It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (14)


“WooHoo, woohoo…”


As Keikain Haruka watched the big hole that had suddenly appeared in a daze, Moli’s voice came out from the hole. Keikain Haruka’s vision had been enhanced by her magic spell. She could see through the smoke and found that Moli was climbing out of the hole using her hands and feet.


What kind of joke was this? How could the girl still be healthy and active after she was hit directly by the Half Giant Door? Even if she was an S-rank monster, she shouldn’t be completely fine. Finally, the onmyoji girl realized that she couldn’t defeat Moli alone. She ground her teeth and waved her hands. Series of magical papers flew out and turned into a group of white pigeons. As Moli was trying to climb out of the hole, just as she was going to succeed, the group of pigeons surrounded her and pecked at her hands, making her fall to the bottom of the hole. Moli covered her head with her hands and screamed with pain.


At the same time, Keikain Haruka tried to stir up her spirit and ran towards Miyama Chihaya, grabbing her arm and said, “Hold me, let’s go!”


“Gee? What? What’s happening?” Miyama Chihaya was still in a daze. At first, she had just come to buy some soy sauce. She didn’t even understand what happened, then she had been pulled by Keikain Haruka and was sitting on Haruka’s magic book, and leaving the place together with Haruka.


After that, Moli finally flew out of the hole with superman’s classic pose and showed an expression of “I almost forget that I can fly because I haven’t used it for a long time!” on her face.


This time, the sound of the police sirens had gradually gotten closer from afar. Moli cocked her head and thought for three seconds, then made a decision: By customary rule, if she had any problems, just let landlord deal with them. Then she cast an invisibility spell on herself and flew towards Xu Shenxing’s location.


On the other side, Keikain Haruka had flown away from the place. However, due to her cloudy consciousness, she finally dropped down from the sky together with Miyama Chihaya. Fortunately, they were flying above the sea, so after they fell down, they didn’t injure themselves seriously.


Haruka’s magic book was made of an unknown material. After Haruka fainted, it still kept its large size and floated on the sea like a mattress, which offered Chihaya a foothold after she had saved Haruka from drowning.


“Are we going to manage to survive out on the sea? Give me a break, I don’t like that…” Miyama Chihaya complained. She used her schoolbag as a paddle, rowing the magic book over the water. “By the way, it’s already very late. Has my grandfather starved to death?”


Fortunately, after a while, Haruka woke up.

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