Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 803

Chapter 803: The Provoked Ice Dragon

“Withdraw from the marriage?” Yun Xi felt confused. Between him and Red Dragon Zaka, there was no such thing as a marriage contract.

“Retirement!” Desert Dragon Zaka was surprised. She felt that there was no happier day in this world than the days with Yun Xi.

By analogy, Red Dragon Zaka must also have understood how happy it is to be with the person you love, right?

“Yes, withdraw from the marriage, goodbye, and never see you again!” Red Dragon Zaka was serious. Her proud princess heart could not bear the fact that the person she loved did not belong to her alone.

Rather than suffer the humiliation, she simply kicked him out!

That’s the difference between her and her sisters. The Red Dragon Princess will never be a slave!

“Farewell forever, a*****e!” Turning around, Red Dragon Zaka’s determination was unshakable.

Then, at a distance of about “one Zaka away”, she fell down, and the whole body rapidly weakened, falling into a near-death state.

“Hey … she is really a child like you …” looking at Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi sighed, while holding Desert Dragon Zaka in his arms, walked to the fainted Red Dragon Zaka and extended his right hand.

The hand feel was as good as ever, even the rhythm of the heartbeat was so familiar.

“Ooo … miscalculated!” Red Dragon Zaka regained her consciousness and looked at Yun Xi with hateful eyes.

“Hate you, I hate you, this philanderer!” The young girl’s angry roar rang through the sky.

“Withdraw the marriage! Withdraw the marriage! You liar!”

“Let go of me and untie this thread!”

“Even if I’ll die and be buried in a coffin, I definitely don’t want to be with you!”

In response to Red Dragon Zaka’s angry rebuke, Yun Xi couldn’t do anything about it.

This green flower is not something that he can create, the way to unlock it… he does not know it either.

“You saved her, and then the two of them got entangled in the thread?” The rejuvenated Desert Dragon Zaka finally jumped down from Yun Xi’s embrace and curiously kept moving her little hand between Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka, trying to catch the invisible thread of life.

“I’m so jealous! Why don’t I have this thread …”

Well, it looks like Desert Dragon Zaka is interested in the play of tying herself and Yun Xi together with a thread.

“You have married my sister, and still dare to seduce me? You shameless bastard!”

“Say! How many other fiancés and lovers do you have?”

Red Dragon Zaka’s anger value continued to rise, especially after finding Yun Xi was really counting how many fiancées and lovers he had.



Fierce bite!

Dragon claws!

Dragon tail!

She used all the attacks that could be used, but unfortunately, under the suppression of the green flower in the heart, all these attacks were just tickling for Yun Xi.

“You two are so close, when will …

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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Become a God From Today On (6)

The exhibition was at the public museum in the city.

By the time Xu Shenxing went there, it was already crowded with people.

“Is it really okay for you to come so late?” While being squeezed around in the crowd, Xu Shenxing asked Keikain Haruka beside him, “I think things are most likely to be stolen in this kind of chaos, right?”

Perhaps for ordinary people ‘large crowds’ ‘in plain sight’ means no connection with theft, but Xu Shenxing has long known after experiencing so many supernatural events firsthand, for the supernatural, common sense of ordinary people does not work.

Just Xu Shenxing himself has at least three ways to take the exhibits inside in front of everyone.

“With shikigami around, it’s okay.”

Keikain Haruka puffed out her cheeks expressionlessly and muttered in a voice that was hard to hear clearly from the crowd.

In fact, she had long planned to take advantage of the confusion to get rid of Xu Shenxing, but for some reason even if she escaped by burrowing through the crowd and using others to block Xu Shenxing’s view, after a while Xu Shenxing would be squeezed by the crowd to her side again …

After several consecutive failed attempts to escape, she gave up and was squeezed around by the crowd with Xu Shenxing.

The two of them (along with six spirit ghosts) were able to buy their tickets and successfully enter the museum after waiting in line for a while.

“By the way, you are the security guard of the exhibition, don’t you have a work permit to let us in directly?”

The people inside the museum finally looked a little less than outside. Xu Shenxing wiped the sweat off his head and asked.

“No.” The young girl replied dryly.

