Headless Dullahan – Chapter 8

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Headless Dullahan 1-8: Friendly Fire

In the end, we deposit Sisty’s money as collateral to the elder who is this village’s chief, and then we go to the woods nearby to kill the goblins.

I somewhat expected a low level quest like this. In the game, I used to run around doing quests just like these to level up.

Upon reaching a village, I now need to return to the forest on foot right away, but unlike before, the tension is high.

I’m originally a Dullahan, so I don’t feel tired.

Now, I’m talking to people for the first time in a while. Even the act of doing so is fun.

Although, Sisty is a bit weary.

But despite the forest being in the same area, the scenery is completely different because of the animals and monsters living here.

These trees are not so high and the forest is not so dim; there are also many animal trails around, making the forest look like a maze.

Walking along the trails and among the bushes, I feel like monsters will attack us at any moment.

“Here, use this for the time being.”

Sisty, who is walking next to me, stops and hands me an object she takes from her waist.

As I unwrap the cloth covering it, I can see a gold- and blue-colored scabbard.

The length is about 60 centimeters, I guess? This is normally referred to as a dagger.

Delicate patterns are carved on the handle and scabbard. At a glance, this dagger looks very costly.

Wanting to check the blade, I unsheathe the dagger. A beautiful white blade is uncovered.

The blade shines brightly, reflecting sunlight.

With this, I sheathe it back in its scabbard.

“This… would fetch a good price…….”

Don’t say you can buy a big mansion with just one of these. If that’s the case, then I won’t be able to use it with peace of mind.

“It’s not that expensive. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can break it.”

“Really? I won’t be charged with ridiculous amounts of money if I break it? I’m penniless, you know.”

“I won’t do that. More than that: don’t pull my cape roughly like you did before!”

Sisty lightly brushes off my doubtful words. While at it, she also emphasize her advice about the cape.

“Is – Is that actually a high-class item!?”

When I pulled at it earlier, there was no sign of it being a high-class item. No, it may be armor with a special effect or created with magic tools.

In any case, this is a fantasy world with swords and magic; it must have magic weapons or magic armor.

“It’s not like that, it’s worth less than the dagger…. But, it’s a memento of my mother, so it’s the most important thing to me.”

Sisty narrows blue eyes and tightly grips her cape of the same color like one clutching treasure.

Most likely it’s either something that was used by her deceased mother, or specially knitted for her.

Did I just pull something that important roughly?

Now I understand why Sisty kicked me at the time.

“I’m sorry, I will not grab it roughly anymore.”

“I-It’s fine. Just be careful next time okay?”

As I apologize obediently, Sisty smiles and waves her hand left and right.

I need to be careful so we don’t have a similar incident again. She might be the type that easily forgives the first time it happens, but becomes scary if it’s done repeatedly.

“Th-Thank you. I will also make an effort to not break the dagger.”

“… It’s probably going to break, isn’t it.”

“There they are. Goblins.”

As we explore the forest, we find the goblins, the target of this quest. We observe them from behind the foliage for now.

An oni-faced creature with green skin, pointed ears, and a big nose, this is a standard monster in fantasy settings.

Four goblins are walking on the open road. They each hold a club in one of their hands.

Even though they should be difficult to find if they try to mimic bushes or trees along the animal trails, they walk openly on the road instead, making them easy to spot.

The goblins in the Devil Forest are more cunning in the sense that they hide themselves in the shade of trees and only jump out if they find prey.

Apparently, depending on the environment, the same types of monsters might have varied behaviour.

“All right then, Duke assaults the goblins and draws their attention; I will cast magic in the gap you make.”

“Ou, leave it to me.”

I stalk closer to the goblins while making sure they’re unable to detect me. Once I reach the limits of my cover, I jump out all at once.

This kind of monster is one I defeated repeatedly while I was in Devil Forest.

I won’t lose against some goblins with lower intelligence.

Sisty most likely won’t even need to use her magic at all.

Looking at the figures of Sisty and I, who suddenly emerge from the bushes, the goblins retreat in vigilance.

As if to encourage themselves, the four raise their voices in an ear-splitting noise.

I unsheathe the dagger borrowed from Sisty and slam it down on the head of the goblin in the front.

Of course, it’s just a swing without skill and only brute force, but the dagger goes through the goblin’s head, splitting it in two like butter.

