Monster Refining System – Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Unfair!

“Ah? Of course.”

Having to stay next to Qingmu Duan for such a long time, Shadow was used to the way that Xia Fukun and Qingmu Duan communicated. He was slightly taken aback by Xia Fukun’s sudden politeness.

Xia Fukun was set to return to Summer City three days later.

During his rest that lasted for three days, Xia Fukun did not see Ye Qingwan or Qingmu Xuan anywhere in the palace. He then heard from Shadow that they had gone out for a learning trip.

Initially, Xia Fukun was upset that they left him out, but he soon understood why they chose to do so. If they went with him, given that he had the ability to summon eighth-grade beasts whenever he felt like it, it would defeat the purpose of the learning journey for them, which was to train and improve as beast trainers.

Ye Qingwan was here in the Yaslan Empire to teach Qingmu Xuan, to allow her to get into the inner school as soon as she went to Odin Academy. If Xia Fukun went with them, Qingmu Xuan would not get to try new things and she would not learn anything.

Knowing the reason, it made Xia Fukun feel much better, and proud.

Well, it’s not my fault that I’m too powerful!

When I first arrived at the Nine Spiritual Mainland, I felt that the Monster Refining System was somehow dubious and not as good as those systems that I read about in novels back on Earth, where they could give birth to diamonds and gold, but it’s not bad. If I got a system that gave me money for free, I would have already died in Summer City.

Three days later, Shadow brought Xia Fukun back to Summer City.

This made Xia Fukun worry about the safety at the capital. If he’s here with me, who’s going to guard the palace? But he was soon reminded that the eighth-grade Onyx Dragon was still guarding the capital.

Upon returning to Summer City, Xia Fukun heard a piece of depressing news.

The Red Maple Chamber of Commerce had returned!

What the hell, didn’t you run for your lives? Why are you back now when we have defeated Baiyun Mountain?

But his doubts were cleared as soon as he saw Xia Kuangyun.

Per Xia Kuangyun’s words:

“Master Ni Gu gave me a hundred thousand spirit stones in the name of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce.”

Great. At least now I know why I am so money hungry, I guess.

“Kun’er, I heard that you’re now in the Warrior Realm?” Xia Kuangyun asked Xia Fukun, who was in a dark mood. Xia Kuangyun was obviously surprised.

“Yeah.” Xia Fukun raised his hands, and the energy of a Warrior Realm martial artist could be felt.

Xia Kuangyun was nearly suffocated by his energy.

“Kun’er! Stop that! Hurry!”

“Hehe.” Xia Fukun chuckled wryly and kept his energy.

“The regent is indeed powerful! He made my

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Making a Trip Back

“Wow! Dope!” Xia Fukun gasped. There was a terrible rumble from the ground as the landscape that Qingmu Duan was pointing at crumbled into ashes.

A phrase that Xia Fukun frequently saw on Earth suddenly crossed his mind.

“Reading more broadens your vocabulary, so you can say more than ‘Wow’ and ‘Dope’ when you’re impressed.”

Well, it’s awkward, but I really do not have any other adjectives suitable for the scene that’s unfolding in front of me now!

“What do you think? Do you want to give it a try?”

A few hundred meters away from Qingmu Duan, a deep crack could be seen in the ground, containing the ashes of the landscape that had crumbled under Qingmu Duan’s finger. From Xia Fukun’s perspective, all he could see was a crack like a giant dried-up river in the ground.

“The third finger…” Xia Fukun said excitedly.

He was curious if he had the energy to sustain himself to perform the third part of the skill.

A thought crossed his mind. Xia Fukun suddenly floated up in the air, looking extremely imposing.

“This…” Qingmu Duan stared at the scene with an open mouth. He was aware that one would need to gather nearby energy in order to perform the third part.

As for him, he could only gather about twice as much energy as his own.

However, he felt that Xia Fukun…

“Desolate Three Fingers…

“Third Finger…

“Breaking the Universe!”

Accompanied by a growl, Xia Fukun looked up slightly, his eyes painted black and white. His lips could be seen moving slightly as he raised his arms, pointing into the air.


