Monster Refining System – Chapter 13

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 13 – Mysterious Spirit Spring

Xia Fukun went back to his room drowsily. From tomorrow onward, he would be cultivating together with Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan.

Right after Xia Fukun left, Shadow went toward the regent.

“My lord, I’m afraid that the Ye family might not like the arrangement you have for Miss Qingwan. What if they blame it on us…?”

“Hehe, relationship matters are unpredictable. I’m just giving that kiddo a chance. You saw the battle that took place just now, he’s a man with a promising future. I’m afraid that the Yaslan Empire is not enough for him to unleash his potential. Of course, I hope that the Ye family will be able to see his strengths.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s almost time that Qingwan finishes her experience here. About three months later, she’ll return to Odin Academy. Three months is sufficient for Xuan’er to upgrade to a third-grade beast trainer. By then, I shall let those three make a trip to Odin Academy. When they return, my time as regent will be up.”

Hearing the regent, Shadow was in slight disbelief. He never expected the regent to be this far-sighted.

It was a peaceful night. The next day, Xia Fukun felt that there was something squirming on him.

“The sun’s already up yet you’re still sleeping?”

Before Xia Fukun opened his eyes, he heard a silvery voice in his ears.

“?” Xia Fukun’s eyes rolled open slowly, and a little girl came into his view.

“Who allowed you to climb on me?”

Xia Fukun sulked and lifted Qingmu Xuan off of his body. If not for Qingmu Xuan, Ye Qingwan would not have a bad impression of me!

“Don’t you like Teacher Wan’er? If you treat me nicely, I might give you some help.” Qingmu Xuan currently had braids. She looked at Xia Fukun mischievously.


Her words sparked Xia Fukun’s interest.

“Three months later, Teacher Wan’er will return to Odin Academy, a place where fish and dragons mingle together. With Teacher Wan’er’s looks, she’ll surely attract a number of talents. If you wish to get Teacher Wan’er’s heart, you only have three more months left.”

Hearing Qingmu Xuan’s words, Xia Fukun took another glance at her subconsciously. He never thought that this little girl would be so mature that she could see all his problems….

“Then what do you think I should do?” Xia Fukun took a deep breath and turned to Qingmu Xuan.

“Easy, you just need to follow what I say!” Qingmu Xuan laughed and ran out. At the same time, Xia Fukun heard soft footsteps coming toward him.

He immediately got up from his bed and looked at Ye Qingwan, who was at the door.

“It’s time for cultivation now. Since I lost to you, I will keep my promise and help you with cultivation. However, it all depends on you to meet Odin Academy’s entry requirement.”

After that, Ye Qingwan turned and left

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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 62

Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 62: A Magical Panacea

“Father, you must help me out this time.”

At this moment, a young man dressed in black robes stormed into the hall and said furiously.

He was Wang Bin’s son, Wang Yue.

“What’s the matter again?”

Lord Wang asked with a frown.

“A few days ago, I was beaten up by a brat. He even injured two of my guards. After some investigation, I found out that his name is Mu Feng, from the Mu family. You have to teach him a lesson on my behalf, otherwise the others would think that our family is scared of the Mu family.”

Wang Yue said coldly.

“A Mu disciple, you say?”

Upon hearing his words, Lord Wang asked with a frown.

“Yeah, why?”

Wang Yue asked in confusement.

“My Lord, we could use this as an opportunity to look into the Mu family.”

The Wang disciple said softly.

“Yeah, I was thinking of doing so as well.”

Lord Wang nodded and said.

“Oh, by the way, my shifu is here. I’ll make sure that that brat will kneel down before me and apologize!”

Wang Yue gritted his teeth and said.

“What?! Zhou shifu is here? Where is he? Quick, go and escort him inside!”
Lord Wang panicked when he heard his son’s words.

He was very protective of his son, because his son’s Soul Energy was very strong. One could easily see that he was a potential chiseler, so he found him a level one chiseler as his shifu.

“Haha, long time no see, Lord Wang.”

At this moment, a clear laugh rang out from outside, and a muscular man dressed in a chiseler’s robe stepped into the hall.

The man looked like he was in his thirties and he had a long face.

His identity was revealed by the chiseler’s robe that he was wearing. He was a level one chiseler.

