The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 145

Chapter 145: I Can Do Nothing For Detoxifying

Luo BaiChuan’s last sentence made all the cultivators show an excited face with expectation. Because most of them, to be honest, had been waiting for it.

As for Jiang Yun, as early as he was in the South Star city, had already inquired about the Grand Medicine Sect information. he knew that they came not only for Luo’s birthday celebration, but also for recruiting several disciples.

But it was none of his business. He had no interest in becoming a disciple of the Grand Medicine Sect, because he already had a master.

In his life, he would only have Gu BuLao as his master, the only one. He was absolutely impossible to transfer to other sects.

At this time, many cultivators were leaving for their residences; and when they passed by Jiang Yun, most of them would nodded to him as a greeting.

Many people even had already been considering to visit Seeking-Tao Sect after leaving Luo’s house. They planned to draw a closer relationship with Seeking-Tao Sect.

Regardless of the current strength of Seeking-Tao Sect, since it had such a genius disciple, it was not difficult for it to carry forward itself in the future.

For everyone’s polite greeting, Jiang Yun naturally gave them polite response. But at the same time, he was thinking of how to grease some wheels with Xiao Zheng.

Unexpectedly, not waiting for him to come for Xiao Zheng, Xiao Zheng had already walked in front of him. He cupped his hand and asked, “Thank you, Tao friend Jiang. Would you like to visit my residence for a while?”

Seeing Xiao Zheng’s attitude towards Jiang Yun and his initiative invitation, the cultivators around who had not left yet were a little envious.

Of course, Jiang Yun was extremely happy. He hurriedly nodded, “That would be great!”

Xiao Zheng smiled slightly, and suddenly pointed at Xie XiaoYong who was always behind him. “This is my Younger Sister Xie XiaoYong. She is close to your age. Maybe you can become friends later!”

Hearing this, everyone was not only envious, but a little more jealous, especially those male cultivators who were in similar age to Xie XiaoYong.

Xie XiaoYong not only had a good look, she was also a disciple of Grand Medicine Sect and a Second Class pharmacist. With so many backgrounds, she had already caused the attention of these cultivators.

If it was not because of the cold face of Xiao Zheng who had always been standing next to Xie XiaoYong, these people must have found various opportunities to approach Xie XiaoYong.

However, they did not expect that now Xiao Zheng would take the initiative to introduce Xie XiaoYong to Jiang Yun. What was more, Xie XiaoYong lowered her head and said nothing but her face had turned red. Obviously, she was interested in Jiang Yun and hence became a little shy. Seeing this, everyone was going crazy.

However, Jiang Yun did not think too much at all. …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 144

Chapter 144: A Battle Of Fame

Everyone was flabbergasted. They found that Jiang Yun deliberately provoked Luo LingXiao, but they couldn’t understand why.

Previously, Luo LingXiao just wanted to embarrass Jiang Yun; but now he really wanted to kill Jiang Yun.

This falling sword would definitely not have any deflection!

At this moment, Luo BaiChuan frowned hard. He didn’t know whether he should stop it, or just let Luo LingXiao kill Jiang Yun. So he looked at the statue in the distance.

Although the Luo family had strong background, the Seeking-Tao Sect as the largest sect in South Mountain had a strong foundation as well!

Therefore, even if Luo family hated Seeking-Tao Sect very much, he did not dare to let Luo Ling kill Jiang Yun in front of the public. After all, this competition was deliberately arranged by Luo family.

If Jiang Yun was killed by Luo LingXiao, it would not take too long for Luo family to face the crazy revenge of the Seeking-Tao Sect.

Obviously knowing Luo BaiChuan’s worries, Luo Qing’s voice sounded in his ear, “No worries. It’s not a bad thing if Jiang Yun is killed. It can reduce a potential threat to our family!”

To be honest, Luo Qing’s attitude slightly shocked Luo BaiChuan. But soon, he got excited.

What he could think of, his forefather must have considered. However, forefather still held the attitude of killing Jiang Yun, which showed that he did not fear the Seeking-Tao Sect’s revenge.

Although he didn’t know why his forefather was so confident.


The golden sword held by the Golden Demonic Ape rushed towards Jiang Yun’s head with the whistling wind. When it was only less than an inch away from his head, Jiang Yun who looked at Luo LingXiao all the time suddenly raised his hand and grasped toward the big sword over his head!


