Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 787

Chapter 787: The Mind of a Young Girl

Under the stars, the Red Dragon Princess pulled the clear and cold spring water on her delicate white body.

Transparent water drops from the red face to the white neck, and then to fragrant collarbone, tender arm, delicate jade-like back, flat abdomen, soft waist, round hip, slender legs, thin feet, and finally return to the water.

In the starlight, the crystal clear skin exudes a wonderful white luster.

The spring water at night is very cold.

The Red Dragon Princess’s body is very hot.

Behind her is Yun Xi, whose eyes closed and face embarrassed.

“Don’t look, I’ll kill you!” Red Dragon Zaka, who is washing her body, stares at the bastard who has done those things just now.

Careless, I was too careless!

I can’t get married!

“I didn’t open my eyes.” Yun Xi felt that it was really unjust. It was her who took the initiative to do that to him!

The passionate deep kiss, a little tender but indefatigable way of intimacy… the energy of the dragon is really amazing!

“Hum, big liar!” Red Dragon Zaka washes her hair and skin with spring water. Her body has his smell everywhere.

What? Did she take the initiative to push him down? There is no such thing!

Everything is his fault!

No matter what, it must be his fault!

Zakas don’t make mistakes. The daughters of the great original dragon are symbols of truth.

Everything Zakas did is right because they had the power to make rules.

“What is this kind of person?” Looking at the traces left on her body, Red Dragon Zaka’s small face turned red and recalled what had happened just now.

Did her feet have stepped on him many times?

At the same time, they were kissed many times.

What’s more embarrassing is that she took the initiative to lick…

It must be this guy’s fault, it must be the moon’s fault, it must be the star’s fault, it must be the sun’s fault! Anyway, it’s definitely not her fault!

She never thought that she would have such a relationship with human beings in her whole life. It’s too impure!

Does she like this human?

No way! Even if tomorrow is the end of the world, she won’t like him.

To get her heart, at least he has to be a king!

This guy is not like a king at all. And how many girls have been violated by this bastard?! Why was he so skilled?!

“Forget it!”

“Forget what happened tonight!”

“Nothing happened tonight. It’s all your dream!” Red Dragon Zaka gritted her teeth and yelled in Yun Xi’s ear.

“Ok, ok… I know It’s a delusion… it is just my dream…” Yun Xi raises his right hand helplessly and makes an appointment with Red Dragon Zaka.

“Pinky swear!”

“If you dare to tell anyone, I will eat you, from toe to hair!” Red Dragon Zaka’s roar was loud, with an imperceptible sense of shame.

“Yes, …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 786

Chapter 786: Delicious Time

Red Dragon Zaka also reaches out her finger and grabs Yun Xi’s hand. The two fingers are connected and their cheeks are getting closer.

Why? What is she doing?

Why? What am I doing?

Yun Xi’s face was tense, showing an expression of going to accept but yet refuse.

Red Dragon Zaka, on the other hand, has a confused expression of “Where is this place?”, “Who am I?” and “What am I doing?”.

Only the green flower in her chest, the gift left by Lvji to Yun Xi, the only flower in the world, quietly unfolds its petals and releases certain elements.

It’s fragrant, sweet, and intoxicating.

Why, why do I want to kiss this human being?! Red Dragon Zaka only felt that her mind was in a state of confusion. She couldn’t remember anything or think about anything. She just had an instinctive impulse, which seemed to urge her to try to absorb some elements.

Subconsciously, she understands that it was very, very delicious. The little red dragon, who had enjoyed Yun Xi’s bread, had no immunity to it.

But how to eat it?

It’s OK to eat like this. Red dragon Zaka lowers her head and clasps her fingers with Yun Xi. Her beautiful face is as red as sunset.

Her body instinctively flustered trembling, and her heart rate constantly accelerating, accelerating, seems to be waiting for something to moisten.

Yun Xi looks at the lovely Red Dragon Zaka in front of him and can’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

It’s terrible, it’s really bad.

He clearly knows that this is not a thing he should do, but there is no place to escape!

He and Red Dragon Zaka are bound to the line of life, not only the young red dragon princess but also himself.

