Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 80

Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 80: Xu Mu the Beast Baby

After gazing at Qing Ji and Mo Chen, Ye Shang put the furnace liquid away since he understood that they had their own dignity, and they wouldn’t take something which did not belong to them.

“By the way, the Jiuyin Peak leader also accepted his last disciple, and he’s likely to win the newcomer’s games this year.” Mo Chen turned somewhat awkward.

“What happened? Is there no chance for Thirteenth?” Qing Ji put down the glass in her hand.

“The disciple was the beast baby brought back by their eldest disciple, Tie Qun, a few years ago. The Valley Master recognised his talents and potential when he first saw him, and groomed him, taming his wild natureTwo months ago, the Valley Master returned the beast baby to Jiuyin Peak. Xu Chenbai, the leader of Jiuyin Peak, announced that the beast baby’s wild nature has been considerably tamed, and will be accepted as his disciple.” Mo Chen told them the news.

“I’ve heard of the beast baby, when he was first brought back, he injured many of the servants.” Qing Ji said.

“When I went to pick up the resources for Thirteenth, Tie Qun brought that little tyke there too. He bragged that the beast baby would participate in the newcomer’s games and told us to be prepared. That beast baby smirked and made a gesture resembling breaking someone’s neck.” Mo Chen said.

“Jerk, Jiuyin Peak is doing this intentionally,” Qing Ji cursed.

“Xu Chenbai is at loggerheads with Master, so he won’t let go of any chance to strike at Taixuan Peak.. The beast baby is no longer a baby, he is Xu Mu now.” Mo Chen said.

“Xu Chenbai is such a bastard. What’s the cultivation base of Xu Mu now?” Qing Ji asked.

“Soul-condensation stage 5. He is born with the strength to fight against stronger enemies.” Mo Chen said.

Ye Shang got up and left, and when he reached the stairs, he said, “I will cultivate harder.”

Qing Ji threw Mo Chen a dirty look as she watched Ye Shang leave. She understood that Ye Shang was stirred up and felt pressured by the news. Liu Yangyu had told those who are participating in the newcomer’s games to work harder and perform well. Under these circumstances, Ye Shang couldn’t afford to lose.

Mo Chen rubbed his forehead helplessly. It was not his intention to give Ye Shang more pressure when he shared the news. Now that Xu Mu is participating in the newcomer’s games, winning the game was almost impossible.

“I believe him. As long as he wants to, he can do it. Soul-condensation stage 5 is much higher than Ye Shang’s, but it is not a problem for him if he has more time.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“There is not much time left. He has less than 6 months now. The annual sect contest is held three months before the apprenticeship ceremony.” Qing Ji said.…

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Marriage

 “Blood God’s Blossom?” Xia Fukun was slightly taken aback. Information about the Blood God’s Blossom slowly came to his mind.

Blood God’s Blossom: an ingredient for a high-grade pill, Blood Grain, which is used to increase one’s power significantly within a short period of time. Usually, only people who practiced evil techniques would possess the recipe for it. However, the mercenary guild was only in charge of putting up the missions. They did not care about the person who put the mission up.

“You’re thinking of…?”

“Yeah, Blood Grain is a type of pill made by martial artists who practice evil techniques. If I can, I hope to get rid of such detrimental people from the Yaslan Empire before I return to Odin Academy.”

On a normal basis, after a mercenary completes the mission, he or she would just bring the item back to the guild and leave, but due to the preciousness of the Blood God’s Blossom, the person who put up the mission said that he would come to the guild to collect the flower himself.

Xia Fukun never thought that Ye Qingwan would have such an idiotic idea.

If Xia Fukun were the one leading the team on this mission, he would surely avoid as much trouble as he could as that was how most earthlings would behave. However, he had met with Ye Qingwan, the female knight who had a strong sense of justice.

If it was someone else, Xia Fukun would surely not care about them, but there was nothing he could do this time around since Ye Qingwan was his goddess….

The Blood God’s Blossom grew in the Misty Swamp, which was a distance away from the capital, thus Xia Fukun and the group set off immediately.

