Monster Refining System – Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Who Are You?

Similarly, the Ming Dragon had discovered Xia Fukun and the group too.

However, sensing that Yang Yao, who it had just frightened so badly, was present too, the Ming Dragon was utterly confused.

Do humans get stronger when they are frightened?

How dare they come knowing that there’s a dragon here?

This makes no sense!

Xia Fukun and the group reminded the Ming Dragon of a Supreme Realm martial artist that came over to the Ming Mountain Range recently to slaughter and kidnap its servants. The thought of the incident made the Ming Dragon’s blood boil.

I have lived in this mountain range peacefully since forever! Why is there a need to disturb me?

As the Ming Dragon got into a furious state, rustling sounds could be heard coming from the surroundings.

“Oh my god! There are so many beasts!” Qingmu Xuan’s shriek could be heard.

Within no time, Xia Fukun and the group could see numerous beasts swarming toward the group from all over the place.

Damn it. This Ming Dragon, how dare you get your servants to come at us instead!? No wonder it was such a smooth trip; you have been preparing for an ambush!

Moving at lightning speed, the beasts were soon right in front of the group.

Seeing the Big-Mouth Monkey ready to throw its fist at him, Xia Fukun let out a sneer.

“Get lost!”

With a yell, the Big-Mouth Monkey was sent flying off, leaving a trail of blood behind.

The beasts that came to attack them first were mostly below the second grade. They did not pose dangers to the group, but due to the huge number, it gave one goosebumps and made things more difficult than it would be otherwise.

“Brother Kun, what shall we do? We can’t go on like this!” Yang Yao said, depressed. We can’t possibly play along with the other party’s game of numbers! We will die of exhaustion soon! What if the Ming Dragon decides to come over and give us a blow when we are out of energy? We will all die! There isn’t anyone here who can take the attack!

Xia Fukun sneered upon hearing Yang Yao.

These beasts might not be good enough, but quantity will do when quality can’t make it.

Before the group could say anything more, Xia Fukun reached out his hand.

“Collect!” Xia Fukun said.

Within the blink of an eye, the group witnessed a whole lot of beasts disappear into thin air!

“What the hell? What kind of trick is this?”

This was something nobody had ever seen. Not even a Supreme Realm or a Heaven Realm master could manage to do this! How could anyone make nearly ten thousand beasts disappear into thin air within the blink of an eye?

As if nothing happened, Xia Fukun checked his Monster Refining System calmly.

Only to realize that this swarm of beasts contributed no more than a hundred refinement points.

Quality matters after

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Leading the Snake out of the Cave

“Is it his sword technique?” Asked Harold.

Wu Qingsong nodded, “Probably.”

His memory of Klein’s sword technique was very fresh, but it didn’t mean that he could identify the murderer’s sword technique from the corpse.

Due to his lack of experience, he could not judge that the opponent was using a rapier just by the size of the wound, as Harold did. However, in his view, the boarman in front of him was stabbed in the eyes and straight into the brain, which looked like Klein’s sword technique.

“If there’s a burning mark on the person’s face, it’s probably him.” He added.

“My man is dead now!” A tall boarman growled loudly. His tusks were thick and long, and he looked terrible. “Someone has to pay!”

“I won’t give you less than I should, but I’ve explained the risk clear before!” Harold said. “There’s nothing to say now that your man is dead. Pixar, this is your territory. I’m sure you won’t break your reputation.”

The boarman breathed angrily from his nostrils, “I will catch that bastard and eat him alive!”

“That would be better,” Harold said. “The sooner this matter is solved, the better.”

Harold employed a gangster on the Umbel wharf. There are more than 20 people, including their leader Pixar. Four or five members have been famous mercenaries. They are a relatively large underground force in Umbel, and they have a good reputation. Of course, the price of employing them is not cheap. This is the most reliable force Harold can find.

Of course, they can hire more people, but money is a problem. Hiring too many underground armed forces may attract the attention of the three guilds, which is not good for them.

These people may bring potential risks to Wu Qingsong’s business in the future, but even if Wu Qingsong is forced to leave Umbel and go to other cities after this incident, it is necessary to kill Klein.

