The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 119

Chapter 119: What A Good Weather

Just as the heavy rain fell, Jiang Yun following these two cultivators had already been out of the South Star city.

The rain was so big, as if the sky had been poked a hole. Looking far away, heavy rain was like a fog, as dense raindrops fell on the ground, leading to countless splashes, which then slowly rose into a faint fog.

Three people were rushing in the rain and fog. They were Jiang Yun and another two. All of them have been soaked. A cultivator turned his head back, wiped the rainwater on his face and said, “Master Gu, my younger brother is not far from us. We are approaching. ”

Jiang Yun gently nodded and said, “How much benefit did Du GuiRong give you?”

Upon hearing this, these two cultivators who were rushing suddenly stopped with shock. They stared at Jiang Yun sternly.


At this moment, a dragon-like lightning broke through the sky. The lightning was so strong that the world was almost shining. Therefore, these two men could see the calmness of Jiang Yun clearly.

One of them barely squeezed a smile from his face and said, “M…master Gu, this joke is not funny at all!”

Jiang Yun said faintly, “Besides being able to detect injuries and poisons, I am also very sensitive to murderous intent! Although you hide it very well, I can still feel it!”

“I am sorry, master Gu!”

At this moment, the two knew that it was useless to say anything more. They retreated backwards and wanted to open the distance between them and Jiang Yun. However, they suddenly found that they could not move at all! There has been streams of mist winding their bodies like ropes.

These two men were so scared that their faces changed drastically. They yelled hurriedly, “What are you doing, men! Come out quickly!”

Five figures appeared far away in the rain and fog!

Jiang Yun did not give any glance at these five figures. He just watched these two cultivators, “I can cure you; I can also kill you!”

While talking, Jiang Yun opened his right hand, then hooked his fingers slowly.

As Jiang Yun was slowly clenching his fist, these two cultivators felt themselves being squeezing. Because the numerous fog ropes that were entangling themselves with them began to tighten them as well. Their bones cracked due to tightness. They wanted to ask for mercy, but they could not even make a voice. Their faces turned into a purple color.

When Jiang Yun’s right hand was completely clenched, these two men falling to the ground were already dead with their eyes wide open.

After glancing at these two bodies on the ground, Jiang Yun looked up at the heavy rain and the lightning from time to time. “What a good weather! However, you are actually wrong to challenge me in such a day!” He said lightly.

Hardly has Jiang Yun’s voice faded away, those five figures have …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 118

118: A Big Mistake

There was a dead silence! Jiang Yun’s voice left all the people, both inside and outside of DuoYao Pharmacy, speechless.

Everyone was staring at the two Dan pills held in the hand of Jiang Yun with shock.

Although most people didn’t know how to distinguish the class of Dan, they could tell which one was better by comparing its appearance.

Dan pills produced by Jiang Yun were pretty smooth, while the surface of the Dan made by Du GuiRong had a few granular bulges.

What’s more, Jiang Yun had refined two pieces successfully!

No matter the quantity or quality, Jiang Yun’s pill was better than that of Du GuiRong!

“Impossible! You liar! You must have played a certain trick.”

Du GuiRong suddenly shouted and tried to grab Jiang Yun. He got so mad that he was about to fight Jiang Yun.

The man in red robe stepped out and right in front of Jiang Yun. He said in a rude voice, “Master Du, please have some dignity. You know it is forbidden to fight in the South Star city!”

Du GuiRong had to stop his behavior.

At this time, Jiang Yun stepped in front of the man and threw those two Dan pills to Du GuiRong, “Master Du, thanks for letting me win again. I will take this medicine cauldron!”

Following this words, Jiang Yun waved his sleeve and stuffed the Sanhua Cauldron into his Space Ring.

Seeing his medicine cauldron being taken away by Jiang Yun, Du GuiRong’s heart was almost bleeding!

However, when he saw the Dan that Jiang Yun refined, although he was extremely reluctant, he had to admit that these Dan were truly on the Heaven Level!

Suddenly, Jiang Yun once again looked at Du GuiRong with a little embarrassment, “Master Du, maybe, do you want to have one more competition?”

Du GuiRong was slightly stunned, then he gnashed his teeth and said: “Do you dare to fight! Let’s compete again! This time we need to refine Dan on the Second Level!”

