Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 746

Chapter 746: Prince, Answer Me!

“What!” The duke was about to lose his chin.

What did he hear?

His daughter, the prince’s childhood sweetheart, and the future king’s lover, Hua Yue, actually said the forbidden sentence.

Moreover, it was at the sacred wedding, in front of almost all the nobles of the kingdom.

Willfulness is not enough to describe the action. It’s just like a rebellion!

This is not the daughter he knows. His daughter is very polite. She is more familiar with aristocratic etiquette than anyone else.

Is she possessed by a demon?

“Against it!”

“Against it!”

“Against it!”

Seeing that the leader finally sent out a signal, the Starwing Knights, who had been united for a long time, finally came out.

The deputy commander of the Starwing Knights, Xiao Cao.

The mascot of the Starwing Knights, Ling Ling.

The secretary of the Starwing Knights, Mei Lan.

Lu Lu, Xiaoye, Xiaomi… except Robin and Mumu who are not here, all members of the Starwing Knights stand up.

“You…” It wasn’t just the duke who was scared, Yun Xi also had a look of “what’s wrong with the world”.

“…” The young Queen of Assyria opened her mouth and found that she still couldn’t say anything, as if some kind of force had been cooperating with the Starwing Knights in her body, which stopped her voice.

Just as the cold water poured into the boiling oil pot, the collective rebellion of the Starwing Knights turned into a great storm in an instant.

From the wedding platform to the whole city, the news spread at an amazing speed.

This is something that has never happened in the Moonlight Ceremony.

Are the knights loyal to the prince actually disagreeing with the prince’s marriage?

“God, what’s going on?!”

“All the knights of the Starwing Knights are against the wedding?”

“Aren’t they all young girls who admire the prince?”

“Why? Why?!”

People looked at the Starwing Knights on the high platform with unbelievable eyes.

Especially the nobles who have a relationship with the prince, many of them are the parents of the girls of the Starwing Knights. Seeing their daughter suddenly enter the rebellious period, several noblewomen even fainted on the spot.

The noisy voice turned into a huge wave in an instant, making countless people at a loss.

“Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!” Ice Dragon Zaka laughed so happily for the first time since she was born from the egg.

Interesting. It’s really interesting.

It turns out that it’s so entertaining to watch such a scene.

The world is becoming more interesting.

“Hum hum, I’ve seen that this prince is not a good man. He deserves it!” Desert Dragon Zaka also gloated at Yun Xi, laughing like a child.

“Hua Yue, stop fooling around!” As a marriage witness and the prince’s closest relative, the duke shook his head constantly to stop his daughter who seemed to be abnormal.

He painstakingly brought his daughter and prince together, and paved the way for their …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 745

Chapter 745: Opponents

“There’s something wrong with the rings!” Seeing the silver snake ring on Yun Xi’s hand and the golden snake ring on the young Queen of Assyria’s hand, Hua Yue has a bad feeling.

Normally, the prince should wear the golden ring which symbolizes glory and brilliance, and the princess should wear the silver ring which represents the holy and bright.

Why is the wedding tradition of the kingdom reversed?

At this distance, Hua Yue can clearly distinguish the strength of the magic rings.

The power of the golden snake is far stronger than that of the silver snake. It even dominates the silver snake.

It’s not only Hua Yue’s feeling, but also the feeling of the girls of the Starwing Knights and the Zaka sisters on the tower nearby.

“It’s really strange for human beings to give the rings to each other when they get married. Is this the custom of human beings?” Ice Dragon Zaka looks curiously at the golden snake ring on the young queen’s finger.

That ring is obviously the main ring. The person wearing this ring is almost equal to having complete control over the secondary ring.

“Wedding rings. Ah, if it’s me, I will use a pair of exactly the same ring, regardless of the primary and secondary.” Desert Dragon Zaka tries to find out from her memory which of the beautiful rings she snatched is more suitable for her wedding.