A dull voice sounded. Although it was actually not loud, but it was like a thunder heavily exploded in the ears of every cultivator present!

Jiang Yun caught the golden sword with his bare hand! And he prevented the momentum of the big sword from falling!

The golden sword contained very strong Physical Strength which was so powerful that even cultivators in the Blessing Land Realm would not be able to catch it directly. However, Jiang Yun, who grasped the sword, was as stable as a mountain, and had no slight shake at all.

Then, a loudly “bang” sounded, and the high platform suddenly burst. This made Jiang Yun, Luo LingXiao and the Golden Demonic Ape fell directly on the ground, making the earth shake slightly.

However, even if they fell on the ground, Jiang Yun didn’t loosen his palm. He stood still, with the golden sword grasping in his hand. And the Golden Demonic Ape had to keep its stance as well.

Because, even if the Golden Demonic Ape had tried its best, it could not shake the big sword held by Jiang Yun, let alone taking the …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 143

Chapter 143: A Coward Guy

Everyone was dumbfounded. Especially those who thought that Jiang Yun could not defeat the Golden Demonic Ape, at this moment, they were even more jaw-dropping and could not believe what they saw.

They knew that Jiang Yun was very powerful, but no one had thought that the test had just begun, and Jiang Yun had defeated this ape whose strength was similar to the Blessing Land Realm.

Luo LingXiao was stunned as well!

He was much clearer than anyone else about how powerful the Golden Demonic Ape was.

Although it had no Spiritual Energy, its body was even stronger than a diamond. Any Magic Arts from the cultivator in the Meridian Unclogged Realm could not cause a little damage to it.

However, it surrendered to Jiang Yun’s only one technique of Mist-related Magic Arts and several thunderbolts.

Being quiet for a long time, someone murmured, “Is the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm really so strong? Can it be so easy to beat one in the Blessed Land Realm?”

“The tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm is very strong, but it is absolutely not strong like this!” Luo BaiChuan suddenly spoke, “Jiang Yun is very smart. He actually took the advantages of the weather.”

The crowd hurriedly asked, “What do you mean, Lord Luo?”

“The thick fog that he displayed is actually water, and the power of water can increase the power of the thunderbolt. The two complement each other and their attacking powers are increased, so that the Golden Demonic Ape can be bound!”

Luo BaiChuan said in a very loud voice. Obviously, he was not just answering the question, but at the same time reminding Luo LingXiao.

He was telling the truth.

Jiang Yun’s favorite weather was the rainy days with lightning, because it could not only help him cast the Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth Arts more easily, but also increase the power of his thunderbolt.

Hearing Luo BaiChuan’s words, Luo LingXiao naturally realized it. Looking at the Golden Demonic Ape that kept rolling on the ground, his eyes flashed a fierce light. He said coldly, “Useless waste, stand up.”

With the voice fell, Luo LingXiao suddenly stepped forward and kicked at the temple of Golden Demonic Ape.


The kick let the Golden Demonic Ape screaming due to the pain. Jiang Yun became slightly serious, because he found that after being kicked, the mental aura of the Golden Demonic Ape was skyrocketed in a flash!

Although its mental aura still came from its physical strength, it was at least twice as strong as it had been before.

The most important thing was that those several thunderbolts bounding its body were trembling slightly under the influence of this mental aura.

“In the way of torture to increase the strength of a Demonic Beast! Hum, it’s not a kind of Demon-Refining Seal, but it is more like the way controlling the Medicinal Puppet!”

Jiang Yun was quite familiar with such a scene.

That Medicinal Puppet …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 142

Chapter 142: The Golden Demonic Ape

After Jiang Yun easily defeated Liu Hao, the other nine high platforms had also finished the competition. The final top ten had come out.

Xie XiaoYong didn’t enter the top ten. She took the initiative to admit defeat in the final round and was eliminated.

From this point, it was not difficult to see the difference between her and Liu Hao. Obviously, she was not willing to enter the top ten in this way.

In short, among the ten people, except for Jiang Yun and Luo LingXiao, other eight people were excited due to the rich prizes.

As for the following battle for the first place, they would not compete even if they had the strength. Because they were very clear that this competition winner would inevitably be Luo LingXiao.

The only one who could stand equal for this competition with Luo LingXiao was Jiang Yun!