Just as the trio left the guild, a few figures followed.

“Da Ge, the mission for the Blood God’s Blossom has been taken by that trio.”

“Those three are not simple people. Even though one of them is a child, the lady is a beast trainer, and the guy can fly, which means he must be at least in the Profound Realm.”

The guy who was addressed as “Da Ge” wore hide clothing, and there was a scar right across his face. He watched Xia Fukun and the team leave with narrowed eyes and a scrunched face.

“Let’s trail behind them and see. The Misty Swamp is inhabited by many beasts, so it’s a dangerous place. If the trio manages to go through all the dangers, then we’ll take some small advantages along the way. If they fail, then they must have died inside the swamp. We’ll just turn back if that happens,” the scar-faced man said wishfully.

“Da Ge, you’re smart!” The other two men bootlicked.

With that, three figures jumped into the air, following Xia Fukun and the rest to the Misty Swamp.

Xia Fukun and the group flew about a hundred kilometers before they reached the Misty Swamp in the

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Lonely Cat Maid

Klein brought over a map in the afternoon of the same day in an attempt to let Wu Qingsong identify Karazhan’s possible location. However, he did not know that there was no possible way he would ever find that place.

Wu Qingsong took the opportunity to examine the map and figured out the locations of several important places. This area of mountains where they were at just happened to be the very center of this entire continent. Not far to the south was a vast ocean and behind the Turks mountain range in the north was an astonishingly wide desert.

The east and northeast side were all mountain range and forests, which was also the region where Klein let him paid attention to. He thought the Karazan that came out from Wu Qingsong’s mouth had the highest probability of appearing here. Especially the northeast side, because there was another huge mountain range there which was also the most ancient place in the entire continent containing the widest forest and swamps which could be found everywhere inside.

There was really nothing good to say about the development of this world.

Wu Qingsong criticized in his heart.

This must be a military map but there were not many roads, cities, and forts marked down. In contrast, large areas of blank indicating the wilderness were there. Apart from that, the map was labeled with pretty and artistic words which he could not understand, so he still could not get much information about this place.

“Maybe?” he said, nodding his head. “I remember that I walked towards the direction of the setting sun for a long time and also climbed over several hills, but I don’t remember climbing mountains.”

“Maybe you accidentally came through this transitional area between the Haldogi mountains and the Turks mountains?” Klein quickly found a reasonable explanation for him. In a sense, this was even more convincing than the words coming out of Wu Qingsong’s mouth.

The following few days, Klein was in an extremely busy state.

Wu Qingsong did not know whether he was busy investigating the non-existent names that he had mentioned or tirelessly dealing with the crime of sending all his subordinates to their graves while fleeing by himself. However, he was clear on one thing, the deeper his investigation was, the more doubtful Klein would be. And what he should do, was to utilize this short span of time where the guard was most relaxed, to come up with ways to escape from this place.

Merely, the things that he could utilize was not much.

Probably because he did not want to listen to his obscene speech again, Klein had pretty much given him the maximum amount of freedom within the limit he could tolerate. Only, he had given Wu Qingsong a warning that if he found out any problem, he would stuff Wu Qingsong inside a box and bury him deep underground.

“Hehe,” Wu Qingsong smirked. “As long as …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 18

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 18 – Grade A Mission

The old man’s words made Xia Fukun unhappy.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. This is not Earth; I can’t possibly try to reason with the old man about how customers are always right.

Xia Fukun followed the old man’s finger.

The words written were as follows:

For an Elementary Realm martial artist to become a mercenary, one needs to pay one hundred gold coins and write down your details. Collect the mercenary badge, and you’ll officially be a first-grade mercenary.

The only thing that caught Xia Fukun’s eyes was the hundred gold coins.

Having led a good life at the Xia family and the capital, why would Xia Fukun have any money on him? He rubbed his nose, slightly ashamed.

“Old man, that’s the procedure for an Elementary Realm martial artist. What about a Profound Realm martial artist? Do they need to pay?”