A doughty strength could be felt forming around his finger.

The next second, the space that Xia Fukun was pointing at started to crack, forming a spiderweb-like diagram that started to slowly spread.


“Shattering of space?!”

Xia Fukun had yet to even perform the skill, but the energy he held was so strong that it could cause such a big impact to space. This made Qingmu Duan’s heart beat rapidly.

Shattering of space was a method used by martial artists in the Heaven Realm. Even Qingmu Duan was unable to perform such a skill or he would have already broken through to the Heaven Realm.

Meanwhile, Xia Fukun was only in the Warrior Realm, yet he was able to perform this trick.


“Is this the true Desolate Three Fingers?”

Seeing Xia Fukun perform the Desolate Three Fingers made Qingmu Duan realize the problem he always had when performing the Desolate Three Fingers.

At this moment, Xia Fukun’s actual attack began.


“Be careful!”

Xia Fukun could be seen falling from the air. Qingmu Duan rushed up immediately to hold Xia Fukun in his arms.

“Kiddo, I told you. You would have to be a monster to perform the third part unscathed as a Warrior Realm martial artist,” Qingmu Duan said and turned back to see that the damage caused by

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: With Godly Artifact In Hand, The Whole World Shall Belong To Me

What are the godly artifacts for a dimension traveller? Wu Qingsong could give a lot of answers even with his eyes closed: cement, glass, gunpowder, soap, steel, perfume, highly concentrated alcohol, flintlock, mirror, refined white sugar, honeycomb briquette, etc.. This was due to the time when he was imprisoned by Klein, and there was a lot of time but nothing to do, so he could only let his thoughts drift.

But precisely because of this, most of these things have been vetoed by him.

He roughly knew the principles, but many details were not clear, especially things like cement, gunpowder purification, steelmaking, etc. He felt that he could only provide insights on the direction to take but could not give anything specific.

If he was someone with status and power, then he could probably gather this world’s skilled craftsmen and tell them the principles. He would then set a high reward for them to carry out a large number of diverse experiments, and finally find the corresponding methods, but with his current identity, it was completely unrealistic to engage in these things.

With his current funds and manpower, there was not much that he could really do. After a few laps on the streets of Umbel, he quickly crossed out glass, perfume, highly concentrated alcohol, mirror and refined white sugar.

There was magic in this world, and one of its most important branches was alchemy. The mages’ understanding and research of everything in the world might be far beyond the scientists of the previous world. At the very least, their lifespan was longer than any scientist and they had more than enough time to study and research.

The only obstacle that made this world undeveloped unlike the world Wu Qingsong came from was perhaps the fact that no one had popularized these things. They even went so far as to deliberately keep it a secret in order to accumulate their wealth.

There were many glass products and mirror shops. The price was, of course, expensive, but Wu Qingsong himself had no way to make cheap glass. In fact, knowing only the principle, he probably had to spend a lot of money and time to really make the first batch of glass, and the cost and quality also could not be estimated.

The method of purifying alcohol has long been available, but it was a common way for mages to purify their own experimental materials. Similarly, there were ways to purify sugar, salt and many other things. In the store, rows upon rows of perfumes, cologne, essential oils, all kinds of aphrodisiac, magic potions and the likes totally bedazzled him, so much so that he completely gave up the idea of making money through this method.

Next, small investments with quick results, probably only soap and honeycomb briquette are left?

This world already has something very similar to soap. It was also accidentally created by a mage …

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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Pay The Price.

After killing the Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger in the Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Grade, Su Yi’s complexion had entirely turned pale.

Simultaneously initiating the Overlord’s Fist and the Wrath of the Eight Wastelands while also adding the Overlord’s Fist that he had cast to kill the Earth Hill Fierce Bear, the consumption was too big.

Especially just now, Su Yi knew that if he did not go all out, most probably, he would not be able to defeat this Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Grade.

But, Su Yi was notably satisfied with the outcome.