Therefore, the competition among the top ten first ten had almost become a modest game. Everyone rushed to the stage to admit defeat. Finally, only Jiang Yun and Luo LingXiao were left.

Luo LingXiao’s eyes were filled with excitement. He stepped on the high platform and pointed at Jiang Yun below, “Tao friend Jiang, please don’t hide your strength.”

However, Jiang Yun did not care about Luo LingXiao’s provocation. Instead, he turned to look at Luo BaiChuan and smiled slightly, “Lord Luo, I get a question!”

“Any problem?”

“If I win the competition, I don’t know if I can leave Luo house safely!”

This sentence made all the sounds quiet, and everyone’s face showed their surprise.

Although everyone knew that the Luo family had a bad relationship with the Seeking-Tao Sect, they were all tacit and would not speak it out. However, Jiang Yun now asked so directly, which made everyone admire his courage.

Luo BaiChuan squinted his eyes and smiled, “Tao friend Jiang, you have thought too much. The purpose of this competition is to learn from battles and entertain the audience. If you can defeat LingXiao, it is your strength. Our family would not undermine you. You can just rest assured.”

After a pause, Luo BaiChuan went on saying, “If you still have doubt, then today I swear in the name of my ancestors, as long as you are in our Luo house, then our Luo family will definitely protect you and all the guests present!”

After listening to Luo BaiChuan’s words, Jiang Yun sneered in his heart. Luo BaiChuan’s words sounded great, but it’s actually a play on words. Surely, they would not harm him in Luo’s house; however, they would definitely not let him safely leave after he left Luo’s house.

Despite realizing this, Jiang Yun looked calm. He nodded politely, “If this is the case, then I can rest assured!”

Seeing Jiang Yun who went to the high platform and stood on the opposite side of him, Luo LingXiao was simmering with rage.

To be honest, he didn’t know why, but he just …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 141

Chapter 141: The Most Important

Other cultivators came with their sects’ elders, while Jiang Yun was alone. But he was not afraid; instead, he went directly to the high platform.

His opponent was a middle-aged man in his thirties. When he saw Jiang Yun, his face suddenly became a little distorted. He was so unlucky to have Jiang Yun as his opponent.

Unless he got something like a magic tool, otherwise, it was impossible to defeat Jiang Yun. What was more, Jiang Yun was actually not at the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, but the twelfth level the Great Completeness of Meridian Unclogged Realm.

The result proved it. Facing with his opponent, Jiang Yun simply defeated him with a big fireball.

“Good game!”

Politely greeted, Jiang Yun went down the high platform.


The exciting competition continued. When a day had passed, there were only twenty cultivators who were naturally the best left.

If each of them fought again, then the winner would enter the top ten.

Jiang Yun was naturally passing all the way, and was one of the twenty.

Although the strength of Jiang Yun had been recognized by almost everyone, but for Luo family, especially Luo LingXiao, they felt a bit helpless.

Because they had expected to take advantage of Jiang Yun’s test to see his real strength and the magic arts which he was good at. But the fact was, from the beginning till now, Jiang Yun simply won by a technique of the Fire-related Arts. No other techniques or magic arts had been cast, not to mention the appearance of his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger.

Of course, they believed that Jiang Yun did not just know the Fire-related Arts.

Therefore, it only meant that Jiang Yun had not encountered an opponent worthy of his other magic arts!

In this way, in the eyes of everyone, Jiang Yun’s strength naturally became more unpredictable.

While at the moment, Jiang Yun felt in trouble, because he was about to be Liu Hao’s opponent soon.

Up to now, Jiang Yun still had no idea about why Liu Hao had great hostility towards him. But since he had to seek the help of Grand Medicine Sect, he did not dare to offend him.

However, if he took the initiative to admit defeat like everyone else had done, then the fame of Seeking-Tao Sect would be affected.

At this moment, his hand touched his storage ring, which had a ring that was given to him by his two brothers and sister. He had not checked it to see what were inside till now.

Jiang Yun’s face showed a smile. He told himself, “The reputation of sect is important. But for me, my master, brothers and sister are more important!”

Because he did not have much sense of belonging to the Seeking-Tao Sect.

Compared with the reputation of Seeking-Tao Sect, the life of his Third Brothers was more important!