Jiang Yun responded slowly, “No problem. But as before, you must have something whose value is equal to my Lucky Talisman! Otherwise, it would be totally unfair!”


Du GuiRong was speechless. Although he was a Two-Class Pharmacist and had a lot of rare things, none of them could be compared with the Lucky Talisman. Even the Sanhua Cauldron he just lost could not match it.

Looking at Du GuiRong’s expression, Jiang Yun suddenly said with a poker face, “If you don’t have one, Master Du, then please enjoy your back trip!”

After staring at Jiang Yun for a while, Du GuiRong, despite being very angry, could only turn around and leave without saying a word.

Then, Jiang Yun turned to the middle-aged man who was overwhelmed, “You’d better go in hurry and chase him? The poison of Corpse Grass can relapse any time!”

Hearing this, this middle-aged person suddenly lowered his head and sneaked out of the crowd.

Apparently, …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Let’s Compete Again

Looking at these two Dan pills in the hand of Jiang Yun, the crowd were suddenly in an uproar!

Du GuiRong was stunned as well. He stared his eyes as big as he could, which showed his unbelievability. How come this young man in front of him, who seemed to be only 17 or 18 years old, had really succeeded in refining two Inhalation Pills in Class One of the Dust-Level!

Although he really wanted to deny the quality of these two Dan, he would totally lose his face and identity as a pharmacist if he did do it in front of all these people.

Jiang Yun did not give any glance at Du GuiRong. He turned to the middle-aged man directly. He threw these two Dan pills into his hands and said, “For my misdiagnosis!”

Xia ZhongXing came to Du GuiRong. He smiled and said: “Master Du, thanks. I feel lucky. Goodbye and take care!”

“Humph!” Right now, Du GuiRong won’t stay here any longer because of losing his face. He turned and was about to leave.

While looking at Du GuiRong’s back, Jiang Yun suddenly spoke, “Master Du, do you have any interest to compete with me again?”

This words made the crowd suddenly quiet!

Compete again!

In the eyes of most people, Jiang Yun did refine successfully and beat Du GuiRong; but this was because Du GuiRong had made a concession.

If they really made a fair competition, the huge gap between the Dust-Level Class and the Man-Level Class will decide the result directly.

However, since now Jiang Yun was asking for competing with Du GuiRong again, people not only got shocked, but also felt confused.

“May master Gu be another Two-Class Pharmacist?”

Suddenly a subtle voice came from the crowd, but this voice was immediately vetoed by everyone.

“The class of a pharmacist is not self-explanatory, but needs to be recognized by the Grand Medicine Sect. Only one who successfully refined specified Dan pills to the face of the Grand Medicine Sect could be awarded Dan Jade by the sect!

“Moreover, master Gu looks so young. He should be around seventeen or eighteen. Although his skills in medical treatment are extraordinary, he could at most be a pharmacist in the Primary Class at such an age.”

“Yeah, that’s right! Xia ZhongXing is only a One-Class Pharmacist. It’s more like a joke if his stuff is a Second-Class Pharmacist.”

With such discussions, Du GuiRong, who was just about to leave, suddenly stopped and looked at Xia ZhongXing, without a glance at Jiang Yun.

Obviously, what he cared about was actually the Tao-Build Dan Pill that Xia ZhongXing owned. Therefore, as long as Xia ZhongXing agreed to still make that Tao-Build Dan as a bet, he was very happy to compete with Jiang Yun again.

To be honest, Xia ZhongXing was a little surprised for Jiang Yun’s active provocation. But after hestating for a moment, he slightly nodded and said, “As long as …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 116

Chapter 116: I Will Compete With You

Dan-making challenge referred to a competition of medicinal herbs refining.

This was the most common way to resolve disputes between pharmacists. After all, most pharmacists’ Tao Cultivation were not high, and they rarely fought or tussled with each other like other cultivators.

What Du GuiRong said had made everyone around them interested. It was a extremely a precious chance to witness the competition between two pharmacists.

However, the winner of this competition, in most people’s mind, must be Du GuiRong. After all, Du GuiRong was in the Second Class, while Xia ZhongXing only in the Primary Class.

Xia ZhongXing raised his eyebrow. He was about to speak something, but Du GuiRong kept saying, “If you win, I will forget all the things that happened today; but if you lose, you should not only close the DuoYao Pharmacy immediately and let this boy break his finger and make an oath, but also give me your Tao-Build Dan Pill!”

