Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 797

Chapter 797: The Dark Comes

As if it’s connecting to an endless abyss, the last black eggs hatched out, full of the sense of despair and madness.

These black materials, in turn, even enveloped the sleeping original dragon, and then dyed the green original dragon black.

“Hiss…” The original dragon that has been falling into sleep for too long slowly opened her eyes.

It was a pair of black eyes full of nothingness. There was no other color in the vertical pupil, just dark.

“Boom!” With the awakening of the original dragon, the whole nest began to collapse, and countless chains began to break one by one. The Forgotten Ruins surrounding the original dragon was like dominoes that had been pushed down, completely smashed.

“I… I’m… Black… ” It seems that it’s not used to the body. The black dragon raises its claws and falls heavily.

Endless black leaked from the position of the dragon’s claw and began to penetrate into the earth, lakes and rivers.

Forests, human beings and animals are all engulfed by this irresistible black matter, and the whole world begins to fall into eternal darkness.

That’s power of the last awakening Zaka, the power of Black Dragon Zaka.

Compared with the crimson dragon roar wave, this black material has more terrifying and frightening characteristics.

It’s the power to invade the world and then devour it.

Even the gods it can eat. It’s the greatest disaster.

Black Dragon Zaka is such an ominous thing. It was hatched by the original dragon only after all the first three Zaka failed. It’s like a Pandora’s box that can’t be opened.

Darkness is coming, the end of the world is coming!

In the witch tower, White Lotus looks at the waves spreading in the middle of the distant continent and holds her sister’s hand.

“Ready, sister?”

“I can’t help it. Try it.” Red Lotus closes her eyes and sings with White Lotus.

“I wander in the dark… I once dreamed that in the whispering voice that no one heard… ”

“Now, I finally see the way ahead. At least, at least at this moment… let me open my arms for you. ”

“Unfulfilled wishes, trampled wings, bow their heads in the dark, just waiting for your arrival.”

“The shadow of tears, the shadow of the moon, overflows my palm, and my lips tremble in the dark.”

“Come and find me, look at me, treat me as the first princess in the world, my prince.”

“I don’t regret falling in love with you, even if I’m covered with scars.”

“As long as you are by my side and share the time with me, darkness and sadness can also become warm.”

“Whirling thoughts cast the Ring of Stars and Moon for you and witness our eternal love.”

“Our love will turn into light, light up the darkness and become immortal.”

“The sun, the moon, and the stars, never part!”

White brilliance, it is the symbol of the girl’s innocence.

Red brilliance, it …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 796

Chapter 796: The Witch’s Tower

“Forward!” Red Dragon Zaka makes a joyful sound, carrying Yun Xi to the south of this continent.

With Red Dragon Zaka as his mount, Yun Xi easily broke through countless mountains, rivers, and swamps, and soon went from the deserted desert to the forest area full of lush forests.

“This is the territory of those damned twin witches.”

“Well, do you want me to blow them out and have a big fight?” Red Dragon Zaka is eager to try.

With the most powerful combination skill, the holy crimson light as the trump card, now Red Dragon Zaka is even daring to fight heaven.

“Oh wait, I want to get your heart back from the twin witches.” Yun Xi shook his head.

Of course, there is more than one reason, but he is sure that the heart of Red Dragon Zaka is still in the hands of the twin witches, so it is not a lie.

“Well…” Under Yun Xi, Red Dragon Zaka’s eyes flashed shyness.

He is worrying about me!

The giant dragon’s huge body turns into a red flame, and falls rapidly from an altitude of 10000 meters to a mountain peak. Red dragon Zaka changes back to her human posture.

Her high-heeled shoes are stepping on the ice and snow on the top of the mountain. They look at the vast southern land together.

Different from the last country of mankind, the south is full of forests and swamps, showing a typical tropical climate.

The civilization level of human beings living here is far lower than that of the kingdom which still retains the state system. It is a loose alliance system dominated by tribes.

The only ones who can give orders to all the tribal chiefs are the witches who are said to have the blood of the ancient kingdom of Assyria, and this generation of witches is undoubtedly the strongest one in all generations.

