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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 126 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: Heavily Beaten


With coldness beaming from his eyes, Tang Xiu stood amidst the knocked down young thugs that curled up around him. The hatred in his heart had yet to dissipate. Under the gaze of everyone’s eyes, he walked step by step and broke the wrists of young thugs one by one.


“You all are the insects that plague the society. F*****g bastards who only dare to bully the weak and fear the strong. Since bastards like you all are not afraid of the sanctions of the laws, then I’ll fight violence with violence, letting the lot of you unable to take up any weapons for the rest of your lives again. So you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting what you’ve done.”


More than 20 youth bullies were trembling violently as they heard the bone fracture sounds, wailed louder. Some who were scared, begged, but Tang Xiu ignored them as though he did not hear it.


A frightened expression was shown on the that over 30-year-old man’s complexion. He did not run away after being injured, and only looked at Tang Xiu with a face full of alertness and helplessness. However, upon seeing such a ruthless and heartless action, he was afraid, and regretted not turning away and escaping.


“You… don’t come closer!”


The man subconsciously stepped back as he involuntarily shouted, watching Tang Xiu come toward him step by step.


Tang Xiu let out a cold and grim smile. He strode and sprinted in an instant, and appeared in front of the man. He slapped the man fiercely, and along with the sound of the man’s cheekbone breaking, his body flew upside down. Tang Xiu executed his previous action as he stepped forward and broke the fainted man’s wrists.


“If anyone doesn’t commit sins against me, never will I disturb him. But if they do commit sins against me, 10 times the price must they pay to me.”


This was Tang Xiu’s principle. This was also his bottom line. Tie Long had smashed his bottom line since his mother, Su Lingyun, was Tang Xiu’s bottom line. If anyone dared to curse at his mother, he would not hesitate to kill them. And now, some people had injured his mother, which really enraged Tang Xiu.


Suddenly, Tang Xiu’s expression changed. He was keenly aware that 5 or 6 security personnel were rushing out from the inside of the hospital, carrying along electrical batons. He did not delay any longer and directly slipped into the crowd, and quickly disappeared outside of the hospital’s entrance.


The Security Captain of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital was called Chen Tao. And today, he was very angry, because some local thugs appeared in the hospital’s vicinity and even injured somebody.


However, when he received a report that more than 20 local thugs were ganging up on a youngster outside the hospital, he immediately led the hospital’s security personnel there.


“What happened?”


With a dumbfounded and tongue-tied expression, Chen Tao looked at the scene in front. A big question mark appeared on his expression. Didn’t the report say that more than 20 local thugs were ganging up on a youngster? How come those 20 local thugs have been knocked down on the ground everywhere?


An old man over his 70s cautiously leaned over toward Chen Tao and his men, as he spoke in a low voice, “You all are the Chinese Medical Hospital’s security? Fortunately, you all came late. Otherwise, nobody would ever teach those thugs for their parents. That youth is really a Deity. A person against more than 20 evil bastards. And they were all knocked down. This old man has watched a lot of Kung Fu movies, but those definitely were not as good as this wonderful scene today.”


Chen Tao pointed at the wailing youth thugs on the ground as he asked in disbelief, “Y-You mean… That young man injured them?”


The old man said with a nod, “Hell, yes! Everyone here is way too crystal clear with their sights! He’s only one against those thugs with weapons and knocked them down! Moreover, that young man really has said something good! Since you all thugs are not afraid of cops, then he’ll counter violence with violence, and solved these plaguing scourge of cancer for the community.”


Chen Tao shook his head and said, “Grandpa, don’t joke with me! Even if a person is powerful, how could he possibly fight and win against 20 people? Was there anyone helping that young man?”


The middle-aged aunt nearby said with a smile, “A helper? None! That young man is indeed the one who kicked them! You really don’t know it. He’s simply the incarnation of Bruce Lee. And he’s likely to be possessed by the God of War. His speed is too fast, his strength is way too powerful, and his fighting skill is too amazing. If your hospital’s security could have at least a half… ah no… could have at least one tenth of his strength, I bet you can maintain the security and safety of the entire hospital.”




A black line was written on Chen Tao’s forehead.


Then, after having gone through some inquiries, he finally affirmed that the person who had severely injured more than 20 local thugs was indeed this youngster. After having ascertained it, and having not found the youngster, Chen Tao fiercely kicked one of the wildly howling youth thugs and shouted his command, “Take them to the hospital! They are, after all, wounded, and our hospital cannot see them in danger and do nothing! However, ask them who will pay for their treatment! If they have none, we will not treat these society’s plague insects!”




The other securities also acted bluntly as they grabbed those local thugs as though they were dead dogs, and dragged them into the hospital.


Inside the President’s Office…


Li Hongji was quite a smoker. He rummaged through the cabinets to find a pack of cigarettes that had yet to be opened. Then, he took one and lit it. After having smoked a few times, he thought about how the Chinese Medical Hospital had won over an amazing doctor such as Tang Xiu, and how it would create a great sensation in the entire medical circle in the Star City.


“No! Not only the medical circle in Star City, even in the whole country’s medical professions, our Star City Medical Hospital’s fame should rise, no? This old man has spent most of my life in this hospital. And now, I finally made a contribution to the hospital.”


Li Hongji smiled as he was thinking with a bright, radiant face. It was like that he had just encountered the coming second spring in his life.