Xia Fukun’s words made the old man, who was sucking his smoking pipe, choke on the smoke.

“Kid, are you joking around? A Profound Realm martial artist would go to the VIP room on the second floor. You wouldn’t need to pay either. You’re so young, how could you be a Profound Realm martial artist?”

“Oh, so they do not need to pay, huh?”

Xia Fukun felt like facepalming. Why didn’t you mention that earlier if it’s free?

With that, he turned around, walking toward the VIP room on the second level.

Could that kid… really be a Profound Realm martial artist?

Puzzled, the skinny old man watched Xia Fukun walk away.

On the second floor, Xia Fukun saw Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan coming out of the VIP room.

“Why are you so slow? We’re already done.” Ye Qingwan frowned.


You are already aware of the rules here, but I wasn’t! I was nearly conned out of a hundred gold coins by the old man downstairs! Xia Fukun scorned.

Ignoring Ye Qingwan, Xia Fukun made his way to the VIP room.

“Greetings, Sir. Are you here to register as a majestic mercenary?”

At the door stood a stewardess in a bunny costume. Her snowy white thighs, bosom, and most of her body were exposed to the air. Xia Fukun took a few glances and coughed.

“Yeah, I want to know about the procedure.”

Only a martial artist with power at or above the Profound Realm would come to the second floor to register as a mercenary. Anyone who possessed such power definitely had a certain social status, thus the bunny girl dared not look down upon or suspect Xia Fukun’s words. He might’ve been masked and sounded like a youngster, but this was a mercenary guild, a place where no child would come to fool around.

Very soon, the bunny girl brought him a form and an apparatus that looked like a crystal ball.

“Sir, this is a form to register as a third-grade mercenary. But before you

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Friend, Do You Play Warcraft?

He did not know how much time passed since then but he got woken up by the creaking sound of a wooden door turning.

He felt like he had been stomped by a herd of elephants for the whole night. Every single place on his body was aching, numb and painful. At the same time, the ache brought about by hunger and thirst were increasingly intense.

Light ray appeared from beneath the curtain that covered the iron cage, allowing him to understand that the sky had brightened up. Then, someone pulled away from the curtain. He squinted his eyes only to slowly open them a few seconds later.

That someone also took away the cloth blocking his mouth.

“Seems like you slept well,” Klein said mockingly. His mood seemed to be bad. Wu Qingsong did not know the reason but a simple deduction made him think of the defeat in the battle before.

And this totally made his day right away.

“Not bad, but the look on your face seemed like you had a one-night stand with Sister Feng. What? Haven’t had enough yet?” hence, Wu Qingsong asked deliberately.

Klein knitted his brows. Again with the things he had never heard before, yet obviously some sort of trash talk.

He was itching to stuff that piece of cloth back into his mouth. No, he should find the dirtiest and the most smelly cloth to block his mouth.

But this morning he had just suffered serious accusations and doubts. Wals and other squadron leaders who were envious of his capability since long ago had obviously wanted to blow things out of proportion. This made him consider getting something out of this captive’s mouth to settle this problem.

“Who are you?” he forced down the anger rising in his chest and interrogated in the most undisturbed tone he could manage. “Where did you come from? Where are you going? Why did you appear in that place?”

“Why don’t you guess?” Wu Qingsong said. He tried to adjust his posture right after, but the numbness spreading throughout his body after sleeping while tied up for the whole night made him feel like dying.

Nevertheless, he had to give his best here. Granted, his body was in pain, he still had to grit his teeth and pushed on.

He was already at the mercy of others. If he even lost in momentum, then he had no hope left.

“You don’t want to get your ropes off?” Klein asked.

“It’s okay. I personally don’t mind it,” Wu Qingsong answered.

Klein felt himself on the brink of an outburst. However, last night’s beating had made him understand; Wu Qingsong was a tough nut to crack, beating him up did not serve any purpose.

“As long as you answer my question honestly, I’ll undo the rope.”

