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Hey guys. I’m sure as you can tell by now, the site is more or less dead. Originally, Zenith Novels was named lightnovelsworld. Back then, it had existed before under a different moniker. However, something happened, and many of the previous authors and translators left. It was around this time when I came here, and watched as the site developed from the small site it was to something bigger, something developed by our own two hands. However, the primary administrator of the site has recently appeared to have dropped off the grid. In addition, a lack of clear command structure, confusing and questionable decisions and quite frankly what appears to be intentional misinformation has lead to the following announcement. With the exception of a few translators, the rest of the Zenith Team will be dissolving and continuing our projects elsewhere or not at all. The list is as follows:


The Crimson Dragon (Saltytank and I) Dropped

Supreme Arrow God (Kyoko Usagi) Dropped

The Great Conqueror (Umbra Sheep and Actias Luna) Moving

Dragon Blood Warrior (Immortal Dreamer, Lebin and Scan) Hiatus, will be posted on Immortal’s blog

Fantastic Creatures’ Travel Log (Nox Albus) Dropped/Missing

The Lame Daoist Priest (Chubby Gal) Dropped

Heaven’s Curse (Piggy-Chan) Dropped/Missing

Legend of The Seven Realms (Sarah) Dropped/Missing

Memorize (Hikari and ZeXu) Dropped

Ore to Kawazu-san (SOD) Dropped/Missing


The novels listed above are officially dropped with the exception of TGC and DBW. They are free to pick up, don’t bother waiting the 3 months in vain. I’m very sorry that it’s come to this, but an internal discussion with all our members has arrived at this consensus. Originally, there was supposed to be an explanation from each translator, but it’s been condensed to this.


“Thanks for being a great team and working well together. We will always appreciate the help that Zenith Novels has provided us, and we thank you as the reader base for inspiring us and keeping us going. We hope to see you at our new novels, in new places. Thanks.”


Regarding donations, no further donations will be accepted. I’m sure the bars will be taken down at some point……… But don’t donate in the mean time.



If you have found any mistakes in the translation, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

  • ReedSolomon


  • Axa

    That’s unfortunate to hear. But at least a decision was made after some deliberation. Just one thing, what about Duke Household?

    • crimsonwolf8439

      Duke Household will be continued on the site, although I will no longer be in charge of the project.

  • agila0212

    ): Sad news

  • Random Internet User ™

    No more Crimson Dragon. 🙁

  • Bluewolf PT (BluewolfPT)

    Well tks for all of ur work hope u all stay well and maybe one day come back

  • F.

  • Doomr

    What will happen to the other novels unlisted? Like Returning from the Immortal World?

    • giratina143

      Ya , that novel was pretty popular . I wish it continues.

      It’s painful to watch a good translation website go down 🙁 I hope you get through this 🙂

      • crimsonwolf8439

        As has been mentioned before, the translator for that particular novel jumped ship, and ages before most of us at that.

    • Udeze

      I’ve translated up RFTIW up to ch.160, but it will be hosted on other site, sadly I can’t answer on which site for now.

      • Doomr

        Thanks for the update! I’ll be looking forward to it.


    Well this sucks

  • Oviie Mbem

    What about headless dullahan? you guys still have 7 crimson dragon chapter in queue, that was scum move left before finish the work.

    • crimsonwolf8439

      It’s only scum if u don’t pay attention and act like a fool. We’ve said time and again that the bar does not get updated correctly, if ever. This is in no part the fault of the team but rather the administrator of the site, and in fact probably one of the primary reasons we too are fed up with him. We have made sure to publish all owed chapters. And remember, this is voluntary work. We don’t actually owe you anything. In fact, Salty was consciencious enough to even return a donation he received after the announcement. Let me say it one more time. We do NOT owe anything more, and never really did in the first place. Please check before shooting.

    • crimsonwolf8439

      As for headless dullahan? Well, I’ve not seen the TL nor was I able to contact her. The same goes for every other novel not on the list. They will be staying on the site, although this is only to my knowledge. If they do decide to move in the future, I’m sure they’ll let you know, and why. 🙂

  • SayMrrp

    Thank you for the quality translations! I’m looking forwards to reading TGC elsewhere.

  • Xiantian34

    Thanks for your hard work