They are even more powerful than Red Dragon Zaka.

“There… it should be the palace of the witches. ” Red Dragon Zaka refers to a tower in the middle of the southern forest region.

It is the most conspicuous human building in the whole southern forest world, with an incredible height of 300 meters. Even in the heyday of the Assyria kingdom, it was a miracle-like huge building.

After the collapse of the Assyria Dynasty, the descendants of a royal family retreated to the tower which was originally just the border area of the dynasty. On this basis, the ancient civilization of Assyria was preserved, and a unique witch system was formed.

The witch’s palace is the last pillar of the Southern Civilization and the holy land of those tribes.

The holy witches are the spiritual totems on this barren land, and they are known as the leaders of the children of God.

These are all the materials Yun Xi read from the library of the palace, but there are very few connections between witches and the …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 795

Chapter 795: The Scenery of the Sky

How tall!

How far away!

Yun Xi sat on the back of Red Dragon Zaka, looking at the earth under his feet, deeply felt the so-called high above everything.

It’s really too high. It’s tens of thousands of meters away from the ground!

From this point of view, the outline of the land can be clearly seen. The desert area alone accounts for about a third of the continent, while the snow covered ice sheet area seems to be larger?

These are harsh areas not suitable for human habitation, and there are not many traces of civilization. Only in the area with a large number of oases on the edge of the desert, Yun Xi vaguely saw some dome tents.

On the contrary, the east of the last human kingdom presents a delta terrain with dense rivers, while the South has many forests. The two parts together constitute the territory of the ancient kingdom of Assyria, the only prosperous civilization in the world.

And all this, in the eyes of the dragon flying in the sky, are insignificant.

The dragon race, a race born with the power of the world, is the ultimate creature at the top of the pyramid of all food chains.

They are born with huge magic power and impregnable body. A giant dragon alone has the power to conquer a continent.

If it wasn’t for Yun Xi and his Starwings Knights, maybe Desert Dragon Zaka had completed the mission of “conquering the world”.

Looking down on the earth from tens of thousands of meters above, human beings are not even larger than ants. It is no wonder that dragon people do not communicate with human beings, just as human beings do not specially observe the ecology, society and civilization of ants.

In essence, the dragon race is a super creature above human beings.

“Well, it’s interesting.”

“The world, for us, is too small.” Red Dragon Zaka makes a loud noise.

It’s the real sound of the dragon. Mortals will lose consciousness and faint when they even hear it at close range.

“Well… It’s a little small indeed. ” Yun Xi estimated that the area covered by the sacred crimson light created by them, and found half of the desert has been dyed red.

In the ocean of red crimson light, all living things are swallowed up, and then assimilated by Red Dragon Zaka’s Dragon Roar Wave and become a part of her Dragon Roar Wave.

It was only when she absorbed such a huge amount of energy that she released her bondage and regained the power to restore the dragon’s posture.

Of course, it’s also because her relationship with Yun Xi is developing rapidly, but Yun Xi doesn’t know it.

“Come on, fly with me!” Red Dragon Zaka, with Yun Xi in the sky, makes a vicious turn and starts a difficult aerial maneuver.

She did not forget how she was tossed by Yun Xi last night!

Now they …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 794

Chapter 794: Dancing with the Dragon

Yun Xi never thought about what it would be like to mix two different Dragon Rock waves together.

Red Dragon Zaka has never thought about the possibility too.

In the history of the Dragon race, there has never been such a mixed form of Dragon Roar Wave, because the essence of Dragon Roar Wave is the embodiment of dragon spirit. How can a giant dragon have two life essence? postures.

To transform the Dragon Roar Wave of two people into a combination skill is simply the whim of Red Dragon Zaka, which does not have any theoretical basis.

Even if it was twin dragons, their Dragon Roar Waves will definitely interfere with each other if they try to perform this.

There is no coexistence in this field.

But now Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka did it.

Because, for both of them, miracles really exist.

The green flower called “miracle” comes from beyond the world, and will become the highest wing.

It connects Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka’s life and connects the essence of Red Dragon Zaka into Yun Xi’s body. Yun Xi displays the holy Dragon Roar Wave that should not be used by human beings according to the unknown dragon mark in his body.

