Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 756

Chapter 756: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (10)

Endless ice and snow turned into scattered ice rings, like the most beautiful fireworks, spreading to the earth from a corner of the sky.

Ice Dragon Zaka flew high above the sky, declaring towards the earth, under her feet and the sky that she is the master of this ice and snow world and the strongest king!

Around her Dragon Wings, ice crystals all over the sky are falling silently around her.

Gradually, the boundless sky was filled with snowflakes made by her wings, and the astonishing cold air scattered between heaven and earth with her as the center.

With the swing of her Dragon Wings, the cold air gathered in the air naturally converged because of her idea.

Cracking. These cold and piercing cold air converged into a strong wind. After being involved in those blue ice crystals, the force turned into ice, snow, and bright frost, which covered the whole sky.

She hovered and circled in the sky with pride, and then went straight into the sky.

With her flying, the frightful frozen air blooms like fireworks in the sky.

Then, countless petals of silver snow floating down from the sky. Ice and snow ring covering the whole sky.

Under the cover of ice and snow, the ancient ruins, which were already extremely lonely, became more desolate and lonely, just like the fragments completely forgotten in time.

The frozen air has gone deep into the ground, which makes a thick layer of frost hanging between the still walls, grass leaves and vines in the ruins.

In the moonlight of the blood moon, the silver earth reflects the blood color, just like the blood on the bride’s wedding dress.

The Queen of Assyria sits on the throne of the giant, stupid spider, surrounded by a collapsed palace.

Her expression is arrogant and cold, quiet, it seems that the world is only her.

Memories of those sad and happy, those who had moved her, angry, sad, warm… like the night breeze in the quiet tide, waves and waves appear in front of her eyes, flowing in her heart.

Everything is gone.

She is not the dead who will sleep forever. In the wonderful eternity, even death will disappear.

“Accept heaven’s punishment, Seal Maker!” Ice Dragon Zaka symbolizes the calm and cruel side of the original dragon.

When she laughs, she is as innocent as a child, but she will never be merciful when fighting. She is the type who will use all her strength no matter who the opponent is.

Ice and snow land gives the birth of the fearless girl.

Compare Desert Dragon Zaka to the storm of hot sand, then Ice Dragon Zaka is the master of ice and snow!




Behind the Queen of Assyria, 3000 spider blades rose to the sky automatically, locking in the huge body of Ice Dragon Zaka.

“In front of my ice and snow, even time should be still!” Ice Dragon …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 755

Chapter 755: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (9)

“Well, let’s date again!” That’s the answer from Desert Dragon Zaka, a silly, kind of cute answer.

It doesn’t even matter if there is no engagement, even if it starts with us being friends.

The word “give up” doesn’t exist in Desert Dragon Zaka’s dictionary!

“Ah?” Yun Xi is stupid!

“Dad, that dragon’s head is broken!” White Moon blinked and looked pitifully at Desert Dragon Zaka, who was almost incoherent.

“Love… what a poison…” On this point, the queen of Assyria and her daughter held exactly the same thought.

“My God, sister, do you really think so?” Ice Dragon Zaka was shocked.

Worried about gains and losses, and even almost cried out. Is this still the familiar Desert Dragon Zaka who goes straight ahead without considering the consequences?!

“Well, it’s good to restart as a friend, no matter what, I want Shaheen!” This pursuit made Yun Xi feel more familiar with the feeling.

Hua Huo, she’s really just like you!

“Ah!” Ice Dragon Zaka finally felt disappointed in her sister.

“That prince, son of a bitch, rotten man!” The girl’s voice echoed in the sky, all accusations against someone:

“What restarts as a friend!”

“Sister, don’t be fooled by such people!”

“Who are we?” Ice Dragon Zaka raises her index finger, points to the sky and the earth, releasing the unique domineering atmosphere of the original giant dragon.

“We are Zakas!” Driven by her sister, Desert Dragon Zaka suddenly woke up.

Yes, who are they?

Zaka, the original dragon’s shadow, is endowed with life by the great original dragon and born from the world’s original power.

“We are masters of the world!”

“The master of the world in the future!” Every time Ice Dragon Zaka said it, she was more powerful.

She did not know what was wrong with her. She was angry when she saw her sister’s ingratitude.

