’s Father Alan beating the demon lord

Doyle making his Oath in Chapter 3, Doyle’s Parents Alan and Serena

Gray telling Doyle off in Chapter 5

Ballad and Sebastian in Chapter 6

Gray comforting Claire in Chapter 7

Doyle and Jin fighting in the stadium Chapter 11

Doyle’s Grandfather trying to retire in Chapter 13

Doyle’s Prank on Leopardo in Chapter 18

Claire hugging the flowers in chapter 21

Horse charging at Doyle in chapter 24

That is it for the volume now it is just concept art

Doyle Von Aghinis                  Gray Von Majesta                             Claire Von Majesta



Ballad Robe                                 Alan & Serena Von Aghinis       Leopardo Despector


Luce Hendra/Solcier Strega/ Jeff Burka                  Zeno Von Aghinis/ Meryl Rumedi

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  • 1_chan

    Oh my…Doyle looks much cooler than I imagined him to be :00

    • Decaf

      IDK he looks a little… gray.

  • I like more his mother design than the princess, she should have been the heroine!

    • Decaf

      Right?! I was so shocked, and a little frightened that a rival would appear in the first volume, when I saw her drawing that looks way too young to have given birth to a child! Both parents look absurdly young! Being adept at healing apparently reduces sag!

      • From Thesun

        she is only 35 I believe

        • Decaf

          That’s… she was 19 then… wow…

          • From Thesun

            20, Doyle is 15

      • if the princess would have been the one with that design then I would have no problems! but now it is one of my regrets for this series…

        • Tabeleta

          Serena kind of resembles Iris from Duke’s Daughter Novel. She looks to be strong, kind and independent. Doesn’t look like a little sister at all.

          I like Claire’s design, it gives that small animal aura that makes others want to protect and make her happy. I can understand why Gray is a siscon 😀

      • Ichi

        You know she’s still only 14 so obviously she can’t be big like his mother yet. But with her blessing by the Goddess of Love it’s very likely that her figure would be very enchanting when she is fully grown up

  • kirindas

    Thanks for the illustrations~

  • Om nerabdator

    this is in dire need of a anime

    • Coldrenfar

      no, it does not. I rather hate an anime adaptation when the original story still not completed yet. in the end they’ll change stuff here and there to the point the original story become bland. So, no!!!!

      • Om nerabdator

        i dont mean right now 😛
        But yea i agree with you too, that fullmetal alchemist second half was abysmal and who on the team hated Rose that much to put her through all that crap then kill off her and her child in that movie….ugh, thank christ they redone it with brotherhood

  • sfcipher

    Thank you for posting these.

  • AnonymousX

    Doyle’s father looks rather menacing while his mother looks so young and innocent. Then you have his father, who looks like he’s right out of the Three Kingdoms. I love it.

  • MahfudzK

    Women jealousy’s new target: Doyle’s mother

  • Dimas Bimo

    Plot Twist : Serena isn’t Doyle’s real mother, but Meryl is. Serena is falsifying her age, she is tasked since childhood to protect him at all cost. Because of some dangerous circumstances, she, Alan, and the rest of the family set up this whole bogus act. And you know what will happen next :^D

    Just joking xD, but really though Serena is so lovely, her attitude is amazing, and she’s just so pretty….. But Claire is definitely interesting too, just need more screentime and improvement i think. Thanks for the pictures 😀

  • Rasta

    “Doyle’s Grandfather trying to retire in Chapter 13” I thought he was fighting a dragon or something.

  • Askurai

    as ive seen the raws Aghinis shoud be Agnis (german name) it is a female givenname but here used as a surname… the most of the names are german themed or at least europeen themed.. the von in the surname was for aristocrats…. examples: von Bismark, von wartenburg,

  • Nii Ringo

    I actually already know from the cover that Doyle and Claire both are beautiful, but boy…. Ballad is too cute! xD