Wu Qingsong had told Harold almost everything about Klein, including the secret that he wouldn’t get hurt. After several months, he had enough trust in the old wolfman, and Harold had shown that he deserved this trust in all aspects.

“To be sure, at least, he didn’t have an official relationship,” Harold said after being away from the gangsters.

They had analyzed this together before.

If Klein came to Umbel as a garrison officer, the guards of this city would not accept any of his commands, but would at least give him the necessary help. These greedy guys only need a small reason to seize the shops and workers, so as to force businessmen and workshop owners to pay. Klein only needs to tell them that Wu Qingsong is a suspect who cooperated with the Silvermoon wolfkins, and they will definitely jump up with joy and will never stop if they don’t squeeze out Wu Qingsong’s last copper coins.

“He doesn’t believe them, or he wants to …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Haunted

Wu Qingsong took action again, but the situation was much more complicated than he thought.

The first difficulty is saltpeter. He thought that potassium nitrate was the nitrate used to make fur. But he put the nitrate in the container and heated it for a long time, but there was no acid gas. At last, he remembered that potassium nitrate should be combustible?

Sure enough, the so-called nitrates used to make fur have no combustible effect at all.

Does he really have to scrape the mud off the toilet to make potassium nitrate like what he read in novels?

“What the hell do you want?” Harold finally asked.

“An acid, a strong acid!” Wu Qingsong told him with no hope.

“Strong acid?” Harold didn’t ask him anything more specific, but he gave a possible answer. “That place may have some.”

Harold introduced him to a quiet shop in the wharf area. From the outside, it was just the most common small shop that runs everything. However, according to Harold, it was a paradise for all the mercenaries, adventurers and conspirators in Umbel, because there were all kinds of poisons sold here, as well as strong acids used to disfigure and kill. It was also a place for secret information.

“The three guilds don’t care?” Wu Qingsong was a little surprised to hear that such a shop existed.

“It is said that the biggest shareholder behind the shop is the commercial guild, but who knows? No one would say who they really are or what they’re trying to do, so no one cares.” Harold said.

Wu Qingsong walked into the shop one night with his face covered. It was very empty. There was a long counter on the side near the wall. Behind the counter was a large cabinet with many drawers. An old foxman was drinking tea behind the counter. In the corner outside the counter, there were two strong bear men whispering something while drinking.

“Hello, what can I do for you?” The foxman saw Wu Qingsong come in, immediately put down his tea set and stood up, smiling.

“I was introduced by Grey Eye.” Wu Qingsong said in a low voice according to Harold’s instructions.

The foxman smiled and nodded, “What do you want?”

“I need a strong acid…” Wu Qingsong said.

But he didn’t know how to describe concentrated nitric acid, because he didn’t know what it was like.

“It should be a kind of liquid after heating ore and then putting the gas into the water.” This was the only clue he knew.

This kind of information obviously made the old foxman a little confused. He may be more proficient in poisons. “We actually have a lot of better acids.” He told Wu Qingsong. “We have the best lava lizard’s gastric juice, which can dissolve a lot of things! We also have the stomach acid of swamp crocodiles and Caledonian fish. They are all very easy to use. Don’t you want to have …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – I Hit the Jackpot

Even though Yang Yao had “paid” for his trip, his stomach couldn’t help but knot up at the thought of the eighth-grade beast that chased after him.

“How should I address you, Expert?” he asked carefully. I have already given him the money, I deserve to get to know him, right?

“Xia Fukun,” Xia Fukun answered without hesitation.

“Then, Brother Kun, are you confident? I’m aware of your talent, seeing that you’re already a Warrior Realm cultivator at this age. However… that’s an eighth-grade beast!”

Hearing Yang Yao’s words, Xia Fukun’s face fell immediately.

What do you mean? Are you doubting my power?

“You can choose to stay behind, but I do not give refunds, sorry.”

Yang Yao smiled grimly at Xia Fukun’s words. Is he a swindler?

Xia Fukun ignored Yang Yao and went over to Ye Qingwan and the group. After a short conversation, the group made their way into the mountain range.

Watching Xia Fukun leave without hesitation, Yang Yao’s expression changed slightly. He gritted his teeth and trotted after the group.