The name of Zaka can’t be trampled on like this.

“We are the kings of the world!” The flame in the eyes of Desert Dragon Zaka was burning again.

The power from the original dragon is constantly flowing in her body, bringing incomparable confidence and courage.

“Yes, so even if this guy is a jerk, an ant who is not worthy of being trampled to death, if you really like him, then take him away!” Ice Dragon Zaka holds up her Frost Dragon Teeth.

“You must recognize this engagement even if you don’t like it!”

“Instigated by this dragon, but you also want to pretend that you don’t know anything? Death penalty!”

“Oh, yes, it can be like this!”

“Shaheen, marry me, or I will destroy the kingdom!”

After her sister said this, Desert Dragon Zaka, who suddenly woke up, finally found out that she still had this choice.

She is not human. Why should she abide by the moral rules of human beings?

The dragon race is a natural treasure collecting race.

For her, is there anything more precious than Shaheen …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 754

Chapter 754: Blood Moon Wedding (8)

Yun Xi looks at Desert Dragon Zaka and shakes his head regretfully.

“It’s a misunderstanding, Zaro.”

“I didn’t make an engagement with you.”

It’s true. Although they had a fierce fight and had a good date, Yun Xi didn’t say a word about the marriage proposal.

To propose to a girl before his marriage… Yun Xi’s morals have not degenerated to this level.

If he did, he would never be a gentleman again.

“Er…” The fatal blow made Desert Dragon Zaka suddenly stupid.

“As I said, elder sister, you are deceived. How could this swindler make such a mistake?” Ice Dragon Zaka looks at Yun Xi with dismissive eyes. Her impression of Yun Xi is instantly reduced by 1000 points, even though the number is already negative.

“Human beings are unbelievable creatures.”

“We Zakas are the real rulers of this land! You have to pay for cheating my sister! ”

Yun Xi was stunned, so he knew from the mouth of Ice Dragon Zaka the real name of the “Zaro” he was dating.

Just the name “Zaka” gives Yun Xi a bad feeling.

This Zaka… is she…

“Prince of mankind, today is the day of your kingdom’s demise.”

“The one who makes my sister so sad should die.”

“In the name of Ice Dragon Zaka I pronounce you a capital crime!”

Ice Dragon Zaka seems to give a reasonable impression, but she would immediately become cold and ruthless when her sister was involved.

She is more powerful and cruel than Desert Dragon Zaka, the emperor of ice and snow.

Get ready for battle! Frost Dragon Teeth!

Designated target – the whole kingdom! Start the countdown of the forbidden spell: Ice Land!

Ten, nine…

“Wait.” Desert Dragon Zaka grabs her sister’s ice-type god weapon. Her wrist is covered with snow-white ice crystals. Ice Dragon Zaka is shocked and breaks the countdown of the forbidden spell.

“Shaheen… I’ll ask you one more question.” Ice Dragon Zaka never saw the almost desperate look on her sister’s face, as if praying for something.

It is clear that her sister is around, and conquering the world is only a matter of time in theory. Why does her sister feel so unhappy and even lose hope for the world?

Zakas are the children blessed by the original dragon, should be the creatures who are loved by the whole world and enjoy all happiness and glory.

“Shaheen, have you really never liked me?”

“Shaheen, does our time together mean nothing to you?”

“Shaheen, you know who I am now. Are you afraid of me? Do you want to kill me?”

Obviously, she said she would ask one question, but she asked three questions one after another.

“My father’s favorite, of course, is me.” White Moon doesn’t want the rhythm to fall into the hands of Desert Dragon Zaka. She feels a slight crisis from her.

It’s strange that this non-human guy would tangle with her father.

She’s obviously an outsider who …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 753

Chapter 753: Blood Moon Wedding (7)

Until the moment before Yun Xi pulled out Starwings, Desert Dragon Zaka watched the wedding farce with a kind of pleasure, or even a sense of schadenfreude.

Human beings are hopelessly stupid. Even if we don’t invade them, they will fight each other themselves.

As expected, it is better for the world to be ruled by dragons.

Only the world where the dragons are located at the top of all creatures is the perfect world. Maybe she can give herself the title of “Virtuous Dragon”.