After all, the Bureau of Onmyō is not an organization that can be put on the stage. In the mortal world, this scale of exhibition naturally has special security companies to protect. If the Bureau of Onmyō sent a few teams, they can disguise themselves as ordinary security personnel. But Keikain Haruka is obviously underage, so she couldn’t pretend to be security personnel.

This is one of the reasons why Haruka felt that there was something fishy about this mission before.

“Ohhh, there’s actually a Kappa Kawataro’s body! Is this real?”

It didn’t take long for Xu Shenxing to start wandering around, excitedly visiting the exhibits.

“It’s a Kappa Kawataro mummy Ryuji Temple in Osaka. It’s the real thing.”

As an insider, Keikain Haruka naturally has knowledge of strange and unusual things.

But that’s precisely why she found it more and more strange.

The monks at Ryuji Temple actually allow to put this mummy on display, it is so unusual.

Not only that. In this hall alone, she recognized eight supernatural objects. In addition to the mummy and the dried mermaid corpse, there is also the Onimaru Kunitsuna that was supposed to be hidden in …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 802

Chapter 802: The Revived Desert Dragon Zaka

“Gahhh, my head is going to break …” Desert Dragon Zaka was lying in the sand pit with an airless look.

Her original huge body, also began to shrink and finally transformed back to the human appearance.

“Sister, is everything okay?!” Although just now she teamed up with Yun Xi to beat Desert Dragon Zaka, she does care about her sister.

She knows when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to love. This is the style of Red Dragon Zaka.

“You are … sister …” Desert Dragon Zaka shook her head and recognized the sister in front of her.

“Yes, I am Red Dragon Zaka , your proud sister.” Red Dragon Zaka stroked Desert Dragon Zaka ‘s head and disliked Yun Xi with a grumbling look.

“You’ve broken my sister’s head!”

If not, she can’t get rid of Black Dragon Zaka’s domination ah …Yun Xi helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

“Shaheen, hug me …” After saying hello to her sister, Desert Dragon Zaka began to pamper Yun Xi.

Well, after Black Dragon Zaka ‘s absolute domination disappeared, she ended up choosing the truest second memory, the one belonging to the third princess, only slightly mixed with some of the first memories.

She is the child of the great original dragon, the king of the Western desert, married to the prince called “Shaheen”, and is in her honeymoon period.

The lies Yun Xi told really fooled Desert Dragon Zaka completely.

“Shaheen?” Red Dragon Zaka suddenly had some kind of very bad premonition.

After watching Yun Xi lightly pick up Desert Dragon Zaka whose limbs were sore and weak, and started to knead the weak parts of her limbs, Red Dragon Zaka instantly exploded!

“You, what is your relationship with my sister!”

Yun Xi looked awkwardly at Desert Dragon Zaka who was pampering herself in his arms, what should he do at this point?

“Of course it’s a couple relationship, I’m already married to him.” Desert Dragon Zaka had a rightful expression and told the truth, making Red Dragon Zaka’s eyebrows rise.

Red Dragon Zaka was so angry that her eyebrows went up. “Tell the truth!” In a rage, she pinched Yun Xi’s neck. If he does not explain, she is ready to give him a bloody end.

“Well, I did marry your sister.” In the end, Yun Xi could only throw up his hands in surrender and honestly tell the truth about his relationship with Desert Dragon Zaka.

“Oh my God, isn’t my sister dead?”

“In the end, what happened?” Red Dragon Zaka felt that her outlook on life, her world view all collapsed.

Her sister, who she thought was dead, was not dead.

The Yun Xi that she thought belonged to only herself, had married her sister Desert Dragon Zaka long ago.

“Why didn’t you tell me, why did you deceive me!” Red Dragon Zaka ‘s eyes were filled with tears, and the hand that was pinching Yun Xi ‘s neck was …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 801

Chapter 801: Desert Dragon Zaka’s Weakness

“Go!” Without waiting for Red Dragon Zaka to drive the sixth and seventh flaming meteors, Yun Xi held Red Dragon Zaka and fell towards the ground as fast as he could.

“Why, I can definitely blow up it!” Red Dragon Zaka knocked Yun Xi’s ear in dissatisfaction, completely unable to understand his action.

Yun Xi didn’t have time to explain, but opened his lava shield once again.