Going all out with the cultivation of Yuan Xuan Grade Sixth Realm to initiate the Overlord’s Fist and the Wrath of the Eight Wastelands could directly kill a Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Grade. That was the strength of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

Of course, Su Yi knew very clearly that this did not mean that he would be able to defeat a cultivator in the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Ninth Grade.

Even though under normal circumstances, a beast in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Grade was definitely much stronger than a cultivator in the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Ninth Grade.

However, Su Yi knew that for his situation, since the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique could suppress beasts, therefore he had gained many advantages.

If he really met with a cultivator in the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Ninth Grade, the outcome was unknown and honestly unpredictable.

“It is your turn!”

Ignoring the Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger that got killed, Su Yi’s long sleeves shook, and with a figure akin to lightning, he headed towards the group of youngsters from the Hunting Tiger Tribe and swept out.

“Bang bang bang……”

All of a sudden, deep and low explosion sounds kept ringing out. Su Yi attacked with no mercy as these fellows had actually dared to come and deal with him, so he would not be polite.

His hands opened and closed as Su Yi swiftly attacked. Although the consumption was severe, facing with these group of youngsters from the Hunting Tiger Tribe that could not be, compared to the Mighty Bear Tribe, he was as though in a place where no one would put up a fight.

Following as Su Yi pounced over with frightening momentum erupting along with swiftness and fierceness, some of the people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe had not come back to senses when they got flown away.

Sand flew, and rocks rolled. Huge stones blasted open with mixed stuff turning into powder and raging wind engulfing.

Very quickly, this group of young men and women had now entirely understood in their hearts that why would the people from the Mighty Bear Tribe be spread all over the floor and unable to move.

It turned out that this young man that came from the outside called Yi Su …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Bandit’s Haunt Found

The first order of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, which trained the body, was the Blood Quenching Realm, similar to the Qi-refining stage most cultivators start training their Qi from; the second order was the Body Strengthening Realm which corresponded to the Soul-condensation stage; the third order was the Bone Forging Realm which corresponded to the Core Formation stage; the fourth order was the Soul Merging Realm which corresponded to the Soul Segregation stage.

While practicing in the Blood Quenching Realm, it was not only necessary to condense the vital energy of the natural environment into the bloodstream to strengthen the blood, but also to activate energy pathways throughout the muscular system such that the refined vital energy could reach the whole body.

The second order of the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, the Body Strengthening Realm, strengthened the muscular system. If Ye Shang reached the second order of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, he could compete with other cultivators of the same stage even without Qi.

This time, Ye Shang had to activate the energy pathways present in the chest and abdomen area. Although there were many small muscles in these two areas, it wasn’t difficult since it was built upon the foundation laid previously. This step could only be carried out after the energy pathways in the muscles around the spinal cord, neck, arms, and legs were activated.

After taking the blood elixir, Ye Shang directed the energy in his body towards his chest area in waves of ceaseless impacts. When he ran out of energy, he replenished it with the energy refined from the blood elixir.

If anyone were present, they would see that the robe around Ye Shang’s chest area was undulating, just like a crawling mudskipper.

Itchiness and pain, these two unbearable sensations kept attacking Ye Shang’s nerves. He gritted his teeth and continued to direct a steady flow of energy towards his chest.

After nearly two hours, the pounding energy in his chest ceased, as his body’s internal energy could now pass through his chest smoothly.

Ye Shang was now halfway through the advancement! He continued to control his energy flow, guiding the energy through his chest and towards his abdomen.

The chest and abdomen were critical parts of a cultivator’s body as they were vulnerable to fatal attacks. Once the energy pathways in the muscles of the chest and abdomen areas were activated, Ye Shang’s body strength would significantly increase. Even if he was attacked, the stores of energy in the muscles of his chest and abdomen area could offset some of the impacts.

Ye Shang slowly became pale from the pain as the energy pathways in his abdomen were slowly activated.

The pain felt like his bones were shattering and his tendons were being ripped apart.

Fortunately, the pain did not last too long. After getting through his chest, Ye Shang had spent two more hours to activate the energy pathways of his abdominal muscles.

The energy pathways of his …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 35

Note: By mistake we previously posted Chapter 33 as Chapter 34 yesterday, so kindly check the previous chapter and read the real Chapter 34.