Well, well, Virtuous Dragon Zaka, that’s not bad.

However, such a leisurely and happy mood completely collapsed at the moment of seeing Starwings.

That sword!

The god weapon, who has destructive power, Shaheen’s sword!

Why does the prince of this kingdom have this sword?

This sword has a more beautiful and shining shape than the sun, moon, and stars. It’s Shaheen’s god weapon!

As soon as she saw Starwings, by comparing the size of Yun Xi and Starwings, she immediately figured out the truth.

Shaheen, in fact, is the prince of this kingdom!

Shaheen = prince.

This unprecedented truth blew the whole person of Desert Dragon Zaka into a blur of consciousness.

Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!

That Shaheen, who proposed to her and had a happy date with her, finally let her admit the engagement, was the prince?

“Ah, that Shaheen, ah, it is said that she went back to her hometown to get married.”

“She is in a hurry.”

“I envy such a talented swordsman.”

In the chest, there is some kind of burning feeling in the surging!

If you can’t bear it, you don’t need to!

“Shaheen! It’s you! ” Desert Dragon Zaka tore open her cloak, pulled out her god weapon, the Star of the Sand, and gave a shocking roar to the prince who dared to be unfaithful.

“Ha, sister, is he your Shaheen?” Ice Dragon Zaka stared at her irrational sister. It was the first time that she had seen the expression that was about to eat people on her sister’s face.

As proud dragons, they don’t have the habit of eating intelligent creatures.

It can make her elder sister show the expression of wanting to eat people, which means her mood has reached an uncontrollable state.

“Shaheen, answer me, why do you break our engagement?” Even if the blood moon is high in the sky, Desert Dragon Zaka rushes forward without hesitation and roars at Yun Xi, who is sweating in the back.

This is not spiritual pollution like the blood moon, but the real dragon roar. The human beings on the ground are stunned just by the aftershocks.

“Well, it’s a very difficult day.”

On the astrological tower at the top of the king’s city, Robin helplessly started the magic shield that the city would only launch in an emergency, and temporarily isolated the horrible battleground that was enough to destroy the whole kingdom into the sky.

“…” Yun Xi’s forehead drops huge …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 752

Chapter 752: Blood Moon Wedding (6)

A Star Devil Beetle Beetle can destroy the world more than ten times.

In addition, unlike the Colors Out of Space who have to hide their own posture before absorbing enough vitality and soul power, this Black Flame Devil Beetle alone has the power to destroy the world.

All of the individuals of the “Star Devil Beetles” are terrifying creatures that have experienced countless times of evolution, fighting with all kind of creatures, and even fighting with gods.

At the moment, the giant black devil beetle trampled on by White Moon has a hard shell like a manatee, but the two whiskers are burning with a frightening black flame, like a pair of whips dancing constantly.

“No. 69, Black Flame Devil Beetle… ” In the sigh of the Queen of Assyria, there was a little comfort.

My daughter is really gifted.

This is one of the ultimate trump card units that can destroy the world and fight in the void.

Like her stupid spider, this Star Devil Beetle has the power to destroy the world too, and is not controlled by the power of ancient gods.

It’s not a nightmare creature. It’s a monster in another system. It’s a super fighting force from a distant star world.

In order to snatch my lover away from me, she unexpectedly summoned this dangerous devil beetle?

Where did she learn this absolutely taboo spell?

How does she have the ability to make a contract with this No. 69 Black Flame Devil Beetle?

“Come out, my friend, king from the abyss.”

Since her daughter has come up with her ultimate trump card, the Queen of Assyria will naturally have to respond to her provocations.

In the underground lake, the huge stupid spider carrying the Queen’s throne silently, suddenly opened eight compound eyes.

The next second, 3000 spiders’ blades soar to the sky, breaking through the sky!

The seemingly stupid spider jumped up from the underground lake to the air directly and stepped on the spider blades.

On the empty throne, the shadow of the Queen of Assyria appears quietly.

That’s a figure of a peerless beauty in anyone’s imagination. If White Moon grows up and becomes more mature, that’s probably what she looks like.

She wears the same white wedding dress of the queen’s, but the queen’s wedding dress still dyed the blood a thousand years ago, and her abdomen also has an incurable hole.