Due to the same source of life essence and the special relationship between Red Dragon Zaka and Yun Xi, the holy Dragon Roar Wave does not exclude Red Dragon Zaka’s Dragon Roar Wave, but is truly and perfectly integrated.

“Tik!” The silver-white dot first appeared under the two people’s feet, like a drop of water breaking the horizontal line.

The next second, this drop of silver and white water will run through the earth, so that the desert under the two people’s feet completely collapsed.

Looking from the sky, the silver and white dot is so tiny that it seems that the earth under their feet suddenly disappears.

This is not the collapse of gravel, but the breakdown of things at higher latitudes.

Centered on the point, the fiery crimson Dragon Roar Wave diffused at an extraordinary speed, ten times, no, a hundred times faster than the normal speed!

In just five seconds, half of the desert area, about one tenth of the size of the human continent, was covered and swallowed up by this crimson spiral light.

The engulfed part looks like a beautiful red gem, showing a brilliant and magnificent color.

One line after another, representing the string of the world, loomed in this spiral light, and dyed the land a deep red.

“This is…” Yun Xi opened his eyes, wide and looked at the red ocean under his feet in amazement.

The red gem is just the outline seen from the sky. What really spreads out under the feet of the two people is a real ocean!

There is only one color of red, covering all things, swallowing everything, and dyeing everything with a deep red color.

The sacred crimson light, the product of …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 793

Chapter 793: Heart to Heart

On this day, all the creatures in the desert were in a state of panic.

One giant scorpion after another, which live on the edge of the desert and only climb out of their nests at night, flee from their habitat in a panic before dawn and rush towards the edge of the desert.

Scorpions, large and small, fled to the desert periphery in a panic.

These powerful hero ranked demons seem to have sensed the coming of some kind of disaster, and they have gone mad.

Soon after, the ground began to rumble and vibrate. Sandworms, who appeared in the field of Desert Dragon Zaka, the underground overlords who caused great trouble to the Starwings Knights, also appeared.

These monsters are not different from the scorpions who love to live near the desert. A rare group of them rushed out of the desert and fled to the desert periphery.

Soon after the giant scorpions and the overlord sandworms escaped, there was an army of more small and medium-sized demons. Basically, all the creatures living in the desert began to migrate.

Finally, there were even figures of human desert tribes. They did not have the keen perception of the magical creatures in the desert, but when they saw the army of demons running away, everyone knew that things were wrong.

It was two people in the middle of the desert who caused all this.

“It’s all your fault… I almost overslept. ” Red Dragon Zaka, whose hair is still moist, has just taken a bath, and her snow-white skin is still flushed. She complains about Yun Xi, who made her unable to sleep well last night.

“Er… wasn’t it you who did… last night…” Looking at the face of Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi showed a helpless expression.

Obviously, it was she who suddenly hugged him, and then licked him and finally made the situation out of control.

“It’s all your fault, it’s the root of human nature!” Red Dragon Zaka has her hands on her hips. It is absolutely impossible for her to do that! She has no memory of that kind of thing!

If I refuse to… cough, don’t remember, of course, it doesn’t exist!

When she came to her senses, Yun Xi had already done this thing and that thing to her, which she was so ashamed to remember.

Up to now, there is a taste in her mouth. The taste of Yun Xi.

“Ok, ok, I see. It’s all my fault. ” At this time, Yun Xi deeply felt the inequality between men and women, as well as the great difference in sensibility and rationality between the two sides.

With such a red dragon princess who always loves to attack at night, he can’t sleep well in the future.

But he couldn’t even escape. He couldn’t watch Red Dragon Zaka die.

“Yes, it’s your fault.”

“So, come and cooperate with me.” Tie up her long hair, and Red Dragon Zaka looks …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 792

Chapter 792: What She Expects

At the same time, Yun Xi also found that even the same Hard Body will show different characteristics according to the individual’s physical characteristics.

For example, he compresses the Qi and blood of the whole body to perform the Thunderbolt, which has outstanding performance on penetration and destruction.

