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Translators: If you have the ability to translate something already written in Japanese or Chinese (raws) into English, feel free to apply. The person should be good at English while being decent in Chinese is acceptable. Should also be able to translate at least a few chapters a week. Send us a a piece of your work while applying.

Writers/Author: Are you good at English? Have a creative and wild imagination? Then share with us your creative world in words by writing your own novel. A writer is required to showcase his written work (few chapters) while applying, having it posted on another website and receiving feedback is a plus.

Editors: A person who proof reads the writer or translator’s work. If the translator or writer has done any kind of mistake such as using wrong phrase or grammatical errors, the editor fixes it. Usually because of not having an editor available the chapter releases are delayed!


If you are interested in any of the mentioned positions above, please click here.

Make sure you write the Position you are applying for.

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