It’s a curse that the Queen of Assyria can’t lift, a mark of her sacrifice.

In the past, all this has become the reason why the Queen of Assyria despairs and even closes herself in the Forgotten Ruins.

Now, she came out of the Forgotten Ruins and bravely faced such an incomplete self.

Because she believes that even a person like her has the right to obtain happiness and enjoy the time illuminated by the sun.

Maybe she is not the perfect queen, but today, she wants to be the perfect bride.

The …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 751

Chapter 751: Blood Moon Wedding (5)

“Dad’s heart begins to stagger…” Looking at the blood love letters in the sky, White Moon’s eyes became more flustered than ever before.

It’s going to lose. It’s going to lose!

From her birth, her understanding of “literature” is not at the same level as her mother, the Queen of Assyria, just as the Queen of Assyria did not have the perfect affinity for the ancient gods like White Moon.

Absolutely not… that kind of thing!

Dad is White Moon’s, and White Moon will give him to nobody!

Even if the price is to touch the power of taboos!

The power of the ancient gods, help me!

“Roo-lee-ah! Roo-lee-ah! Colors out of space! Praise, praise, the abyss of eternity!”

“I call you, I open the coordinates of the stars to you, I am your master, I am your princess, accept the call of the star princess!”

With the low voice of White Moon, from the blood moon, some transparent substances begin to penetrate the gaps of time and space, and drip from the vast sky.

They are colors that the human eye can’t recognize. Just looking at these colors, people will have a strange feeling. It’s the coming of doom, which is beyond any vision that their retina and consciousness can conceive.

The unrecognizable colors follow a certain rule automatically, concentrating towards the area where Princess White Moon is.

They form an invisible torrent, crisscross in the sky, constantly changing the colorless brilliance, as if modifying their own posture.

They are not gases, nor solids, nor liquids, but rather malice twisted by a myriad of colors.

That’s the horror you suddenly feel when you look at the endless night sky.

Clearly they are there, but nothing can be seen. Just the infinite distance extended by the infinite space gives people an instinctive thrill.

Human beings are always so curious and arrogant about the phenomena and materials that they can’t understand. They think that everything can be understood and controlled by themselves.

However, these colors do not belong to any of the substances known to mankind. When they come to the world, they look like a sparkling, amorphous color flowing around.

In response to the call of White Moon, they almost cover half of the sky above the city. They have no specific color or even can not be recognized by human beings, which makes the color of the sky produce an unnatural sense of distortion.

The Queen of Assyria was stunned and watched as the strange color of “cores” began to gather.

These “cores” are the larval posture of these creatures. Once they are hatched, they will start to devour everything in the world.

Plants and animals will be dyed with that kind of ominous color, and eventually become a part of this kind of biology.

The plants infected by them will send out light at night, twist, entangle together, hatch more larvae, and finally return to the color that can travel through the …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 750

Chapter 750: Blood Moon Wedding (4)

“I was the first… White Moon, you are still a child… ” In spite of being betrayed by her daughter, the Queen of Assyria still dotes on her.

Although, she never thought that she had such an impulsive and lovely child before she got married.

“Mom is the only one who forces dad to marry you!”

“Dad is not your toy, but White Moon’s dad!”

“Mom, you just like the king. Dad will be the prince forever. He doesn’t need to be the king.”

Hua Yue frowns and sees part of the truth.

As expected, there is a conspiracy. No wonder the kings keep secrets about marrying the queen. In this case, there may be more problems in the engagement between the prince and the Queen of Assyria.

“That… it’s because of past agreements… ” This time, the Queen of Assyria replied with a little guilt.

She can’t tell the prince directly that all her weddings in the past were just “games”. This time, it was the same at first.

When on earth did she really regard it as a real “love” but not just a game?

Is it the moment when he holds her in his arms and proposes to her?

Is it the moment when he made perfect puppets for her to let her once again see the real sunshine and run freely in the garden?

Or in the dawn, when she sleeps lazily beside him and opens her eyes to see his sleeping face?

They are very common things to any human being, but once again wake up, it has become the biggest extravagant hope for her.

Perhaps, she loves him just for one thing, that is, he never had a special look at her because she was the Queen of Assyria.

He never looks at her greedy, full of desire.