Yun Xi realized this only now.

Looking at the closer and closer lips of the lovely red dragon princess, Yun Xi can’t hide.

“Pa!” Red Dragon Zaka’s hairband was automatically untied, and her long hair fell down, and her skin was shining like jade in the moonlight.

The girl’s soft face pasted on Yun Xi’s cheek, and two people’s lips naturally combined.

Boom! Just in an instant, there was a flame burning in both of their bodies.

It is the flame of life, it is a brilliant color, it is the band intertwined with each other.

Compared with the unruly Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi almost immediately took the initiative.

He wantonly kisses the fragrant lip that has never been touched by a man. The whole person seems to be burning. With his powerful tongue, it is easy to open and close the barrier. He puts it into the mouth, licks it slowly, and sips it from time to time so that the Little Red Dragon Princess makes a lovely voice.

At this time, the experience of the wedding night is perfectly displayed. For how to get close to Zakas, Yun Xi’s proficiency has reached the …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 785

Chapter 785: Starlight and Whisper

“OK, that’s the end of running training.” Red Dragon Zaka releases Yun Xi’s hand, stretches his body, and looks at Yun Xi with a wonderful look.

That kind of feeling, just like a little dog who has been crazy for a day outside and looks at her master eagerly after returning home.

“I’m hungry!”

After the rapid development of the relationship with Yun Xi, Red Dragon Zaka has a strong case for food.

“Only bread.” Yun Xi took a look at the oasis. In addition to clear spring, there were only a few poplar trees with their leaves tightly closed and large areas of cactus.

In the distance, it seems that there were a few scorpions and other creatures foolishly hovering on the sand dunes, but dare not close here.

There is no doubt that they feel the smell of a dragon, the ultimate creature at the top of the pyramid of the food chain.

“Bread will do.” Red Dragon Zaka gulps in her throat and gulps down her saliva.

Before that, she had never thought that bread, a kind of common food of human beings, would have such a strong attraction for her.

No, it’s not about the bread. It’s his bread. His bread is unusual!

That kind of bread contains some ingredients that make her unable to stop. If she just takes a small bite, she will feel like she is floating.

Yes, that’s the smell. It’s the smell of crime! Red Dragon Zaka looked straight at Yun Xi’s golden-colored bread from his own storage and snatched it with lightning speed.

“Ah Hoo!” With a big bite, she once again showed a happy expression.

Well, if I can eat such delicious bread every day, it seems that it is not impossible to act with this human being temporary.

Yun Xi looks at his golden cream bread in a daze.

He didn’t put anything strange in this bread.

Why does Red Dragon Zaka show such an attractive and lovely expression when biting this golden butter bread?

Through the line of life connected between them, he could clearly feel her elation, unbridled mood.

In terms of human language, this is probably the case:

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

One more, one more! One is not enough, more!

Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo hoo!

With sweet white cream on her mouth, Red Dragon Zaka shook her little feet and reached out to Yun Xi. The meaning could not be more obvious – another one.

“Oh Don’t eat too much… you will become fat. ” Yun Xi stretched out his hand, and another golden butter bread appeared in the palm of his hand, and was bitten away by the long waiting Red Dragon Zaka.

“Giant dragon doesn’t need to worry about getting fat…” Red Dragon Zaka hums a tune to show off …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 784

Chapter 784: Run, Zaka

Target, Red Dragon Princess Zaka.

Personality, impulsive and conceited, proud, and confident. No matter how you look at her, she looks like a princess who has been spoiled since childhood.

However, once a promise is made, it will be conscientiously observed.

This character is very similar to her sisters. All the Zaka sisters he has met have such good qualities.

Even Ice Dragon Zaka, the coldest of all, agreed to his proposal and fulfilled her responsibility as the fourth princess.

“Hey, what are you looking at? Practice with me quickly.” After agreeing to work with Yun Xi, Red Dragon Zaka’s attitude towards Yun Xi has changed significantly.

If it’s before Yun Xi performed the Dragon Roar Wave, her words must be:

“Go to hell, you perverted human being.”

Well, in fact, she is a good girl. Yun Xi stood up and moved his body.