He tried not to let anger display on his expression. Because plainly, this half-elf was doing this to fight back. The angrier he was, …

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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 64

Translator: Yuchaoz
Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 64: Offended A Bunch Of Ants



It was even more silent than just now when the silver-haired young man flew out of the room.

Weng Xiaohua and Han Xinyue had their mouths agape. They didn’t expect Yan Huang to be so arrogant too.

Zhu Yunhai was stunned too. However, there was more anger on his face.

“Bastard. How dare you scold me!” Zhu Yunhai’s face turned sinister. “Are you looking for death!”

After he finished speaking, he ran towards Yan Huang. His three sidekicks charged at Yan Huang too. They were going to win him by numbers.

“Yan… Yan Huang… be careful!” Weng Xiaohua warned Yan Huang uncontrollably. She was a hardcore fan of Jin Rui but deep inside, she was a kind person.

“You… be careful…” Han Xinyue shouted nervously too. She noticed that the red-haired man was not blocking her anymore so she quickly looked under the counter. There was a broomstick. She took the broomstick out and wanted to help Yan Huang.

She didn’t know who he was and he even stared at her just now. However, he was the only person that dared to stand up for her when Zhu Yunhai blatantly bullied her.

Hence, Han Xinyue was somewhat touched by Yan Huang.

Before she could finish her sentence, groans of pain could be heard from Yan Huang’s direction.

“Ah!” Zhu Yunhai flew into the air like a sandbag and fell outside the entrance of the shop. The silver-haired young man just stood up painfully but when Zhu Yunhai smashed into him, he fell on the ground again.

Han Xinyue was shocked. She opened her eyes wide to take another look. Yan Huang raised his right leg and kicked the other two people at the speed of lightning. The other two young men followed their boss and were thrown out of the shop.

Han Xinyue stood on the ground with the broom in her hand.

Weng Xiaohua was in a daze too.

Yan Huang placed the bottle of mineral water and the bag of biscuit on the counter. He asked Han Xinyue to count the bill for him before walking out of the shop calmly. He walked towards Zhu Yunhai and his five men.

Yan Huang saw Zhang Ziyun sitting by the table. He was focused on the paper in front of him entirely as though he was enchanted by it. The huge commotion in the shop didn’t affect him at all. He continued copying the talisman that Yan Huang drew. Perspirations dripped down his forehead.

Yan Huang nodded in satisfaction.

Based on Zhang Ziyun’s concentration and focus, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to memorize the numerous strokes of the talisman.

A talisman master was like the lawyer on Earth. A lawyer needed to memorize the various laws in the country in order to become a professional lawyer.

But, they only needed to memorize the laws briefly. When they needed to use it, they could flip …

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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Zhang Mu’s fault

“How come it’s you?”

Both of them questioned each other in unison. Meanwhile, Yuan Rui, and Li Hu were stunned looking at them. How did these two people get to know each other?

When Li Hu was assuming that Zhang Mu might recognize his leader because of his military family background, a voice sounded beside his ear, “Li Hu, take this lady out first. I got something to chat with this brother.”

Obedience was the first duty of a soldier. Therefore, Li Hu did his job without hesitation. In the meantime, Yuan Rui also walked out slowly since Zhang Mu had signaled for her to do so.

Right now, the tent was empty except for Zhang Mu and the guy in front of him.

This man, was the fat bald-man that he stole the three thousand dollars before the opening of the Paradise Era.

How could it be him?

Because of this person’s wallet, which held the three thousand dollars, it allowed Zhang Mu to buy his first melee weapon and supplies. With that extravagant outfit and strange wallet, the memory was still fresh in Zhang Mu’s mind when he recalled the matter.

Now this fat bald-man, did not have the tycoon presence when he first met him. Without the sunglasses, his eyes looked sharp, and he was charismatic. Although the appearance was the same, he seemed to change into another person.

But judging from his physique, how could he be a veteran’s instructor and managed to convince everyone in the city?

The moment Zhang Mu recalled his memory, the bald man interrupted his thoughts.

“Long time no see, a boy from the Thieves Sect.”