Tao-Build Dan!

The crowd gave an exclamation.

Tao-Build Dan was a Five-Class Dan medicine, for the use of struggling to enter the Tao Spirit Realm from the late Sky Reaching Realm, whose value could no longer be measured with spiritual stones. And Xia ZhongXing had one!

Xia ZhongXing suddenly laughed, “It turns out that Master Du is taking a fancy to my Tao-Build Dan Pill.”

Now everyone clearly knew what was happening now. Although Du GuiRong came here to suppress Jiang Yun, his real purpose should be this Tao-Build Dan Pill.

“Ah-huh, don’t you dare?” Du GuiRong said proudly, “Well, though I am a Two-Class Pharmacist, we can refine a One-Class Dan Pill as our competition. What do you think?”

It sounded like Du GuiRong was kind of self-effacing. However, a Second Class Pharmacist would have a much easier time making a One-Class Dan Pill successfully compared to a Primary Pharmacist.

Right now, everyone’s eyes were concentrated on Xia ZhongXing. They wanted to see how he would deal with it.

However, before Xia ZhongXing responded, another voice has already sounded, “How about…letting me compete with you?!”

It was Jiang Yun!

Almost everyone has forgotten Jiang Yun’s existence, but now he stepped forward bravely, trying to replace Xia ZhongXing and take this challenge!

Even Xia ZhongXing turned his head suddenly. he stared at Jiang Yun and asked, “Will you know how to refine the medicine?”

“Just a little!”

“Ha ha ha!” Du GuiRong bursted into laughter and said, “Hey quack! As young as you, how dare you say that you can refine Dan medicine?! What an uppity and arrogant guy! If it’s you who take part in this competition, then as long as the efficacy of medicine you refine is equal to half of mine, you win!”

Obviously, Du GuiRong was more willing to compete with Jiang Yun. Because comparing to compete with Jiang Yun, he would have a greater chance to win.

Jiang Yun didn’t give any reaction to Du GuiRong, but looked at Xia ZhongXing …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Swindling

Hearing the words ‘Hundred Herbs Store’, all the people including Jiang Yun understood what was going on.

The long queue in front of DuoYao Pharmacy had already attracted the attention of other shops on the Xiuyuan Street, especially the pharmacy called Hundred Herbs Store.

There were not many pharmacies on Xiuyuan Street. Apart from DuoYao Pharmacy, there were only two pharmacies, which were much larger than DuoYao Pharmacy.

The biggest one called The Grand Medicine Store belonged to Grand Medicine Sect.

Jiang Yun’s first plan was to join the The Grand Medicine Store as a little staff. After all, his master had said that the Grand Medicine Sect could detoxify his Third Brother. If he could join its pharmacy, he might be able to know how to make the antidote. However, he was failed to be recruited.

Another pharmacy was the Hundred Herbs Store, which was opened by a sect called Hundred Herbs Valley.
Although neither the sect’s strength nor its skills in pharmacy were as good as those of Grand Medicine Sect, the relationship between Hundred Herbs Valley and Luo Family was very good.

Generally speaking, the competition between these two pharmacies should be very fierce, but Hundred Herbs Store was very smart. They mainly sold medicinal herbs, most of which were not available for The Grand Medicine Store. Plus, Luo family, which was the “local king”, provided shelter to Hundred Herbs Store. Hence, the relationship between these two pharmacies were pretty harmonious.

The Grand Medicine Store had noticed Jiang Yun who treated people almost free, but it didn’t care about it. Being the most powerful medicinal sect all over the Five-Mountain Island, it was never worried about that, as how could a small DuoYao Pharmacy take away its business.

However, for Hundred Herbs Store, the mindset was totally different. After all, it couldn’t be compared with The Grand Medicine Store at all. More or less, DuoYao Pharmacy’s popularity was affecting its business. This current event was happening right for this reason.

Although people knew what the hell was going on here, Du GuiRong’s identity indeed shocked a lot of people.

Because pharmacists were extremely noble people, and they seldom show up in public. However, now there came a Two-Class Pharmacist.

The middle-aged man suddenly smiled and said, “Wow! A Two-Class Pharmacist from Hundred Herbs Store! What a pleasure! Master Du!”