He never looks at her panic, with no fear and madness.

He just looks at her very curiously, with kind, gentle eyes.

Sometimes, fate is such a wonderful thing. As a human being, she never noticed these things; as the incarnation of the blood moon, she can understand how precious and unforgettable they are.

She didn’t regret her life. Even if she came back again, she probably made the same choice.

She will never succumb to the fate arranged by others. Even if she was forced to choose world peace or her love, she will only choose her own love.

It’s not that she hates world peace, it’s just that she hates peace at the expense of everything she has to achieve.

Under the pretext of world peace, that man wanted to force her to marry him, realizing his despicable desire. Even if time goes back a thousand times, she wouldn’t leave that guy alive.

Even if she died, she never let anyone desecrate her body.

That bloody white wedding dress is the proof of her belief.

Perhaps, in the eyes of others, the life of the Millennium Queen of …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 749

Chapter 749: Blood Moon Wedding (3)


At this time, it’s a dead end to choose anyone!

“Princess! Princess! Princess! ”

“Queen! Queen! The queen!”

The moonlight of blood moon accompanied by the whispers of ancient gods, falls on the city. In just a moment, the whole city is completely occupied.

Even many girls of the Starwing Knights have been influenced.

“The princess looks lovely. Is there something wrong? She doesn’t look like a cannibal monster.”

“Yeah, I don’t think White Moon would be like that, or Mumu wouldn’t play with her.”

The Princess Party, there it is.

“The queen has lived for such a long time, she should be very lonely.”

“At the time of Assyria’s destruction, the queen should have been martyred together. I don’t expect that she is still alive.”

The Queen’s party is also coming out.

“Attention, assemble!” Hua Yue was aware of something wrong, she held her sacred cross sword and launched her combat skill for the first time.

Holy Shield!

The white and gold shield mark appears on the top of the girls’ heads and resists the whispering of the ancient gods.

Even though the whisper of the ancient gods is not for killing, the horrible infection ability once again tells all people what the “indescribable thing” is.

It’s the most strange thing in the dark, which can’t be seen, listened to, or contacted.

In the sky, the bloody handwriting unfolds slowly again, and tells its voice to Yun Xi, who is at a loss.

“Once I thought my world was over… ”

“Now I see a new world… ”

“You… bringing light And hope… ”

“Really It’s warm… ”

Yun Xi slowly understood whose voice it was and who was talking to him. It was her majesty, the real Queen of Assyria, who crossed a thousand years.

So what’s going on with “White Moon” now.

“I… want to be the only princess in the world that belongs to you.”

“The most lovely princess in the world, ranking first in dad’s heart.” With a slightly tender voice, White Moon confessed to Yun Xi with the same firm will as the Queen of Assyria.




The whisper of the ancient gods twines around White Moon, but it is divided into two parts that constantly interact with her body.

White Moon is the only body that can carry the soul of the Queen of Assyria.

The body of the real Queen of Assyria has long ceased to exist.

On the blood moon night a thousand years ago, she killed all the rebellious knights with a magic dagger in her hand. The queen herself became a sacrifice and was sacrificed to the blood moon.

From that day on, the queen is no longer a human being, but a part of the blood moon.

And out of her belly came the crimson moon, the part of the ancient god.

The one who sleeps forever is not dead. Even death will disappear in the wonderful eternity.

The …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 748

Chapter 748: Blood Moon Wedding (2)

That bloody moonlight represents misfortune.

That cursed disaster from the endless abyss, let the kingdom of Assyria be destroyed in the killing and blood.

The great old existence whose name has been forgotten, or doesn’t have a name from the beginning.

“There it is, the blood moon!” At the moment of seeing the huge handwriting and blood moon in the sky, all the girls of the Starwing Knights were on alert.

It is this demon that devours the lives of generations of kings. No one lives forever under the blood moon.

“I am here… to testify about the marriage…”

In the brilliance of the blood moon, the huge handwriting appeared again in front of all people, giving people an incredible sense of disobedience.

“What is that? Why does the moon appear in the daytime? ”

“Is it the elder of Princess White Moon?”

“I feel that looking at the moon, my heart beats faster all of a sudden.”

The blood moon is not something that ordinary people can look at directly. It represents the essence of ancient gods and the murmur from the abyss.