Compared to Red Dragon Zaka’s reckless “attack”, when the two of them were working together, he was better at completing her deficiencies, completing “support” and “defense”.

As it turns out, Yun Xi made the right choice.

After being blown to only half of its initial size, the black Star of the Sand, which revealed the structure of the dark matter inside, instantly accelerated and flew to the interior of the fire cloud.

In the next second, endless waves of black light began to spread, and black matter full of malicious intent gushed out of the Star of the Sand’s interior as if it had opened a hole to another world.

Red Dragon Zaka’s sixth and seventh flaming meteors were almost instantly swallowed by the black matter, contaminated, and then collapsed, and all the fire clouds around them were absorbed by the black Star of the Sand.

“How is it possible that …… sister’s Star of the Sand doesn’t have that kind of ability at all!” Red Dragon Zaka looked in shock at the black star that swallowed her forbidden spell Meteorite Fire Rain, this was never the ability her sister she knew possessed.

“It’s Black Dragon Zaka’s ability.” Yun Xi also did not know the principle of this, only to increase the danger of Black Dragon Zaka by another level.

Deep, location, like something that can never be peered into the depths of darkness.

Devouring everything, dominating everything, like the deepest incarnation of terror.

The strongest Zaka!

“How can we win in this situation?” Red Dragon Zaka gritted her teeth as she looked at the dangerous black star in the air.

After devouring her forbidden spell Meteorite Fire Rain, the black star’s shell took on a hot, dark red color and had clearly become more powerful.

The evidence of this was that there were black pulp bubbles starting to form in the sky, and black clouds were constantly tumbling, almost exactly like the meteorite fire rain not long ago.

There was even a black thread connecting heaven and earth, which was evidence that this heaven and earth were about to be invaded by the power of darkness.

The entire world emanated a full of malice towards Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.

“Fight through.” Yun Xi could not resolve the nature of the black thread either, it was not something he was good at in the first place.

Black Dragon Zaka’s power was beyond his imagination. She was probably the most ferocious opponent he had encountered since coming to this world.

Her power alone surpassed the sum …

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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Become a God From Today On(5)

When Xu Shenxing returned, Keikain Haruka was rightfully not at home, after all, it was still school hours at the Kanishino School.

After summoning the spirit ghost and letting it pass through the door and opening it from the inside, Xu Shenxing entered the house with ease.

Although compared to the horrible scene yesterday, after Xu Shenxing’s torment for most of the night, the house has become much better now, probably only a ‘little messy’ level, even if the windows are open, there is no need to worry about the invasion of large numbers of flies.

But this peace is only the appearance.

“The real horror, has not yet begun …”

Xu Shenxing took a deep breath, and together with those spirit ghosts looked at the sliding door that had been sealed until now.

Frosted glass isolates the world behind the sliding door, but some wriggling ominous things can be vaguely glimpsed.

The kitchen, traditionally a place of warfare during a major cleanup.

Once he was mentally prepared, he ignored those talismans on the sliding door and pulled open the forbidden door with one hand!

Instantly, as if the naked eye can see, the stench raged out of the kitchen like a flood.

The stench of rotting meat mixed with the smell of rotting fruits and vegetables, the greenish scene in the sink that had to be mosaicked to make it to the screen, and the bento boxes (most of them with half-price labels) that had long overflowed from the garbage can all speak of what a horrible place this little room was!

Even the spirit ghosts who had their noses cut off before they died, resulting in almost no sense of smell after death, subconsciously covered their noses and mouths at the sight of this miserable scene.

And facing the stench, Xu Shenxing for the first time had the illusion that his legs were shivering…

Maybe it is just a psychological effect, he always felt that the kitchen seems to be scattered with a light green fog, just like when he crossed the Starling Swamp, the green miasma that filled the death swamp.

The only difference is that the death swamp is at least inhabited by dead zephyr fishermen, wild-toothed crocodiles and a mess of creatures that are immune to the toxicity of the miasma.

But not even a living thing could be seen in this room …… Xu Shenxing even found the corpse of a cockroach in the misty black liquid in a bento box.