Although he was only a level-one chiseler, he’s considered very powerful in small places like An Nan city.

“Master Zhou.”

Lord Wang bowed down respectfully at this man. Although Lord Wang was a Ning Gang Sixth Sky cultivator, because of his high social status as a chiseler, Lord Wang had to treat him with utmost respect. It was the same even if you were a Ning Gang Ninth Sky cultivator.

“Well, isn’t the Lord of the Wang family polite?”

Chiseler Zhou clasped hands and replied with a hint of superiority in his tone.

“Please have a seat, Master Zhou. Serve us tea.”

Lord Wang immediately ordered his servants to serve tea while they sat down at their seats. Lord Wang then asked with a laugh: “Master Zhou, what brings you here in An Nan city? You should have told me earlier, so that I could prepare a feast.”

“Hehe, I was planning to bring Wang Yue back to the Temple of Chiselers so that he could learn more in-depth about runes. His Soul Energy actually reached level seven. …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 12

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 12 – Both Beast Trainer and Martial Artist


As soon as the Super Strength Ape appeared right behind her, Ye Qingwan sensed it.

However, this only piqued her curiosity.

Ye Qingwan heard from the regent that Xia Fukun was a beast trainer who had just awakened and already possessed the ability to summon a fourth-grade pet. However, she was in slight disbelief, as under normal circumstances, a beast trainer who just awakened should only be in the first grade. It was obviously impossible for a newborn to already be an adult.

However, Xia Fukun had overthrown her belief.

Furthermore, Xia Fukun’s control over his pet was something unlike any other newbie Ye Qingwan had seen.

Dodging the Super Strength Ape’s attack at lightning speed, Ye Qingwan looked up at Xia Fukun, frowning slightly.

“You have just awakened?”

Ye Qingwan suspected that Xia Fukun wasn’t a newbie since he had such strong control over his pet, not much weaker than her own.


Xia Fukun nodded. I’m actually not a beast trainer, I just have the Monster Refining System. I have no idea why she is so shocked though.

“Teacher Qingwan, if you’re not going to summon your pet, I’m afraid we will be unable to continue this competition.”

Hearing Xia Fukun, Ye Qingwan hummed. She drew a seal in the air with her finger, and suddenly, a ball of flame appeared from the middle of the seal.


Xia Fukun squinted his eyes. So an ordinary beast trainer… has to follow various steps in order to summon their pet, unlike me who can summon them directly. I need to come up with a signature pose so people won’t be suspicious when I come across anyone in the future. If they do, I may turn into a lab rat.

“This is my pet, a Flame Sparrow. I have suppressed its ability to fourth-grade, same as your pet.”

Upon hearing Ye Qingwan’s introduction, Xia Fukun received a new piece of information from the Monster Refining System.

“Flame Sparrow. Class: Bird. Upon reaching the ninth grade, it will undergo a tribulation. If it succeeds, it will become a phoenix.”

Of course, this was just an introduction. There had never been anyone who managed to upgrade a Flame Sparrow to the ninth grade.

“Beware!” Ye Qingwan called out softly, and Xia Fukun could see a ball of flame flying toward the Super Strength Ape.

Super Strength Ape, Break the Boat, Xia Fukun said in his heart. The Monster Refining System had already imprinted some of Super Strength Ape’s skills in his mind, so he was familiar with the commands.

Receiving Xia Fukun’s command, the Super Strength Ape growled, and its gigantic figure started spinning on the spot rapidly. The scene looked just like a tornado colliding with the flame ball that the Flame Sparrow had transformed into.


A collision could be heard, and smoke could be seen waltzing out.

The Super Strength Ape reached out

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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 163

Translator: Yuchaoz
Editor: Myro

Chapter 163: Bewildered

When Zhang Mu entered the gate, he smiled and greeted the soldiers guarding the entrance. At this moment, Li Hu caught up to them riding the mutated military dog while the people inside closed the gate immediately.