Chapter 35 – Desolate Three Fingers

“Great! Great! Grat!” Qingmu Duan said, his face flushed red with excitement, not because he chose to nurture Xia Fukun, but because Xia Fukun did not let down his hopes.

“Next, I’m going to teach you the Desolate Three Fingers.”

“Okay.” Xia Fukun nodded.

“The Desolate Three Fingers, just like its name, the skill consists of three parts, and you will be using three of your fingers.

“Since you’re in the Warrior Realm now, you will be able to carry out the first two skills. The third one might be too intense for you to handle, so I’ll just teach you the first two for now.”

Knowing that Qingmu Duan was doing this for his own good, Xia Fukun remained quiet.

“The first finger is called Crushing Mountains and Rivers.”

“Three Boxes of Paper?” Xia Fukun was slightly shocked. What kind of stupid name is that?

“Shut up!”

Xia Fukun’s mouth was quick to ruin Qingmu Duan’s good impression of him.

“Alright, continue.” Xia Fukun nodded, promising that he would keep his mouth shut.

“Crushing Mountains and Rivers, just like its name, the first skill has the ability to make mountains collapse and slash rivers in half.

“We need to go to the back of the palace for me to show you how it works,” Qingmu Duan said and flew off, leaving Xia Fukun behind. After a short pause, Xia Fukun followed.

When Xia Fukun arrived, he could hear Qingmu Duan shout, “Watch me!”

Under Xia Fukun’s watchful gaze, Qingmu Duan sent all his spiritual energy to his finger and pointed to the air.

“Desolate Three Fingers – First Finger, Crushing Mountains and Rivers!”

As soon as Qingmu Duan did this, energy in the originally peaceful space started to stir up, and energy ripples could be seen forming around Qingmu Duan’s finger.

A strong wave of energy immediately flew out toward the place he was pointing at.


With a loud bang, the mountain peak that Qingmu Duan was aiming at turned into a plain.

“How is that?” Qingmu Duan turned to Xia Fukun proudly.

But before he could say anything more, he saw Xia Fukun pointing at the same mountain peak he was pointing at, and…

“Crushing Mountains and Rivers!”

Xia Fukun pointed to the mountain peak that Qingmu Duan was pointing at, forming a pit that was more than ten meters deep into the ground!

“You…” Qingmu Duan felt like he had seen a ghost!

What on earth? I was just demonstrating!

I haven’t even started to actually teach you and you have already learned it? How am I supposed to feel satisfied now?

“Hurry up, teach me the second part!”

Now, the Desolate Three Fingers had sparked Xia Fukun’s interest.

If the first part could already cause such huge damage, then how powerful would the other parts

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: It’s Not That I Don’t Want To Put In The Effort

“I’ve never seen someone like you,” Harold shook his head and remarked.

Wu Qingsong felt helpless because he had been training hard in accordance with Harold’s training plan for him. However, over the past month, the yield from his efforts, energy and time put in was far from satisfactory.

Simply put, his strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and responsiveness have all been strengthened by a little bit, but that’s it. If all his initial stats were four, then he should have been able to reach the highest stats of ten. However, his stats had become stagnant after reaching five and no longer rose.

Harold even suspected that Wu Qingsong was procrastinating when he was not paying attention. This might be the only reasonable explanation, but why would he give him 30 Renals every month just for looks?

After personally staring at Wu Qingsong’s fully loaded training for a week, he had to frustratingly admit that his training plan did not have any effect on Wu Qingsong.

In a sense, Wu Qingsong’s body did not change as it should be. All the training he did only served to stimulate the potential that he should have within his original range of physical strength, but it did not make him stronger or more agile.

Harold even felt frustrated to the point that he was unwilling to accept Wu Qingsong’s money, but Wu Qingsong knew where the problem was.

It was said that the development of myofibrils is caused by a large number of exercises causing numerous tiny tears, which stimulates the body to produce a series of complex reactions that eventually lead to an increase in myofibrils, making them more compact and stout.