The cockroach, which has survived on this earth since the Devonian period, has a much longer history than the dinosaurs and is able to adapt to all kinds of harsh environments. He can’t believe it died here ……

Xu Shenxing began to feel himself some breathing difficulties – of course, but also just an illusion, from a long time ago he can survive in an oxygen-free environment.

“No! If this misty poisonous gas is emitted, …

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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Become a God From Today On (4)

Feeling that this atmosphere was not at all the right time for her to step in, Goyo Sumire quietly left the Shirakaba shrine.

On the road, the words that she had just heard kept echoing in her head.

I didn’t expect Miyama Chihaya senpai, who seemed so “cold”, to be unexpectedly spontaneous … that was in the field, right? And there were two other students… there was Sakurakouji in, so was this a cosplay? And Xu Moli was there too, so the mand was a lolicon? Whoa, that man has so many special fetishes!

The strange knowledge learned from p**n romance novels (which she confiscated from other students) made Goyo Sumire’s face turn even redder.

“Hoo meow?!”

Because of the random thoughts in her head, Goyo Sumire completely failed to notice that she missed a step and then slipped and fell off the path with a stumble, rolled twice, and then slid down the mountain slope covered with dead branches and rotting leaves. With a miserable scream, she finally fell on a pile of dead leaves that smelled like mud.

Although she fell dizzy, she miraculously did not suffer any injuries, only her school uniform was a little dirty and her hair was a little messy.

“Ouch ouch ouch … scared the hell out of me.” Standing up from the pile of dead leaves and patting off the dead leaves on her skirt, Goyo Sumire wiped her tears from her frightened eyes while looking around and realizing that it didn’t seem far from the foot of the mountain.

“The document bag is still there, it’s great that I didn’t lose it.” The young girl picked up the bag of documents from the ground and carried it in her arms, wandering away from the pile of dead leaves, intending to go straight back to the academy through the woods.

However, without taking a few steps, she noticed a snowy white … cat not far away?

Because she didn’t have a pet, she wasn’t too familiar with cats, but that cat did look slightly strange.

Instead of a cat, it is more like an animal between cat, dog and marten, only smaller in size and not as long and thin as a marten, more on the cat side.

But the most important thing is not the look of the cat or the breed or anything, but its current state.

“Oooh wow, it’s hurt so badly, it must be taken to the veterinary hospital quickly.”

The kitten was lying in a patch of grass. Its snow-white fur was mostly stained with dark red blood, and even the dripping blood could be seen on the grass beneath it, and because the blood had crusted over, the fur had turned into locks. Plus there was a huge wound from the chest to the abdomen, it looked very miserable.

Goyo Sumire thought about it …

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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Become a God From Today On (3)

“Ugh …”

Himesaki Mizuki was very melancholy.

The reason for this was naturally from yesterday’s kidnapping case.

The young girl had expected her father to be unconcerned about the matter. If it were usual, Himesaki Mizuki would have been depressed for a while, but today she unexpectedly found that she was not as concerned about her father’s opinion as before.

Instead, she was concerned about the person who had saved her life.

Yesterday, the address he asked for was definitely the Kanishino School, but after arriving at the school, she checked the list of the school’s security guards – because she didn’t know the names, she mainly looked at the photos, but still couldn’t find the one who saved her life.

The young man seemed to have disappeared into thin air and never appeared in front of her again.

This naturally makes the girl, who experienced the feelings of love for the first time in her life, had a very complicated feeling.

As a result, the negotiation she went to the US yesterday failed…

“Himesaki Sister-sama, are you not feeling well?”

Just as Himesaki Mizuki was drowning in the self-pity of not being able to find her prince, a young girl’s voice made her jolt back to her senses.

She looked in the direction where the voice came from and found Goyo Sumire, who was clutching a kraft paper bag in her hand, looking at herself with concern.

Himesaki Mizuki knew a little bit about this cute schoolgirl’s mind, but now she was also confused about her future, so naturally, she couldn’t give any promises.

“Good afternoon, Goyo.”

So she showed her usual gentle smile and said softly to Goyo Sumire, “I’m just a little tired from working.”

“Really? Do you want me to go talk to the health teacher so you can go there and take a nap?”

The look on Goyo Sumire’s face became even more uneasy, and even the slightly babyish voice took on a bit of worry.

