Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – Chapter 40


Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – Chapter 40

“Master Doyle, would you like some more?”(Ballad)

“. . . Yes, thank you.”(Doyle)

“Please wait just a moment.”(Ballad)

I sip the soup and try not to raise my head. If I raise my head, my eyes will meet with Gray’s, and it will become awkward when that happens. I can feel the various stares aimed at both of us from the others. They are not the icy cold stares that I received in the past but full of warmth and kindness. This makes it even harder to raise my head. Also, the stare I am getting from Gray is not the usual stare of awkwardness, but rather, the stare someone would give a child who is on their first errand and is stalking them to make sure they are safe.


“Yes, Your Majesty!”(Doyle)

The voice coming from Gray has a different tone than it did this morning. It is sudden, thus I answer in a formal tone that acknowledges his status more than anything. This is the first time I have done this since we have known each other.

“You look like you want to say something. Come on and say it, I am listening.”(Gray)

I breath in deeply as I feel as aura I have not felt from him since the entrance ceremony. I feel I cannot make a mistake here in giving my answer. He has the aura of a person befitting of being called the First Prince now. It is also the aura he had when he said,

“If you go with any other woman, I promise to make you rust on my sword.”(Gray)

He places the bowl of soup on the ground and grabs his mace. He awaits my answer. I gulp down a bit of saliva, as I remember that Warbit from before and feel cold sweat flow down my back.

I believe he wants me to notice my surroundings and realize I am making everyone worry about me. He changed the topic every time I tried to apologize, thus it would mean that I did not need to apologize.

He has never asked for an apology from me.

I think I have what he wants me to say. This is mostly likely the response he wants fromme. I put down the bowl of soup I got from Ballad and stand up. Gray looks at me, realizing I have found my answer. I look him straight in the eye and say what I want to say.

“I am sorry for making you worry.”(Doyle)

I bow down after saying that. I wait for his response to my answer. I keep wondering if this is the right or wrong answer. I feel my heartbeat get faster and faster. I do not hear anything from him yet and want to raise my head to check on him, but I stop myself and continue to wait for his response.

I do not know how long I have

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Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – Chapter 39

Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru Ni Wa – Chapter 39

“Oh, Underboss Jin, the meat has been roasted. Here you go.”(Roderic)

“Thank you!”(Jin)

“Here you are, Consigliere Gray. We made sure to make this one perfectly!”(Sarane)

“. . . Oh, thank you very much.”(Gray)

The expressions of the two twins are bright as they hand the warbit meat to Jin and Gray. Jin, who is now called Underboss seemed to like it very much and happily eats the meat he receives. Gray, on the other hand, takes some time to reply. He cannot even put on his fake smile and twitches a little when they say something like that. You know you can refuse it, right? They will just come up with another name anyway, but it might be better. I watch the twins and Jin getting closer to each other while Gray looks off into the distance

It is currently lunch time, and we have secured a place by a river to sit down and eat. The twins, Gray, and Jin sit with each other beside the river and roast the warbit meat. Ballad, Leo, and I are about three meters from them and have started our own fire to make a soup with the warbit bones. I felt that it would be too awkward for Gray to have me sit at the same fire, so I followed Ballad’s advice and used the excuse of starting another fire because it would take too long if we divided one fire to simultaneously cook both parts of the meal.

Rodric and Sarane will not give up on the names they came up for Jin and Gray. Leo was about to beat them to a pulp because of this, but I somehow stopped him and went into negotiation talks with the seniors to somehow convince them to drop the nicknames. I could not get them to change their minds, but I had to do something . . . is what I thought, but Jin came up to us and said with bright eyes,

“I do not mind!”(Jin)

I started to think this would be a bad development when I saw the eyes of the twins shining. They looked at Gray and waited for his reply. Gray still had to act like a gentle and kind prince. Thus, he had to give in as well.

“I do not mind what you call me here, but please do not call me that way in public. It will ruin your reputation, thus, please be careful.”(Gray)

As a result, those names became their titles when they are outside the public sphere with.

Their eyes shined, and their expressions became joyous. They gladly agreed with the terms Gray laid out, and they even said to him,

“We understand! We will call both of you His Highness and Master Jin in public, but in private, we will call you both Consigliere Gray and Underboss Jin!”(Rodric/Sarane)

They both unanimously and in unison said that long line to both Jin

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – Extra 12


Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Around that time Asora 2

It has been roughly one year since we had come to live in this wonderful place. I have felt several times that all of this was just a dream and will wake up from it. But no matter what, I am always here, this was reality and not a dream.

I have always thought of reflecting over what has happened this past year, but I believe it will be hard to reflect on all of it in a single day. I remember the first time I met that person.

It was a normal day in those desolate lands when that man suddenly came to our village.

Shen was one of the superior dragons, the one who manipulates the fog of illusion combining the attributes of water and wind. It was an old dragon with a bit of whimsical nature, but it was very important one for us. I have heard stories from my father and grandfather that long ago, our ancestors asked it for protection in exchange for serving it for the rest of our lives. Since then our scales have become blue and we have acquired abilities close to or superior to dragons, even though we are just of the lizard group. Even in this harsh desolate environment, we are able to live adequately.

The superior dragon Shen has long fallen into a deep sleep. I believe it has been asleep for quite a while since both my father and grandfather did not have a chance to see Shen for themselves.  Even though I have heard of its form and characteristics from the stories, I almost deemed it an enemy when it first appeared over our village.

“It has been awhile, my kin. Sorry for the sudden announcement, but we are moving.”(Tomoe)

Those were words that I had never expected. However, I wonder if it was an instinct as its kin? Just listening to those words and voice, I knew this person was Shen, our lord. Despite it being the first time I have heard this voice, I understood at first glance that it was our lord thus, I did not have any hesitation.

“I understand, we shall prepare.”(Mist Lizard)

I answered the lord, I did not know if my words would reach him. The figure in the sky faded away; I panicked a bit when it disappeared suddenly. I knew I was not daydreaming since everyone else in the village was looking up towards the sky because they heard the voice.

“Oh, thanks for the immediate response, are you the current chief of the village?”(Tomoe)

“?!”(Mist Lizard)

I suddenly heard a voice come from behind, I turned around to see it.

I saw a girl with blue hair, it was a hyuman being. It laughed quite fearlessly. But I did not make the same mistake twice because from the voice I could tell who she is.

“Lord, is that you?”(Mist Lizard)

“Yes, I am Shen, your lord,

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – Extra 9


Here is the Tsuki for this week, Blacksmithing 101 for making Katana’s

I am final exams this month and thus can only post 1 tsuki per week and 2 Amaku(for those who read that) per week. If you want more Tsuki extra’s then please Donate to Yoshi over at light novels Bastion. I already have translated 4 tsuki extras, thus please do not worry I will post them sometime during each week.

Thank you to Witty Andy for Editing…

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