The Nine Godheads Chapter 54

Translated by: daryldyh

Sponsored by: Anonymous from Mars, the planet next to Earth.

Enjoy! I received USD 10 this morning. 4 chapters in queue!

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The Nine Godheads Chapter 53

Translated by: daryldyh

Sponsored by: Jonathan O. from the USA

Enjoy! Where are you guys from? Or as the Earthlings say, which ‘country’ are you guys from? Comment down below! 4 chapters left in queue.

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The Nine Godheads Chapter 47

Translated by: daryldyh

Sponsored by: gokubroismosthandsomontheplant & George K.

videotogif_2016.09.02_20.16.21 IMG_20160902_200503

Now, some of you might be wondering: what the f*ck is going on. It’s plain as you can see. Keyboard broken. Why? Thank these guys!

That’s how it would’ve looked like if I translated the chapters with a pencil.

Yes, my old keyboard has became an ant farm and I had no choice but to take it apart, only to find that they had made the circuit board within their comfy homes. You noticed how I wasn’t the one doing the posting for the past few chapters? That was because a part of them were translated with my phone and some (including this chapter and post), I managed to do by borrowing a friend’s laptop.

Like this, but I was typing with a phone.

I think some of you already get what’s going on here. I’m going to do one of the most shameless things you can do in the TL scene… Ask for donations for a keyboard that doesn’t count as sponsored chapters! Either way, I’m gonna get a new keyboard no matter what I get within these few days, so for those who want to go the extra mile to help me out, please show some love by using the link below that does not count as sponsored chapters. Naturally, for those who feel perfectly fine with me slaving away at the mountain of chapters once I finally get the keyboard… Feel free to get more sponsored chapters using the usual way.

donate The button here is for the ones who want to donate for the keyboard without sponsored chapters attached. 😀

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