“Knock, knock…”


His office door was knocked on.


Li Hongji looked up at the door and saw Long Zhengyu standing there, he immediately asked with an astonished expression, “Zhengyu, why did you come rushing here?”


Long Zhengyu entered the office. He let out a forced smile and said, “Uncle Li, you only half spoke the words in the phone, you even made me lose my appetite. So I couldn’t help but rush here quickly! You asked about Tang Xiu on the phone and told me that your Junior Brother has lost his face greatly on Jingmen Island because of him! So I’m afraid that you, old man, will avenge your Junior Brother and make things difficult for Tang Xiu!”


Li Hongji was at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh, “Damn, could this old man be that narrow-minded? Besides, I’m perfectly aware about the course of the matter. And my Junior Brother’s ability is not as good as Tang Xiu’s. He couldn’t cure the patient’s illness and instead he saw that Tang Xiu was too young, so he spoke inappropriate words. The heavens can forgive sin, but we cannot live in sin. So how could I make things difficult for Tang Xiu?! You damn smelly brat! You really are underestimating your Uncle Li, are you not?!”


Long Zhengyu quickly said with a laugh, “Ah, so it turned out like this. Then, it was me who was narrow-minded for suspecting and thinking badly about the noble character of my Uncle Li. Then, I’ll apologize to you. I’ll go home tonight and steal the best of the 20 year old Wuliangye Wine from my Dad’s wine collection.”


The best quality Wuliangye Wine collection of more than 20 years-old? And his old classmate still had more than 20-year-old best quality Wuliangye Wine?


Li Hongji angrily snapped, “Long Hanwen, that bastard. He turned out to use that junk wine to fool me? Damn, … ah, Oops. Big Nephew Zhengyu, do me a favor will you? As long as you can steal that wine for me, I’ll exempt everything for Tang Xiu in our hospital, I’ll even increase the number of nurses to look after his mother.”


Having spoken that, his eyes suddenly turned as he chuckled and suddenly smiled, “If you can help me steal 2 bottles, I’ll use our hospital’s highest standard treatment, and hire Tang Xiu to be a visiting Traditional Chinese Medical doctor in our hospital, getting him a medical practitioner certificate and make him as a doctor in our clinic.”




Long Zhengyu had yet to savor everything, and at this moment, after he heard Ling Hongji’s words, his eyes stared wide at Ling Hongji and asked in astonishment, “Tang Xiu is a doctor? Old man, you are not joking with me, are you?”


Li Hongji snapped, “Do you think this old man will kid with you? Not only has Tang Xiu met the standard of medical expertise, even I can tell that he’s definitely a brilliant master of medical skills! I and my Junior Brother are personal disciples of a Divine Doctor. But the both of us were unable to cure a strange illness. But he, was able to cure it. Do you think that he’s not powerful?”


For a long while, Long Zhengyu was stunned. After which, he only smiled wryly and said, “Uncle Li, previously I only knew that Tang Xiu was a person with amazing ability. But I’ve never thought that he could be this powerful to the unthinkable degree. I only have known him recently, but often have I seen and heard his legendary feats. I do know that he was unfathomable, he’s nearly able to do anything!”


“President, there’s been an accident.”


A doctor in a white coat bolted inside the office.


Li Hongji frowned as he shouted with a deep tone, “What are you panicking for? Get the hell out. Knock on the door…”


The doctor’s complexion froze as a frightened expression was then revealed on his face. He obediently went out of the door. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Hongji pursued the previous matter, “Long Zhengyu, do you agree? If you don’t give me those 2 bottles, the matter with Tang Xiu might be in a “yellow” condition.”


“I promise!”


Long Zhengyu bit his teeth as he nodded and promised. Although his father’s collection of the best Wuliangye Wine was only those 2 bottles. But he decided that after stealing them, he would immediately tell his father, letting him to do any means to snatch them back, or grab them back to drink them together. After then, the matter would not be related to him again.


His treacherous scheme was fruitful, so Li Hongji’s mood turned better. He heard a knock at the door, waving his hand and said, “Come in! What do you want to tell me? You look so panicked.”


The doctor said rapidly, “President, I was just preparing to get off of work. But at the hospital’s entrance, I saw more than 20 thugs fighting a young man. That young man looks like Mr. Tang Xiu. I can tell that since I also went into the Inpatient Department with you and saw him there.”


At the same time, Li Hongji and Long Zhengyu’s complexion greatly changed. They both cared about Tang Xiu so much. Almost without hesitation, they hurriedly run toward the door and rushed outside.


“Have you informed the security guards?”


“Captain Chen has already led the security guards team and went there. However, President, please don’t leave that anxiously! I have yet to finish reporting!” The doctor in white coat cried out.


Li Hongji had already slightly ran toward the outside as he said at the same time, “Tell me whilst we are walking.”


A forced smile covered the doctor in white coat’s face. In fact, he was quite shocked to see that the President cared so much about Tang Xiu. Whilst closely following Li Hongji, he slowly said, “President, I happened to see the fight outside, which was exactly when Mr. Tang was being ganged up by those 20 thugs. In the end, Mr. Tang severely injured them, while he himself came out unscathed. Those 20 injured thugs have now been grabbed by our hospital’s security, and all of them have been taken to the hospital and are to be given treatment.”

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