But then, the middle-aged man shook his head and kept saying, “But I don’t have enough spiritual stones with me, I am afraid that I can’t afford your help!”

Du GuiRong said coldly, “I am not here for spiritual stones! I heard that there is a god-like doctor here, so I came to see if he is worth his name. I am just worried that some fakes pretend to be skilled doctors and therefore ruined a real doctor’s reputation!

“Reach out your hand!”

While talking, Du GuiRong was staring at Jiang Yun.

Xia Shi who was staying behind the counter all the time almost couldn’t …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 114

Chapter 114: The Second Class Dan Jade

Although Jiang Yun couldn’t cure everyone and help them to get rid of their diseases immediately, he could at least tell their medical symptoms!

Even with the deep-seated injuries and residual poison, Jiang Yun could find them out easily!

In others’ eyes, Jiang Yun who was able to do this must be a well-skilled medical master. However, Jiang Yun knew that this was not his merit but another gift from his grandpa.

This gift, again, was related to the numerous medicinal baths he had taken in the past 16 years.

When he was in Jiang village, he actually had known that he had such ability. The large amount of medicinal properties contained in the bath was just like his Physique Strength before which his body couldn’t completely absorb and therefore hide everywhere inside his body.

These medicinal properties not only strengthened Jiang Yun’s body subtly, but could also help him to find out the injuries and poisons in one’s body, via the reinforced and counteractive relationships between each other.

For example, the poison of Fall-gone Herb was actually not distinguished by Jiang Yun at the first glance, but indeed the medicinal property of the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum in his body helped him to perceive it.

For a certain injury or poison that was hard to perceived, as long as he released his own Spiritual Energy into others’ bodies, he would find it out as well; because his Spiritual Energy also contained various medicinal properties now.

For why there was such a situation, Jiang Yun had asked his grandpa before. His grandpa gave a very interesting explanation which Jiang Yun always kept in mind.

Natural nemesis!

Nothing would be invincible in this world. Everything would inevitably have its natural nemesis that restrain it.

Like cats and mice, the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum and Fall-gone Herb, they were natural enemies for each other.

There were no exception in all kinds of injuries and poisons. They had their corresponding natural nemesis as well. The natural nemesis, to make it specifically, should be all kinds of medicinal properties!

Everything had its own spirituality. Medicinal properties had their own spirituality. Thus, they could detect their natural nemesis.

If their spirituality was strong enough, they could even actively attack their natural nemesis.

Of course, for present Jiang Yun, this was still unimaginable. But if he could reach it one day, he would be equivalent to the most powerful Dan Pills in the world at that time!

Even a drop of his blood, a stream of his Spiritual Energy, could cure everything!

In short, with the gift his grandpa gave him, it was enough for him to easily cope with the current situation, and also let many cultivators see hopes.


When the boss of DuoYao Pharmacy Xia ZhongXing, the father of Xia Shi, came back, looking at the long queue with at least forty or fifty people in front of him, he was wiping his eyes hard and wondering: was …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Queuing For Medical Treatment

Instead of coming in with their arrogance before, these three men bent over with respect, and walked backwards out of the door of DuoYao Pharmacy step by step.

After they left, Xia Shi rushed into the backyard immediately. He grabbed the arm of Jiang Yun who was washing the big cauldron, with his eyes shining, “Brother Gu, were you telling the truth just then? The poison thing?”

“Of course!”

“Awesome, Brother Gu! My dad have said that if one can diagnose ones illness by looking directly, he must be a true master!”

“Have you seen any master who need to wash a cauldron?”

“Uh…” Xia Shi suddenly grabbed the brush from Jiang Yun, “Brother Gu, how can people like you do that kind of work?! Just have a rest, and I will take it!”

“Stop it. I am not a master. The fact is that I have seen some real masters who were dealing with the same problem. That’s why I can tell it today. If it’s not the poison of the Fall-Gone Herb but another poison, how come I can tell it?!”

This is not a fake, although the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum was rare, but there were some in Mang Mountains. People in Jiang village had ever been poisoned by the Fall-Gone Herb. Jiang Yun had seen his grandfather curing them and remembered in his mind.

However, Jiang Yun’s high accomplishment in medical treatment was also a fact. Physicians might not know how to refine medicinal herbs, but pharmacists must know medicine!