However, Red Dragon Zaka compresses the Qi and blood in the same way, but what she released was Flamebolt, which looks like a ball of lava.

This is because the temperature of the blood flowing in Red Dragon Zaka’s body is so high that the blow made by her must be fire-typed.

Yun Xi’s Thunderbolt has the upper hand to penetrate the opponent’s defense.

In the case of range attack, Red Dragon Zaka’s Flameblot has an overwhelming advantage.

With the same sand dune as the target, and both sides attack at the same time, Yun Xi’s Thunderbolt will run through the sand dune as soon as possible, and then the residual force will explode inside the sand dune.

Red Dragon Zaka’s Flamebolt will evaporate the entire dune world, leaving only a piece of ground burned into crystals.

If the two people perform the combination skill, it will be Yun Xi’s Thunderbolt ripped out a big hole first, and then Red Dragon Zaka’s Flamebolt blows in, causing a mushroom cloud explosion ten times more powerful than any other secret skills.

“Yeah! This power should be a threat to the twin witches.” Red Dragon Zaka looked at the crater with complacency.

“You don’t know what tired is…” Yun Xi extinguishes the electric light twined by his fingertips. The more he cultivates with Red Dragon Zaka, the more he can feel the adversity of the dragon’s racial talent.

For the Red Steel Genre people who can’t even perform one Thunderbolt attack, they can never imagine that a dragon can use 100 Flamebolt without feeling tired.

Hundreds of large pits have been blasted out in the central area of the desert where the two people stood, and the deepest of which is more than 100 meters and the shallowest one is more than 10 meters.

The continuous dune terrain was transformed into the lunar terrain by the two people. It looks like a meteor shower has fallen.

“Take a break and start practicing our ultimate combination skill!” Red Dragon Zaka found that her synchronization rate with Yun Xi was unusually high.

There is almost no unfamiliar stage in the general sense, and they have a special tacit understanding when they use the combined skills.

In the eyes of Red Dragon Zaka, the electric light wrapped around Yun Xi’s fingertips is a signal that he wants to release the power of Thunderbolt.

In Yun Xi’s eyes, the proud look in Red Dragon Zaka’s eyes is that she wants to shoot the Flamebolt. Both sides do not even need to communicate through language, and they naturally master the key to join hands.

The two hearts have a connected understanding. This is probably the …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 791

Chapter 791: Culture


In the morning sun, Red Dragon Zaka and Yun Xi run hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, in the empty desert at full speed.

Unlike yesterday’s run, which was completely dominated by Red Dragon Zaka, this time she was working with Yun Xi’s speed to slightly reduce her non-human explosive power.

Compared with Red Dragon Zaka’s unreasonable running speed, Yun Xi’s running has both the steadiness of the Hard Body and the elegant feeling of the Soft Body.

Maybe it can’t be compared with Red Dragon Zaka in simple speed, but it is better in turning skills and grasping the center of gravity.

Yun Xi is excellent, and this is what Red Dragon Zaka, who started trying to keep pace with Yun Xi, discovered.

That “excellent” does not mean physical fitness. No human can compare with the dragon in physical fitness.

What’s great about Yun Xi is that he can move at anyone’s pace.

At first, Yun Xi caught up with Red Dragon Zaka when she broke out in an unreasonable sprint.

When Red Dragon Zaka began to try to cooperate with him, he began to guide Red Dragon Zaka’s steps so that both of them could make full use of their advantages.

After running together for about an hour, he guided Red Dragon Zaka to learn how to stop, turn, and even retreat at high speed.

Because of her extraordinary physical fitness, Red Dragon Zaka has never thought that running alone has so many advanced skills, and never thought that one day she would be taught these seemingly ordinary but useful skills.

It’s really an excellent learning ability. Yun Xi is very pleased to see that Red Dragon Zaka, who started to cooperate with him, learned these skills very fast.

The dragon clan is indeed the ultimate creature.

How could he know so many things? Red Dragon Zaka looks at Yun Xi with unbelievable eyes. When she really puts down her prejudice and looks at him, she could discover that he has many secrets.

The god weapon she saw only once when she was dying.

