The Nine Godheads Announcement

Hi all, it’s your super awesome translator daryldyh here. I’m done with my exams! I’ve read until around chapter 85 these two days and I would like to share my thoughts.

As we all know, TNGH has a really solid story line despite the bad writing (in Mandirin at least), considering it got a rating of 4.6/5 on novelupdates. This is a story I truly enjoyed since the beginning and that’s the reason why I picked this project up after Loathsome dropped it. However, it just doesn’t work out anymore as I’ve lost passion. The pace of the story is just too slow, not much info is delivered in each chapter — I can summarize an entire chapter in just 1 paragraph. As a student who’s currently working as a part-timer, I think I’m not able to continue doing this anymore, not to mention the story has been dropped by the author a.k.a no ending. It’s been a good journey, the translated chapters are still rather enjoyable. So let’s just rest the good memories in our hearts. I’ll be reading the comments, so write down what you have to say!

P/s. Shoutout to LNW admin, he’s been really helpful. Shoutout to every donor who had donated gummy bears, I really appreciate it.

If anyone is interested in picking this project up, contact LNW admin at [email protected]


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The Nine Godheads Chapter 73

Translated by: daryldyh

Edited by: wetchick

0 chapter in queue. Regular chapter 2/2.

I will be busy starting from the 14th of October to 14th of November due to my IGCSE exams. Future regular chapters may be reduced to only 1 (the other one will be replaced afterwards) depending on my time and go back to 2 after my exams end. If you intend to donate, do it as soon as possible.

Note: I’ll still be accepting donations. However, I will release the chapters at my own pace.

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