Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 141


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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 139


Chapter 139: A Car Driver

Gu Xiaoxue?

The few people who paid attention to the contents of Tang Xiu’s talk, stared blankly for a moment. Their vision concentrated on Tang Xiu in the instant. They were familiar with the name as a stunning and charming beauty who could topple a nation, could not help but emerge inside their mind.

“I got it. Wait for me there.”

Tang Xiu said and then hung up the phone straightly.

He looked at Long Zhengyu and said, “I have a minor urgent matter so I need to leave immediately. This plot of land is good, you can buy this place and develop it. In addition, send me the data about this land’s area, length, width, and other data after you’ve surveyed it. Once you’ve bought the land, I’ll start drawing for the architectural design.”

After having said that, he turned around and walked toward the distance.

Ouyang Lulu watched Tang Xiu deeply. She strode over and blocked Tang Xiu as she asked quickly, “Wasn’t the one who called you Gu Xiaoxue? The Little Boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall in Jingmen Island?”

“Yes!” Tang Xiu nodded.

Ouyang Lulu said, “I and Gu Xiaoxue are good sisters. Since she came to Star City and I happen to be with you, I’ll take you and meet her together.”

“No!” Tang Xiu did not think further and directly refused.

The topic he and Gu Xiaoxue were about to talk, were extremely confidential, and absolutely could not be spread to a third person’s ear. Much less that he also had already prepared to face the danger after he decided to see Gu Xiaoxue this time. In the case that Gu Xiaoxue was involved with those of his inner circle who had betrayed and persecuted him and he needed to fight by then, for him to escape later would be a problem. So, how could he have the opportunity to help and save Ouyang Lulu?

Ouyang Lulu’s complexion changed. Without her realizing, a trace of sour and acid expression and tone was brought out as she asked, “Why not? Do you have a shameful shady business you don’t want people to look at? And is it inconvenient if I’m present?”

“That’s right! It’s shameful.”

Tang Xiu nodded and said.

As low his EQ as he always been, he did not listen clearly to Ouyang Lulu’s words that contained deep meaning.

Ouyang Lulu was dumbfounded. She did not expect that Tang Xiu would reply in a such a straightforward and direct manner, which made her directly aborted the words she already prepared to say. Even she found herself to be left speechless.


After she held back for quite a long while, only then did she speak this word.

Tang Xiu shook his head and ignored Ouyang Lulu. After he turned out and walked for a few steps, his pace suddenly stopped. With a bit of weird expression, he turned and asked, “Do you really want to go with

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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 138

Chapter 138: A Land with Precious Feng Shui

There was an overgrown piece of land that had been undeveloped for a long time near Star City Development Zone. It was once auctioned by the City and was sold at a very good price. Unfortunately, the businessman who bought this land was caught up with his company management issues and finally got bankrupt and left, as the government then took the land back.

Afterward, some people also wanted to buy this piece of land. However, whenever they invited those of the so-called Feng Shui Masters to help them look at the auspiciousness of the land, those people said that the Feng Shui of this piece of land was very poor.

Since businessmen believed in Feng Shui, a lot of people who wanted to buy this piece of land finally left the matter unchecked and withdrew.

In the early morning.

The first ray of sunlight rose from the horizon when 2 off-road vehicles roared and stopped in the vicinity of this land as 3 men and a woman then got off from the cars.

“I’ve handled the matters, so you can be at ease. This land is said to have a poor Feng Shui, but I don’t give a thought nor do I believe about it. However, the City Hall is anxious to sell it off, that’s the reason why I used my connections and easily bought the land at a very low price. The area is quite big, and it’s more than enough to build 10 edifices here.” Long Zhengyu who walked in the middle of the 4, pointing at the overgrown uncultivated land in front and spoke.

Chu Yi said with a faint smile, “You said that you were at ease, eh? I believe that the Long Family didn’t use substandard connections, no? Since I’ve heard that you went to the City Hall and had a drink with the leader from the government until 2 PM last night.”

Long Zhengyu said with a laugh, “Having breakfast in order to get the written approval and at the same time hitting a deal with the transaction procedures, haven’t I served them competently, right? Anyway, I’ve assigned someone to handle it. At the latest of one week, this plot of land will really be ours.”

Bai Tao said, “What I’m most concerned about is, when will Tang Xiu come? For this large business investment, I have used nearly all the reserve funds from my family. If it weren’t for my Dad knew that I have some cooperation with you, he would’ve simply rejected.”

A smiling expression hung out on Ouyang Lulu’s mouth as she said, “Bai Tao, before I have yet to join, were you seemed like you’re able to come up with more funds? Humph… before, you looked well-behaved and prudent, never did I expect that your conscience would only be at such.”