“Amber Ring, double jade ring, gold ring, sea blue ring, three-phase ring, ice ring, which pair is better to use?”

“Didn’t Shaheen abandon you? Forget him!” Ice Dragon Zaka felt that her sister was going to be critically ill. She was obviously jilted, and she was still nostalgic for the unruly guy.

If it was her, she would have frozen such a bad bastard into an ice stick and thrown it into the sea.

“Now, stretch out your hand.” As the consanguinity of the previous king, the duke witnessed the last wedding.

The only difference is that the bride who married the prince no longer wore a black wedding dress, but a pure white wedding dress, and no longer covered her face with a veil.

Amongst all the weddings, only today’s bride has appeared in front of all people with her true face.

She is just like an elf from the forest. She is so beautiful that everyone loves her.

There’s nothing to be picky about but a little younger.

Her daughter, Hua Yue, looks like she will become the lover of the new king just like the old tradition. She should have been prepared for this.

In the kingdom, the king is always the strongest knight, and his queen is always only one person.

“Today is a good day.” Recalling the last wedding, the duke looked at the couple with friendly eyes.

“In the witness of the old rings, we ushered in our queen.”

“The golden snake and the silver snake come together again.”

The young Queen of Assyria raised …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 744

Chapter 744: Ring

“Today’s Queen is so lovely.”

Yun Xi didn’t realize that he had buried the thousand-year-old kingdom of Assyria completely, and the danger level of the Forgotten Ruins had also dropped to nearly zero.

The owner of the Forgotten Ruins will marry him. The difficulty of the ruins will naturally change from hell mode to simple mode, and all enemies will become friendly.

In a sense, he has completed the quest of the Forgotten Ruins.

Among the fireworks in the sky, the pumpkin carriage finally arrived at the central square of the royal city, where the Moonlight Ceremony was held.

At this moment, the square is surrounded by a sea of people. Even the roof is full of people. If the Royal Guard did not maintain the street, let alone the carriage, even a dog could not squeeze into the square.

Almost all the members of the Starwing Knights gathered on the platform where the wedding ceremony was to be held, and looked at the pumpkin carriage slowly coming from the street in the distance with complicated eyes.

They were supposed to be the most loyal knights to the prince.

Today, we will launch a revolution for the sake of the prince.

“Everybody, listen to the code later.” Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwing Knights, took a deep breath. She stood tall, and then raised her white gold cross sword.

Almost at the same time, all the members of the Starwing Knights raised their weapons.

In the eyes of the people around them, this is just the action of the Starwing Knights to welcome the new couple. Only they know that this is a signal to declaring war.

For the Starwing Knights, the strongest and worst enemy ever was there.

“Everybody’s excited. It’s fun.” Mumu waves to the Starwing Knights on the high platform.

Amongst all of the Starwing Knights, only she and Robin did not join in the operation, so she knew nothing about Hua Yue’s plan.

Well, even if she knew, she’ll only be happy to join the party. Don’t expect her to understand the noble sentiment of “we need a revolution for love”.

With Yun Xi and the bride, the Queen of Assyria, holding hands, walking up to the temporary wedding platform, the Moonlight Ceremony finally reached its peak.

“Long live the prince, long live the princess!”

Countless people were shouting together.

“Long live the Kingdom, long live the Starwing Knights!”

Young people were looking forward to the beginning of the moment, as it will be worth remembering for a lifetime.

“Prince, you are our hero. Become the king quickly!”

“Prince, I would like to have a baby with you!”

“Prince, look at me, don’t just look at the princess!”

Girls look at the handsome prince with eyes shining, no, it’s the king right now.

More or less, they all have a little fantasy. Although they can’t be queens, lovers are still possible.

They all know the tradition of the kingdom. In history, there …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 743

Chapter 743: The Time of Waking Up

In the sky above the Forgotten Ruins, the wandering souls illuminated by the sun one by one become bubbles and disappear in the atmosphere.

The dead, once lost in time, are finally at rest, for the queen forgives them.