The talent that can learn Dragon Roar Wave at a glance.

And these running skills that she didn’t even think about.

He must be a monster amongst human beings, right?

“Well, let’s start the rehearsal of the battle.” It took about half a day for both of them to find the most suitable running rhythm.

When sprinting in a straight line, with the help of Red Dragon Zaka’s unreasonable explosive power, Yun Xi will give the leading power to Red Dragon Zaka, and let her drive to run with him.

For the jump that needs turning or complex steps, it is handed over to Yun Xi.

This kind of practice greatly deepened the tacit understanding between the two people.

Later, as long as Yun Xi’s fingertips tremble, Red Dragon Zaka will know when to run and when to stop. Yun Xi only needs to feel the look of Red Dragon …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 790

Chapter 790: Holy Crimson Light

“But I won’t lose too much to my sister.”

“My strength is overwhelming, and my Dragon Roar Wave is the strongest of the four Zaka sisters!” Red Dragon Zaka said proudly, which is the only thing she has absolute confidence in.

“Dragon Roar Wave…” Yun Xi also has to admit that her Dragon Roar Wave is one of the most incomprehensible moves he has ever encountered.

He can crack Red Dragon Zaka’s Dragon Roar Wave with the help of Red Dragon Zaka’s own essence.

Mobile natural disasters.

The noble Red Dragon Princess.

In addition to a little too innocent, as a dragon, she is absolutely in the super class.

“To deal with the twin witches, we have to use stronger attack, faster speed, defeat them before they use that move!” Looking back at the fight, Red Dragon Zaka quickly found the root of her fiasco.

It’s not about combat effectiveness, it’s about the way of attack.

Her Dragon Roar Wave almost broke the twin witches’ defense. If she can use a faster and stronger Dragon Roar Wave, and it’s better to match it with the defense penetration attribute, then she can defeat the twin witches before they perform that secret skill.

Does she have that power?

Not yet, but Yun Xi has that power!

Yun Xi’s sacred Dragon Roar Wave ignores all defenses, gives Red Dragon Zaka a feeling that is not even under the heart seizing skill of the twin witches.

What she can’t do alone is possible if she joins hands with Yun Xi.

The double Dragon Roar Waves! They can use Yun Xi’s holy Dragon Roar Wave to disintegrate the twin witches’ defense, and then use her crimson Dragon Roar Wave to kill them. This is a perfect match!

“Let’s challenge the twin witches together!” After finding a way to turn over the situation, Yun Xi’s proposal to act together and fight together immediately captured Red Dragon Zaka’s heart.

Yes, that’s it. As long as two people are together, there is no invincible opponent.

Sure enough, this is fate.

When my sister, Desert Dragon Zaka found her dream lover, she must have felt like this.

Although he is no match for Desert Dragon Zaka’s lover, at least he is strong enough.

It is better to say that there is no more suitable human for her than he is.

There won’t be another human who can use Dragon Roar Wave!

“Start special training right now, in order to beat down the witches, our synchronization rate must be higher!”

“What’s more, your Dragon Roar Wave should become our strongest killing skill!”

“When the time comes to solve the twin witches, it depends on the strength of our joint efforts!”

She was defeated by Yun Xi’s holy Dragon Roar Wave. Even if it was only one second, Red Dragon Zaka remembered it deeply. It was the first time that she met a stronger Dragon Roar Wave than herself.

“Our combination skill is called Holy Crimson …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 789

Chapter 789: The Horror of the Witch

“How strong are they?” Yun Xi understands how strong Red Dragon Zaka is.

Her Dragon Roar Wave can destroy the whole continent in five minutes, and this is far from her full strength. If she transforms back to the real dragon form, her power could even be stronger.

In fact, his holy Dragon Roar Wave is also a forbidden skill which can only be performed with Red Dragon Zaka’s vitality. It is not a field that he can enter now.

“They are strange…” Looking back on the battle with the twin witches not long ago, the more Red Dragon Zaka thought about it, the more wrong it was.

“The witch in red is very powerful in swordsmanship. She should be the strongest swordsman in human beings.”