After making up his mind, Jiang Yun finally stepped on the high platform. …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 140

Chapter 140: An Eye-Gifted Spiritual Demon

In fact, ever since Jiang Yun had summoned his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger on the Against-Demon Bridge, he had been excluded from the suspect who killed Du GuiRong by Luo Qing and Luo BaiChuan.

After all, they could accept cultivators of the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, but they would never believe that there would be a cultivator of the eleventh level of Meridian Unclogged Realm.

Since Jiang Yun was at the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, if he took the test, he would probably be the winner or at least the top ten. They were surely not willing to give those prizes to their enemies in vain.

Therefore, they were not prepared to let Jiang Yun participate in this test.

However, now it was Luo LingXiao who was speaking!

At the moment, he was staring at Jiang Yun coldly.

He regarded today’s competition as his battle of fame, how could he give up a competition with Jiang Yun as the stepping-stone?!

So what to be in the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm? I have the Golden Demonic Ape to help me, even a cultivator of the Initial Success in the Blessing Land Realm cannot be such a serious threat.

If I can defeat Jiang Yun, a cultivator of the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, I will become the recognized top one in the Meridian Unclogged Realm in the Mountain-Sea Continent.

Looking at the twinkling cold light in Luo LingXiao’s eyes, Luo BaiChuan of course understood the thought of his heir.

The thing was that if Luo LingXiao won the battle between him and Jiang Yun, that would be great; but if he lost, it would be a bad thing for Luo family. Thinking of this, he was about to shake his head and refuse. However, at this moment, the voice of Luo Qing was heard in his ear, “Let him participate in!”

With the permission of Luo’s Forefather, Luo BaiChuan naturally would not prevent it any longer. He smiled and said straightforwardly, “Little Tao friend Jiang, you should also be in the Meridian Unclogged Realm, right? There is just one more spot on the third high platform, you can go there and participate this competition!”

Luo BaiChuan did not even give Jiang Yun the opportunity to refuse. He arranged him immediately and directly.

At the moment, Jiang Yun was completely confused. He had no idea about the competition. But after hearing Luo BaiChuan’s words, which before and after were obvious contradictory, he seemed to know what he was thinking.

A test among cultivators of the Meridian Unclogged Realm! Well, this should be specially arranged for me. They want to find me out! It seems that the relationship between Du XinWu and Luo family is really good.

Suddenly, Luo LingXio walked to the face of Jiang Yun and smiled sneeringly, “Tao friend Jiang, do let us see what your true strength is; and let everyone see, is it that your Seeking-Tao …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Neither Humble Nor Arrogant

The disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect had come back!

Hearing the servant’s words, almost all the cultivators’ faces showed a color of horror, just like seeing a ghost. They turned their heads and looked at the castle gate.

Luo LingXiao was already standing near the first high platform. Hearing this, his body was slightly trembled, and two cold lights were suddenly shot from his eyes.

Even the Luo’s Lord Luo BaiChuan was stunned.

Perhaps for others, it would be a little bit easier to accept the fact that Jiang Yun was not dead, but for the Luo family, this news was really difficult for them to believe.

Because they knew very clearly that the cloud-like demon which appeared due to Luo LingXiao crushing the jade card though was not the soul of that Taoist Demon, it was indeed one of the heritages of the Luo family.

Even for a cultivator in the tenth level of Blessing Land Realm it would be impossible to survive under such a powerful Demonic Energy, not to mention a cultivator of the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm.

After a while, Luo BaiChuan finally calmed himself down. A Message Stone appeared quietly in his hand. After crushing it, a cold voice immediately sounded in his ear, “My Lord, the swamp looks quiet!”

For the swamp making from Demonic Energy, although outer people were afraid to stay nearby, Luo family needed to be guarded at all times to prevent accidents.

Now that hearing that nothing had happened to the swamp which meant that the Demonic Energy was still there, Luo BaiChuan felt completely relieved. He said in cold, “Show me there!”


Taking the order, that servant rushed to the gate. Luo BaiChuan glanced at the cultivators around. He had thought to let these people wait here, but after seeing their faces full of curiosity and longing, he changed his mind.

Luo BaiChuan said to the crowd, “It’s the first time for me to hear a dead man coming to life. I believe that you are the same. So, if you are interested, you can go and see with me. Let’s see what the hell happened!”