In the night of the blood moon, they once went mad under the whispers of the ancient gods, betrayed the queen they once trusted, and left the queen alone to fight with the fallen priests and knights. Although She won in the end, she was consumed by the blood moon.

The difference is that even if the queen becomes a part of the blood moon, she is the only Blood Moon Apostle who has the supreme status, and has the power to control countless curses.

Even if fallen, she is the unique and most beautiful Millennium queen.

Today, the Queen of Assyria laid down her past.

On the night of the blood moon, she failed to save her people and became the immortal queen herself.

Such a woman, together with her dead people, imagined that the kingdom of Assyria still existed and that time would be stagnated forever on that day.

Like a thousand-year dream, the Queen of Assyria and her people are immersed in the dream and forget the passing of time.

The Forgotten Ruins – the ruins of the dream kingdom of Assyria, where the queen dreams.

Today, the Millennium queen wakes up.

She no longer clings to the glorious past of Assyria, releasing the ghosts wandering in the Forgotten Ruins.

The dawn comes.

The frozen time is unsealed.

In the Forgotten Ruins, the Queen of Assyria gently hugged her abdomen with her hands.

There is still some warm touch, the air is filled with the smell of blood.




Hanging over the Forgotten Ruins, a vague figure began to emerge in the blood moon. That is a strange figure surrounded by countless blood lights, flying in the sky.

“Dream… Wake up… ” The Queen of Assyria sighed, but with a smile of liberation.

Now, the ancient kingdom of Assyria can finally be declared dead.

Because there has been a new human kingdom in this land.

After thousands of years, even if it was just a lie at first, it was also regarded as true by people.

For thousands of years, people have long forgotten Assyria. Only the queen retains the memory of that era and dreams of the kingdom with many dead souls.

When she wakes up in her dream, she will hear the footsteps of the new era.

On the wedding carriage,

“Prince, is it wrong for someone to see love more important than the world?” The young Queen of Assyria took Yun Xi’s hand and asked the question.

“Generally speaking, we think the world is more important.”

“But that’s not a question with a standard answer.” Yun Xi thinks about it and gives her his answer.

“Because for some people, love is more important than their life.”…

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 742

Chapter 742: The Last Day of Assyria

The wedding night only belongs to the “White Moon” that can be in the sun, not to the self that can only hide in the underground lake and sleep under the giant stupid spider throne all day.

Aware of this, the young Queen of Assyria is more sober and impulsive than ever.

Change, she wants to change it all.

Just like the difficult decision the Starwing Knights made.

Because what Yun Xi has done represents that the most innocent and imaginative young Queen of Assyria has also made a decision.

Even if she’s broken into pieces, even if she’s stained with blood, she won’t regret it.

When she came to the body called “White Moon” and got everything in her dream, she knew that she could never go back to the past.

She doesn’t want to be imprisoned in the silent underground lake for thousands of years.

She doesn’t want to be tied to the throne of the giant stupid spider day after day, year after year.

She doesn’t want to be such a lonely monster, and she doesn’t want to be imprisoned in that place by fate.

Bathed in the sunshine of early spring and feeling the breath of spring around her, the young Queen of Assyria for the first time released Yun Xi’s hand, put her hands together, and began to pray for something.

Her eyes no longer have any confusion.

“Sorry, I can’t be with you anymore.”

“Even a dream, after a thousand years, should be tired.”

“This nightmare is the time to end. Even if you will hate me and curse me, I will accept it.”

“The one who sleeps forever is not dead. Even death will disappear in the wonderful eternity.”

“May you have a real sleep and no longer resent everything in the world.”

With the murmur of the young Queen of Assyria, the wandering black axe monsters and sword monsters began to stop one by one in the distant Forgotten Ruins.

For thousands of years, these powerful monsters, who have been wandering in the ruins of the forgotten city, stopped. Just like clocks that have stopped winding, the traces of their activities stop suddenly.