Xia Fukun took a glance at Yang Yao and let out a sneer. He paid no more attention to Yang Yao and diverted his energy to put his guard up high. As long as I don’t get killed as soon as I enter, I will be safe and sound.

Well, even if my eighth-grade beast is not the enemy eighth-grade beast’s opponent, my ninth-grade beast would be more than enough.

As soon as they entered the Ming Mountain Range, chills started running down the group’s spines. They could feel danger lurking all around them like fog, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

“That eighth-grade beast should be nearby. Since the Ming Mountain Range has been left deserted recently, I came with the hope of sneaking over. However, I was found, and it chased me all the way here, so it might be nearby,” Yang Yao explained to the group.

His words piqued Xia Fukun’s interest.

You’re a Profound Realm martial artist who can escape the hands of an eighth-grade beast and carries that black jade around? Your family background must be interesting, huh?

Xia Fukun licked his lips.

Let’s see what else I can get from you. Hopefully there are more things similar to the black jade….

The Ming Mountain Range was huge, so it would take about three days for the group to cross over successfully. When they cross the Ming Mountain Range, they would reach Luo City, which had a teleportation portal to get them to Odin Academy.

However, it would be a nerve-wracking three days for the group, excluding Xia Fukun, as they would be exposed to the danger of an eighth-grade beast, and none of them were confident that they could exit the place safe and sound.

“Could it be that my presence scared the eighth-grade beast so badly that it dares not show itself?” For an hour or two, not a single beast

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Every Single One of You Is…

“Have you gotten an answer?” Ye Qingwan frowned, watching Xia Fukun returning to the group.

“Yes. The eighth-grade beast in the Ming Mountain Range has gone nuts. It attacks everyone that enters the mountain range.” Xia Fukun shrugged helplessly.

“What shall we do now?” Hearing this piece of news, Chang Yuxuan’s face turned as pale as a sheet of paper.

According to their planned route, they had to go through the Ming Mountain Range to get to Odin Academy. If they chose to go around the Ming Mountain Range, then they would not be able to get to Odin Academy in a week’s time since they would have to make a U-turn back to where they came from and go around. To Ye Qingwan, it did not matter, but it mattered for the others since they would miss the freshman registration, which meant that they would not be able to be admitted into Odin Academy.

“Let’s go.” Xia Fukun shrugged.

Ye Qingwan was aware of Xia Fukun’s ability to summon two eighth-grade beasts, and she was not worried about Qingmu Xuan. However, Chang Yuxuan was here with them, and she was worried that Xia Fukun would not be able to explain the origin of the eighth-grade beast. Who knew if Chang Yuxuan would be able to keep it a secret?

“Should we reconsider?” Ye Qingwan exchanged a glance with Xia Fukun, trying to express her worry. Receiving her glance, Xia Fukun was extremely moved.

I knew that you loved me, Qingwan!

“It’s alright, let’s go.”

Xia Fukun had given this matter a thorough thought, and he was confident that he would be able to summon the eighth-grade beast without anyone’s knowledge. Unless someone deliberately stalks me, I will be able to do it in secret since I have the ability to summon beasts instantly. I could also summon them somewhere further away from me, or just deny it with all my might if someone asks me about it.

Ye Qingwan sighed and nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

Meanwhile, Yang Yao had been listening to their conversation diligently. After learning Xia Fukun and the group’s plan, he came to them without hesitation.

“Handsome! Please, count me in!”

Looking at Yang Yao acting in a toadying manner, Xia Fukun frowned.

“Why are you going back inside the Ming Mountain Range?”

“I’m heading to Odin Academy! I have gone through this path numerous times and it has always been a safe trip. I have no idea what’s wrong with the snake this time around!”

“You’re also an Odin Academy freshman?”

Xia Fukun was slightly stunned. Schoolmate?

“Yes, you too?” Yang Yao was slightly confused. A Warrior Realm freshman? He must be aiming for the inner school! Yang Yao was aware that Xia Fukun would be considered a talent due to his age and his cultivation, but even so, it was still uncertain if Xia Fukun would be able to get into Odin Academy’s inner school!

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Nobel, I Need Your Help

“Meow ~ can we really buy such beautiful clothes?” Liu Li asked excitedly, rubbing her face lightly against the silk.

