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Read all about it!!!!

Looking for Chinese Translators!

Hello everyone, Cherry here with a few announcements.

  1. As you know, I am and editor and TL for LNW and work along with Leo and Udeze. We have finally created our Patreon Page!!!! Please check it out.
  2. As you know, our site has been waiting for a new site transfer as well as a new theme, so things have been delayed for sometime, along with two weeks ago, Udeze recovering from the flu.
  3. We owe you guys 10 GDC, 8 TLDP (with two being bonuses), 3 SEAM, and 3 GS.
  4. We are also now officially announcing that our team will be picking up RFTIW and will have a 7 chapter release once our new site is up, by then, maybe 10.
  5. All old chapters will be reposted and credit will be given to original TL.
  6. Now, in regards to the delays, the person working on our theme has been constantly delaying the finish date over and over. So, we decided to take action. In any case, we hope to finalize everything in the upcoming week. So, just to quench your thirst a bit, while you are waiting for the releases. We will post 3/10 GDC chapters and 2/8 TLDP today. Everything is all ready to be posted, all 31 chapters. But we are holding on because of the new site and those redirecting issues. So, please bear with this long transition.

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