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Sudden notice ~ :>

actually I want to drop both of EDHH and OP Inn since I’m already rarely translate ~ :sweat_smile:

sorry for the sudden notice ~

I just wanted to make room for college :sweat_smile:

also thanks for all of this time ~



*feel free for anyone who wanted to pick the novel ~ :>…

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Evil-Like Duke Household – Chapter 18

TL : Visu

Editor : J

Thanks for outhor-sensei who wrote this amazing work ~ (and please support him by opening the raw page and visit one or two of the chapter ~ )

=w=/ This chapter was edited by J from “fantasy-book” , thanks for editing this chapter *bow*

well then , let’s just go to the chapter ~ !  Here we go ~ …

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Evil-Like Duke Household – Chapter 16

TL : Visu
ED : Lebin

Sup , Visu here, I am very sorry for didn’t able to update for long time ~ …. orz ( Already done with all of that college entrance exam ,and I got accepted at my first choice btw ~ XD)

Thanks for Lebin for editing this ~ =w=/


btw, CrimsonWolf have finals so lets pray for him~…

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