Li Hu leap down from the broad back of the military dog. He patted its head and spoke, “Go and have fun by yourself for a while.” But at this moment, the mutated wolfdog who was quiet for the whole time earlier, barked a few times and lowered its head to rub Zhang Mu’s shoulder. Meanwhile, its hopeful eyes looked at Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu understood its intention right off the bat. He reckoned that it wanted to play with Li Hu’s German Shepherd. Also, he found that the mutated wolfdog had been following him closely for these days, so it was normal for it to be itching to do something when it saw its kind.

“Brother Li, you see my mutated wolfdog did not have fun for a long time. Now that we are in the city, can you let your German Shepherd take him to stroll around and relax?” Zhang Mu chuckled and asked for Li Hu’s opinion.

Li Hu pondered for a moment and agreed immediately, “Sure thing. Just now, the one who spoke to you earlier was my person in charge, and he had approved my leave for the rest of the day. Also, someone has been arranged to take over my place, so Thunder does not need to be here anymore. Alright, I’ll let your big dog go out and play with my Thunder then. Meanwhile, let me take all of you to the base and register.”

After that, he caressed the chin of Thunder and said, “Today we have a night off, so there is no need for you to return to the camp. You can bring him to play around, but don’t be too late. Come back when it’s about time.” At first, Thunder looked at the mutated wolfdog with a face of disdain. However, Thunder felt that it had to thank the wolfdog that possessed the same canine breed instead now. It also felt a little excited as Li Hu did not give it a day off for a long time.

Although it was a military dog, trained to be disciplined since young and continued to obey its dog handler even after its mutation, it still had a thirst to play deep within its heart.

Looking at the mutated wolfdog and Li Hu’s Shepherd dog running out from his vision one after the another, Zhang Mu made a connection suddenly. He turned and asked Li Hu, “Brother Li, is Thunder male or female?” Li Hu was a little uncertain what to say to Zhang Mu, but he still replied, “Female.” Now, Zhang Mu knew why the mutated wolfdog was so excited. Oh boy, this fellow had taken a fancy to a military dog. How bold and …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 78

Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 78: Getting Along Well

“Sikong, wait a minute. Sixth Sister, there is a misunderstanding. I have known Sikong for a long time. We did the tasks together and she helped me a lot.” Ye Shang said Qing Ji.

“Thirteenth, I should trust who you trust, but your ninth sister is now in the middle of her close-door cultivation!” Qing Ji was embarrassed as she knew that Sikong Chuyu did not harbour ill intentions after looking into her clear eyes and hearing what she said, but she couldn’t take any risks.

“Ye Shang, your sixth sister is right. It’s okay, I’ll leave,” Sikong Chuyu said with a smile.

“Sixth Sister, anyone who wants to harm my ninth sister must step over my dead body. But I can’t disappoint my friends. Sikong, I will accompany you to find a suitable place in the city.!” Ye Shang gave way and started heading out as he knew that Qing Ji was right. After all, she did not know Sikong Chuyu.

“Well, go arrange accommodation for her! Don’t go to the lake.” Qing Ji sat down as she knew that the relationship between them was very good.

If Sikong Chuyu left Ye Shang, Ye Shang would never forget it.

“Not now, I will accompany Sixth Sister for a cup of tea for sure.” Sikong Chuyu entered the hall and sat down.

“I am sorry. If Ninth Sister wasn’t undergoing close-door cultivation, we could have had a banquet when Thirteenth’s friends come to visit.” Qing Ji said.

“I get it, your martial brothers and sisters are lucky to have such a good elder martial sister like you.” Sikong Chuyu said and drank some tea.

“My martial brothers and sisters are all from poor families, some of whom are even orphans, thus I am their elder sister. Thirteenth, arrange a place for Miss Sikong to live.” Qing Ji waved at Ye Shang.

Ye Shang felt that they were getting along and left with the servant.

“Sikong, Thirteenth still doesn’t know what beauty is, and is not well versed in the matters of the heart. He has no friends either and his friendship is genuine. I hope you won’t hurt him in the future.” Qing Ji sighed as she knew that Sikong Chuyu was destined to be a hurdle in Ye Shang’s life.

Sikong Chuyu was too beautiful, though Qing Ji had seen many different kinds of people, she had never seen a woman with such a figure, appearance and temperament.

It might be nothing now, but when the circumstances around Sikong Chuyu changed, it would be a hurdle for Ye Shang.