Yun Xi heard the whispers of ancient gods countless times, and now they began to reverberate in the sky over the city and were heard by all the people who came to the Moonlight Ceremony.

Only to hear the sound for less than 10 seconds, the vast majority of human beings can’t help but shake with their whole body, open their mouths, and then fall into a state of madness with great enthusiasm.

“Long live Princess White Moon!”

“Long live princess!”

“Long live the queen!”

“Our queen comes back!”

The blood moon was summoned by the high priest’s forbidden spell, caused the ancient kingdom of Assyria to be completely destroyed overnight and triggered the most terrible bloody tragedy.

But now, the blood moon summoned by the Millennium queen has also seized the people’s senses, but it triggered a romantic comedy.

“Get married! Get married! Get married! Prince!”

“Her Majesty is very lovely, her majesty is very gentle, marry such a queen!”

Strangely, although the minds of the crowd were taken away by the blood moon, they were divided into two parts.

Part of them sang the name of “Her Majesty” and their ardent expectation is that the prince and her majesty will get married.

The other part supported “Princess White Moon”, they are unswerving supporters of Princess White Moon.

It seems that there is a trend of schizophrenia even in the shadow of the blood moon.

“Oh, no one is normal.” The Starwing Knights on the high platform is one of the few groups that have resisted the whisper of the blood moon.

Even the Royal Guard has been divided into two parts, namely, the Queen’s supporters and the princess’s supporters.

“Prince, it is a matter of course and truth to marry her majesty.”

“No, marrying the princess is the best.”

“What do you say? I’ve long …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 747

Chapter 747: Blood Moon Wedding (1)

Yun Xi vowed that he never thought that he would be forced into a desperate situation by Hua Yue, on the day of marriage.

Think, think, Yun Xi, you can do it! This is just a test of the dragon’s war. As long as you pass this test, nothing can stop you!

Answer one – I like White Moon.

If he said so, he doesn’t believe Hua Yue would accept it.

After all, the current Queen of Assyria seems to be too young.

No, that’s not the answer.

Answer two – I like you, including Hua Yue, Mei Lan, Ling Ling, Lu Lu, and other girls in the Starwing Knights.

Super scum’s answer! Isn’t it a shame to say such a thing in the public?

In this way, even the young Queen of Assyria wouldn’t forgive him.

It’s hard to imagine what the angry queen will do.

No, it’s a wrong choice whether he likes “one” or “everyone”.

No matter how to answer, it will make things worse. This is a death choice!

So, what’s the possibility of answer three?

I have to find out a perfect answer to this unsolvable problem, not by experience, but by perfect reasoning!

Use your brain to think, immerse yourself in the ocean of thinking, as a thinker to understand the truth of the universe, and dance in the sky of logic and calculation.

“I… what I like is… the girl who likes me and I like her.” Yun Xi stutters, saying a seemingly metaphysical answer.

“…” Hua Yue’s expression suddenly became full of confidence and pride.

“…” The young Queen of Assyria showed a calm expression.

“Haha…” Ling Ling laughed stupidly, as if remembering something.

“Well, that’s a sly answer.” Mei Lan raised her waist, but her cheeks turned red all of a sudden.

“It’s really an answer only the prince will have.” Lu Lu looked at Yun Xi, showing her doting feelings.

“Wow, what a scum! Why are there so many girls who like this guy?”

“The view of human love has rotted to this extent.” Ice Dragon Zaka despises the nonsense bastard with critical eyes.

It’s almost equal to saying “you’re all my wings”. What a playboy’s speech!

“Fortunately, my Shaheen is dedicated to me.” Desert Dragon Zaka looks at the bastard prince and shows her disdain.

On the platform, no matter Hua Yue, the girls of the Starwing Knights, or the young Queen of Assyria, they are all in a wonderful atmosphere for the time being.

At this time, the duke finally came forward.

“Then, any others who are against it?” Looking at his rebellious daughter with tears in his eyes, the duke felt that his poor performance today would be recorded in history.

As the witness of marriage, his daughter actually directly questioned the prince’s wedding. As an aristocrat and the prince’s elder, his self-respect was really going to be ruined.

“Yes.” A voice that no one would think of appeared.

This voice …

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