Their huge black axes, which once broke Yun Xi into pieces, are rapidly rusting, corrupting, and finally powerless, breaking off and falling to the ground, turning into a pile of scrap iron.

One by one, the black axe monsters and sword monsters began to expand. Just as they had been killed by Yun Xi, they expanded into a balloon-like shape. At last, they burst one after another.

In the blood, there are countless cold breath gathered together. If it is a normal process, these cold breaths will soon return to the earth and become a new black axe monster or a sword monster.

They are the spirit of resentment formed by the people who were killed and sacrificed in the night of the blood moon.

Black sword monsters and axe monsters are …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 741

Chapter 741: The Girl’s Gaze

Under the protection of the Royal Guard, the pumpkin carriage where Yun Xi, White Moon and Mumu were, began to slowly tour the whole city along the street.

Everywhere the carriage went, there were flowers, applause, and cheers.

People from the bottom of their hearts bless the new couple and warmly look forward to the birth of the new king.

All the kings who guard the kingdom are near perfect knights. Apart from the strange habit of never marrying any lovers, their personal force and morality are almost impeccable.

They are worthy of the name of knights. Otherwise, they will not let even the lovers who know the truth stay with them and have children for them.

Yun Xi, the prince of this generation, is the hero who beat back the dragon before he ascended the throne. The people are looking forward to the prince’s great achievements together with the Starwing Knights when he becomes king.

Fight against the dragon! Maybe the new king can do it!

People are so looking forward to giving blessings and applause to today’s new newlyweds.

“The queen is so beautiful. I didn’t expect her to be such a peerless beauty.”

“Everything is perfect except for her age.”

“It doesn’t matter if girls are a little younger. Girls are developing very fast. She can have children in two years.”

“To our prince and Princess White Moon!”

All the people who saw Princess White Moon for the first time, except the Zaka sisters, were full of praise and gave all the beautiful words to the mysterious queen.

Although she is a little younger, only about 12 years old, her beauty is naturally attractive.

Just like the Queen of Assyria a thousand years ago, the young Queen of Assyria who appeared in the sunshine world as White Moon easily captured the hearts of countless people.

It was the queen’s majesty who made generations of kings kneel and swear allegiance.

It ‘s also today’s lovely princess who holds the prince’s hand in the pumpkin carriage.

Mysterious and pure.

White without scale.

White Moon, just like her name, has the beauty of pure white and moonlight at the same time, is a perfect match with the prince Yun Xi, who is as dazzling as the sun.

Even the members of the Starwing Knights, who were quietly following in the crowd and in charge of the security task, were in a trance when they saw such a White Moon.

If not for the solid evidence and 100% trust in Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwing Knights, they could not believe that the girl in front of them was the one who swallowed up the lives of the kings, a monster who ate people and didn’t spit out bones.

Under that beautiful face, it is an indescribable terror.

“We shall not be confused! White Moon is lovely, but it’s a terror that can’t be touched.”

“She has a magic power that captivates people. The prince …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 740

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Chapter 740: The Beginning of the Wedding

In the streets of the city, there are lots of people. From time to time, magical fireworks are rising in the sky, and colorful patterns are blown out in the sky.

In the eyes of all the people, a pumpkin carriage slowly appeared from the palace.

In front of the pumpkin carriage, there are all armed knights. This is a long-standing royal guard team, the birthplace of many strong knights.

Today, they have taken on a major responsibility again, escorting the prince and queen, who are about to finish their wedding ceremony, to carry out one of the traditions of each sacrifice – the city tour.

Once upon a time, it was the happiest time for the young queen sleeping on the throne of the underground lake.

Only on this day could she descend to the body of the puppet, disguised as the bride and sat in the pumpkin carriage, looking at the surrounding crowd and architecture, feeling the charm of the world in the sun.

However, today, her eyes are more on the prince holding her hand, intoxicated with it.

The world she sees with the black veil is quite different from the world she can enjoy freely now.