After the same five minutes’ rest, the Red Dragon Princess had recovered her fighting power, while Yun Xi was still very weak, just like the morning after the wedding night, he could not make any strength at all.

It is clear that half of her recovered essence has flowed into Yun Xi’s body, but the difference in physical quality is still so great.

A dragon is a dragon. Even if she transformed into a human being, her essence of life is very different from that of human beings.

“Since we will stay together, we have to cooperate with each other. If you can’t keep up with my speed, I will suffer.” Red Dragon Zaka, with her hands on her hips, looks at Yun Xi with a serious attitude.

“In battle, you’ll hold me back!”

I am not a dragon. I can’t recover so fast! Yun Xi helplessly looked at the Red Dragon Princess who began to get excited for some reason he didn’t know.

Through the invisible line of life formed by Lvji’s power, he can clearly perceive the constant boiling dragon blood in Red Dragon Zaka’s body at the moment.

It’s just five minutes after her strongest Dragon Roar Wave has been smashed, but she has been so vigorous again.

On the contrary, Yun Xi has gained half of the essence of Red Dragon Zaka, but his body is still not managing.

There is such a big gap between human beings and dragon people!

“First, running together is the foundation of the foundation.” Recognizing Yun Xi’s qualification to fight alongside her, Red Dragon Zaka unleashed unprecedented enthusiasm, almost in sharp contrast to the hostility of the first encounter.

“To suit your speed, I’ll hold your hand.” Grasping Yun Xi’s hand, Red Dragon Zaka, who seems to have finally found a solution, has a burning flame in her eyes.

Yes, that’s the best way. As long as we keep holding hands, I will never leave the invisible line.

That’s the best way to get rid of the curse!

“Run!” No matter whether Yun Xi agrees or disagrees, Red Dragon Zaka has been …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 783

Chapter 783: Divine Light

It was a sudden, spiral light falling from the distant sky.

The “point” at the top presents a beautiful and incredible silvery-white color, and the four lines behind it are constantly spinning and flying, and instantly accelerates it to an impossible level.

The silvery-white flash turned into a column of light through the earth and scattered the ominous red ripple from the center.

Once again, Red Dragon Zaka’s Dragon Roar Wave was forced to be interrupted.

This time, it was not her heart that was wiped away, which led to the collapse of the Dragon Roar Wave. It was really defeated by the higher-level Dragon Roar Wave, which could penetrate the world barrier and could travel in the void.

Red Dragon Zaka’s Dragon Roar Wave can destroy the earth and burn the sky, turning the world of dragon’s war into dust in five minutes.

The unknown Silver Dragon Roar Wave can even break through the barrier amongst the worlds. That’s the power of God’s!

The sacred Silver Dragon Roar Wave has more power than Red Dragon Zaka’s Dragon Roar Wave.

However, Yun Xi suffered a lot from the consumption of vitality!

In just one second, his body is empty. Fortunately, he is still in the state of life connection with Red Dragon Zaka. If he is alone, he will burn out himself like firewood.

The power of the sacred Silver Dragon Roar Wave is just like that of the sun wing from Princess Golden Crow, far beyond the limit Yun Xi can grasp now.

In a sense, the Red Dragon Princess’s judgment is correct. It is impossible for human beings to use Dragon Roar Wave.

However, her failure is also clear and irrefutable.

After the two Dragon Roar Waves were annihilated in an instant, the two people connected by the line of life collapse on the ground with a face full of loveless expression.

“Ha… cough… it’s impossible… ” Red Dragon Zaka, who has been drained of her essence (half because Yun Xi borrowed a lot of essences), looks desperate.

“You… can’t be human! ”

“How is it possible for human beings to launch Dragon Roar Wave?”

Red dragon Zaka is puzzled about how Yun Xi launched the Dragon Roar Wave.

In this world, except for the four sisters of Zaka and the great original dragon, there is no other dragon race.

Where did the silver Dragon Roar Wave come from? It doesn’t look like a thing of this world at all.

If it lasted a few more seconds, it would probably break through the world!

Her crimson Dragon Roar Wave will destroy the world in about five minutes.