“It’s okay, I’ll just rest in the student council room.”

Himesaki Mizuki couldn’t say anything else to her, who was so concerned about her, and could only respond with a bitter smile, “And Goyo, you’re the student president, so you have a lot of things to do, right? Don’t continue to waste time with me, go to work.”

“How can it be a waste of time!”

Goyo Sumire’s reaction was unexpectedly loud, “Spending my whole life on Himesaki Sister-sama is not a waste! No, it’s more like that’s what I’m going to do!”

“Well, Goyo, I’m touched by your feelings, but it’s not good to delay the work of the student council because of it.” After all, Goyo Sumire and Himesaki Mizuki have been getting along for some time, and it’s not the first time she’s experienced such a straight ball, so Himesaki Mizuki gradually …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 800

Chapter 800: Meteoric Fire Rain

At this moment, Desert Dragon Zaka was no longer the Third Princess that Yun Xi remembered, nor was she the big sister Desert Dragon Zaka that Red Dragon Zaka remembered.

Dominated by the power of Black Dragon Zaka, she spared no effort in hunting down the pair of Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.




Hundreds of lines of venom across the sky, continuously blasting the lava shield protecting the two. Green toxic smoke filled the air, so that the flowers withered and died one by one.

The sand worms, one after another, rose up from the sand, launched suicide attacks on Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka who kept jumping into the air.

When she is angry, her temper is far more than her sister Desert Dragon Zaka.

Moreover, at this moment, she is not alone in the battle.

Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka raised their hands together and pointed their index fingers to the sky, unleashing a fire-based forbidden spell.

It was a forbidden spell that was even more powerful than Ice Dragon Zaka’s Meteorite Fire Rain!

A huge fire cloud covered the sky, countless golden-red bubbles emerged in the cloud, and then the doomsday fire rain descended.

Pulp bubbles, even the smallest was more than a meter in diameter, fell on the desert, splashing away one after another.

The giant venomous scorpions touched by these pulp bubbles will instantly turn into ashes, leaving only a faint scorch mark.

Even if a sand worm with a body length of a hundred meters is contaminated with these high temperature slurry streams, its huge body will be burnt instantly like a caterpillar being roasted by fire.

“Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!” Sand worms constantly rolled up madly, all were cooked, burnt, and finally turned into black charcoal.

And this is only the prelude stage of this forbidden spell.

These high-temperature bubbles are only used as a means of clearing the field, the real attack has not yet begun.

Continuously tossed in the fire cloud, began to brew a number of huge things. Those are fire elements more than a thousand meters in diameter, which can be regarded as formed by a million high-temperature pulp bubbles.

It’s the “meteorite” in the Meteorite Fire Rain, or can be called “flaming meteor”.

The strongest human Grand Magus can only summon one shot, but in this fiery cloud, there are more than seven flaming meteors with a diameter of more than a thousand meters.

“The Star of the Sand……” Facing the meteor bombardment that was about to descend, Desert Dragon Zaka also brought out her trump card – the Star of the Sand.

Unlike the Star of the Sand that Yun Xi remembered, this God Weapon, which could summon a solid star, was also tainted with black, giving off an ominous aura.

The first flaming meteor with a diameter of over a thousand meters fell from the sky, carrying crimson flames like a comet that swept through the …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 799

Chapter 799: Black Dragon Zaka’s Judgment

“Ahoy?” Desert Dragon Zaka shook her head, three different memories warring in her consciousness.

In the first memory, she was a child of the great original dragon, Desert Dragon Zaka, who was on a plan to conquer the world and was just a step away from conquering the world.

Well, that last little step is a breeze once she finds her lover, Shaheen, and joins forces with him after she marries him.

This memory is very real, it shouldn’t be fake!

In the second memory, she was the king of the Western Desert, the lone and beautiful Desert Dragon Zaka, who accidentally fell in love with the prince of the human kingdom and married him.

The skin-to-skin on the wedding night, the luxury of bathing in precious stones, all kinds of hot and sweet memories.

Even the temperature of his fingers was so vivid, there was no way this memory could be wrong!

The last memory is of a deep, bottomless darkness, and a throbbing from the depths of her blood that enraged her and made her go berserk, eventually transforming into the black Desert Dragon Zaka.