The man in front of him broke the silence first and looked at Zhang Mu with a faint smile on his face.

How did he know his identity?

If he did not mention it, Zhang Mu might have forgotten this identity in the corner of his mind. The conscious from his past life always occupied a dominant position, so the memory in regards to the Thieves Sect was relatively shallow. The skills he learned for a decade ago was not useful at all because it was too weak in this Cataclysm. If he used this trick against those high-ranked evolvers, basically he would be getting himself killed as their senses were very sharp.

Furthermore, ever since he became the era sub-merchant, even though he did not completely sever the connection between the human race, but he also did not make much contact with them. Moreover, he did not want to use this skill when he was young too. Eventually, he slowly forgot this in the corner of his mind.

Zhang Mu’s expression turned serious as he stared into the eyes of the bald leader. He was not overwhelmed by his imposing presence as he asked with vigilance, “So you remembered my appearance? Although I did steal your wallet, how did you know I’m from the Thieves Sect?”

If he knew …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 17

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 17 – Mercenary Mission

Seeing how unbothered Xia Fukun looked, the trio was speechless.

“Since you said that you have refined the beast that’s living at the bottom of the spring, you should be aware of what beast it is, right?”

The regent was curious about the beast’s identity. What could it be other than a ninth-grade beast if it was something that the Onyx Dragon could not do anything about?

The number of ninth-grade beasts in the entire Nine Spiritual Mainland was as rare as a hen’s teeth, and now here was one in the Yaslan Empire! The regent was unsure if Xia Fukun was speaking the truth, but he hoped he was, as Xia Fukun would have gotten rid of a hidden danger for the Yaslan Empire. But if Xia Fukun wasn’t… the consequences would be dreadful.

“I have no idea.” Xia Fukun shook his head calmly.

“I entered the spring to find out the identity of the beast, but as soon as I did, that bastard tried to snatch my body before I could figure out what it was. Luckily, the beast was seriously injured so it did not manage to succeed, instead paying with its life. I was blessed by the misfortune too; my cultivation improved by a large extent,” Xia Fukun said, putting his fist in the air and giving it a wave.

“This weirdo…”

Xia Fukun’s words were partly true. Even though his words were dubious, nobody could find any problem with his nice words. Since there was nothing they could do, the trio had to let the matter go.

“However, Teacher Qingwan, I’m afraid that we might not be able to use this spring for cultivation in the future.” Xia Fukun smiled at Ye Qingwan, looking at the spirit spring that was now like a dead pond.

“That’s… fine.”

In fact, Ye Qingwan only stumbled across the spring by coincidence, thus it did not really matter if they had the spirit spring for cultivation or not. However, upon hearing Xia Fukun casually mention the experience of how he refined the beast that even the Onyx Dragon could not handle, Ye Qingwan viewed Xia Fukun differently.

The regent did not ask any further as he knew that everyone had their own secrets. Since Xia Fukun was unwilling to talk about it, the regent was not going to force him. Either way, the result was good at least.

“Since the spirit spring can’t be used anymore and the beast has been taken care of by you, we shall return to the capital now. There’s no need to make a trip here anymore.”

“Oh,” Xia Fukun answered half-heartedly.

The Monster Refining System has taken care of the beast, so the spirit spring has lost its value.

However, how will I and Qingmu Xuan cultivate from now on? What will Ye Qingwan have in store for us?

But Xia Fukun was worrying too much.

After they returned to the capital,

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Imperishable Undying Half-elf

After discovering the half-elf captain escaping, Nina herself took the lead in pursuit.

However, the war wolf was considered one of the fastest animals in the forest. When they had rushed over, Klein had already escaped the encirclement completely. It was unknown why he had lingered outside the village for a moment but when he made his move, he had disappeared into the forest before they caught up to him.

The Moon Lady’s brow furrowed. She certainly knew about the bounty placed by the elves on her head and also what Klein’s escape implied. This mountain area had always been a hidden base of operations that her rebel army had put in great effort to win over. Although it was hard to accept, her last minute decision to come here might not have brought the liberation and freedom that she promised instead, she might have brought a disaster similar to the one that had happened to the village.