White Moon’s body has a perfect fit with the world, will not be excluded by the world of sunshine.

What she sees in her eyes are all beautiful things.

All the smells in her nose are delicious.

Compared with what she sees and feels today, the so-called “festival” in the past is so eclipsed.

Before today’s wedding, for the young Queen of Assyria, the world was like the light and shadow saw through the window of the cage.

In the endless dark and cold underground lake, such light and shadow can make her heart a little warmer, which is one of her few remaining happinesses.

If she had never walked in the world of sunshine like this, been watched by everyone’s eyes, and entwined by everyone’s blessings…

However, there is no “if”.

Once she feels such beautiful sunshine, such a beautiful world, she will never be able to go back.

She, who has not come to this world, can endure thousands of years of that kind of life, and think that it’s a matter of course.

As long as she can endure, everything will be better, and miracles will always appear.

It was with such small hopes and expectations that the young Queen of Assyria had spent the time of long sleep, like the seeds buried in the cold black land, silently enduring everything.

Until finally someone took her hand and led her out of the dark and cold world.

She asked him, “Prince, will you touch my darkness?”

“Swear to me, Prince, then you will be king.”

That’s the agreement that all kings will make with the great Queen of Assyria, and it’s also …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 739

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Chapter 739: Bell Rings

In the palace.

The little White Moon is wearing a beautiful dress that fits her body perfectly.

Unlike the black wedding dress used to block the influence of the sun in the past, White Moon’s wedding dress is pure white, with only a dark red gem inlaid on her chest.

The skirt is slightly opened, and White Moon’s body is wrapped by layers of lace, making her look like a fairy from a fairy tale.

“Princess, you must be the most beautiful bride in the world today.” The palace official made heartfelt praise.

Prince, it seems that I can understand why you are fascinated by her. She is like a fairy.

“Haha, my little sister is so beautiful.” Wearing a slightly smaller dress, only the ornament on the chest was replaced by a silver gemstone, Mumu was joy around White Moon like a wagging little puppy.

“Um… I like this dress.” The young Queen of Assyria looked at her white wedding dress with longing eyes.

She looks forward to the wedding with the prince, and the moment when the prince takes off the wedding dress by himself.

With the help of Mumu, she graduated with full marks from the lessons called the wedding.

She has practiced everything with Mumu. What she should do, what she should endure, and what she should face on the wedding night… she has known everything.

Today is the day when she put the knowledge to use.




Seventy-two consecutive cannons exploded in the sky, and the king’s bell rang loudly.

It was the bell of blessing, the wedding bell that would ring only once in one king’s life.

The bells echoed, and through the set sequence, they passed from the palace to the farthest border of the kingdom.

In the light of dawn, almost all the people of the kingdom knew the sacred news.

Their prince, who has grown up, is about to marry the legendary beautiful bride, ascend his throne and become the strongest knight to guard the kingdom.

Today, he will be the strongest king.

On the bell tower, Yun Xi put down the hammer of the bell, took a deep breath, and his eyes became stable.

The wedding is about to start.

In the residence of the Starwing Knights, the eyes of the girl knights were burning with flames.

“The wedding is about to begin.”

In the palace, White Moon combed her long, soft hair and smiled happily.

“To get married? It’s like a dream!”

The two Zakas stood in the crowded street, looking at the cannon shots exploding in the sky with different expressions.

“Humph, it’s just a marriage. Three days later, it will be a …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 738

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Chapter 738: Dawn of Terror (5)

On the tower, the dawn between the prince and the augur is sweet and hot.

In the Starwing Knights, the dawn belonging to the young knights is vigorous, symbolizing the arrival of a revolution.

In the forgotten ruins away from the crowd, or even forgotten by people, the dawn has not yet arrived.

Wearing a white wedding dress, the queen held the wedding bouquet in her hand, standing quietly in the Forgotten Ruins.

In the underground lake, the young Queen of Assyria sleeps on the throne of the giant stupid spider with a sweet smile.