The strange Dragon Roar Wave can pierce the world in about five seconds!

There is no doubt that she lost. She lost cleanly and had no chance to argue.

“I’m… very common… ”

Well, he’s just a very ordinary child of stars. Yun Xi doesn’t know if there are other children of stars.

One second after the …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 782

Chapter 782: Different Fluctuations

After understanding how Dragon Roar Wave works, Yun Xi quickly understands why Red Dragon Zaka is so confident that he can’t perform this secret art.

Dragon Roar Wave is a kind of super large-scale talent that can only be displayed by the dragon who has raised all his energy and spirit to the top.

In essence, this move is to change the life wave of the Dragon into a wave of air, and its power will show different posture according to the dragon’s constitution.

Only the dragon, whose body is a thousand times harder than human beings, can turn its life essence into an attack means.

In fact, human beings also have moves that are very close to this dragon’s secret art in theory. They are called “The Disintegration of Demons”. Once launched, they will burn out the performers’ lives.

The dragon’s natural vitality is more than a thousand times that of human beings, so it can turn its vitality into a wave that sweeps everything.

The essence of Dragon Roar Wave is the attack transformed from the vitality of a dragon, which can devour the essence of demons!

Red Dragon Zaka is the red dragon with the highest vitality among the four Zakas, and can play the power of Dragon Roar Wave to the limit!

Once launched, her Dragon Roar Wave has the characteristics of continuously improving its power, and it takes only five minutes to reach the level of world destruction.

With such a devastating Dragon Roar Wave, she is entitled to be proud and firmly believes that human beings can never learn the same moves.

Her theory is correct. Human beings can’t use Dragon Roar Wave, because as long as the upper limit of human life does not reach the legend rank, there will be a gap between human beings and dragons.

This is not an area where “learning” can be achieved. It is the absolute advantage of the superior race over the inferior race.

Human beings are unable to compare with the dragon’s life limit. It’s an impossible task to accomplish.

Without the vitality of dragon, even if human beings master the Dragon Roar Wave in some way, they will drain the vitality in the moment of use, and become part of the Dragon Roar Wave.

The pride of the Red Dragon Princess is also the pride of the dragon race. Even if Yun Xi displays the dragon claw and the Dragon roar, she will never believe that he can use Dragon Roar Wave.

The crimson wave covered the earth, engulfed the heaven and earth, and instantly spread to the area of ten kilometers.

In the area covered by Dragon Roar Wave, everything is burned and melted. It seems that the whole ground is like melted cream, and the whole crust tends to be burnt out.

Domineering and invincible. Even the twin witches did not choose to confront the devastating Dragon Roar Wave. Instead, they wiped out the heart of the Red …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 781

PS: my editor, luiswu decided to quit, so there won’t be proofreading for the chapters from now on. Thanks for liuswu’s past help, I’m sad to know his departure and wish him well.

Chapter 781: Dragon Roar Wave

“No way!”

“No way!”

“No way!”

Red Dragon Zaka’s eyes were ablaze with flames.

It’s just a human being, just a human being. Even the prince can’t drive the power of the dragon!

Red Dragon Zaka takes a deep breath. The dragon claw is just one of her unique skills. She has more terrifying and powerful power.

Yun Xi also learned from Red Dragon Zaka and took a deep breath.

The movements of the two people are almost completely synchronized.

Then Red Dragon Zaka opens her mouth, the crystal on her forehead is filled with the breath of fire, and the vertical pupil shrinks and expands.

All creatures in a radius of hundreds of kilometers run instinctively at this moment, because they feel the breath from the ultimate creature.

In the next second, a roar beyond the limits of human imagination spreads around Red Dragon Zaka, forming a sound wave in essence.

It’s the dragon roaring, the ultimate creature at the top of the pyramid of the food chain, releasing its own unique breath.

Dragon roar! This is only a gift of the dragon. Even if the mortals gather into millions of legions, they are as vulnerable as ants in the face of this indiscriminate attack.

If every mortal has 1 attack power, then can one plus one pose a deadly threat to a creature whose attack power is 1,000,000?