“Of course! Just choose what you like!” Wu Qingsong said with great pride.

Two bull men held up the shelves to place samples for them to choose as much as they like, while a sable girl recommended the goods with a smile on her face.

Although she couldn’t understand why the half-elf in front of her wanted to give these two beastwomen custom-made silk clothing, but business is business, and she always keeps a warm smile on her face.

“Lin, you also can choose!” Wu Qingsong said.

After delivering three times the soap, Wu Qingsong was flush with cash. Although he couldn’t be called a rich man, at least in Umbel, to buy a little luxury was not a problem for him.

In fact, in order to avoid being doubted where his wealth came from, under Harold’s operation, he had bought a bankrupt furniture workshop next to the former leather workshop and hired a steward and several workers.

Both workshops have been in normal operation. Although they are barely maintained, the steward and the workers do not know the real sales, and the outsiders do not know the actual sales and cost. As long as no one carefully accounted the business, there should be no problem.

Ramu was trying to find a way to help him get a document to get involved with an aristocrat. Although this means that an extra fee must be paid to the person who runs the business every year, and a theoretical profit must be paid to the aristocrat, it can avoid the harassment and exploitation of the three Umbel guilds. According to Ramu’s experience, it is fully worth it.

To Wu Qingsong’s surprise, Ramu Herb Shop was endorsed by archduke Santarx in order to avoid the harassment of the three guilds, and the tax revenue was much less than that of the same kind of shops.

“That archduke? Isn’t he your enemy?” He asked Ramu this question in surprise.

“Because he enacted a reward for catching Nina?” Ramu said. “Yes, for this reason, I paid a lot of money to get the certificate from one of his officers. The shop belonging to Archduke Santarx is actually the property of the criminal he wanted for a long time. It’s interesting, isn’t it?”

“Don’t they perceive it at all?” Wu Qingsong asked. “I mean, won’t they take it for themselves? In theory, this is their industry!”

“As long as you don’t overextend the business, the managers don’t really want to interfere. As long as they get a bonus from you every year, what’s the reason for them to really take back the shops? After all, it’s only to increase the archduke’s wealth to take back the shops, but if they don’t do it, we can keep increasing their own money. In fact, my shop will never even appear on …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Sure Enough, No Man is Rich WIthout Wealth

“Your skill is very good.” Ramu scrutinized every bar of soap. “But if you want to keep the business going for a long time, you can’t do it so well. What you make can be infinitely close to the real goods, even a little worse than the real goods, but it can never be obviously better than the real goods like this, do you understand?”

Wu Qingsong nodded. In fact, he also thought about it after he made the soap.

A small number of low-quality counterfeit goods may not attract the attention of the Figit Chamber of Commerce. Even with their power, it was impossible to control every corner of the vast empire tightly. That was something that couldn’t be completely done even on Earth.

But if there are goods in the market that are better than the ones they produce, they will inevitably have a strong sense of crisis, which will attract their attention.

The logic that we can do better but have to do worse is uncomfortable, but it is the rule of the world.

What can I do? Just accept it.

“This batch of goods can earn at least 2000 Renals!” Ramu said.

The cost of the soap bases is almost negligible compared with the selling price. The biggest cost is actually those spices and herbs, plus the cost of transportation, smuggling, and sale. Wu Qingsong roughly calculated that their cost is only about a quarter to a tenth of the wholesale price of the certified products. The more expensive the certified goods are, the greater the cost gap will be.

As smugglers, Wu Qingsong didn’t think they would pay taxes honestly. In this way, the profits will be extremely considerable.

Ramu looked satisfied, but Wu Qingsong had no choice. If it wasn’t for the elves’ vicious monopoly, he could have done much more.

“I’ll give you your share after the goods are sold.”

“If it is not convenient, you don’t have to be so urgent…” Wu Qingsong said insincerely. In front of beautiful women, any young man will probably have the instinct of showing off and being generous. But the money Nina gave him before, the money he got from the gangsters he killed, plus the ten golden sols Ramu gave him before, have been used up. Although he should be able to go to the landlady’s restaurant for a few days on credit, so he wouldn’t be starved, but it was a last resort, and he really didn’t want to be in such a mess.