They are all waiting for a certain moment.

Blood moon, hanging on the two one Queen of Assyria, as always exudes a palpitating breath.




The whispers of the ancient gods echoed in the ears of the two Assyria queens. The young Queen of Assyria who was immersed in happiness completely ignored these whispers.

On behalf of “happiness”, she is choosing a new path, and she is gaining her own hope.

In contrast, the queen standing under the blood moon was unable to leave the Forgotten Ruins. She had more and more vivid bloodstains on her abdomen. The time that had been frozen is coming back to her.

Even the original silent Forgotten Ruins was also changed little by little.

The old ruins began to emerge.

It is a memory that has long been lost in the long river of time. The remains of this great kingdom once carved brilliance.

The memory that has long disappeared in the dust of history is recovering.

The first mural depicts the birth of the queen.

The priests in golden robes sprinkled the golden gravel for the queen, and the ancient rituals of Assyria detected her unprecedented magic bloodline with a wild smile.

The former queen gently stroked her child, placed the crown on her, which represented the successor of the Queen of Assyria, and announced that the child of Assyria’s destiny had come to the world.

The second mural depicts the queen’s girlhood.

The princess who had just grown up to half of her mother’s height had been able to suspend herself with her huge magic power. She was surrounded by spirits of fire and ice and snow, which symbolizes that she is the darling of the elements of the world.

The queen who had begun to grow old looked at the princess with doting eyes, and her spirit deteriorated day by day.

Compared with the vigorous princess, the queen, like the sunset, had gone to the last time of her life.

In the third mural, the princess finally inherited the throne of the queen, took the crown representing the queen, …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 737

Chapter 737: Dawn of Terror (4)

“No way!” Ling Ling was the first to raise her hand and shout out.

“Don’t let the prince marry her!”

The fool’s action power is the fastest indeed. Mei Lan thinks the impulse of Ling Ling is so lovely for the first time.

“Yes, in my judgment, it is not right to marry the queen.” Now that Ling Ling had said so, Mei Lan had immediately made the same speech.





There are first, second, third, fourth… in the end, almost all the members of the Starwing Knights raised their hands.

This is probably the fastest and most orderly meeting of all the meetings of the Starwing Knights.

“I know how you feel.” Hua Yue took a deep breath, and her white cheeks even glowed a little red.

Everything is worth it. She never thought that there was such a big secret in the Queen’s identity.

This secret has been hidden for thousands of years. Even if someone occasionally finds out about it, it has never been revealed.

Including the king’s lovers who finally cracked the queen’s secret, no one has ever told the secret to others, only leaving the truth in their most secret diary.

For the queen is the king’s choice and the king’s agreement.

Thousands of years later, the nonexistent queen has become a part of the kingdom.

They can’t reveal the secret, let the king lose his reputation, let people know that there is such a dark side to the wise and great king in their eyes.

Even if they knew the secret, they had no power to change their fate.

No one forced the king to marry the queen. Every generation of the kings voluntarily performed the oath with the Queen of Assyria, and was finally swallowed up by the ancient god.

As lovers of the kings, they can’t stop the secret agreement between the kings and the Queen of Assyria. The only thing they can do is try to bear the king’s children and continue the bloodline of their loved ones.

This is their only salvation.

Because they love the king so much, they can’t say even if they know that the king will fulfill the promise of death.

Besides, apart from this secret agreement with the Queen of Assyria, the kings have never made any mistakes because of their selfish desires, have they?

In the eyes of all people, including those who love them, they are all great kings and heroes of this kingdom.

Perfect heroes don’t exist in the world. Even if they have such a secret, they are still outstanding kings, aren’t they?

Silently guard the secrets of their loved ones, and take them to the grave. It’s also their duty as lovers of the king.

After discovering the secret, they would even prefer the king born with a tragic fate, guarded him like their own children, and watched him to the end.

If in the end, their loved ones will only …

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