There is no such thing. Red dragon Zaka’s roar is such an extraordinary attack that can make mortals despair. Even the Dragon roar in the human state is enough to kill 100,000 people in an instant.

That’s the absolute gap in the level of life. Even if the mortals of the whole human kingdom are put together, they are not the opponents of Red Dragon Zaka.

To make such a roar, Red Dragon Zaka is trying to prove that there are some things that human beings can never do, which is the difference in the nature of life.

However, what dazed Red Dragon Zaka’s eyes was that, almost at the same time she roared, Yun Xi also released almost the same sound.

Red Dragon Zaka’s roar, with her unique domineering and destructive atmosphere, is like an erupting volcano.

The roar emitted by Yun Xi has a kind of holy and pure breath. Even Yun Xi doesn’t know that the roar he made is holy-typed.

Two different kinds of dragon roar are intertwined to form a huge tornado. The sound of dragon roar resounds from the sky and even reaches thousands of miles away.

It’s a resonance reaction. Holy typed power and flame typed power interlaced, turned into a dragon fire burning the sky, which is the perfect proof of the combination of the two attributes.

“You are not human, are you?” Red …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 780

Chapter 780: The Power of Connection

“Then, practice with me.”

Since there is no way to relieve this wonderful relationship, then adapt to it. This is Yun Xi’s choice.

There is nothing wrong with fighting the world, but it needs enough strength. As long as the trial of the dragon’s war is completed, everything will return to its original state.

“Practice what?”

“Practice to act together, and the way to fight.” Yun Xi reached out his fingertips and touched the invisible but real line between them.

The last gift left by Lvji is not just to tie Red Dragon Zaka around him.

Through this invisible line, Yun Xi can clearly feel the huge power of Red Dragon Zaka and the sound of heart beating.




It was a beating sound that human beings could never have. It was the rhythm of the ultimate creature as a red dragon. The gift of Lvji replaced its original core and integrated her incomparable power.

After defeating such Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi once again realized the power of the twin witches.

Through this line of life connected with Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi also shared part of Red Dragon Zaka’s dragon power.

His eyes can see farther than usual, also have the ability to see through invisibility.

His skin, quietly emerging lava-like lines, is one of the three secrets of the Red Steel Genre, “lava skin”.

The three secret skills of the Red Steel Genre – Lava Breath, Lava Skin and Red Steel Blood – are the process of improving one’s potential and evolving his body towards God’s talent: “the Hard Body”.

In order to have the Hard Body, the masters of the red steel genre will use every means to torture their bodies. They will fight with huge shackles all the year round, and rush to the front line at any time.

Yun Xi got the talent of the Hard Body from the seed of Mumu, and the talent of the soft body from the blessing of Hydra the Water God. However, the two kinds of God’s talents have not yet fully integrated, so it is necessary to take the initiative to switch forms when fighting.

Red Dragon Zaka’s physical strength is even more exaggerated than Yun Xi’s.

As a red dragon holding the origin of fire, her body strength has reached a level of despair by nature. If it is not a god weapon level attack, no one can shake the hard dragon scale, which has incredible high magic resistance.

When she launches her attacks, the whole sky will tremble.

The red Dragon Roar Wave, with the attribute of burning all things, is one of her best skills. It has the destructive power to both people and the army.

Moving natural disasters, the red dragon, the scarlet destroyer, she alone has the power to destroy the world!

Yun Xi, who shared part of her strength, saw for the first time the weakness of the world from the perspective of …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 779

Chapter 779: The Sequelae of Lies

“Pafu!” After hearing the master’s command, Pafu ran out of Yun Xi’s clothes and was eager to try.

“No! No, no!” The Red Dragon Princess turns pale and instinctively escapes.

Well, she only runs about a meter away and the heart stops and falls down.

“What a… stupid girl… ” Yun Xi looks at Red Dragon Zaka who was just rescued by himself and makes the same mistake again.

Compared with her sisters, Red Dragon Zaka seems to have another low level in IQ.

Is it because that she added all intelligence points to strength?

“Pafu! Pafu!” The green Pafu danced on Yun Xi’s shoulders, and then turned into the posture of Red Dragon Zaka. Except for not wearing clothes, the body curve was exactly the same, taking off the tiny version of Zaka.