Bai Tao’s looks froze before he immediately let out a forced smile out of embarrassment, “Old friend, you

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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Magical

Tang Xiu said, “That’s your money, you can keep it. Since you want to be my housekeeper, I will naturally give you money for your living cost as usual. In addition, your salary… you’re to be paid 20,000 yuan a month temporarily! Wait till I become richer, I will raise your wage again.”

For a moment, Mu Qingping was hesitant before she nodded silently.

Tang Xiu looked at Mu Qingping’s expression. He suddenly recalled the time when he was in the Immortal World and then thought that he must not buy people’s heart just like before, for the results turned out that he was deserted by friends and allies. And now since he was back to the modern world, he decided to change himself, so he continued speaking, “Sister Mu, since you want to be my housekeeper, then you are my family member. Much less that Yinyin is my apprentice. Therefore, wherever my home will be, it will be yours also. I hope that there wouldn’t be much courtesy between us later. Later on, if you have no money or have anything you need, you can tell me freely. As long as I can do it, I’ll definitely do it.”


Mu Qingping froze. A layer of mist slowly emerged in her eyes. Since her husband died in a car accident and her daughter contracted a strange illness, she sold her house afterward and no longer felt the warmth of home. And now, listening to Tang Xiu’s words, happiness hit her heart at the moment.

Having a home and also having a lot of loved ones!

Mu Qingping whispered inside her heart. In this split second, she felt closer toward Tang Xiu.

“Thank you!”

Mu Qingping’s lips wriggled a few times as she replied with a low voice as though a mosquito’s flapping wings.

Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Alright. I’ll go to them for the missed lesson make up. You can rest first!”


Mu Qingping nodded and turned away.

After a moment…

With his Spiritual Sense, Tang Xiu observed and found that Mu Qingping was back in her room and directly sat on the bed, held her knees and was crying.

A poor woman!

Tang Xiu secretly sighed in his heart. He suddenly thought of his mother as his heart turned sour immediately. At present, Mu Qingping was like this and what about his mother?! Mu Qingping only met him and he considered her as his family member, wasn’t his mother would like this also?! She had brought him up through bitter hardships. And how many hardships had she gone through? How much pain has she suffered? How many times have she cried secretly?

At this very moment, Tang Xiu secretly swore to never let his mother suffer even the slightest bit of grievance and feel wronged.

Returning to the meeting room, Tang Xiu saw that 4 people were whispering at each other. He cleared his throat and said, “Starting from tomorrow, bring all of

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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Strange

At Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.

Whilst carrying a thermostat, Tang Xiu arrived outside the VIP ward’s door. After leaving the Job Fair, he went to the market to buy fresh vegetables and meat and went back home. After which he asked Mu Qingping to make a pot of chicken soup and added medicinal herbs that brought warming effects.

In the ward’s waiting area, Banshou and Dingzi were reading health articles as they tried to kill their boredom in every possible way. Although they were also injured, but such injuries compared to what they had before was just like a plain meal for them, and simply was not worth mentioning.

On the sickbed.

With a sad expression, Su Lingyun read the account book. The restaurant was smashed and it had been closed for 2 days. If she wanted to re-open it, it needed to be renovated. And with the medical expenses, the spending also amounted to tens of thousands of yuan. She was worried that the money would not be enough for a renovation. At the bedside, a delicate and pretty girl was sitting there, dressed in nursing clothes and cutting an apple gently.

“Boss! You came!”

Seeing that Tang Xiu came, Banshou and Dingzi’s spirit suddenly sparked up.

Tang Xiu nodded at them and looked at the nurse. Only then did he show a bit of a smiling expression. He sat nearby the bedside as he asked with a smile, “What’s up Mom? Why are you frowning? I asked someone to make chicken soup for you and add medicinal herbs that can warm your body. This will be a good supplement for your body to recuperate.”

Su Lingyun, with a surprised expression, said, “Who did you ask to make hot pot chicken soup for me? Our smashed restaurant is in a mess and I have given the chefs a holiday.”

Tang Xiu said, “Ah, don’t ask too much Mom. I’ll tell you later after the College Entrance Test.”


The most concerning matter for Su Lingyun now was Tang Xiu’s College Entrance Test, so she said, “Xiu’er, you should be at school right now, yes? How come you come to the hospital?”

Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Evening is self-study session, so it’s alright. Mom, you haven’t told me, why were you frowning? Is there any problem you cannot solve?”

Su Lingyun hesitated a bit as she said with a forced smile, “Our family’s business has just gotten better. And our income is much more than before. But who would have thought that guests would come smash it. So I began to calculate the remaining money in our hands right now. It’s only tens of thousand of yuan, it wouldn’t be enough to renovate the restaurant.”

Tang Xiu laughed involuntarily and said, “It turns out to be only this! Don’t worry! Just give the renovation matter to Banshou again. He has a lot of connections and can buy the materials for renovation at a low

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