She immediately ordered the wolf warriors by her side, “Quick! We have to finish the battle as fast as possible and evacuate all the people from the villages nearby!”

“Theresa died! But we haven’t found Elisha and the other children!” an old wolfkin warrior said anxiously. “Not even a sign of their corpses!”

“They should be in the vicinity!” Anna replied to him. “Elder Auray, don’t worry, these beasts have a habit of leaving the young girls as commodities. They should be alive!”

The battle dragged on but Klein had succeeded in his escape. As for the mastiffmen, rather than fighting for their lives, it would be better to describe them as dragging more wolfmen down with them. The wolfmen who were unable to adapt to this sudden change sustained severe losses but Nina saw through this point very quickly and commanded them to use the long spears to obstruct the mastiffmen in their final struggle while using the javelins and arrows to reaped their lives.

It was not until more than an hour later, that the last mastiffman finally fell. Same as before, no one surrendered, and the wolfmen did not accept any of the wounded.

The empire’s only way of handling the insurgents was execution. The only difference lay in the methods carried out, hanging, decapitation or perhaps used as a gladiator. Due to this reason, the rebel army had to adopt a similarly harsh policy to avoid the possibility of bringing catastrophe to the village and this kind of situation had persisted for hundreds of years.

“Found them!” just as Nina used her greatsword to behead the last mastiffman, someone called out excitedly from a hillside nearby.

The silhouette of a few wolf girls appeared on the hillside, which allowed the wolfmen to sigh in relief.

They had gathered here to battle in the first place was to avenge the death of these innocent villagers but at the same time, it was to save them. Though a lot of them had prepared themselves to …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: It’s Time To Use Town Portal Scroll

The battle came to a standstill and the squadron leader Klein became more and more anxious.

This development has far exceeded his expectations.

The operation this time was not something that went through the approval of battalion leader, Lord Wals, but his own decision. In fact, he took his own squad out in the name of daily patrols to raid this remote mountain village using the intelligence gathered by the informant.

He had hoped that the sudden raid this time would take out one of the supply bases of the rebel army, lure them out and deal them a serious blow. Even better if some of their important members were killed, so that he could acquire enough merits to leave that crappy Leimu City.

The former half of the plan had proceeded excellently but the latter half of the plan had deviated completely since a quarter of an hour ago.

The whistling sound of a greatsword came again. He also, once more, evaded the strike with his deft movements and launched three stabs using the chance when his opponent lost her center of gravity, but this opponent used the broad side of her sword to block the attacks over and over again before using an elegant side kick to dispel his thrust attempt. Their fists collided and Klein was forced to retreat.

This battle had been going on for nearly a quarter of an hour. Of course, he had not gone all out and his opponent was clearly the same.

As one of the best swordsmen in Leimu City, Klein believed his technique was above his opponent and the energy consumption was surely far less as well. Though a female, her strength far surpassed his. But if it was a one-on-one duel in the arena, he believed the wolfkin swordswoman holding the double-handed greatsword would inevitably fall into a disadvantageous situation due to her energy consumption. However, the opponent’s weapon was more applicable in such a battlefield which made the outcome hard to determine.

Meeting an opponent that could fight him on equal ground in this place made him slightly astonished.

She could not possibly be some unknown person!

This made Klein excited. The informant’s intelligence was obviously much more accurate than he expected. An unintentional hunt led him to capture such a big fish?

But in the next moment, four to five long spears stabbed at him from two sides. He was forced to backflip consecutively in order to dodge them.

The situation of the war had gradually worsened from the deadlock earlier while he was unaware. Even more wolfmen had rushed over but those stupid mastiffmen soldiers in his surroundings had already lost their fighting spirit. With the sudden increase of the wolfkin warriors that encircled them to more than four times their original numbers, the defense line they had maintained starts to crumble. This allowed even more wolfkin warriors to surround him.

Klein could not help getting angry …

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