“Maybe I have to teach her what adaptation is… ” Yun Xi has some ideas about how to survive in a bad environment.

The death of three figures in the trial taught Yun Xi one thing.

Never expect the environment to adapt to you, before you have enough strength, it will only be you who adapt to the environment.

In the face of great adversity, no matter how many setbacks you encounter, don’t give up hope.

Even sometimes, a temporary retreat is OK. It’s shameful but very useful.

Red Dragon Zaka, obviously, is the kind of child who has never experienced many setbacks, which is very similar to his invincible chidhood sweetheart.

It’s just that Hua Huo has the power to break away from any environment. She’s an exceptional existence that is not bound by any rules. Although Red Dragon Zaka is very strong, she is far from reaching the level of Hua Huo.

“Bang!” Red Dragon Zaka’s chest is full of green light again.

“It’s all your fault!”

“Why did you give me such a curse?!” Red Dragon Zaka opened her eyes, looked at the claw that was resting on her chest. She felt that she could not escape from that claw for the rest of her life.

“Because it’s not a curse, it’s salvation.”

“It’s better to live than to die, isn’t it?” Yun Xi let go with his right hand and said with a smile.

“If I live in such humiliation, I might as well die in the war!” For the proud Red Dragon Princess, rather than live like this, it was better to die in the war with the twin witches at that time.

At least, she can still maintain the status of the Great Red Dragon Princess and die proud, instead of being tied by this invisible thread to a human being. Just imagine such a future, she will feel dim of her life.

“Don’t say death so easily. There are many wonderful things in the world that you have never experienced.”

“If you die so simply, your sisters will be sad.” Yun Xi patted Red Dragon Zaka on the head.

Even if there were …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 778

Chapter 778: Release Pafu!

That’s when Hua Huo first came to the town, when Yun Xi had not met Ye Li, Milei, El’phyllis, and often played with other boys and girls in the town.

The first time he saw Hua Huo, he felt like something was cutting her off from the world.

Where does this lady come from? The first time they saw Hua Huo, they were shocked. They had never seen such a cold and beautiful girl. All over her body, there was a sense of not being allowed to approach.

No one dared to talk to Hua Huo. The young girls born in the small town instinctively knew that she was a noble lady. Even if they scraped the edge of her skirt, they will be ruined.

Yun Xi is the only one who has the fearless heart of an ignorant person. He dares to talk to Hua Huo, who is not an ordinary person at a glance.

As for the reason, Yun Xi doesn’t understand. He just feels that he can’t leave Hua Huo alone in the street.

In the end, Yun Xi successfully entered Hua Huo’s world and became her childhood sweetheart.

It’s just that Yun Xi doesn’t know why the original Hua Huo was so indifferent, and he never asked about such things.

Naturally, a lady should have a lady’s secret. Hua Huo has become his childhood sweetheart. That’s enough.

Hua Huo’s past has nothing to do with him. What he likes is the one who is willing to smile for him and runs around the town every morning.

Compared with the mysterious girl who can only appear in his dream, Hua Huo is a lovely girl who can be seen and touched and is close to him.

With the opportunity of meeting Hua Huo, other childhood sweethearts appeared one after another. Without exception, they all had beautiful faces and special temperaments that were totally different from those girls in the small town, which made other children duel many times for them.

Well, Yun Xi didn’t know about these things, because the kids finally found out in despair that Hua Huo, Milei, Ye Li, El’phyllis were all around one person.

That damn guy!

Never eat his bread!

Why are there such lucky guys in the world!

Therefore, Yun Xi inexplicably found that his former friends did not take him to play, which also made him sad for a long time.

Later, he had to play with his childhood sweethearts.


In Yun Xi’s eyes, Hua Huo is like a puzzle that can never be solved.

Every time you feel you know her secret, more secrets come out.

Why does Hua Huo, who has such a strong strength, always hide her real strength, and even now she has not stepped into the hero rank?

Where does her Flying Sky Sword come from?

Why did she live in the remote town?

The more he knows about Hua Huo’s extraordinary features, the more Yun Xi feels that it’s …

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