Again, this memory is not false, it is an instinct from the Dragon’s bloodline.

So, here’s the question, how can three memories contradict each other when they’re all true!

Which one of her memories was wrong, anyway?

“Sister, come to your senses.” Red Dragon Zaka shouted loudly.

Sister, is this child my sister?

The scent of fire, the exact same face as her own, she should be third sister, the red one.

The first memory had her in it, she, she was her sister?

But why, when she looked at her and Yun Xi holding hands, closer than anyone else, she was so angry, as angry as if her most precious thing had been taken away!

The memory of my sister belongs to the first memory.

The memory of being sweet with the prince belongs to the second memory.

This uncontrollable rage belongs to the third memory.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, totally confused!

“What are you … to me!?” Desert Dragon Zaka clutched her head and stared angrily at Yun Xi.

“I… am… yours …” Yun Xi showed a somewhat guilty expression, but before he could finish his sentence, Desert Dragon Zaka’s body was already covered with the dark matter once again and went into a raging rampage mode.

“You … deserve to die!”

“No good, sister is out of control again!” Red Dragon Zaka exclaimed as she looked at Desert Dragon Zaka who raised her dragon claws, while not forgetting to give her sister a “wake-up dragon claw hit”.

Desert Dragon Zaka whose head had been slapped once again opened her large mouth and violently ejected black dragon breath with the scent of death.

That was definitely not Desert Dragon Zaka ‘s own dragon breath, hers was a spurt similar to a hot sand storm, whereas this was a black corrosive substance.

The gravel that was stained by this …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 798

Chapter 798: Successive Blows

No, something’s not right!

This was not the Desert Dragon Zaka he knew, this was not the third royal consort he had welcomed into marriage.

Again, definitely not the Zaka that Red Dragon Zaka knew, the one who cared for her sister and even doted on her.

Wrapped in dark matter, Desert Dragon Zaka emitted a surprisingly murderous aura throughout her body, and aimed directly at Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.

“Targeting … locking …” Desert Dragon Zaka shook her massive dragon head somewhat uncomfortably, and with a flash of green light, locked onto Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka ‘s body.

Both Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka , who were locked by the green light, had black lines appear on their heads, like some sort of curse.

“Death to all betrayers …”

“Darkness …Zaka …”

After letting out an earth-shattering dragon roar to the sky, the eyes of the Desert Dragon Zaka that was entangled in the dark matter were only filled with wild killing intent.

Her four dragon claws stomped on the earth, and all the Sand Eyes were all suspended vertically, exactly the war mode that unfolded during the first city attack from Desert Dragon Zaka.

“Sister, calm down, what’s wrong with you!” Seeing her sister Desert Dragon Zaka, who was supposed to be dead, again, Red Dragon Zaka was actually very happy.

Just why would my sister see me as an enemy and go into war mode without even communicating?

“Be careful … that’s not the sister you’re familiar with anymore.” Yun Xi knew everything from her toes to the arc of her chest~ Yun Xi realized that Desert Dragon Zaka was unusual at the moment.

That Desert Dragon Zaka he knows had never been so ferocious and violent

What happened next also verified Yun Xi’s intuition.

Desert Dragon Zaka simply ignored Red Dragon Zaka ‘s shout and unleashed her desert field directly.

The garden beneath her feet was covered in a searing storm of hot sand as one giant Venomous Scorpion after another burrowed out of the desert field, and all covered in black, going into the crazy mode as Desert Dragon Zaka.

These giant venomous scorpions all raised their tails and then shot their venom towards Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.

“Ha!” It was Yun Xi who was the first to respond compared to the overwhelmed Red Dragon Zaka.

A crimson shield was deployed. It was a shield of flame with a temperature of tens of thousands of degrees, a shield of lava!

The green venom blasted against the lava shield with a “Snort! Snort!” sound, and was then vaporized into green poisonous smoke.

“Pay attention to the underground!” Yun Xi grabbed Red Dragon Zaka’s small hand and quickly jumped up.

“Rumble!” The ground caved in violently, and the hundred-meter-long sandworm burrowed out of the ground, biting down on where Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka had once been a second before. Layers of jagged teeth cutting …

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