Moreover, even a pharmacist might not give people a medical treatment; however, when Jiang Yun was in Mang Mountains, the first thing for him to study was medicine and medical skills; then he was slowly transformed from medicine maker to medicine refiner.

The reason why he said like this now was just to get rid of Xia Shi’s entanglement as soon as possible.

After being asked by Xia Shi for a long time, Jiang Yun finally persuaded Xia Shi to believe him. However, Jiang Yun never imagined that this was just a beginning!

Two calm days passed. On the morning of the third day, when Xia Shi yawned and opened the store’s door, his big open mouth couldn’t be closed any longer.

Generally, hardly would one visit this store. However, there was a large group of people gathering around at the moment. Those three big men who had been there three days ago were standing in front of them.

At this moment, the red robe man suddenly pointed to Xia Shi and said, “The master Gu is in this store. He saved the our three brothers lives!”

Following the man’s voice, “Hua”, a group of people suddenly came in to the store.

When Xia Shi finally came back into his sense, the small shop was already full of people. Everyone was shouting, “Master Gu! Master Gu! Coming out please!”

Xia Shi rushed back to the counter and shouted, “Stop shouting! Don’t …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Rescue People With No Reason

These three big fellows’ eyes were immediately attracted by the large bronze cauldron held in that young man’s hand.

You should know that a large cauldron which was the height of half a person and was completely cast in bronze should be at least more than five hundred kilograms. But look at that thin young man, though with weak appearance, he could lift it with only one hand and with no extra effort; he must be of super strength.

This also made these three men move their eyes to the young man, while becoming more alert.

“My dad has gone away? He said hello to me? How did I not notice it?” The young man named Xia Shi was stunned for a moment, but then he suddenly reacted. He rushed to the young man’s side and held out both hands to grab the other’s shoulder, “Thank god, you’re here brother Gu Jiang! I am really scared! They are about to rob us!” he said.

This young man, of course, was Jiang Yun!

He came to the South Star city two months ago.

He was totally shocked by this bustling and lively city. Although when he traveled from Mang Mountains to Seeking-Tao Sect, he had passed through some small towns along the way, there was actually no comparability between them.

Because at that time, there was still nearly half a year from the birthday of Luo’s Big Forefather, and he needed to understand the human world. So he thought of an idea and came to this DuoYao Pharmacy and became a staff whose duty was to brush the cauldron. It was a no-paid job, and only accommodation was covered.

However, in the South Star city, although there were quite a few shops opened by big sects, there was no shop belonging to Seeking-Tao Sect. Because the biggest boss of South Star city was Luo family.

While it was said that the relationship between Luo family and Seeking-Tao Sect was not very good. As a result, Luo family didn’t allow Seeking-Tao Sect’s business to enter the South Star city.

Considering that he still needed to go to Luo family in the future, it would be a shame to his master and sect if he was found to have been a little stuff for a period. So Jiang Yun changed his name.

Although DuoYao Pharmacy was not big, and the cultivation level of both the owner and his son was not high, as the father in the seventh level of Meridians Unclogged Realm and the son in the third level, they were nice to him. So he decided to stay here.

Sometimes he brushed the cauldrons; and when he was free, he would either sit at the door and watch the flow of people coming and going, or walk around the city indiscriminately. At night, he would stay in his small room and cultivated attentively.

Seeing a lot and hearing a lot, he had gotten a …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 111

Chapter 111: South Star City

For the appearance of Jiang Yun, Bai Ze was about to ignore. Because Jiang Yun dared to temporarily isolate his Divine Sense, which made him a little angry.

However, when he heard that Jiang Yun was about to cultivate Demon-Forge Instruction, his anger vanished!

“Have you really thought about it? Did you make a decision?”


Although he was happy in his heart, Bai Ze pretended to be pondering and said, “Alright, since you are so sincere, I can help you. However, to be a Demon Forgemaster, you need some Demonic Energy as guiding. OK, I will suffer some losses and send you some of my Demonic Energy to help your comprehension.”

As if being afraid that Jiang Yun would go back on his word, Bai Ze opened his mouth right after finishing these words. He spewed out a stream of Demonic Energy, which then wrapped Jiang Yun’s whole body directly.