“Really?” Ramu seemed to not understand his subtext, but looked up at him, her eyes shining like stars in the dark.

Hey, normally you should insist on giving me the money as soon as possible? What’s the matter with this kind of behavior?

However, he had said so, so Wu Qingsong could only say, “Haha, since we are partners, we don’t need to pay much attention to these things, do …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – Ming Mountain Range

“If I said that it was pure coincidence, would you believe me?” Xia Fukun answered weakly.

Ye Qingwan: “…”

She sighed and took a deep breath, staring at Xia Fukun.

“What do you think?”

“Okay, then I have nothing to say. I guess this is fate?”

What the hell. Fate?!

Ye Qingwan’s face flushed red with anger. Her breathing had become heavier too.

“Pervert!” she chided.

Ye Qingwan was at a loss for words.

“Hehe.” Xia Fukun let out an awkward laugh.

Ye Qingwan glared at Xia Fukun angrily and coughed.

“The incidents that we encountered on our way here are trivial compared to the dangers lurking in the Ming Mountain Range. We have to have our guards up. It might not be that much of a threat to me or Xia Fukun, but Xuan’er and Chang Yuxuan, you should follow us closely. Even though it’s said that the eighth-grade beast residing in the Ming Mountain Range is the strongest beast around, life is unpredictable.”

The group nodded in agreement.

At the same time, a figure could be seen dashing out of the mountain range at lightning speed, looking battered. He was cursing relentlessly too.

“Damn it! You’re nothing but an eighth-grade beast! I’ll send you to hell soon!”

Hearing the figure’s words, the group’s faces fell immediately.

This was the best surprise they could ever have! Coming across the eighth-grade beast before they even entered the mountain range?

“Go and find out what’s going on.” Ye Qingwan turned to Xia Fukun.

“Okay.” Xia Fukun nodded. Within no time, he was standing in front of the figure.

“Oh mama!”

The figure was constantly turning back to see if the beast was coming after him, but he was suddenly welcomed by a person who was smiling widely at him. It gave him such a bad shock that he fell onto the ground.

“Are you even human? Why don’t you make sound when you walk?”

Xia Fukun was ready to ask about the situation nicely, but the other party’s attitude made him unhappy.

Is that how you’re supposed to talk to a stranger?

All of a sudden, the air was filled with the aura of a Warrior Realm, making the teenager, who was about to stand up, fall back to the ground.

“A Warrior Realm martial artist?”

The teenager looked at Xia Fukun, slightly dumbfounded. He could tell that Xia Fukun was about his age, so he guessed that Xia Fukun should be in the Profound Realm, like him. It was totally out of his expectations that Xia Fukun was already a Warrior Realm martial artist!

After a short pause, he turned to Xia Fukun.

“I’m sorry. It’s my bad. I apologize,” he said sincerely.

Xia Fukun: “…”

The apology took Xia Fukun aback. Previously, the mercenary apologized in this way too, and now this teenager. Is it that everyone in the Nine Spiritual Mainland apologizes in this way? Simply but seriously?

“Answer whatever I ask,

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – Think of a Good Reason

“What, smelly?” Xia Fukun responded and took a piece of stinky tofu from the plate and put it in his mouth. After receiving tutelage from Xia Fukun over the past few days, Chang Yuxuan could not only summon stinky tofu, but its chili sauce too. Xia Fukun dipped the stinky tofu into the sauce and placed it in his mouth. He took a deep breath.

“It’s fragrant!”

Ye Qingwan: “???”

Qingmu Xuan: “???”

Hello? Are you serious? That stuff is fragrant?

Even though they were a distance away from Xia Fukun and Chang Yuxuan, the ladies’ mouths couldn’t help but water as they watched Xia Fukun dig into the stinky tofu.

“Is it really that good?”

An authentic and top-notch stinky tofu would smell so bad that one could hardly differentiate it from rotten food.

Being a kid, Qingmu Xuan was a glutton, and Xia Fukun’s expression made her unable to hold herself back. She took a piece from Chang Yuxuan’s hand and stuffed it in her mouth after dipping it into the chili sauce just like Xia Fukun did.