“I know. True affection is rare. Just the day before, he saved my life, which left scars on his back! So I won’t hurt him. But I don’t understand, do I not look like a good person?” Sikong Chuyu was confused as Qing Ji seemed to think that she would hurt Ye Shang.

“I don’t mean that. You will understand what …

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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 62

Translator: Yuchaoz
Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 62: Han Xinyue, Earth Will Be Destroyed 10 Years Later

Two people were standing at the counter. One was Weng Xiaohua while the other was a pretty young lady with sharp features.

The young lady wore a shirt that had turned white from washing too much. It was an ordinary and common shirt. Yan Huang could even see a few threads sticking out.

But, the young lady looked amazing when she wore this cheap and ordinary shirt.

She was tall and lean. Her legs were straight. The white shirt emphasized her curves.

She had an oval face. Her eyes were clear and bright. The bridge of her nose was high and straight. She wore no makeup on her lips. The smile lines beside her nose could be seen faintly.

Her hair was short. It was cut till her ears and made her looked lively and neat. With the complement of her sharp features, she had the gentleness of a lady but looked strong and powerful like a man too.

The moment Yan Huang saw this lady, he frowned. He felt that this lady looked familiar.

He felt that when he was Emperor Yan Huang, he saw this lady before.

Yes. Yan Huang felt that in the 5000 years of his past life, he saw this lady before.

Yan Huang furrowed his brows deeply.

Even though he had lived for 5000 years last time, he had never heard about Earth before. He never even heard of the Milky Way. However, the universe was vast. There were many galaxies that he didn’t know.

He did hear about the galaxy closest to Earth, the Fairy Maiden galaxy, before. There wasn’t much spiritual power in that galaxy so very few cultivators came from there. As compared to the galaxy that Yan Huang came from, the Pangu galaxy, the Milky Way and the Fairy Maiden galaxy were like an unpopulated barren wasteland.

Based on his past experience, the Fairy Maiden galaxy was the first galaxy the devil clan took over. If that happened, the Milky Way had probably fallen at that time too.

Following this deduction, the Earth would be invaded by the devil clan after 10 years.

Hence, a question arose. Since earth would be destroyed 10 years later, why did Yan Huang have an impression of Han Xinyue? This was absurd!

Weng Xiaohua was furious when she saw bastard Yan Huang staring at her best friend, Han Xinyue, the moment he entered the shop.

There was a queue at the counter, so the two young ladies hurriedly scanned the QR codes on the customer’s phone and collected money from them. Weng Xiaohua glared at Yan Huang before continuing her work.

After Weng Xiaohua finished collecting money from two customers, she looked up again. Yan Huang was still staring at Han Xinyue! She gritted her teeth as she was burning with anger.

She had never seen anyone as shameless as Yan Huang.

Han Xinyue noticed Yan Huang’s …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 11

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 11 – Ye Qingwan

“Yes. Are you unwilling to do so?”

The regent took a glance at Xia Fukun.

“No… but you’re asking me to train with a little girl?”

Xia Fukun was speechless. Wasn’t I clear enough? This is different from my expectations! I’m here to cultivate, not play around. How old even is Qingmu Xuan?

“Hehe, you should not underestimate this little girl Xuan’er. She might not have the ability to summon a beast of the fourth grade like you, but she’s already a second-grade beast trainer.”

“Second-grade beast trainer?”

Xia Fukun had never met any beast trainers back in Summer City, so he was still unsure of the beast trainer hierarchy.

Seeing that Xia Fukun was unaware of it, the regent explained to Xia Fukun slowly.

From his explanation, Xia Fukun learned that beast trainer was a well-respected career in the Nine Spiritual Mainland. For example, Qingmu Xuan, who was a second-grade beast trainer, would be able to summon a peak second-grade beast. And in the entire Yaslan Empire, the total number of beast trainers was only around ten, which was why the regent cared so much about him.

“I may not be a beast trainer, but in order to groom Xuan’er, I have hired a teacher over from Odin Academy.”

Just as the regent said this, a pretty figure in white appeared in front of Xia Fukun slowly.

As soon as he saw the woman, Xia Fukun sucked in a deep breath.