“The witch in white doesn’t seem to be good at fighting head-on, but she has a god weapon with very strong attributes.”

“I won’t be afraid of either one of them if it’s a one on one fight.”

“But facing them two at the same time…”

Recalling the moment when she finally lost the battle, Red Dragon Zaka’s pupil glowed with a red halo, and then projected a scene that Yun Xi did not see:

“Look, this is what they were like then.”

Yun Xi is engrossed in the light curtain that appears in front of Red Dragon Zaka and sees the twin witches he has never seen so far.

He can see that this is from the perspective of the dragon. At this time, the sky has been ignited, and the domineering crimson Dragon Roar Wave covers almost the whole sky and is still spreading.

In a deep red, Red Lotus, dressed in a maple leaf witch costume, guards White Lotus with a sword, and her face seems to show a trace of hesitation.

White Lotus opened her mouth and said something softly.

Red Lotus closed her eyes and shook her head as if she didn’t want to accept White Lotus’s advice.

White Lotus gently shakes her Ring of Star and Moon, and countless light spots are flying out of the god weapon made by Yun Xi’s gift to her.

The next second, the light dots turn into coordinates, summoning thousands of stars from the sky.

That’s exactly what Yun Xi sees from the ground, the stars falling from the sky and bombarding Red Dragon Zaka’s Dragon Roar Wave.

However, this move did not defeat the powerful Red Dragon Princess, but infuriated her.

The Red Dragon Princess accelerates the attack. For a moment, the magic shield performed by Red Lotus is a little shaky, and it looks like it will break apart in the next second.

At this time, Yun Xi even thought that Red Dragon Zaka had a huge advantage and was only one step away from defeating the twin witches.

In the world of the dragon’s war, the power shown by Red Dragon Zaka has undoubtedly reached the highest level!

What can be compared …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 788

Chapter 788: Our Target is the Witch!

The more Yun Xi gets along with the Zaka sisters, the more he can feel their frankness and innocence.

From the perspective of human beings, they are truly dangerous creatures with the power of destroying the world.

However, they are not evil, and they are not monsters that will destroy everything for no reason.

Instead, they all have their own personalities and see the world in their own way.

Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka, and Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi has met three of Zaka’s four sisters.

According to what Yun Xi has seen so far, the younger the Zaka is, the stronger her strength is.

Red Dragon Zaka, who is by his side at the moment, could destroy the continent in five minutes.

So, how powerful is the Zaka that has not yet appeared?

And they are just the four “kings” who guard the original dragon, the final boss. Yun Xi once again feels that the difficulty of this world is too much!

“You… what a wonderful creature… ” After being forgiven by Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi walks up to her.

“I’m Zaka, the most powerful dragon in the world.”

“Since you want us to act together, you have to be worthy of me.” Red Dragon Zaka grabbed Yun Xi’s hand in high spirits.

After last night, something happened.

Once they crossed that line, they cannot go back.

Since they can’t go back, they can only accept it and deal with it!

Red Dragon Zaka looks at Yun Xi and makes a decision.

“Be strong with me!”

“In this way, you are qualified to be mine…” At this point, Red Dragon Zaka’s face turned red and she couldn’t speak any more.

Obviously, it is something that can never be forgiven. She never expected that the whole thing would develop to such an indescribable degree.

Now, there are still Yun Xi’s kisses on her skin, neck, chest, and abdomen, which is the proof of the two people’s time together.

At the same time, it is also a contract, which is more vivid than any word or oath.

In her chest, the flower of life is releasing a new force.

That’s the power of hope and fetter.

Two people naturally hand in hand, ushered in the morning light.

On the eastern horizon of the desert, a golden red sun leaps out, illuminating the faces of Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.

“Go and conquer the world with me!” Red Dragon Zaka exclaimed what she had to do, what her sisters couldn’t do.

“Is this really so important to you?” Yun Xi has always been unable to understand why the Dragon had to conquer the world, for this reason they even dare to fight against all other intelligent creatures.

“This is a matter of course, because the great mother wants the world. We will fight for our mother.”

“I lost to the witches once, but as long as I’m alive, I will continue …

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