These words not only showed that he was considering everyone, but also showed his attitude to this incident, showing that Luo family didn’t take Jiang Yun as an important matter.

The crowd naturally agreed in unison. Everyone followed Luo BaiChuan and walked toward the gate.

At this moment, Xiao Zheng suddenly went to Xie XiaoYong’s side, and smiled slightly, “Younger Sister, you must relieve yourself now! Let’s go, let me see who Jiang Yun is!”

“Elder Brother! Don’t say like this again!”

Xie XiaoYong’s face turned red again. She was too shy to stay any longer, so she sped up.

Although Xiao Zheng just joked, in fact, when Xie XiaoYong heard that Jiang Yun was back, her heart was really inexplicably filled with joy.

Looking at Xie XiaoYong’s back, Xiao Zheng smiled and shook his …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Blessed By Misfortune

Jiang Yun spent nearly half a year in DuoYoa Pharmacy treating and detoxifying the cultivators. It did not affect the pharmacies business of Grand Medicine Sect, his deeds had already been heard by Grand Medicine Sect.

Therefore, this time Xiao Zheng and another two wanted to take this opportunity to introduce themselves to Jiang Yun and to see whether Jiang Yun was really worthy of his fame!


Hearing Xie XiaoYong’s words, Xiao Zheng sighed heavily, and his face showed a look of regret, “We came one step later! A disciple in our shop went to DuoYao Pharmacy yesterday, and boss Xia said that Gu Jiang had left in early morning!”

“Ah?” Xie XiaoYong was stunned, “Would he come for Luo’s birthday celebration as well?”

“I heard that there was trouble between Gu Jiang and Luo LingXiao, he would definitely not come to Luo’s castle. Listening to boss Xia’s words, it seems that Gu Jiang will not return to DuoYao Pharmacy!”

Xiao Zheng sighed again, “But after the celebration, we should go to South Star city to get more news.”

Xie Xiaoyong nodded, “Yes, It is necessary to go! A pharmacist who is able to refine Primary Heaven-Level Dan Pills and who is well versed in medical practice, if we could bring this guy into our sect and accept this guy as our master’s direct disciple, this guy would absolutely have an unlimited future! ”


The banquet arranged by Luo family was extremely enjoyable. While only after the banquet and back to their rooms did they discuss Jiang Yun!

A cultivator in the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm and who had finished walking through the nine hundred and ninety-nine feet of Against-Demon Bridge!

Actually, many people really felt sorry and worthless for Jiang Yun.

Although some people had guessed that the last horrible demon should not be owned by the Against-Demon Bridge, they didn’t dare to speak it out.

Because Jiang Yun died on the Against-Demon Bridge. Even if Seeking-Tao Sect got extremely angry, it couldn’t come to Luo family for revenge.

After all, the danger of the Against-Demon Bridge was well known. If one died on the Against-Demon Bridge, it could only mean that this guy was not strong enough.

However, once Seeking-Tao Sect knew that Jiang Yun was actually killed by the Luo family, then it would definitely not stop until taking revenge on Luo family successfully.

In short, although Jiang Yun brought great shock to these cultivators, in their minds, Jiang Yun was already a dead person, so they just took him as a topic to chat about.

The night is getting darker. When almost everyone in Luo’s castle was in a deep sleep, a flash of lightning suddenly torn the sky, with a huge thunder. It lightened the sky, as well as the deep abyss under the Against-Demon Bridge.

As everyone knew, there was a huge swamp in this abyss. While at this moment, in this inaccessible swamp, there …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Three Pharmacists

Numerous cultivators gathered around were finally dispersed under the guidance. The gate of the castle was closed and everything was restored.

In order to entertain the guests from afar, Luo’s family naturally prepared a lavish banquet.

However, although everyone was spouting many topics, no one mentioned anything about Jiang Yun, or even about the Against-Demon Bridge.

Because they were in Luo’s house. In the face of the Luo family to discuss the disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect, it was a big insult to the Luo family.

What’s more, after seeing the horrible demon that emerged from the abyss, they also had a new understanding of the strength of Luo.

As a cultivator family, the overall strength of Luo family may not be comparable to that of a sect; but as a demon-refining family, its strong heritage should not be underestimated.

Tonight, the happiest one must be Luo LingXiao.