Ooooo, it’s properly cut off! Or rather, it’s beyond that. I never expected it would be split so cleanly.

“Ohh, not only does it look really good, it’s also really sharp?”

Do they understand that I just killed one of their comrades? The leftover goblins suddenly raise their voices again as if conveying their anger.

“Eh – Ehhh? That dagger can cut goblins in two? N-Nevermind that for now, we’re in battle.”

I can hear Sisty’s voice from behind me, but I can barely catch the meaning because of the goblins’ bizzare sounds.

If you have time to roar, then come at me instead.

As soon as I think that, one of the goblins leap over.

Although I’m too fast for the wooden club to hit me, I still intercept it with a kick.

With a Dullahan’s power, the kick hits the goblin’s abdomen hard – and so, the goblin is thrown a ways off while vomiting.


I can hear the stupefied voice of Sisty from behind me.

The goblins look at their comrade that got blown away, then step back as if frightened.

That’s normal considering they just saw their friend get kicked like a ball right in front of them.

“Oii, the magic hasn’t come out yet?”

I’m itching to see magic here.

“I – I know! It’s dangerous, so step aside. I will cast the magic now!”


As I move gleefully away from the goblins, puzzled expressions show up on their faces.

At that moment, Sisty’s scream echoes around us.

“Crimson flame, gather in my hands and release the power ‘Fireball’!”


A fireball forms in Sisty’s outstretched hand. This is what you call a classic example of magic.

As I watch the magic happen, raising my voice in excitement, the fireball heads straight toward the goblins……


Although the fireball is directed right at the goblins, the trajectory suddenly changes as if it’s attracted to me.

Oioi, why is the fireball turning around and coming at me!?

“That’s why I said to step aside before!”

No, no, I heard that and I’m also far away from the goblins, aren’t I!?

The fireball that unexpectedly altered its course and made right for me lands on my flank.

It explodes, scattering long tongues of flame everywhere.


At the same time Sisty’s voice emerges, I feel a little shock and a slight warmth on my flank.

The worst thing that can happen if the wizard is good: friendly fire.

“Oy! What the heck are you trying to do! The enemy is over there, isn’t it!? There!”

While waving away the black smoke spreading across my vision, I shout out my resentment.

It’s fine because I’m a high-defense Dullahan, but if I were just a normal human then it wouldn’t be a joke!

A wizard, someone that should assist the party from behind, accidentally targeting their comrade is inexcusable.

Although it doesn’t hurt, leaving my back to a wizard like that worries me.

“I – I’m sorry! But…… You’re still fine after getting hit by a fireball……”

“Your fireball just hit an ally! What are you trying to pull, and why are you still talking about that!?”

“That ……. Duke’s armor is durable. It doesn’t look broken, so does it also have magic resistance?”

Sisty laughs it off while trying to flatter me.

“What is this sudden blatant flattery!? It’s still hot!”

Well, it doesn’t hurt when compared to that wyvern’s fire. A little warm, at most. But I need to exaggerate a bit to pretend, or rather, my reaction should be normal for a human.

“… Normally, it shouldn’t happen to that extent.”

“Were you intentionally aiming at me!?”

“No, I was not! I really was aiming at the goblins.”

“Then why did the fireball fly toward me when I’d already stepped aside!? It turned as if clearly targetting me, you know!?”

With how pronounced the curve was, I can only imagine it was aimed at me in the first place.

“It – It can’t be helped! Because the control doesn’t work!”

I only want a proper explanation, but Sisty’s shoulders shake as she trembles.

Because she projects a calm air, she looks like an adult, but she might unexpectedly be childish.

What does it mean that the control doesn’t work?

“You, how do you travel with such a condition!?”

“That – that is, I follow other people.”

When I ask the question, Sisty replies while averting her gaze a bit.

“What happens then?”

“…… The fireball hits their back, but – but! If it’s a fireball, I can hit once every five times, you know?”

It’s those four times that are the problem.

Besides, fireballs aside, what about other magic skills? Is their control also bad?

Because she emits a wizard-like aura, I thought she was an excellent wizard, but she’s actually a useless wizard.

Is she perhaps a fake wizard?

I want you to return my great expectations for your magic.

“… Ehh? Where did the goblins go?”

“Maybe…… they ran away?”

Arggh, geez!

TL is back after a break.. 🙂
Translated by: Syilpha

Edited by: Saverath

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