The stinky tofu’s stench dispersed in Qingmu Xuan’s mouth as soon as she popped it in her mouth. The juice of the tofu burst out as she bit into it, exciting her taste buds.

“Wow!” Qingmu Xuan couldn’t help but let out a yelp, praising the delicacy.

“???” Ye Qingwan blinked her eyes as she watched Qingmu Xuan. “Is it that good?”

Thus, Ye Qingwan stepped up and popped a piece of tofu in her mouth. As soon as she bit down on it, the word “delicious” popped up in her mind.

“There’s such a delicacy in the world?”

Ye Qingwan licked her lips, eyes shining brightly.

Some said that females looked sexiest and most alluring when they bit their lips. Xia Fukun, who was looking at Ye Qingwan biting her lip in a daze, totally agreed with the saying.

“You said that he’s a beast trainer, right? Why did I not see him summon a beast?” Ye Qingwan asked Xia Fukun.

“Hehe, well, this is a bit awkward.” Xia Fukun coughed. “Yuxuan is a beast trainer, but he’s a special one. He can’t summon beasts; all he can summon is food.”

Ye Qingwan: “…”

Qingmu Xuan: “…”

There are such things?

“I have never seen such a beast trainer, though….”

Being born in the Ye family and being the disciple of Odin Academy, Ye Qingwan was exposed to a vast variety of different types of cultivators, but she had never seen a beast trainer that summoned food. If he wanted to get into Odin Academy with this talent… it was going to be a bit… difficult.

“Let’s not talk about that, Odin Academy already has a place for Chang Yuxuan due to his family relations. So, when shall we leave?”

Xia Fukun was afraid that, if they dragged things out, Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan would think about having Chang Yuxuan

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: An Old Man at Home is Like a Treasure

“I want to hire you.” Wu Qingsong told Harold.

The old wolfman looked at him in surprise and didn’t understand what he meant.

“I mean hire you as in another capacity, not as a swordsmanship teacher.” Wu Qingsong said. “I need your experience and wisdom.”

Harold soon understood, and his face turned bad. “Are you dragging me into the water?”

“You’ve been with me for so long, and you know what I’ve done. If something happens to me, even if we don’t sell you out, do you think that you’ll be safe?”

The old wolfman stared at Wu Qingsong gloomily, as if to tear him apart.

For a moment, Wu Qingsong felt that his hook was about to swing.

“Of course, you can choose to leave Umbel. If you want to do that, I can give you some money as compensation. But I really need an experienced, intelligent and trustworthy person to help me now. Apart from you, I can’t think of anyone who can do it.”

Wu Qingsong looked at Harold’s eyes and said earnestly. “Can you help me, please?”

“That’s because you don’t know anyone else, do you?” Harold said sarcastically.

“But you are the best.” Wu Qingsong said with a little embarrassment. “I know that you can be trusted, and I know that you are not willing to waste your life like this. You’re not that kind of person, aren’t you?”

“Uncle, please help us!” Ling said by the side.

“Meow ~ yeah, yeah!”

Harold started shaking his head, but a few minutes later, he finally said, “Who is your copartner?”

“A group of smugglers.” Wu Qingsong said.

“If you really want me to work for you, don’t try to deceive and hide me from such things.”

Wu Qingsong felt that his face was burning from abashment, but in fact, he was a little worried about Harold.

After all, if he told Harold the truth, Harold may keep the soap secret for them for fear of being killed, but the reward for taking Nina’s head doesn’t have such risk.

“These guys are not good people. My guest, you should be careful of these people…”

He seemed to hear the horseman’s words again.

Even Harold himself said that if he was ten years younger and without disability, he would have caught them…

But he had no more choice. Harold had at least passed the previous test. Now, who else can he look for? The owner of the restaurant?

“I was told not long ago that sometimes it’s a good thing to know less.” He came up with an idea and repeated Ramu’s words in another way.

“If I don’t know who I’m dealing with, how can I help you?” Harold didn’t take it, he said mercilessly. “I won’t do it for you if I don’t know the risks and benefits.”

Wu Qingsong looked at him and finally nodded. “You should know the Silvermoon wolfkins?”

“The Moon Lady?” …

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