Not only had he killed Jiang Yun who was in the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, but he also learned that he would participate in the competition tomorrow, together with his Golden Demonic Ape.

Others might not know, but he knew very clear about the horrible strength of Golden Demonic Ape.

Although it was only a Primacy Demonic Beast, but its strength was strong enough to help him crush all the opponents, letting his name all-known by these guests spreading.

In other words, tomorrow, it would be his famous battle!

Though being very happy, he knew that the protagonist of this banquet tonight was not him, nor his Big Forefather Luo Qing, but three other people.

Three pharmacists from the Grand Medicine Sect!

In addition to the pair of young men and women who watched Jiang Yun walking the Against-Demon Bridge together with Luo LingXiao this afternoon, another from the Grand Medicine Sect was a Third Class Pharmacist, and also the leader of them.

Although it sounded like a Third Class Pharmacist was not so high, there were only a handful of sects that have Third Class Pharmacists in the Mountain-Sea Continent.

They were the Grand Medicine Sect, the Samsara Sect and the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

More importantly, the reason why Grand Medicine Sect sent people to celebrate, one was to thank the Luo family for taking care of stores of Grand Medicine Sect in South Star city over the years.

And another purpose was to take this opportunity to see if there were cultivators talented on medicinal Tao.

In other words, Grand Medicine Sect was about to enroll new disciples!

To be honest, this was the true reason why so many cultivators came for Luo’s birthday celebration.

The Luo family were good at business, but its strength and power was not as good as those big sects. Therefore, normally only people who had a very good relationship with Luo’s family would come for Luo Qing’s birthday celebration, instead of coming so many cultivators this time.

Most of them actually came for the Grand Medicine Sect.

Grand …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Luo Family’s Heritage

As Bai Ze was worried and anxious for Jiang Yun, inside Jiang Yun’s body, the Demonic Life-Death Seal as powerful as that Jiang Yun could not resist finally arrived Jiang Yun’s Dantian.

In front of it, a black stone was suspended!

“You have enlightened yourself the meaning of Tao, hence you are allowed to enter the second stage. Whether you can finally reach the great Tao in the future also depends on yourself!”

At the last minute, an ancient and monotonous voice sounded, finally awakened Jiang Yun’s almost collapsed consciousness.

Once waking up, Jiang Yun naturally looked at his inner body.

Under the old voice, the Demonic Life-Death Seal, which previously entered Jiang Yun’s body such as entering the uninhabited territory, suddenly trembled slightly and then turned into a light and rushed directly into the black stone.

Jiang Yun had once seen such a scene. When he had broken through the Fence Tao Peak and walked through the Chop-Sky Sword, a human-figure like Sword Intent that almost killed him had been similarly absorbed into the black stone.

Unexpectedly, this last demon-refining seal could trigger the black stone and be sucked into it.

The black stone was turned into water again, hence Jiang Yun could clearly see that under the human-figure like Sword Intent, the Demonic Life-Death Seal were suspending.

This result naturally made Jiang Yun overjoyed!

Because he not only succeeded in getting rid of the threat of this last seal, but also obtained the Demonic Life-Death Seal which he could hardly bear in mind by now. What a blessing in disguise!

As long as the Demonic Life-Death Seal was in this black stone, then just like the golden Sword Intent, he could perceived it all the time until he finally fully comprehended it.

Although he still had no idea about how to touch the second layer of water, it would only be a matter of time, and there must be a solution.

With the Demonic Life-Death Seal entered the black stone, Jiang Yun’s body which had been reversed into a 99% demon naturally began to re-transfer to a human one.

This scene naturally made all the cultivators, Luo’s family, and even Bai Ze extremely shocked!

Although Bai Ze was very familiar with Jiang Yun, he did not know the black stone thing. It seemed that the black stone could automatically cover his Divine Sense.

Therefore, in everyone’s opinion, Jiang Yun was relying on his own strength, successfully countering the last attack.

“This is impossible!”

Luo LingXiao gritted his teeth hard! He couldn’t believe it!

Seeing that Jiang Yun was almost turned into a demon, he could not help but snicker in his heart. However, just a moment, Jiang Yun resisted the last attack from the seal.

“In any case, I can’t let you walk through the Against-Demon Bridge today!”

Luo LingXiao squeezed these words out. Then, he raised his hand, clenched, and crushed the jade card that he always held in his hand!

Seeing …

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