The fantasy novels that he had read in the past always described the female lead as having extreme beauty that could steal the heart of an entire country. But to be honest, having grown up on Earth, Xia Fukun did not have much understanding of this description.

Earth was taken over by the “internet celebrity look,” so almost all beauties looked the same, which is why there’s a popular quote on Earth – gorgeous physical appearances are all the same, while an interesting soul is one in a million.

Now, Xia Fukun finally got to meet a real beauty….

If he were on Earth, Xia Fukun would definitely go up to her and ask for her WeChat. However, he was currently on the Nine Spiritual Mainland, and from the other party’s posture, she seemed to be someone with an extraordinary social standing.

Seeing that Xia Fukun had his eyes on the pretty lady, the regent heaved a sigh of relief.

This was exactly the reason why the regent brought Qingmu Xuan to meet Xia Fukun. He did not have any intention of pushing Qingmu Xuan on Xia Fukun, rather, he hoped to introduce the beauty in white to Xia Fukun through Qingmu Xuan.

The beauty might not be part of the Qingmu imperial family, but she was closely related to them. If they ended up being a couple, then Xia Fukun would also be someone related to them.

“Kiddo, this is Xuan’er’s teacher, Ye Qingwan, an inner

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The Deity of War – Chapter 152

Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 152: B*stard Son

Clip clop clip clop!

Five Fire Cloud Horses galloped along the grasslands, and Qi Ying sat upon one of them.

The two Blood God Alliance members had gone off on their own, while Qi Ying stayed with Qin Mu and Qi Shun’s group.

Qi Ying wasn’t really interested in obtaining any inheritances. All he wanted was to get some useful treasures.

He was mainly looking for pills, but most of the pills that could be found in the mystic realm had already gone bad long ago, so there wasn’t much point in searching for them.

As such, it was better to travel with Qin Mu and Qi Shun.

Both of them were among the most powerful beings in the Dragon Metamorphosis Mystic Realm, and with them by his side, he wouldn’t have to worry about his own safety.

Furthermore, they were searching for the dragon vein, which was also what Qi Ying wanted to find.

Perhaps if they were lucky, they would all be able to find and obtain inheritances from the dragon vein.

Aside from that, Qi Ying also wanted to communicate with Qin Mu and Qi Shun, so he could get to know them better.

Mother Yu had told him to stay away from nobles as much as possible, but in reality, there were instances where interaction with such people was simply unavoidable.

Furthermore, Qi Ying wanted to ask Qin Mu about Qin Susu.

“Susu has been in a pretty bad mood recently, but she’s completely fine otherwise. She would be really happy to learn about how fast your cultivation base is progressing!” Qin Mu continued in his brutally honest fashion, “To be honest, in the beginning, I was also one of the people that thought you were trash, and didn’t deserve Susu. But then, I thought deeper about it, and realized that even though you’re only at the Eighth Energy Martial Stage, you had no cultivation base at all just a few months ago! At your rate of progression, I believe that you’ll be able to catch up to the Black Class prodigies very soon. Trust me, if you can tap into your potential and continue to become more powerful, many members from our Qin family will be swayed onto your side, so you better cultivate hard!”

Qi Shun chuckled upon hearing that, “Are you that eager to give your little sister away?”

Qin Mu harrumphed in response, “What give away? There’s mutual love between the two of them! Remember those fairy tales that we read as children? Many of them were about an underdog falling in love with a noble young mistress, and together, they overcame countless hardships to be together. Even though fairy tales are not to be taken seriously, I still believe that hard work will always pay dividends.” Qin Mu paused there, and a forlorn expression appeared on his face before he continued, “I wonder when I’ll have a woman to love me…”


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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 229

Translator: Si Mei / Siew
Editor: B E E P/ Avis

Chapter 229: Broken Sword!

A beast from the moment they were born, would need over 20 years before they could reach the Demonic Xuan Realm, yet Da Bao and Xiao Ling had obviously reached it within a few months. How could Su Yi not be astonished?!

“My lord, we have broken through to the Demonic Xuan Realm. That spiritual root is a treasure.”

Da Bao and Xiao Ling said in beast language while flicking their tongues and affectionately winding around Su Yi with excitement.

They had eaten the spiritual root of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng and gained tremendous benefits from refining it, allowing them to break through to the Demonic Xuan Realm.