But his body won’t get hurt… It seems that even this tiny tear that happens because of exercises won’t happen anymore, which leads to his muscles not increasing, which means that his strength, speed and endurance could not be increased through exercise.

Well, sure enough, fate could not bear to see me becoming a barbarian and so it forced me to be a noble master?

Although so far, Wu Qingsong had not really seen even the most insignificant magic effect. He constantly heard people talking about the power of mages but there was no doubt that this world did have magic, and it was monopolized by the ruling class, the elves. It was a taboo and it was a technology not permitted for any other races to have.

He heard a terrible rumour from Harold, that every territory would send troops to villages every few years to test the newborns. The act of hiding babies was a felony enough to be sentenced to death.

All newborns born with magical affinity would be killed or taken away, and all the immediate family members of this newborn would be killed in case any newborns with magical affinity were born.

Such rumours have led to many beastkin babies to be killed …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Stance

Being a regent? Xia Fukun wasn’t interested in it. I would be unable to pick up different girls if I were the regent!

Wait… that’s wrong. I would be able to have all the girls in the Yaslan Empire if I was the regent. But that’s not the point.

I have transmigrated here after much difficulty. I don’t want to stay in the Yaslan Empire, such a small place, forever.

The Nine Spiritual Mainland is vast, and there are so many places that I have yet to visit!

I hope that I can be like the main characters of the transmigration novels that I’ve read – dominating the world, not just becoming a regent and enjoying life.

Xia Fukun had never told the regent such things, but they had a tacit understanding, which was why Qingmu Duan was aware of it despite Xia Fukun never voicing his thoughts.

The next day, the regent came to Xia Fukun again.

He was struck dumb when he saw that Xia Fukun was now in the Warrior Realm.

Previously, when Qingmu Duan heard from Xia Fukun that he would be able to upgrade to the Warrior Realm when he acquired the beasts, Qingmu Duan thought he was exaggerating even though he trusted Xia Fukun with all his heart.

Qingmu Duan spent three years to get to the Warrior Realm!

And Xia Fukun…

Only took a month?

“This kiddo, you’re absolutely surprising,” the regent said to Xia Fukun.

“A pleasant surprise or a bad one?” Xia Fukun chuckled.

After breaking through to the Warrior Realm, he was able to sense many things that he wasn’t able to when he was in the Profound Realm. Xia Fukun could even see traces of the wind with his bare eyes.

This was what made being in the Warrior Realm amazing!

If a Warrior Realm was equipped with such a great ability, how powerful would a Supreme Realm be?

Because of this, Xia Fukun started to look forward to breaking through to the Supreme Realm.

Qingmu Duan did not waste any time either. He was aware that Xia Fukun would be taking his leave to Odin Academy with Ye Qingwan in a month’s time.

Even if Xia Fukun was considered an excellent martial artist in the Yaslan Empire, if he were put in Odin Academy, then he could only be considered ordinary.

Odin Academy was filled with talents of the Warrior Realm, as well as talents in the Supreme Realm.

If Xia Fukun went without anything else, he would surely not have the upper hand.

“I heard from Qingwan that you’re quite skilled in beast training already?”

“Hehe, lowkey, lowkey.” Xia Fukun chuckled and bowed.

However, Qingmu Duan gave him a smack on his head before he could even finish his words.

“I praised you just a little bit, but you seem to be pretty arrogant now, huh?”

“Erm.” Xia Fukun fell into silence.

“When you were in the Profound Realm, there were many things

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Training Day

Wu Qingsong and the others lived a secluded life after that. Fortunately, the restaurant was just downstairs. Drawing water and using the toilet did not require them to go far away. Thus, the chances of being discovered were minimal.

Wu Qingsong carefully observed the surrounding area. In his eyes, the layout of Umbel looked very good. Almost every street has a semi-open sewer. Every certain distance, there would be a fountain that transports clear water through an earthen pipe. This setting not only facilitate the lives of the residents, but it could also help in the prevention of epidemic and act as part of fire prevention facilities.

This might also be the reason why the fire that day did not cause too much harm.