“Remember, you must hide my Demonic Energy inside your Spiritual Lake in your Dantian. Otherwise, some self-styled decent cultivators will detect it, therefore regarding you as a demon and killing you mercilessly.”

Then, a shining text appeared in Jiang Yun’s mind at once.

Jiang Yun closed his eyes. He was making efforts to absorb Bai Ze’s Heavenly-Demonic Energy into his own Dantian while watching this text carefully.

Looking at Jiang Yun who was clearly immersed in thinking of the instruction, Bai Ze’s huge eyes showed a sly expression, “As long as my Demonic Energy stay in your Spiritual Lake, my Demonic Energy will surely merge with your Spiritual Lake someday.

“Once you cultivate your Blessing Land successfully, my Demonic Energy will exist forever in your body and grow stronger with your improvement. Then you will become my puppet! A puppet demon forgemaster!

“Smart and strong as me as an All-Know Heavenly-Demon, no one in this world will be more intelligent than me! Ha-ha! Ah, kinda lonely. I will be much lonelier after having this puppet demon forgemaster!”


South Star city was one of three biggest cities in South Mountain. The number of permanent residents was more than 8 million. Since there were always immigrants, the population was actually close to 10 million!

Although among the ten million people, most were mortals and only a few were cultivators, the number of cultivators was actually quite large due to the large population base.

Therefore, South Star city has a thirty-mile XiuYuan Street, which was open to cultivators specially. It was full of shops set up by various noble sects and clans in Five-Mountain Island, selling all kinds of cultivating resources.

If you had enough spiritual stones, you could buy most of what your cultivation would need in this street.

Therefore, XiuYuan Street had become a must-see for every cultivator coming to South Star city. Therefore, most of the time, the street was crowded.

Today, however, compared with the usual number, the number of cultivators in the street has even doubled, which made the shop assistants …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Shut Down The Seeking-Tao Sect

In the next two days, Jiang Yun never left Hidden Peak, even half a step. He stayed with Gu BuLao, and raised all his doubts about cultivation; and Gu BuLao was patient and explained one by one.

Although DongFang Bo had explained these knowledge to Jiang Yun before, but his cognition or horizon of cultivation was far away from that of Gu BuLao. Therefore, though in just two days, Jiang Yun gained a lot. These benefits have greatly improved his cultivation and laid a solid foundation for his future growth.

The next day Gu BuLao handed Jiang Yun a storage ring. “Inside it there is a map to Luo family, and also a birthday present I prepared for Luo family’s Big Forefather. Do you need something else? Tell me, and I will try to prepare for you!”

Jiang Yun shook his head and said: “Nothing!”

Jiang Yun never cared about worldly possessions. Last time when he left Mang Mountains, he took nothing but a black stone. Now for his approaching trip, he had already taken too many things. He really had no need for anything more.

“I have a little thing for you!”

At this moment, the voice of Dao TianYou sounded. Then he appeared by the side of them.

Jiang Yun hurried forward and greeted, “My sect lord.”

Dao TianYou smiled and nodded. He took a small bag and handed it to Jiang Yun, “Wan HongBo has already accepted his punishment. Now he is facing the wall and pondering about his misdeed. And the Master of Hundreds Beasts Peak is temporarily occupied by me, as well as the Unreal-Beast Map. It looks like this cold-winged bat has a good relationship with you, so I just take it out from the map and send it to you.”

Jiang Yun did like that little bat a bit. But he didn’t expect Tao TianyYou to give it to him. He was very happy and naturally was not willing to refuse. Though a little embarrassed, he took that bag.

Dao TianYou kept saying, “But don’t be happy too early. Though this cold-winged bat is a nine-level demonic beast, it will sleep for a period as it has never been out of the Unreal-Beast Map till now and needs to adapt the outside world. So for the time being you can’t count on it.”

“I see. Thank you my Lord.”

DongFang Bo and other two seniors of Jiang Yun rushed over. They didn’t stop giving advice for Jiang Yun’s trip until Gu BuLao became impatient. He waved his big sleeve and interrupted, “Jiang Yun will come back. You’d better cultivate hard during this time. If you let your younger brother’s cultivation be beyond yours, see how I would punish you!”

After finishing speaking, he didn’t give anyone the opportunity to say anything more, but waved his big sleeve. The next moment, he and Jiang Yun have left the Seeking-Tao Sect and appeared on an official road.

“There …

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