Su Yi praised them and then thought about the situation. Even though Da Bao and Xiao Ling had gained benefits from the spiritual root of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, the biggest reason for their growth must most probably have a connection to this mysterious space.

Back then, when Golden Python, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, White Jade Swallow and the rest had gained benefits from the inheritance of the mysterious space, they had become different after that.

As for Da Bao and Xiao Ling, when they were still inside the egg, the mysterious space seemed to have bestowed them the benefits.

Hence, Su Yi was wondering that although this time it was because of the spiritual root of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, the most crucial reason for Da Bao and Xiao Ling to be able to reach the Demonic Xuan Realm so fast was still because of this mysterious space.

Su Yi swept his gaze around and saw that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was still at the same old place with half section of its roots plunged into the soil as its body emitted a glow while the leaves on its head gave out a radiance.

“Spiritual Essence……”

Su Yi recalled his precious Spiritual Essence and immediately went over to take a look. Afterward, he was reassured.

The pool of Spiritual Essence had expanded a little along with the space.

However, on an overall, the remaining Spiritual Essence from before was still there.

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng had kept its promise and did not steal the Spiritual Essence to drink.

The Spiritual Herbs inside the mysterious space had also grown up healthily while emitting a radiance.

The elixirs that Su Yi, had placed inside the mysterious space previously, had advanced and improved a lot too.

“You guys will continue to cultivate in seclusion for a period of time. When it is alright for you guys to go out, I will bring you out.”

Su Yi explained to Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest after tidying up and taking another Yuan Weapon saber from the mysterious space.

At the moment, it was not suitable for Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest to reveal themselves as he was still at the heaven of peace and happiness, …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 10

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 10 – Going to the Capital

“Good, good, good!”

Mu Yun let out a burst of evil laughter.

Eyes bulging out, twitching facial muscles, and a face that was flushed red. Mu Yun wasn’t exactly friendly-looking to start with, but anger made him extremely terrifying.

The sorrow of losing his precious grandson had turned into anger, consuming Mu Yun slowly as he started to lose his mind. He was determined to kill Xia Fukun regardless of the regent’s intervention.

“Then I shall see how good you are, the strongest martial artist present in the Yaslan Empire!”

Mu Yu snickered. He drew a rune with his finger in the air and imprinted it on his chest. Black smoke waltzed around Mu Yun’s body, who was now exerting a mighty force.

“Wow, I didn’t know that you had picked up black magic!” The regent frowned upon seeing Mu Yun increase his power within such a short period of time. Mu Yun was making use of black magic to increase his power to the equivalent of a Supreme Realm martial artist.

He took a step forward and disappeared among the dense black cloud. Within no time, he was right in front of Mu Yun.


Strong energy waves spread throughout the Xia residence as Mu Yun raised his hands to defend himself from the regent’s attack.

“Be careful!” Xia Fukun gasped. His heart was beating as if it was trying to escape out of his ribcage as he witnessed the mind-blowing fight between two Supreme Realm martial artists in close proximity.

At this moment, Xia Fukun realized that an energy wave was coming toward his direction. Panic-stricken, he froze to the ground as if he were temporarily paralyzed. Suddenly, a black figure jumped out, blocking him from the energy wave.

Xia Fukun watched with jaws wide open. Wow, the person that the regent brought is so powerful! His ability must be near the Supreme Realm.

From the corner of Xia Fukun’s eyes, he saw that the people the regent brought were currently standing next to him.

One of them was a cute little girl who was about ten years old.

She wore a light green dress and had her hair braided with red ribbons. With shiny doe eyes, snowy white skin, and a button nose, this cute little girl looked just like a doll.

Feeling that Xia Fukun’s eyes were on her, the little girl turned around. She reached out her hand.

“Qingmu Xuan, a beast trainer too.” She grinned, revealing her pearly white teeth.

Wow, such a cool introduction!

Xia Fukun plastered a smile on his face and shook her hand.

Don’t tell me… Xia Fukun thought of a possibility; that the regent might use a honey trap on him to get him to join forces with the imperial family. But she’s younger than me by about ten years! Why would I fall for a little kid? I’m not a pedophile!

No, this is so

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