The restaurant is a good source of news. Wu Qingsong carefully pried for the news, but not many people knew that there were a murder case and fire in a certain warehouse.

He asked Ling to go to a nearby clothing store to buy a few different sets of clothes that could hide his appearance, and then stealthily passed by that place.

The door was closed. The escaped beastman seemed to have never returned, and there seemed to be no garrison troops lying in ambush nearby.

The most inconspicuous person of the three, Liu Li was sent to the city gate, the dock, and the public square to see if there was an arrest warrant for them. The result was also a no.

Did the beastman escape out of fright? Has the matter subsided?

Wu Qingsong could not believe that his luck would be so good.

In fact, as time went by, he even began to wonder if he could recognize the escaped beastman. For him, differentiating the furry face of a group of male beastmen was, after all, still too difficult.

No matter what, they still have to carry on with their life.

After this little disturbance, other than letting them understand the dark side behind this prosperous commercial city and that they must always be cautious, the biggest gain for them might be the coins that Wu Qingsong got from the bodies.

It was less than half of the money Nina gave them, but it was enough to support them for a longer time.

With this money, Wu Qingsong finally decided to move to an independent small courtyard. For a person with many secrets, living in the same place with many strangers was definitely not a good choice.

The lady boss was obviously disappointed with their decision, but she still helped them to find a small, relatively independent and secluded courtyard that was in line with Wu Qingsong’s expectations, with a monthly rent of 25 Renal.

As for the rest of the rent they had paid before, she was adamant in not giving it back and instead promised to put it in their tab and deduct from it when they came to have their meals.

“What a miser!” Ling said …

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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Who’s the Genius Now?

Going against the Temple of Chiselers? What a joke. Even the royals would not dare to do so, not to mention the Mu family.

“Look at you, abusing your powers. Don’t tell me that a mere level one chiseler like you represents the Temple of Chislers? What a joke.”

At this moment, a cold laugh rang out from afar. A handsome young man dressed in black robes slowly walked into hall. The corner of his lips curled up slightly and he said in a sarcastic manner.

“Little Lord!”

As soon as the Mu elders saw him walking into the hall, they immediately clasped hands and greeted him with a bow.

“It’s you! Kiddo, we finally meet again!”

Wang Yue gritted his teeth in anger when he saw Mu Feng, as he couldn’t forget the slap that he got from him that day.

For men, there were three places on their bodies that could not be hit or slapped on.

They were the head, face, and their third leg.

Nothing was more humiliating for a man to be slapped on the face.

“Oh? It’s you again. Wow, I’m impressed that you actually found me here. What’s the matter? You want another tight slap from me?”

Mu Feng recognized Wang Yue at a glance and sneered coldly.
“You little brat, how dare you talk to me like that?! I’m here because I want you to kneel down and apologize to me!”

Wang Yue was so angry that his face turned purplish.

“Wow, just look at your manners. Kiddo, is this how you treat people after slapping them on the face?”

Wang Bin got up from his seat and said with a cold laugh.

“Slapping him in the face is nothing. Aren’t you curious why I slapped him? That day, he actually wanted to rob me! You’re lucky that I didn’t kill your son that day, old man.”

Mu Feng said calmly. He somehow saw the resemblance among them, so he assumed that he was Wang Yue’s father.

“How dare you?!”

Master Zhou stood up and said coldly: “Kiddo, I’m not sure if you know about this, but Wang Yue will soon start his training in the Temple of Chiselers. Slapping him in the face means that you’re indirectly slapping the chiselers in their faces as well! By the way, what did you mean by that just now? I’m giving you a chance, kneel down and kowtow three times in front of Wang Yue and me, and I’ll forgive you. Otherwise…”

A murderous intent flashed across Zhou Wu’s eyes as he said coldly.

Mu Feng glanced at the fire cloud pattern that was stitched on Zhou Wu’s sleeve and his lips curled into a sarcastic smile. He then said: “You’re only a level one chiseler, but you have the guts to say that you’re representing the Temple of Chiselers?! Who the f*ck gave you the authority to say so?!”

Mu Feng who had joined the army since …

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